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Today's Belize News: September 9, 2016 #517426
09/09/16 05:39 AM
09/09/16 05:39 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Stabbing incident takes the life of Elton Polonio
32-year-old Elton Polonio, a resident of San Pedro Town, was fatally stabbed in the chest after a heated altercation in broad daylight. Despite efforts to assist and transport him to the San Pedro Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II, he died while undergoing treatment. Polonio’s body has since being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where it awaits a post-mortem examination. More than one eyewitness version claims that Polonio allegedly received the fatal injury at Central Park. They also claim that Polonio then proceeded to Angel Coral Street, where he went inside a hardware store in search of machete. He came out flinging it as if looking for his assailant, when he collapsed on the street bleeding profusely before being picked up and taken for medical assistance.

Belize’s agriculture industry is in crisis
The agriculture and tourism industry are both synonymous to Belize’s economy, and are in fact, the main source of livelihood for many generations. Unfortunately, Hurricane Earl has significantly affected one: Agriculture. The loss of revenue from this industry is causing the Belizean economy to falter. According to a Parliament report by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday, August 26th, the damages caused by Hurricane Earl is now estimated at $183.6 million. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche explained that agriculture alone suffered $100 million. “What we have right now indicates millions worth of damage, because when we factor in the main affected subsectors – bananas, corn, and vegetables—corn, as I had said, was in the region of $49 million worth of losses, bananas will probably be within the region of about $40 million, and the rest takes us over $100 million in damages,” said Alpuche.

National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan affirmed by GOB
An innovative idea from the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), known as the National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan was affirmed at the House of Representatives on Wednesday, August 31st. It is the first plan of its kind in the Central American and Caribbean region, and it aims to support the distribution, sustainable use and planned development of Belize’s coastal resources. Approval of the plan by affirmative resolution is an extraordinary step forward for sustainable coastal resource use and management in Belize. This motion by the Government of Belize (GOB) solidifies its commitment to fulfilling the national agenda for growth and sustainable development. The affirmation of the plan puts an end to four years of consultations involving many environmental agencies and other relevant stakeholders from multiple sectors, including the private sector and civil society. In the last phase, the Plan had to go through a required 60-day public inspection period before it was affirmed. It was then widely circulated for it to be reviewed and commented on by stakeholders to verify its credibility, precision and social acceptability.

GOB and BERT reach emergency service agreement
After threatening to shut down its services, the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) has finally agreed to continue operating in the Belize District following an agreement with the Government of Belize(GOB). As a result, GOB through the Ministry of Health (MOH), has agreed to grant BERT $45,000 per month for the next six months, while the two organizations continue negotiating long-term financial sustainability. According to an announcement by BERT, they indicated that as of September 1st they would be pulling out their land ambulance operations in the Belize District. This has been the result of an issue between the MOH and BERT which flared two years ago, when several of BERT’s emergency medical technicians left the service for better opportunities with the Government. The organization lobbied GOB for additional funding in order to keep operating. However, a series of misunderstandings with the Government almost led to a halt of the services, which would have compromised emergency medical services to the district.

Ambergris Today

Man Collapses on Busy Back Street in Bizarre Stabbing Incident
A pool of blood staines the pavement in front of Super Buy store on Angel Coral Street (Back Street) this afternoon as a man who was stabbed, at approximately 2p.m., collapsed in the middle of the busy street. Police have blocked the street and the victim has been taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriquez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. Eye witnesses account the very bizarre incident that apparently started on Barrier Reef Drive at Central Park. According to eye witnesses, the man (identified as Elton Polonio) was stabbed in the park area where he proceeded to run to Maya Hardware Store across from Super Buy, on Back Street. It was there that he purchased a machete and upon exiting the store (swinging the machete as to locate his assailant) he collapsed on the street where he bled profusely from a stab would to his chest, before being picked up by authorities.

San Pedro Dog Whisperer Heads to California and Utah for Advance Training
What do you normally do when you reach a milestone anniversary - you put on a celebration (party), right? Well not Katia Marin of Pampered Paws; she just works even harder. Those who know Katia, aka Kathy, see her as a workaholic and animal lover who puts her ALL in her business. This month she celebrates Pampered Paws’ 15th Anniversary. Instead of putting on a huge party, Katia Marin, Dog Behaviorist, Master Dog Trainer and owner of San Pedro’s number one training, boarding and grooming facility, heads to Ontario, California to attend the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Animal Education Conference in a week. September not only commemorates the 15th anniversary of Pampered Paws, it marks yet another journey in breakthrough animal behavior and advanced training for Kathy. “It is one of the highlights of my year to attend the IACP,” says Marin. “I meet and collaborate with the leaders of animal behavior; greats like Cesar Milan, Joel Silverman, Jeff King and Heather Beck.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

September Celebration Activities on Caye Caulker
Activities for this weekend September Celebration includes: 1) Fire Engine Parade Friday begins at Central Park at 6:00 pm. 2) Family Day Saturday at Palapa Garden at 9:00 am. 3) Powder Party and Wet Fete Sunday at Palapa Garden 3:00 pm. Come Out and be involved and have some fun. Happy St George's Caye Day to All!!

Ministry of Transport and Bus Operators Reach Agreement on Bus Fares
The Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, Transport and National Emergency Management, along with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ruth Meighan and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, have just concluded a meeting in Belmopan with bus operators from the West regarding proposed adjustments in bus fares which had reportedly been arbitrarily implemented by some operators. It has been agreed that all bus fares will revert to the rates that existed prior to such arbitrary increases. The Ministry of Transport and the bus operators have discussed and agreed in principle on proposed rate adjustments, which will be considered by the Belize Transport Board and must first be approved by Cabinet and authorized via a Statutory Instrument before they can be implemented.

Belize Crime Observatory Logo Design Competition Winner!!
On the 11th of April 2016, the Ministry of National Security launched a nationwide “Logo Design Competition “tour. The team visited all the tertiary level institutions in the country of Belize. This is a first glance at the expected functions of the Belize Crime Observatory thus beginning the sensitization process. Entries were received the following institutions: Ecumenical Junior College, Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, The University of Belize, Wesley Junior College and Saint John’s College Junior College. There were a total number of eleven (11) submissions. The winner of the Logo Design Competition was Mr. Gabriel Nah, a student of Saint John's College Junior College in Belize City.

Over 400 Villagers of Aguacate, Toledo District Now Have Continuous Supply of Safe Water
Men, women and children of Aguacate, now have access to the continuous supply of safe water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking; thanks to the Government of Belize who financed the Aguacate Rehabilitation and Extension Water System at a cost of BZ$323,633.73 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. Equally important, the completion of the water supply sub-project will also contribute significantly to the reduction of water, food, vector, and communicable diseases in Aguacate. The Government of Belize in this context, is making critical achievements in improving the wellness, and quality of health of villagers of Aguacate, surrounding communities and by extension, the country of Belize.

September Celebrations 2016: PGIA Kiosk
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) Hospitality Team, sharing the September excitement with guests at the PGIA!

Back to School Drive
The Special Envoy, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, visited all 9 children's homes countrywide to distribute school supplies to disadvantaged children as part of her back to school drive.

As part of ongoing advocacy efforts to promote the use of sustainable fishing gear in Belize’s marine environment today Oceana launched a social media component in the ARE WE DROWNING OUR FUTURE? | #stopthenets campaign. The photographs feature Belizean social media personalities and are designed to highlight the indiscriminate nature of gillnetting at sea.

Aerial views of huge crowd at PUP Protest

Belize Carnival Mas Camp Map
Belize Carnival Mas Camp visits continue tonight and next week! Check out this map for dates and locations. Slight change to the route for tonight (Thursday, Sept. 8) as follows: Black Pearl-JR 88 West Street Belizean Jewels-SR 134 Euphrates Avenue Collet Royal-JR Iguana Street Extension Fantasy Explosion - SR 9 Yound Street Soca Moca -SR 11 Dolphin

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
The Secret Life of Pets, The Conjuring 2, Central Intelligence, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Rotary 11th Wine & Cheese Fundraiser
The Rotary Club of Belmopan is having their 11th annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser. It'll be at the George Price Centre on Saturday, October 1st. They'll have a silent auction, and raffles. "The Belmopan Rotary Club has published the date for their wonderful wine and cheese fundraiser, October 1. Tickets are on sale now."

Channel 7

Teachers Union Calls Emergency Meetings Nationwide To Discuss Pressing Matters
This afternoon, you may have had to make arrangements to pick up your school children a little earlier than usual. That's because teachers all across the country were called to emergency meetings with their Union's Branch Leadership. These meetings were activated under emergency provisions because the leadership wanted a mandate on how to proceed on a number of issues, including the request by the Prime Minister for the teachers to hold off on their final 3% increase for their salary adjustment. Now, according to the Ministry of Education this meeting was called at the last minute, and that caused them to fire off a scathing press release basically scolding the union for not giving due notice. We'll get to that later, but first, we waited outside the emergency meeting for the Belize City Branch, and we got an opportunity to speak with National President Luke Palacio. He told us that neither he nor Belize Branch President Kathleen Flowers could get into the details of today's discussions because there is protocol that they must follow. They must first report back to the Union's Council of Management before there can be any public disclosure.

