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The San Pedro Sun

Guatemalan civilians organize to reclaim Belizean territory
A group of no more than 10 Guatemalan civilians, comprised of ex-military personnel and attorneys among others visited the Sarstoon Island near the Belize and Guatemala border in southern Belize on Saturday, September 3rd. They called the trip ‘Expedicion Independencia,’ (Independence Expedition), claiming to send a message to the Government of Belize (GOB), on their intentions to strengthen their campaign against the recognition of the Belizean border. They planted Guatemalan flags on the island and boldly stated that they will not tolerate anymore aggression from Belizean security forces, encouraging more Guatemalans to join them in their mission to annex Belize to Guatemala.

Director of GOB Press Office Dorian Pakeman placed on unpaid leave
At a police press conference on Monday, September 5th in Ladyville, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, who is in charge of the Belize Rural Eastern Division, revealed that the lab tests done on a blood specimen taken from Director of the Government of Belize (GOB) Press Office, Dorian Pakeman revealed traces of cocaine. The specimen was taken after Pakeman was involved in a traffic accident earlier this year, in which 45- year-old Dean Dawson was knocked down and killed. The test results came back clear of alcohol, but showed the presence of cocaine. As a result, the Government via a press release, has announced that Pakeman has been put on immediate unpaid leave.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Statue of Bob Marley goes up in Chetumal
I truly hold sincere respect for the people of Mexico - I am impressed. Mexico has self proclaimed Chetumal as its country's principal "Reggae" destination. They certainly beat us to it. In a very special ceremony yesterday, Mexico officials including Jamaican Ambassador to Mexico, unveiled a statue of Bob Marley, a tribute to the legendary reggae star. The statue was placed conspicuously along the boulevard in front of the convention center in Chetumal along Mexico's important national heroes. A reggae concert followed featuring one of Bob Marley's son, Ky-Mani Marley and many other reggae musicians. Follow the One Love Movement.Respect!

Queen of Bacchanal
Congratulations to Kristen Fuentes, Queen of Bacchanal 2016-2017!!

Miss San Pedro 2016-2017 crowned
And today she was officially crowned as Miss San Pedro 2016-2017. Marisha Thompson was officially presented with her crown, cape, and sceptre. Minutes after the annual 10th of September Parade in observance of the Battle of St. George's Caye took place on the streets of San Pedro Town. Happy St. George's Caye Day to all Belizeans home and abroad! Hip hip hurrary!

Miss San Pedro 2016, Marisha Thompson, gets her crown, cape and sceptre
The newly selected Miss San Pedro 2016, Marisha Thompson, was officially presented with her crown, cape and sceptre at the opening ceremony of the observance of the Battle of St. George's Caye. A very happy parade followed through the streets of downtown San Pedro.

Family fun day on Caye Caulker

Patriotism personified!
Patriotism personified! Happy 10th everyone!

All the Queens!
We were fortunate to have past Queen of the Bay winners, the current court AND the Miss Belize delegates in one place at the official St. George's Caye Day ceremony!

September 10th Ceremony
photos by Belize Tourism Board

The true significance of Belize's celebrated Tenth of September is better expressed through the resistance that Belizeans at home and abroad has shown against the insidious and unfounded claim by the Guatemalan military oligarchy against the nation state of Belize. The Guatemalan oligarchy claim of Belize continues to terrorize the people of Belize through propaganda wars, violence, lies, and the occupation and the annexation of the Belize Sarstoon River in the South and in the Chiquibul Forrest of Belize. And It has continued to threaten the existence of the Belizean nation state through the claim of half of Belize. The Belizean people can better understand the true meaning of the celebrated Tenth of September through its continuous resistance at all times against the Guatemalan military oligarchy aggressions against Belize. -->


PUP’s “Save Belize” protest against UDP Government corruption attracts thousands
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) launched one of its biggest protests in the streets of the city this morning, as thousands of PUP supporters from across the 31 electoral constituencies converged on the old capital in an energetic sea of blue and white, many of them carrying placards condemning the systemic corruption of the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party government. This morning’s protest comes exactly one week after the PUP mobilized its supporters last Wednesday in support of its senators, whose motion for a Senate Select Committee to investigate the findings contained in the Auditor General’s report on the Immigration Department for the period 2011 to 2013 was voted down by government senators. The audit report on the Immigration Department for which Auditor General Dorothy Bradley has attracted savage attacks from government politicians, many of whom are named in the report as facilitators for the issuance of Belize nationality certificates, passports and visas to large numbers of unqualified applicants, has been the catalyst in the wave of protest against the Barrow-led government.