Ministry Blasts Union For Giving Insufficient Notice
So, here's that the ministry had to say about this evening's emergency meeting. A joint press release from the ministry and the General Managers of Pre and Primary Schools says, quote, "The Ministry along with Managing Authorities hereby expresses their strong disappointment with the approach taken by the (BNTU) leadership in their calling of branch meetings at such short notice. The lack of sufficient notice does not contribute to enhancing industrial relations between the BNTU, the Managements and the Ministry. Furthermore, it shows a total disregard for children and their parents affected as a result, specifically through the loss of instructional time, right at the start of the new school year, and the alternative arrangements parents have to make for their children on such short notice. We therefore express our serious concerns about the lack of sufficient notice and the consistent failure on the part of the BNTU leadership to abide by the agreed upon conditions for union meetings." End quote.

Hon. Heredia Rejects Auditor General's Findings
Turning now to the Auditor General's report – that's still a hot button issue – and Tourism Minister Manuel Juniour Herredia is in the hot seat tonight. Two weeks ago he breezily volunteered to us that he won't lose any sleep over what's in the Auditor General's reports because there's nothing in there to implicate him in wrongdoing. Well since then a whole lot has surfaced, especially in the nationality report, where the man called Junior almost got a whole chapter dedicated to him – and if that chapter had a name, it would be "A Whole Lotta Harmouche's". That's because the Rural South Area Rep seems to have enjoyed a special relationship with this particular Lebanese family in San Pedro. The Auditor General concludes, quote, "We observed that there appeared to be a special connection between the Honorary Consul of Belize in Lebanon, Khodr H. Harmouch and Hon. Manuel Heredia in order to have…three members of the Harmouch/ Harmouche family acquire Belizean nationality." It also notes that in one case, quote, "Minister Heredia requested File for processing a year before applicant had qualified for Nationality based on his file."

COMPOL Whylie, Waiting Patiently For Auditor General's Reports
Indeed, there's a whole lot of wrongdoing in the Auditor General's reports to look very seriously into – but the police have not launched an investigation. Today, Commissioner Allen Whylie told us that he's waiting for the Auditor General to send him the reports:… Reporter: "Do you believe as the Commissioner of Police that an investigation should now be opened and be full-fledged?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "What I believe in is material. I haven't received any copies from the Auditor General. I have been kept aware to some degree via the media pronunciation but I'm certain that whenever we get those things we will look at it, we will read it and I'm certain the DPP will also look at it and read it and we go from there."

Whylie Denounces Claims By Retired Cop
And while Whylie is moving slow on this reports, he was quick to denounce an allegation made by retired Superintendent of Police Julio Valdez. He was tasked to investigate passport irregularities and called a morning talk show to say that he was directed to only focus on how PUP Attorney Arthur Saldivar had come into possession of a trove of immigration documents. Whylie said there was no such directive – and surely not from his office:.. Reporter: "Mr. Julio Valdez has come out and said now as was indicated back then that you had called on him to forget about the other line of investigation that had to do with wrong doing on the part of officials within the immigration department and involvement from minister." Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "Well if Mr. Julio Valdez said that about me then I can't categorically deny that allegation and tell you he is telling a lie and if I have confirmation that he has said that about me then my attorney will definitely contact and speak with him because I categorically deny what he has said."

Whylie Says Pakeman's Posiitve Test Was Lost By Cop
We also asked Commissioner Whylie to comment on the report from the DPP's Office that when police sent over the Dorian Pakeman accident investigation file, it did not include the forensic lab's positive test for cocaine. That would be a rather conspicuous omission – and today Whylie told us that it's the fault of a police officer who never delivered it to the DPP:… Jules Vasquez: "Sir are you able to speak on the Pakeman cocaine test? It was not sent to the DPP along with the police file. The DPP's office came upon it quite by accident. Was there deliberate suppression of that cocaine test?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "No I have spoken to Mr. Broaster who's actively following up that issue and he has indicated to me and this information you can confirm with him that they became aware of that certificate after the fact and they had received a copy and he had directed an individual officer to take that certificate to the DPP. He later learned from the DPP that had not been done and he is addressing that issue. As a matter of fact I believe that they have a meeting with the DPP today."

San Pedro Stabbing Turned To Murder After Midday
A man was stabbed to death in San Pedro town this afternoon. According to the San Pedro Sun, 32 year old Elton Polonio got into a fight with another man inside a hardware store. Things escalated quickly and the man stabbed Polonio in the chest. Polonio ran form the scene but collapsed on the street a short distance away. He died while receiving treatment at the Island polyclinic. Apparently, Polonio and the suspect had been in fights before. Police have the main suspect in custody tonight.

Bus Fare Hike Rejected By Ministry
Last night we told you about the proposed increase in bus fares for the Western corridor. But turns out it wasn't any official increase, West line and BBOC bus lines took it upon themselves to implement the hike in prices without informing the public or consulting with the Transport Department. It was a bold move by these bus operators to turn the government's attention to the struggles they face but it's also one that enraged the public. Several commuters reached out to us saying that for the past 2 days the express buses from Belize City to Belmopan has gone from $5 to $7 and they are simply not having it. And so to address all these issues the Minister of Transport Edmond Castro met with several bus companies today at his NEMO office in Belmopan. We start off with a comment from the owner of the Shaw's Bus Company, Thomas Shaw. He told us although he agrees with the increase, he does not support the way the other companies approached the issue. We also asked him if the bus companies were considering the commuters who would be paying more for a sub-par service. Thomas Shaw - President, BZ Bus Association, Shaws: "The main purpose of this meeting is basically it was a hike in bus fares that actually took place about 2 days ago of which the department didn't really approve but it was something that was in the pipeline for quite a while and the operators felt well they should make a move."

Border Cabbies Have Issues With Guatemalan Buses
And from bus operators to taxi associations. Right after that meeting with the various bus companies, Minister Castro had a separate meeting with the Western Border taxi groups. They too have their own complaints. President of the Mopan Taxi Association Arsenio Panty told us more about their plight. Arsenio Panty - President, Mopan Taxi Association, Western Boarder: "Right now no bus, no taxi, no minivan could go into Guatemala side to conduct business but the Guatemalans they come here the bus, minivans and taxi drivers too conducting business here in Belize. We are in a 5 association based at the border in total we are about 125 taxi drivers and we are suffering a lot that we are just seeing how they are carrying the tourists and we are not doing nothing. They just pay a fee at the border and they come into Belize."

Keon Killed Nicasio, Why?
22 year old Nicasio Zuniga was killed on Monday night not far from his home in the St Martin's Area. Today police charged the alleged gunman, 20 year old Keon Usher. Officer Commanding Southside, Chester Williams told us about the rivalry that led to this murder:… ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Yesterday we formally arrested and charged one Keon Usher for the crime of murder." Jules Vasquez: "Okay sir explain to me what forces are at play here in terms of what was Keon Usher's motive to kill Mr. Zuniga who was just returning from the shop." ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Like I have said before in previous interview we believe that the shooting was gang related. While Mr. Zuniga may not have been one of those person who are actively out there in gang activities he do associate himself with person who are involved in gang activities and I believe he was targetted for those persons that he associate himself with."

Family: Nicasio Was No Gangster
And this confounding, randomized violence is just what Nicascio Zuniga's sister spoke about when she gave us an interview two nights ago. Her brother was shot in the head on the way home from the corner store, a stone's throw from home – his sister Keish said it's all about where he was born:… Kesha Zuniga - Sister: "So let me put it out clear to the public and the police officers that are saying that my brother is gang related, Jules he's not, he is not. He may be hanging out with people who are affiliates of gangs but he wasn't a gang member." Jules Vasquez: "Is that what your brother faced last night; just because of where he's from they say well we wa get you." Kesha Zuniga - Sister: "Yes that's it because he's from here or he's from this area where they call I dunno give me the slang."

COMPOL Whylie Rejects Mason Connection
When we met Police Commissioner Allen Whylie today, it was the first time the Media has gotten a chance to question him since the Pastor Lu murder on July 15th. Whylie had been on leave when it happened – and since then all sorts of allegations about Lu's alleged killer, Danny Mason and the police have emerged. Since Mason was a friend to so many Police officers, we asked Whylie if he was one of them:… Reporter: "Did you have any relationship with the man?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "No (laugh)... I think most of Belize has been asking that question. I can categorically deny, I don't know Mr. Mason, I have never met Mr. Mason, I have no relationship with Mr. Mason."

Whylie Says Mason Never Infiltrated Police Department
But did Danny Mason or Ted Ouelette infiltrate the police Department? That's the bigger question since legitimate issues have arisen with how Mason seemed able to befriend persons as big as the minister of national security – and ingratiate himself to police officers of many different ranks. Whylie rejected the word "infiltration:" Jules Vasquez: "Are you able to accept especially units like the SPU, we know they responded and they refused to assist in the arrest. Are you of the opinion that he infiltrated in a deliberate way high levels of your police department?" Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I haven't heard Mr. Mason said that. I have learned that he was friend with some police officers including some members of the Special Patrol Unit but I don't know if I could draw the conclusion that he had infiltrated the higher échelon of the police department." Jules Vasquez: "Sir the former commander of the GSU was seen at his house in an embrace, he said he was under cover. We know that the current commander of the GSU has some type of relation with him; we are told that it's a security consultancy, something like that. Are you aware of these things?"

Commissioner Says Flowers Was Not Undercover, At Least Not On His Order
Now you heard Whylie mention Superintendent Mark Flowers – the former GSU Commander who claimed he had befriended Danny Mason in an undercover capacity. He said he didn't know Flowers was on an undercover mission: Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I didn't know, I can say I didn't know, honestly I did not know I was out of the country; but he has said otherwise, he has said otherwise and I'll leave it at that because it's there in the public. I can say that Mr. Flowers enjoyed my full confidence as the commander of the GSU and what he said, he said that is what he felt, that is what he believes and those are matters I believe you need to pursue with Mr. Flowers and not myself."

COMPOL Says Lessons Learned From House Meeting
We also asked Commissioner Whylie to comment on all that happened at the House of Representatives two weeks ago with Julius Espat. He said it was regrettable, but also unavoidable:… Reporter: "Do you believe that the police acted as it should have? Was there force that shouldn't have been used? Optically it looks bad." Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "Well optically it looks bad but of course you must understand that the police operates on the instructions of the speaker and whilst I believe that you police excercised great restraint in terms of not having to resort to force it was obvious that force was required because the member refuse to comply with the speaker's instructions or refuse to comply with the police directive in terms of several officers having speaking to him. I think that on both sides perhaps a little bit more dialogue or rational could have been used."

Police Reject Unruly Protestors
And what about the protest outside that House Meeting – which got out of hand and caused a jumpy police officer to discharge his weapon. He told us that the cop wasn't wrong, but there'll be no more guns at the House Meeting:… Allen Whylie - Commissioner of Police: "I can tell you that the house meeting when some persons wanted to give trouble and the security forces were firm in terms of apprehending some person. Mr. Brackett was quick to deny in terms of instigating or those person been a part of his group. I want to tell you that we are committed; we will maintain law and order. We will do whatever is necessary within the law to ensure there is minimal breach of the peace and indeed we are reviewing all footage that we have and where we are able to make a case against anybody, we will be pursuing those matters." Jules Vasquez: "Will you all bring a sanction against the police officer who panicked, the one on the stairs of the national assembly who panicked and fired what we believe was a live round as a warning shot in the air when he saw some of the protesters approaching the stairs?"

Utility Unions Commend PM
Two weeks ago, we told you about the utility unions supporting the Evangelical Churches in their call for Government to appeal the Section 53 judgement. Well this evening, they released another statement applauding the Prime Minister for meeting with the churches on Monday. The statement says, quote, "We want to publicly commend the Prime Minister of Belize for engaging in direct consultation with the Churches. Our unions are closely monitoring the entire situation, and even though we still have reason to be concerned…" End quote. But, just to make it clear, the utility unions added that they are advocating for peace, and no discrimination, especially against the LGBT community.

The Press Conference Party Holds Forth
At the top of the news, we told you how Police Commissioner Allen Whylie is waiting for his special copies of the Auditor General's reports to decide whether or not a criminal investigation should be launched. Well, Belize's third party, the BPP, has been looking on while the PUP and the UDP point fingers at each other, because each has had its own immigration scandals. Today, the BPP held a 47 minute press conference to talk about their positions on a laundry list of national issues, including the Auditor General's Report. Not surprisingly, they don't agree with the Prime Minister's decision for joint select committee from the entire National Assembly to look into the reports. BPP Chairman Paco Smith explained why:

New Rides For Tourism Police
Tonight you’ve seen a whole lot of news from the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Tourism. And it all came from a relatively minor news event: the handing over of two new pickups for the Tourism Police Unit. The Mazda Trucks valued at 150 thousand dollars will be assigned to San Pedro and Hopkins – we found out why:… And while Hopkins will get even more police officers when the new intake passes out, what about San Pedro? Unlike Hopkins, it’s not an up and coming destination; in fact, it’s THE number one destination in Belize. But does it get enough respect? That’s’ what we asked the area representative today:..

Fantasy Five Winner Gets Half A Mil, Almost
Tonight, Carmen Gamboa from Concepcion Village in the Corozal District has an the kind of problem most of us would love to have: she has to figure out what to do with half a million dollars. She won the money in a Fantasy Five Draw. The jackpot was 494 thousand dollars and after taxes she takes home 15% less, about 420 thousand dollars. It was a double stroke of luck since she cashed in on a jackpot that had been abandoned and put back into the pool :… After taxes, she walks away with 419 thousand, 9 hundred dollars.

Mas Camps, Come Een!
Carnival season is underway – and last night four of the Mas Camps invited in the public and the media to see what themes and designs they have put together. It’s an event for the media, but also for the neighbourhoods where the camps are based to come out and see what months of late night toiling has produced. 7News was there for the flesh and the flash:… The Mas Camp visits continued tonight and our team is out there right now. Tune in for more tomorrow.

September, Chester’s Least Favourite Month
And while the revelers and the onlookers have a fine time celebrating September, for the police it's just more work – in fact, the most work they do in any given month. And that's why for the Southside Commander, September is stress month:.. Jules Vasquez: "Is September your least favourite month as in so far as it's the perfect storm of alcoholic excess, celebratory excess, excess of sexiness because you know where ever scantily clad women are men will follow. Men with alcohol, sometimes men with gang affiliations they will encounter other men with gang affiliations in pursuit of this sexiness. Is September a big policing problem because of this?" ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "My brother Jules you always come with some bwai I no know (laugh).. But yes Jules September is indeed our most challenging policing month, September then December and again it's because of the festiveness of the city; December is the unital season you know people preparing for Christmas and lot of shopping and so forth but September is celebration month and we know celebration come with alcohol and with alcohol comes violence right. So the police have to be extra vigilant in the month of September."

Channel 5

Chamber of Commerce drops support for bicameral Immigration inquiry
There are major developments to report in tonight’s newscast. But first, the Belize Chamber of Commerce met in an emergency session this afternoon and reversed course on a bicameral investigation [...]

Belize National Teachers’ Union calls emergency branch meetings to discuss major issues
There was another emergency meeting held this afternoon. The ten branches of the Belize National Teacher’s Union met to debate and take decisions on the scheduled delay of Government’s salary [...]

Union President says permission from Ministry is not needed
But the Ministry of Education is at odds with the B.N.T.U. over the convening of today’s meeting without following protocol. The Ministry issued a release prior to the meeting, which [...]

Did Ministry’s sentiments sway turnout at meetings?
President Luke Palacio was asked whether the Ministry’s suggestions affected turnout to the meeting. He said he could not say for sure, but he believed that teachers were ready and [...]

Man murdered in love triangle stabbing in San Pedro
A thirty-two year old unemployed man from the San Mateo area of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye is dead tonight. Police in Ambergris Caye told us the evening that the [...]

Belize City man charged in murder of Nicasio Zuniga
A Belize City youth was gunned down in the city on Monday night minutes before the live news broadcast. Today, three days after his execution style murder, Belize City police [...]

Speaker of the House has right to sue over Auditor General’s Immigration Reports
The Auditor General’s special report into the issuance of passports, visas and Belizean nationality names quite a number of elected officials, including Prime Minister Barrow himself.  He is cited in [...]

F.C.D. will not get independent commissioners’ report from Government
The deadly shooting of fourteen-year-old Guatemalan minor Julio Rene Alvarado Ruano in the Chiquibul Forest involved B.D.F. soldiers, as well as rangers from Friends of Conservation and Development.  The Belize [...]

Foreign Minister rules out another investigation of Julio Alvarado death
As for another O.A.S.-commissioned investigation into the fatal shooting, Elrington says that government is quite satisfied with the results of the initial inquiry.  All things considered, there will not be [...]

Police Commissioner says he did not know William Mason – but knew of alter ego
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was away on leave for some time; in fact, he was out of the country when the entire saga involving accused murderer William “Danny” Mason [...]

Commissioner Whylie does not believe Mason infiltrated upper echelon of Police
Accused murderer William Mason returns to court in the next few days, but he once boasted that he had a number of officers on his payroll, including members of the [...]

Police completing Mason file for D.P.P.
In terms of the criminal investigation, ComPol Whylie says he was briefed by the Acting Commissioner Mister Blackett, and was assured that the police were on top of the case. [...]

Bus fares to go up on October first; operators agree with Government
As we reported on Wednesday, bus fares unexpectedly went up in for commuters travelling westbound on Westline, Guerra’s, B.B.O.C. and J and J. The hike in price was as much [...]