The Reporter

Police assure safety during celebrations
The Belize Police Department has assured the public that it will do all in its power to ensure that those participating in the various September celebrations will be safe while they do so. The commanders of the Police Eastern Division North, South and Rural, engaged the media to speak on the heightened security measures being taken to deter, intercept an apprehend people who would cause acts which would disrupt the public peace. Commander of Eastern Division South, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, explained that there was heavy police presence at every parade, every concert, every gathering in a public place. He noted that for the 2016 Carnival Road March, the Department would deploy additional officers, apart from those who are conducting their regular patrol duties.

The Belize Times

BARROW MUST GO – Thousands March Against UDP Corruption
Thirteen of Dean Barrow’s Ministers are named in the Auditor-General’s Report which deals with hundreds of irregularities, wrongdoing and criminal behaviour. Down to Minister’s drivers are named in the report. So are Minister’s secretaries, Chief Executive Officers and cronies. The people of Belize, who have been in shock and awe over the scandals on top of scandals pouring out of Dean Barrow’s government, have had enough. ON Wednesday, September 7th 2016, thousands upon thousands of Belizeans marched in the streets of Belize City, protesting against the UDP corruption that stinks to high heavens. The protesters were led by Hon. John Briceño and leaders of the Opposition People’s United Party and had huge numbers of supporters from every district of the nation. Official numbers from the Police put the number of marchers at over 7,000. Almost one hundred buses came from the districts, not including Belize City.

Godwin Hulse Broke the Law
Godwin Hulse has lost his sense of shame. He has lost any semblance of fairness or of doing what is right for his country. He has allowed himself to be a pawn of the Prime Minister who is the only other person in this rotten government who is more conceited and more full of himself than Hulse is. Godwin is the pre-eminent windbag – talk and talk and talk. It is said that a man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. When the weeds being to grow the garden will overflow – Godwin’s garden has overflowed. He was appointed by the Pup Government to head a Senate investigation into the Social Security Board. The Senate Committee was comprised of senators representing the Chamber, the Unions, the Churches, a representative of the ruling PUP and a representative for the then Opposition UDP. The UDP Senator received public shame when he received a telephone call while in the Senate instructing him not to take part. The hearings were in public.

The mountain of scandal and corruption exposed by the Auditor-General that was taking place at the Immigration Department is far worse than anyone could have imagined. On top of all the hundreds and hundreds of fraud and criminal doings, the Audit Report lists that FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND passports have been issued which are suspect, improper and illegal. It is mind boggling. 55,000 Belizean passports have been given out in a two years period from April 2011 to September 2013. Dean Barrow, what the hell kind of government you have? On top of this stinking cesspool of corruption involving no less than thirteen Ministers of government, sits the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow. This broken, half a man who sees no evil, hears no evil and knows no evil continues to lie to the nation and try to distract attention from the horrible state of affairs. This latest immigration scandal is not the only serious scandal that has seeped out of Mr. Barrow’s Belmopan. It is as if the scandals and corruption get worse and worse. If not worserer!

Jim Jones Koolaid
It is really quite incredible that at his last press conference, the Prime Minister confidently and calmly explained to the nation that his government would move for a Joint Select Committee to investigate alleged wrongdoing in the recently revealed Audit Reports. With not the blink of an eye or falter in his speech, he confirmed that the Joint Select Committee would comprise one member each from the Churches, Unions and Business Sector, two members from the Opposition and SIX from the Government. In the Audit Reports, UDP Ministers, Area Representatives, caretakers, officials, cronies and a Mayor have been accused of myriad irregularities, from facilitating Visas for unqualified persons to outright interference and intervention in the nationality and passport processes. Those actions were ILLEGAL. As a result of those actions, human trafficking rings flourished, criminals seeking asylum were given Belizean nationality in a day and foreign nationals became Belizeans even before setting one foot in the jewel. As a result of those actions, Belizean documents will now come under intense scrutiny internationally, and born Belizeans with authentic documents will not be able to travel with all confidence in the integrity of those documents in the eyes of foreign nations.