G.O.B. also meets with taxi operators from Benque
Following a meeting with bus operators in the west, Minister of Transport Edmond Castro met with the Mopan Taxi Association.  For months now, the group has been clamoring for the [...]

Police Commissioner says he is waiting to receive Auditor General reports
This is the second audit that has been conducting by the Auditor General on the Immigration Department. Given the obvious widespread irregularities committed by persons and all that has been [...]

ComPol: my officers complied with Speaker’s instructions, but it looked bad
The House Meeting held two weeks ago, by all scope of the imagination, was epic. Cayo South area rep., Julius Espat was literally picked up and carried out of the [...]

B.P.P. reveals results from online “People’s Referendum”
This morning, the Belize Progressive Party gave the media an update on their ongoing People’s Referendum poll on social issues. The poll takes two forms: an online poll being conducted [...]

Progressive Party plans nationwide tour of villages
The Progressives are also planning, among other initiatives, a nationwide tour to take their message to the Belizean people. We hear more from the party’s chairman, Paco Smith.   Paco [...]

Time to Mas! Carnival camps open for judging
Wednesday night was day one of the annual mas camps that leads up to the carnival road March on September seventeenth. A record number of bands are taking part in [...]

Healthy Living: What pregnant women must know about Zika
The first case of Zika in Belize was confirmed in May of this year. The sample which was sent to the CARPHA lab in Trinidad verified that the mosquito borne [...]

After twenty years, P.U.P. marches in Belize City
The People’s United Party has not shown its muscle in the city for long years, but today it did and impressively so. The crowd was massive as the national protest [...]

Opposition Leader repeats call for Government to appeal Section 53 decision
News Five spoke exclusively with the Leader of the Opposition following this morning’s rally. First on our list of questions was his reaction to the divide among Belize’s churches on [...]

Briceño says Guat Foreign Minister “a fool” about Alvarado report
The P.U.P. stepped out of bipartisan bilateral talks with Guatemala for some time now.  They said it was in protest of the Barrow administration’s mishandling of the situation and that [...]

P.U.P. not yet ready to return to bipartisan handling of Guatemalan claim
Briceño says the P.U.P. can contribute to the discussion on Guatemala, but the government must come to them in seriousness. He also addressed the question on whether Guatemala would grant [...]

Dorian Pakeman sent on unpaid leave; Opposition says he must not get special treatment
At Tuesday’s Cabinet sitting, a decision was taken in respect of the Director of the Press Office, Dorian Pakeman. Pakeman had hit and killed Dean Dawson, a resident of Gardenia, [...]

22 year old pregnant woman viciously murdered in Orange Walk
There was a horrific murder in Orange Walk Town just before seven on Tuesday night. A young woman was shot and killed in front of her two children, one seven [...]

Man charged for pound of weed by Orange Walk police
An Orange Walk resident was busted on Tuesday with over one point two pounds of suspected cannabis. According to Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, Superintendent Selvyn Tillett, the accused was [...]

One of two men accused of robbing minor brought to court
In the court today, Jamaal Michael Warrior, a tour guide and resident of Orange Walk, was arraigned on a charge of robbery. There was heavy objection because of the use [...]

The Battle of St. George’s Caye from the Spanish perspective
A slightly different perspective on the Battle of St. George’s Caye was the subject of today’s annual National History Lecture in Belize City at the Bliss Center for the Performing [...]

Why new documents help us understand what happened 218 years ago
Other collaborators in the project include the Belize History Association which is the formal host of the lecture; the Institute for Social and Cultural Research; the Belize Archives and Records [...]

C.O.L.A. participates in P.U.P. march
Blink and you may have missed them, but Geovannie Brackett led members of his Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action and other activist organizations in their own section of the [...]

PUP Party Leader says The Barrow administration is beleaguered by a number of successive scandals
One last thing from the Leader of the Opposition…The Barrow administration is beleaguered by a number of successive scandals, the latest being the findings of the Auditor General’s special report [...]

Youths awarded in BTB-FCCA poster and essay competition
Reuse, Recycle and Renew are environmental issues that are well-known in Belize, but it was also the theme that participants expounded on in this year’s Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s poster [...]

Bus fares going up in West; operators to meet Minister tomorrow
Beginning earlier this week, commuters on the four major bus lines operating in the western corridor – Westline, Guerra’s, B.B.O.C. and J and J – are paying about fifty cents [...]

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BNTU Orange Walk Calls for Industrial Action
Could the Belize National Teacher’s Union be preparing for industrial action? That’s the general sentiment from teachers around the country and the action supported by a majority of Union members at emergency meetings held simultaneously by all branches today. The teachers are upset that the Barrow Administration has not been able to follow through with a promised 3% salary increase which was due to them since July of this year. Here in the Orange Walk District, over 300 teachers walked out of their classrooms to attend today’s meeting this afternoon at the Gala Lounge. The Orange Walk BNTU members had previously rejected the Government’s proposal to delay the salary increase until next year. And today, the militancy continued when the majority of members agreed that if the Government fails to meet their promise, they will take action.

One Detained For Questioning In The Murder Of Jahida Crawford
Last night we reported on the barbaric murder of 22 year old expecting mother of two, Jahida Crawford, who was shot execution style inside her home on the corner of Rio Bravo and Boundary Road on Tuesday night. As previously reported, Crawford was inside her home accompanied by her father and two children when she was called out by someone who she apparently knew, upon opening her front door to meet her visitor she was met with two bullets which caused her death a short while later. Today while Orange Walk Police are still trying to ascertain the motive behind Tuesday night’s deadly shooting CTV3 News understands that they have detained one person for questioning, but were unable to confirm if the individual detained is the same person police were previously in search of.

Protesters Calls For Government Resignation
Over 5,000 protestors turned out and walked side by side Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno and PUP representatives in a march through the streets of Belize City yesterday. The aim was to send a strong message to the Government that Belizeans have had enough. After walking through the streets, the throng of supporters gathered at the BTL Park for a two-hour rally. There, the speakers addressed the issues which have become flashpoints for the UDP Government only ten months into their third term. Honorable Rodwell Ferguson - PUP Deputy Leader: “We want our country back and the time to save Belize is now.”


Western Bus Operators Engage in Unauthorized Price Hike
Commuters who utilize public transportation have been calling our newsroom for the last two days questioning the recent increase in bus fares in the western corridor. We have been making efforts to get a comment from the Transport Department and were told yesterday by the Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, that they have been made […]

Transport Department Takes On Concerns from Taxi and Bus Operators
Minister Edmond Castro has his hands full as issues surrounding the transport industry seem to piling up within the last week. Earlier in this newscast we told you of the increase of bus fares in the western corridor and earlier this week we told you of the taxi drivers of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo […]

BPP Prepares for Countrywide Anti-Corruption Tour
The Belize Progressive Party held a press conference this morning to discuss current issues affecting Belize and the party’s launch of a country wide tour. According to the Chairman of the BPP, Paco Smith, the tour would be carried out later this month. PACO SMITH “As the only viable solution to the red and blue […]

Stabbing Incident Leaves One Man Dead
An altercation between two male individuals around two this afternoon has left one dead on the island of San Pedro. Deputy Officer commanding the San Pedro police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Henry Jemoth said thirty two year old Elton Polonio was socializing with a friend when there appeared to be an argument between them. […]

William Mason’s Farm-Hand Recalls July 15, 2016
55 days ago the head of Llewellyn Lucas was uncovered in the pan of a pickup truck belonging to Raj Teddy Oulette better known as William ‘Donny’ Mason. The discovery sent shock waves around the country as pockets of society screamed for justice in the tragic homicide. The discovery of Lucas’ head, however, was only […]

Fin Sec Orders Abuse of Government Vehicles to Stop
An internal document has reportedly been circulating on the internet over the last week surrounding the use and abuse of government vehicles by public officers. The internal memorandum is dated August 29, 2016 and comes out of the office of the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight. It is a four paragraph […]

The Guardian

No Steam in PUP Demonstration - No pay for demonstrators
Wednesday of this week. The day was supposed to be the day that the PUP were supposed to put the type of numbers on Belize City streets, the likes of which we had never seen before. We at the Guardian were imbedded inside the PUP camp from as early as 7 am. Our day started with just moving around and observing their movement. As time moved by it became obvious that the PUP were having problems. It was 8 am and the only positive movement we had seen by then was the arrival of 3 portable toilets, but there was nobody there to use those 3 toilet unless Wendy Castillo and the PUP gentleman and the lady with her were going to use one a piece. Next came the first music system blasting the PUP battle cry WELCOME TO THE PARTY. At 8:37 a group of around 40 persons arrived from Orange Walk. This was about the same time some frantic phone calls were being made to push back the start time of the parade to 10 am. Not one of the PUP leaders had arrived at this point. It seemed that they were either ashamed or afraid to make their grand entrance with such a group of people present. The first member in any leadership position to arrive was Kareem.

200 new homes to be built after Hurricane Earl
Philip Willoughby has announced that by Thursday 6 new homes would have been completed in Belize City following the destruction caused by Hurricane Earl. This is 6 of 200 new homes which will be constructed by the time the National Emergency Management Organization completes its work in bringing people’s lives back in order after the hurricane. Willoughby told the Guardian that they have assessed 1,350 houses which were affected in Belize City alone but there are still those that have not yet been reached. He says that as a result of trying to get to everyone who was affected, 17 students from the Engineering department at the University of Belize have been taken on to conduct further assessments to wrap up the work in Belize City over the next three weeks. He noted that so far 486 cases have been dealt with.

CRUCIFY HIM!!! Wade’s “Church” Looking for Blood
How can men who call themselves Christians – sit down comfortably for days in front of national television and chastise, demonize, and ostracize a fellow leader of the cloth? If the Christian community can treat Pastor Ashley Rocke the way they do, what judgment do they reserve for the rest of us sinners? Since Pastor Rocke, Senator for the Church, opted to vote no to a motioned destined for failure in the Senate and chose to support a bi-cameral inquiry into the findings of the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department, Plus TV and “Christians” alligned with that business have declared war against him. If Senator Rocke had voted in favour of the motion, there would have been six votes in favour and six votes against the motion. The President of the Senate, Hon. Lee Mark Chang, would have had to cast the deciding vote. He would have voted no and the motion would have failed. Despite this fact, Louis Wade, who seems to have assumed the Voice of God in Belize (we remember Joan of Arc here), has since accused Pastor Rocke of being in support of the LGBT agenda and not being against corruption in Government. Along with other “christian” leaders on Plus TV’s morning show, Wade has publicly called for the pastor’s head.

Taiwan donates USD $109,000.00 for ICT project
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to announce that H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho has presented a cheque of USD 109,000.00 to the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Belize for the bilateral ICT Project on September 2nd, 2016. This 5-year project is budgeted at USD 1.82 million, with USD 1.5 million funded by the Government of the ROC (Taiwan), and the rest covered by the Government of Belize. The aim of this project is to pave the way to achieve e-government in Belize to benefit the government and the general public.

American-registered vessel grounded in Belize waters
The Belize Coast Guard has confirmed that a civilian vessel which is registered in Delaware, USA was grounded on the barrier reef in the area of Hatchet Caye located east-northeast of Placencia. Onboard the vessel were three (3) Colombians, four (4) Guatemalans and one (1) American citizen. The incident reportedly took place on the Belize Barrier Reef around 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 3rd and was relayed to the Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department.

Another shootout between BDF and Guatemalans
The BDF continues to do their job dutifully, and mostly unnoticed by the rest of the population. Once again, however, their job became very dangerous when they came under fire inside the Chiquibul National Park. That incident took place on Wednesday, August 31, in the morning at a part of the Chiquibul known as “El Retiro”. For the BDF soldiers, that’s within walking distance south of the Valentin Conservation Post, in an average time of about an hour and a half. The BDF went to that location to follow up on an Order to Leave (OTL), issued by the Immigration Department, on 20 Guatemalans who had been squatting in Belizean territory. The BDF first discovered this illegal settlement on a patrol June 1, 2016. The area is just under 200 meters east of the Belize/Guatemala border, and the settlement was hidden from view due to the fact that it was located on the western side of a hill. The assumption was that the hill was very close to the border, so more than likely, since there was nothing on the eastern side, there would be nothing on the western side of it.

Benque taxi drivers block taxis coming from Melchor
Taxi drivers gathered in front of the Town Hall in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Tuesday expressing concern that they are losing income as a result of vehicle operators coming from Guatemala. This is after a group of them had also gathered in front of the home of Benque’s Mayor Heraldo Ramcharan Junior asking for an audience to express their concerns. Mayor Heraldo Ramcharan told reporters that the taxi drivers are concerned about the tourist buses coming into Belize. Chief Transport Officer Tirso Galvez, who was visiting Benque on Tuesday has said that if a person does not reside in Belize, then his vehicle is considered a foreign registered vehicle and must abide by permits to do runs. He also clarified that road service permits are being issued by the Transport Board and that entity will not approve a road service permit for any person who does not live in Belize and who is not a Belizean.

PM announces composition of investigation team into misdeeds at Immigration department
The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, on Thursday September 7 held a press conference in which he announced the composition of the special bicameral accounts committee. He explained that after meeting with the Chamber of Commerce the composition of the committee will be such as to have 6 representatives from the government, 3 from the social partners and 2 from the opposition one of which will hold the chairmanship. PM Barrow explained that government accepted that the report paints a sorry picture and that Belizeans should be legitimately alarmed with the findings. He went on to, as the leader of government, apologize to the nation that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report. Even so, however the PM explained that it is not the first time that such damning information has been put out. He reminded Belizeans of the PUP administration's time when all manner of requirements were waved for the acquiring of nationality and leading to the loss or theft of 7.5 million dollars. Nonetheless he accepted the findings of and accepted responsibility.

PM to meet with churches again on Friday
On Friday, September 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will hold a follow up meeting with the leaders of the different churches. At that meeting, he will return with the answer from his Cabinet colleagues as to how they will move forward on the Chief Justice’s Section 53 judgment. Some in the church want an appeal of that judgment which changes the Criminal Code which made “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” a criminal offence whether it was consensual or not. That included - but was not limited to - gay sex, which is now no longer a crime. The Prime Minister has indicated that while he is not prepared to appeal the entire judgment, he is prepared to consider an appeal of the portion of the judgment in which the Chief Justice interpreted the word “sex” in the constitution to mean “sexual orientation”. Those and other range of options were green lit by the Cabinet for the Prime Minister to present to the Church Leaders. That’s what he did, on Monday evening, September 5, when he met with the Catholic Bishop, the Anglican Bishop, the President of the Methodist Churches, the Presidents of the two Evangelical Church Associations, and the President of the Alliance of Ministers and Leaders.

Bi-cameral investigation into immigration and nationality departments
Last Wednesday PUP through it's lead Senator, as indicated by it's Leader Johnny a few days earlier, tabled a motion in the senate. This motion sought to have the Senate call for a Senate investigation, into the recently released Auditor General's Report. Had this motion been passed, it would have mandated the Senate to set up a 5 member tribunal to investigate alleged wrong doing being highlighted on the Auditor General's Report. The way the 5 member team would be selected would have been, one senator each from the government and opposition and the three social partner senators. This motion appeared to be well on it's way for a tie vote on the floor with all three opposition senators and three social partners arguments being in favor and all six government senators against. Such a vote would have forced the President of the Senate to cast a vote to break the deadlock and the motion would have been defeated.

Save Belize for the PUP
By the time the effects of the liquor has worn off, and the $25 has long been expended, that PUP rent-a crowd would have long forgotten what it is they were marching for on Wednesday. PUP operatives were all over the country recruiting willing souls brave enough to brace the scorching heat to be victims of yet another ruse. Agents were very visible in the banks cashing rent-a crowd checks into stacks of $5. So desperate are the PUP that they will try any trick to give off the perception of muscularity. This appeal for support seems to be the slim whisper of hope the die hards have been so desperately gasping for. They have been jumping around in jubilation as if though they’ve won the lotto.

Spanish records prove Belize’s Great Battle of 10th of September
The 2016 Belize History Association’s lecture focuses on extremely interesting information that should not be limited to a 90 minute discussion. The lecture is entitled “Examining the Spanish Archival Records on the Battle of St. George’s Caye” and brings together a super panel of history scholars from Belize and Mexico. The first lecture was held at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 07, to audience mostly comprised of upper level primary school and secondary school students. The researchers who were part of the lecture are Dr. Angel Cal from the University of Belize, Dr. Herman Byrd of the Belize Archives and Records Services, Dr. Gustavo Alfaro from la Universidad de Quintana Roo, Dr. Martin Ramos from la Universidad de Quintana Roo, Dr. Juan Castillo of la Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo and Mr. Giovanni Pinelo of the Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR).

Gang shooting claims life of 22 year old
22 year-old Nicasio John Zuniga, a resident of Jones Street in Belize City, became another victim to the city’s gang violence when he was murdered execution style. At this time, there is no explanation for his senseless killing. It appears, however, that he was murdered for simply living in a neighborhood, that is the turf of one gang currently in a dispute with another, which is located nearby. Police say that according to their investigation he was at a shop on Complex Drive at around 6:20 p.m. on Monday, September 5. He had reportedly just left after buying some drinks. The cops think that he was heading back to socialize with his friends, but he never made it. 2 unknown young men rode up on bicycles while Zuniga was on his way. One of them pulled out a handgun and shot him once to the right cheek; that bullet exited the back of his head. By the time the cops arrived, there was nothing much they could do for Zuniga, except try to rush him to the KHMH.

Judge shows mercy to weed offender
Alejandro Gonzalez, 57, is lucky to be a free man after he was almost sent to prison on Thursday, September 1, for being busted with weed while in arrears for old fines. Gonzalez is self employed. He repairs shoes and belts at the foot of the Swing Bridge. Allegations are that he was busted by police around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday with 3.1 grams of weed. PC Manuel Caliz was on foot patrol on Cemetery Road when he saw Gonzalez standing suspiciously in front of the Salvation Army School. The officer decided to conduct a search on him and found the green leafy substance rolled up in his right pants foot. Gonzalez was arrested and charged with possession of a control drug.

Edward McKay remanded for robbery and stabbing
Edward McKay, 26, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned on three charges: one count of robbery, one count of dangerous harm and one count of using deadly means of harm upon Tyrone Scott. Scott reported to police that he had just exited a bus in Ladyville Village on Thursday, September 1, when he was approached by McKay, someone he has known for a while. According to Scott, McKay held him at knife point and demanded that he hand over his belongings. Fearing for his life, he gave McKay a bag containing his cell phone, a litre of Caribbean Rum, a bottle of Sprite, a 7 inch tablet, a bluetooth speaker, a memory card, a Polo shirt, two pants, a flash drive and $17 cash. The total value of the items is approximately $1,036. Adding injury to insult, Mckay stabbed Scott several times to the body after he handed over the bag and fled from the scene.

Inconsistencies on Pakeman’s urine test - ACP Edward Broaster - OC, Eastern Division Rural
Based on declarations made by ACP Edward Broaster on Monday September 5th, Dorian Pakeman the director of the Government Press Office has been placed on unpaid leave. The decision was made by the Prime Minister following a meeting he held with Pakeman on Wednesday September 7. In a release by government it states that “the Office awaits the decision of the Director of Public Prosecution on whether to bring charges of whatever nature against Mr. Pakeman arising out of all the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident in which he was involved.” On March 30 Pakeman was heading towards Ladyville from Orange Walk when he knocked down and killed Gardenia Mechanic, 45 year old Dean Dawson Jr. who was riding a bicycle on the Phillip Goldson Highway in Biscayne village between miles 22 and 23. Immediately after the accident Pakeman gave a urine sample for testing to police.

Security guard caught stealing from employer
KBH security guard Glenroy Reynolds, 36, was convicted of handling stolen goods in 2015 and he has struck again. This time Reynolds was brought before the court on three counts of theft after he was caught on surveillance camera stealing dresses from his place of work, Pink Boutique. Allegations are that on three separate occasions, on August 30, 31 and September 1, 2016, Reynolds took two dresses valued at $68.00, two dresses valued at $100 and two more dresses valued at $106, property of Pink Boutique. On Friday, September 1, Michelle Leslie, the Operations Manager at Pink Boutique, visited the Queen Street Police Station and reported that Reynolds was stealing from the store. Leslie said that she had been receiving reports that Reynolds and a female were involved in the stealing of items from the store so she set up a sting operation with an internal technician.

Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy Cayo Softball Champions
The Cayo Softball Association 2016 Raymond Garbutt Softball Competition came to an end on Sunday 4th September, 2016. In the third and final game in the championship series, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy defeated Unitedville Rebels United by the score of 8-4 to repeat as the Cayo Softball champions. Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy scored 2 runs in the top of the 1st inning added another 2 in the 2nd inning, 1 in the 6th inning and 3 more in the 7th inning for the win. Meanwhile, Unitedville Rebels United scored all 4 runs in the bottom of the 4th inning.

Stann Creek Softball Competition enters final round
The Stann Creek Softball Association 2016 Senior Female Softball Season will enter its final round on Sunday 18th September, 2016, with the top three playing in the Double Elimination Format round. The final round will feature Silk Grass Royale Girls, Independence PALS and Independence United. On Sunday 4th September, in the first game played, Independence United defeated Seine Bight Flames by the score of 14-3. The winning pitcher was Desiree Gordon. And in the second game, Silk Grass Royale Girls defeated Independence PALS by the score of 12-9. The winning pitcher was Sandy Depaz and the losing pitcher was Leona Coe.

The future of Abimael Josue is uncertain
Primary Schools across the Country opened on Monday of this week, but for one small family in Santa Elena Town, in the Cayo District it ushered in an array of new challenges, in addition to their daily need to survive. For 5 year old Abimael Josue, the future is uncertain as the newly opened Baptist Primary School in the Bradely’s Bank Area of Santa Elena reports that it is now full to capacity. Josue’s emaciated mom Irma Janesis had recently approached the school with her desire for her second son to attend there. The Eden Primary School in Santa Elena also reports that they are unable to take in the child. The Principal tells the Guardian that they were robbed of $4000.00 dollars last year so they are unable to assist Abimael Josue. The hard realities for Irma Janesis is that she will need $60.00 for her to register her son at the Eden Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, something she does not currently have.

Young pregnant mother killed in Orange Walk
Jahida Briceño, a 22 year-old, pregnant, single mother of 2, was murdered on the verandah of her home. That terrible incident happened in the presence of her 2 kids, and within earshot of her disabled father who was powerless to help her. At around 7 p.m., on Tuesday, September 6, Briceño was at her Boundary Road home in Orange Walk preparing supper for her 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter. She heard someone calling for her, and when she answered, someone fired several gunshots, hitting her in the back and face. It is believed that the first shot hit her in the face, and that’s when she tried to run into the house. The other struck her in the back, and that injury was the one which caused her to collapse on the ground.

Belmopan September Calendar 2016 launched
With multicolored streamers almost everywhere, the Belmopan September Calendar 2016 was launched at the Mae Gordon Park in Belmopan last Friday evening. There to welcome everyone was Jacklyn Burns, Chairlady of the Belmopan Celebrations Committee who has been working behind the scenes incessantly to ensure that all the activities run smoothly. Several groups of young people were also present to position themselves behind the steel drums of the Panerrifix Steelband. Without missing a beat, the very young also took their turn with the drums, with mothers watching with great pride as the September celebrations themed music were being played.

Belize Association of Evangelical Churches

Food and Drugs Amendment Act
In an effort to further strengthen the regulation of food and pharmaceuticals in Belize, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin presented new amendments to the House of Representatives on the Food and Drugs Amendment Act of Chapter 291 of the substantive Laws of Belize revised Edition 2011. This will make provision to empower the making of regulations for the establishment of a drug registry and give effect to the provisions of the Act regarding the labeling of food or pharmaceuticals. With the provisions in this amendment, the Ministry of Health will be able to address regulatory responsibilities, such as the granting of licenses to establishments involved in the sale of food and medicines and to enhance the importation requirements for these. It also seeks to establish proper record keeping including the sale of medicines in books or registers and to allow for the removal of expired food and medicines from selling points..s.

Helicopter training for BDF
For the past 2 months, the Belize Defence Force has been receiving training on how to fly and maintain their own helicopters. Though it has been only a short time, they have already conducted successful airlifting operations, and their instructors tell the press that they are exemplary students. The unit which is learning to fly the helicopters is the BDF Airwing, which has dutifully served the nation with its fleet of fixed wing aircraft since 1993. With the Taiwanese Government’s Donation of two UH-1H helicopters, and the Belize’s Government’s acquisition of an abandoned Bell 407 helicopter, the BDF has 3 rotorcrafts at its disposal to do emergency airlifting operations. So, to become self-sufficient and properly fly them, perform timely maintenance, and to be able to train future pilots, 4 of the BDF’s Airwing pilots, and the entire Airwing’s maintenance staff have been receiving extensive instruction.

Way forward on PAC, Anti-Corruption Act and Integrity Commission
Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned over the search for a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission over to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This was a decision on the way forward agreed upon by PM Barrow and the Chamber at the conclusion of a meeting held last Wednesday when the Integrity Commission was discussed along with the reconfiguration of the Public Accounts Committee and the signing of the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention. During the meeting, the Chamber’s own chartered accountant confirmed what the administration has been saying about the difficulty in finding a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission. Serving on the Integrity Commission means being listed as a Politically Exposed Person. PEPs are subject to extreme scrutiny. Their assets and activities are monitored closely by local and international regulators. By relation, their family members become PEPs as well and are subject to the same level of scrutiny which they have not signed up for.

Way forward on PAC, Anti-Corruption Act and Integrity Commission
Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned over the search for a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission over to the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This was a decision on the way forward agreed upon by PM Barrow and the Chamber at the conclusion of a meeting held last Wednesday when the Integrity Commission was discussed along with the reconfiguration of the Public Accounts Committee and the signing of the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention. During the meeting, the Chamber’s own chartered accountant confirmed what the administration has been saying about the difficulty in finding a chartered accountant willing to serve on the Integrity Commission. Serving on the Integrity Commission means being listed as a Politically Exposed Person. PEPs are subject to extreme scrutiny.

PM announces composition of investigation team into misdeeds at Immigration department
The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, on Thursday September 7 held a press conference in which he announced the composition of the special bicameral accounts committee. He explained that after meeting with the Chamber of Commerce the composition of the committee will be such as to have 6 representatives from the government, 3 from the social partners and 2 from the opposition one of which will hold the chairmanship. PM Barrow explained that government accepted that the report paints a sorry picture and that Belizeans should be legitimately alarmed with the findings. He went on to, as the leader of government, apologize to the nation that things went so wrong during the period covered by the report.

PM to meet with churches again on Friday
On Friday, September 9, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will hold a follow up meeting with the leaders of the different churches. At that meeting, he will return with the answer from his Cabinet colleagues as to how they will move forward on the Chief Justice’s Section 53 judgment. Some in the church want an appeal of that judgment which changes the Criminal Code which made “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” a criminal offence whether it was consensual or not. That included - but was not limited to - gay sex, which is now no longer a crime.

Bi-cameral investigation into immigration and nationality departments
Last Wednesday PUP through it's lead Senator, as indicated by it's Leader Johnny a few days earlier, tabled a motion in the senate. This motion sought to have the Senate call for a Senate investigation, into the recently released Auditor General's Report. Had this motion been passed, it would have mandated the Senate to set up a 5 member tribunal to investigate alleged wrong doing being highlighted on the Auditor General's Report. The way the 5 member team would be selected would have been, one senator each from the government and opposition and the three social partner senators.

Save Belize for the PUP
By the time the effects of the liquor has worn off, and the $25 has long been expended, that PUP rent-a crowd would have long forgotten what it is they were marching for on Wednesday. PUP operatives were all over the country recruiting willing souls brave enough to brace the scorching heat to be victims of yet another ruse. Agents were very visible in the banks cashing rent-a crowd checks into stacks of $5. So desperate are the PUP that they will try any trick to give off the perception of muscularity. This appeal for support seems to be the slim whisper of hope the die hards have been so desperately gasping for. They have been jumping around in jubilation as if though they’ve won the lotto.

Charity organization assists hurricane victims
In response to the call of Belize Government for Hurricane Earl disaster relief supplies, Ambassador Benjamin Ho of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize delivered some five hundred cartons of relief material shipped from SimplyHelp Foundation, a Taiwanese NGO based in Los Angeles, to 11 Belize charity organizations on August 30 and 31 including the Belize Red Cross, Cayo Village Councils, Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center, Helpage, iServants.Com International Servants, Liberty Children’s Home, Mental Health Resource Center, Salvation Army, Samuel Haynes Institute, SOL Pregnancy Resource Center and St. Vincent De Paul Society. These relief supplies include housewares, shoes, bags, clothes, hats, basketballs, stationary, toys, bath items, baby items, hair bands and gift boxes. The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) kopes this timely donation can help those in need through local charities.

Teacher Campbell charged for knocking down police officer
Teacher Kevin Nigel Campbell, 42, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate Court on Tuesday, September 6, for driving into a police officer. Allegations are that at about 1 a.m. on Saturday, September 3, Campbell knocked Police Constable Adonias Gonzalez, 32, off his motor bike while driving a grey Isuzu Axiom. PC Gonzalez told police that he was responding to reports of a woman being physically assaulted by a man in front of the national bus terminal when the accident occurred. According to the officer, he was riding on Cemetery Road heading towards the scene at West Collect Canal when Campbell came speeding from Magazine Road. Campbell did not stop at the intersection of Magazine Road and Cemetery Road and, as a result, Gonzalez ran into the front of the Isuzu.

Couple charged for burglarizing their own property
A Belize City couple is out on bail after they were charged for burglarizing their own property and harming a tenant. Ernest Tillett, 41, and his common-law wife, Paulette Flowers, 41, appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Monday, September 05, to answer to charges. Both were represented by attorney Brian Neal. Tillett was charged with one count of burglary and one count of harm. Flowers was arraigned for burglary with intent to commit harm. Allegations are that as trespassers they entered the home of Melissa Yolanda Bradley at Miles 2 ½ George Price Highway on Saturday, September 3. While inside, Tillett caused an injury to Bradley with a light bulb. A doctor classified her injuries as wounding.

Jamaal Warrior accused of robbing man at knife point
Tour guide Jamaal Michael Warrior, 32, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand for a charge of robbery after a 16-year-old reported to police that he held him up at knife point and took away an I-phone valued at $600. Warrior appeared before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on Wednesday, September 07, to answer to the single charge. He was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the offense. The prosecutor in the case, Sgt. Claude Pitts, had heavy objections to bail. Objections were based on the fact that the victim is a minor attending high school; Warrior may try to interfere with the victim; and the crime was committed with the use of a deadly instrument, a four inch knife. With that, Magistrate Mendoza ordered that he be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until Friday, September 9, when bail will be considered.

Football, Football, football
Football in Belize continues to attract fans every week. This weekend on Sunday September 4, the recently constructed Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga was the venue for a matchup between the young and upcoming upstarts Orange Walk United and the veteran, tested Wagiya FC. It was fireworks from the start and the young OWFC held their own for most of the first half until they were overcome by Wagiya’s experience. They fought a valiant fight but in the end lost to Wagiya 6 to 2. This young team has been together for just under a month and has been baptized by fire. The team is the brain child and effort of Orange Walk East Constituency area rep. Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr. Mr. Aragon who also happens to be the Minister responsible for sports and has been instrumental in the formation of the Police Football Club which is now representing Belize internationally and he did this several years before he got involved in politics. This speaks volumes of the man’s love for sports.

Belize Bank Bulldogs 2016 Firms Basketball champions
The Belize District Basketball Association 2016 Firms Competition came to an end on Saturday 3rd September, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium with the third and final game in the championship series between the Belize Bank Bulldogs and Infotel. In the final game played, the Belize Bank Bulldogs showed that it was the better of the two teams and win handily when it defeated Infotel by the score of 80-68 to capture the championship title. The top scorers for the Belize Bank Bulldogs were Brian White with 25 points, 24 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals; Duane Staine with 15 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal and Rupert Brown with 14 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists and a steal.

Jumanji opens Sugar City Hoops competition with a win
The 2016 Sugar City Hoops competition opened on Friday 2nd September, at the East Sports Centre in Orange Walk Town. In the Senior competition game played, Jumanji defeated Devils by the score of 82-50 to opened the senior campaign. The top scorers for Jumanji were Wayne Arnold with 17 points, Charlton Flowers with 16 points and Michael Shaw Jr. with 13 points. For the Devils, the top scorers were Vicente Avila with 15 points and Leonard Jones with 12 points.

Belmopan Bandits halt the Placencia Assassins FC
The Premier League of Belize Opening Season Competition continued over the weekend with a number of games played across the country. On Saturday 3rd September, 2016, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village, the defending national football champions of Belize, the Belmopan Bandits handed the host team Placencia Assassins its first defeat of the young season by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Marlon Meza in the 83rd minute of play that gave the Belmopan Bandits the win. Out at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the Police United defeated Freedom Fighters by the score of 3-1.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Murder reported in San Pedro
Police in Ambergris Caye have a murder on their hands tonight. The victim has been identified but at news time his family has not been informed. He is a thirty-two year old unemployed man from the San Mateo area. Police have confirmed that the […]

BNTU Cayo Branch votes in favor for industrial action
The Cayo Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) has voted in favor for industrial action to be taken by the union. A meeting was held this afternoon at the Octavia Waight Center in San Ignacio and BBN was able to confirm that […]

Ministry of Transport and Bus Operators Reach Agreement on Bus Fares
According to a GOB press release, “The Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, Transport and National Emergency Management, along with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ruth Meighan and Chief Transport Officer, Tirso Galvez, have just concluded a meeting in Belmopan […]

How I got my first job
I had just turned 18 when I graduated from Belize Technical College Sixth Form (junior college)…..where I had a great educational and life experience with highly motivated teachers and classmates with whom I made lifetime friendships….we worked hard and raised the level of […]

Hoteliers claim hotel standard amendments ‘insane’
Belizean hoteliers are questioning proposed changes to the Belize Tourism Board (BTB)’s National Classification System for Accommodation. Hoteliers who spoke to TravelPulse and the San Pedro Sun say some of the proposals extend beyond area of safety, security, health and operational competency straying into […]

BPP enjoying response to “People’s Referendum”
As of this morning, more than 1,000 responses have been made to the Belize Progressive Party’s non-binding People’s Referendum which started last month. The Party has created a list of questions to be asked to the Belizean people, with polling to be completed on […]

Bus fares hike along western route, rates not approved by the Transport Board
Belizeans who commute between Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque yesterday saw a a one-dollar increase in bus fares by 2 bus operators, namely Western Transport and the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative (BBOC), including for stops in the villages along the route. The […]

Police arrest two young men in PG for keeping firearm and ammunition without license
Punta Gorda police have arrested two men for keeping firearm and ammunition without license. According to reports, on September 7th 2016, police conducted a search in the Joe Taylor Creek area of Punta Gorda on 20-year-old Devon Wendell Pratt of Cattle Landing Village, Toledo […]

Motorcycle stolen from parking lot in Belize City
Ascuncion Bol, 40, has made a police report that his motorcycle was stolen in Belize City. According to reports, Bol of # 31 Marage Road, Ladyville Village, Belize District reported that between the hours of 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 and 4:25 a.m. […]

Garifuna Celebrations theme announced
Rísiti, Pántati, Gabafuti, Iúnrahowa meme la (English): Rich, Proud, and Powerful let us continue to preserve it. So reads this year’s selected theme for the celebrations leading up to the observance of Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19, as announced by the National Garifuna Council (NGC) […]

Woman stabbed in Placencia Village
Cynthia Medina, 20, was stabbed in Placencia village by another woman on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. According to police reports, Medina was working at E&E Chinese restaurant in Placencia village when a young female entered the establishment and had an altercation with her. As […]

Mayor Bradley supports Senate inquiry
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley raised some eyebrows yesterday when, in an interview with Channel 7 news, he said he supported the People’s United Party (PUP) motion for a Senate inquiry into the Auditor General’s Immigration report instead of the joint House/Senate select committee […]

ADO bus avoids possible highway robbery
BBN has received reports that last night around 7:00, an ADO bus left Belize City to Chetumal, Mexico and upon reaching a bump in Ladyville, three men emerged from the side of the road and threw a black substance on the windshield. A source […]

Over 400 villagers of Aguacate in Toledo District now have continuous supply of safe water
Men, women and children of Aguacate, now have access to the continuous supply of safe water to meet their daily needs such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking, according to a Government of Belize (GOB) press release. The completion of the water supply sub-project […]

Tropical Wave moving across the western Caribbean
AccuWeather Meteorologists are monitoring a tropical wave near the Cabo Verde Islands that is producing an area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms. According to Meteorologist Ed Vallee of AccuWeather, conditions will be more favorable for development as this feature continues to move west-northwestward into […]

Ladyville Police Now Say Tyrone Davis’ Death Was Accidental, Not Murder
On Monday, we reported that thirty year old Tyrone Davis of Sandhill was murdered, shot in the throat and arm while in a hammock at his home. Police were already baffled as to a possible motive for a murder but according to Regional Commander […]

Sir Colville visits Mexico for first time
Belize’s Governor General visited Mexico from August 29 to September 2nd as a guest of Anahuac University. It is his first visit to Mexico in the capacity of local representative for the Head of State. Sir Colville Young lectured university students on Literature of […]


15 Books that Make Me Want to Travel NOW
My idea of THE ULTIMATE is laying in a hammock on a breezy balcony reading a great book. Or travelling to experience some place new. Love of travel or wanderlust or itchy feet or vagabondage (that’s a real word!) is tough to shake. So…if you can’t get out there and travel at this very moment, here are some books that make you feel like you’ve visited a new place. You can plan the actual trip later. Here are some of my favorite books that really make me want to travel.

Belize In December: Best Reasons To Visit (2016 Update)
For many, December is a time synonymous with family, a time to share in the company you might not usually get other times of the year, or in Belize at-least. For children it’s a time for good food, favorite cousins and whether we like to admit it or not; Christmas and all the cool things attributed to it! The holiday season is a time of wonder and a time to wander for everyone who’s frequently bitten by the travel bug.

International Sourcesizz

Sixteen animals racing against extinction in 2016
They are hunted for their bodies, trawled from the bottom of the sea, and captured for personal amusement. Although we are starting to understand the consequences of our actions, we still have a lot to do to mitigate our impact to the environment. While the IUCN Red List has multiple tiers of conservation status, this article profiles those classified as Critically Endangered – meaning that the species has a high risk of extinction in the wild. Here is a list of 16 animals that are classified as Critically Endangered in 2016 in no specific order.

Help Save the Flats of Belize’s Blackadore Caye TODAY!
We posted back in February about the proposed development of Blackadore Caye, in the middle of the fantastic fishery of Belize’s Chetumal Bay. Local residents and anglers—including guides from El Pecador Lodge—have been protesting both the process of the development, which involves dredging, and the intent to build overwater structures above sensitive flats. Here’s how the biologists at Bonefish & Tarpon Trust have characterized the project: A development project proposed by developer Delos and actor Leonardo DiCaprio will have negative impacts on the flats near Ambergris Caye, and would set a dangerous precedent that would threaten the flats habitats throughout Belize. This proposed project, Blackadore Caye Restorative Island Project, would construct extensive piers on the flats with over-water houses and hotels on them. Not only would this fragment the flats habitat, but it is also in violation of the rules governing the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in which Blackadore is located. Blackadore Caye is under serious threat, and we should do what we can to stop this kind of reckless development. Check out the video below to see how local voices are being ignored in this debate.

Xunantunich Ruins Wedding
Great title, depending on how you read it, of course. Rock and Roll Bride gives Xunantunich the credit it deserves, and Belize's Conch Creative captured some amazing photos. Congratulations to the new couple! "Michael and Sandy were married in Belize at the Xunantunich archaeological site. The couple are both fascinated by the ancient Maya culture and love visiting sites throughout Central America so saying their vows there was really special to them both."

Hidden gems if you want to retire overseas
Always dreamed of retiring overseas? It may be cheaper than staying in the United States. Just make sure to consider the cost of living, taxes and health care before making a permanent move. These categories, along with nine others, were included in the most important criteria that retirees should review when shopping the globe for the best places to live, according to Live and Invest Overseas, a company that publishes an annual index of the best places to retire abroad. In Belize's Cayo District, you'll notice that nearly everyone speaks English — it's the official language in the small, Central American country. Plus, your money will go further because the Belize dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar at a fixed rate of 2 to 1. The cost of living is about 21 percent lower than the U.S., according to, another collaborative website that compares the cost of living in different cities. With Belize's Qualified Retired Persons visa, which you can get as long as you are over age 45, you can be granted permanent residency, which will give you an exemption from the country's income, capital gains and estate taxes.

Grad students partner with Central American village to harness free sustainable energy source
Clemson graduate student engineers are part of a collaborative multidisciplinary team working with the people of a small rural village in Belize to provide “free” sustainable energy for the village by converting food waste into fuel for cooking. Shakira Hobbs, a PhD candidate in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering, first visited Sittee River Village in Belize while she was an undergraduate at the University of Maryland studying abroad. “I stayed in touch with one of the community leaders, Shelmadene Robinson, via Facebook, and she asked me several times to come back and do a sustainability project with them,” Hobbs explained. Hobbs traveled to Sittee River this summer, along with Clemson University industrial engineering PhD candidate Myrtede Alfred and Arizona State University sustainable engineering PhD student Evvan Morton. “Our goal for this trip,” said Hobbs, “was to determine how much food waste was produced in the village and the resorts nearby, and how much of the waste could be converted to methane.” The villagers currently use butane, which is non-renewable energy source and relatively expensive. By converting food waste to methane, the village would be less dependent on fossil fuels, and the residents would not have to spend as much of their income on fuel.

Thrill-seeking photographer risks life and limb as he swims alongside a ten-foot-long crocodile in Cancun
Stunning pictures show Mexican underwater snapper Rodrigo Friscione getting up close and personal with the 200lb predator. Rodrigo Friscione pictured the 200lb predator in clear water, offsetting its instinct to attack him by ambush. The 10-ft monster was filmed in the waters off the coast of Mexico and Belize


  • Gillnet Documentary, 14min. From Oceana Belize

  • Black substance on the bus window, 1min. Las night the 7:30 ADO bus left from Belize city. While passing through Ladyville at a bump, 3 men came out of no where and threw this black substance on the windshield with hopes the driver would stop to clean it; assuming so thy can rob it. Unfortunately for the delinquents the driver was smart and continue driving until he was far out of reach from the men then he stop to clean it.

  • Great barracuda, 1min.

  • Belize Mission Trip 2016, 12min. I can't wait to be back in San Ignacio!

  • Belize HOSKA MMA 3.. Williams O Nduka VS Eddie Pech e.t.c, 30min. Videos of prestigious MMA fighters in Belize and some Mexican Fighters such as Alberto Galera VS Jameel Iceman, Joel Meyers, e.t.c exhibiting and competing for either The champion belt or Bragging Rights... Hope you enjoy these fights. These fights were fought under The House of Shotokan Karate Academy MMA.

  • Belize Adventure with the Beaney's - August 2012., 8min. Morgan Beaney, Kyle Hardy in Belize with Kim and John!

  • Summer in Belize, 4min. A sunny summer week in Belize!

  • Morning Matters with Alida Sharp, 62min.

  • Diving Belize Mexico, 4min.

  • Calypso rose performance at Belize day 2016 NY, 6min. Calypso Rose performance after LilJune at Belize Day 2016 NY.

  • LilJune 3rd Performance at Belize Day 2016 NY, 2.5min. LilJune third performance getting more interactive with the crowd before calypso rose comes on stage.

  • 2016 08 Belize Caye Caulker Diving Long Caye Aquarium I, 2.5min.

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