Belize Bank Bulldogs Win 2016 BDBA Firms Basketball Championship
The Belize Bank Bulldogs won their third Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Championship: winning the third game of the championship finals 80-68 over Infotel at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday night, September 3, after tying the series by winning the second game 80-78 on Friday, September 2. In Game 1 of the finals, Infotel had won 99-97 over the Bulldogs. In Game 2 on Friday night, the Bulldogs tied the series with an 80-78 win vs. Infotel led by Lincey Lopez with 24pts, 4 rebounds. Duane Staine scored 19pts, Brian White added 13 pts., 19 rebounds and Rupert Brown tossed in 12pts.

Palmar’s ‘Colombia’ Wins 2016 OW Mundialito Football Championship
San Jose Palmar’s ‘Colombia’ Under-15 football team won the 2016 Orange Walk Mundialito Championship organized by New Horizon Sporting Club, 6-5 in a penalty shootout against Orange Walk Central’s ‘Belize’ squad at the Louisiana Field on Sunday afternoon. In Game 1, the consolation game for third place, Guinea Grass’ ‘Holland’ won 1-0 against San Estevan’s ‘Mexico’; when Angel Ico scored the winning goal in the 1st half.

Contributed by: Eduardo Santos. Governance is the deliberate and conscious management of regime structures for enhancing the public realm. Governance can be viewed from social, political and economic perspectives. Indeed, good governance is pivotal to the development process. Development linked governance has been an issue much debated in the contemporary world. The term ‘governance’ has taken a much wider meaning and is no longer restricted to ‘rule’ or ‘administration’ but is used in a broader sense to imply the manner in which power is exercised. Since power can be exercised in any manner as desired, certain principles would be required in order to judge whether the discourse of the power has been made as per certain standards and norms. Such judgment can be based on several criteria – participation of citizens, upholding the rule of law, transparency of the system, responsiveness of the authority, consensus oriented policy, equity and inclusiveness of the policy, accountability of the system, strategic vision of the authority, etc.

Thinking Out Loud
With so much happening in rapid-fire fashion, it is difficult to know where to begin and certainly, the crumbling of the United Democratic Party and the continuous revelation of its dirty little secrets shows no sign of coming to an end soon. As a relatively young politician myself, speaking on a personal note, I cannot imagine that this is what the Prime Minister of Belize intended for his third and final term. Truly, with every day that passes, Mr. Barrow’s star falls further and nobody will ever now accuse him of going out in a blaze of glory. But let me leave the PM to his woes, because surely he has enough of those to keep him very much occupied, with more yet to come. Has anybody seen Gaspar Vega lately? I live in Orange Walk Town and I haven’t. There’s another man who will never be accused of going out in a blaze of glory and the fact is that he’s gone. All his people are already spreading the word that Gapi is saying goodbye to the UDP and people in the Ministry of Agriculture say that he has already cleared his desk and informed the Prime Minister that his departure is imminent. When he does go, very soon, Gapi will not be the same man who entered politics with such fire and fury and power. He’ll be rich – no doubt about that, but any respect or credibility he may have had is all gone.

The theme chosen for this year’s September Celebrations is, “Sovereign and Strong. Together as One.” Indeed the recent response by Belizeans in the wake of Hurricane Earl proves our strength and togetherness. While this is cause for us to be thankful, Belizeans have never been more vulnerable. We have a Government that is falling apart, corruption is more rampant than ever before and this administration’s incompetence has never been more transparent. What we are experiencing is an economy in recession, a current crime wave and the mismanagement of Government funds.Truth is, this is the month we celebrate Belize, but what is there to celebrate? Under Barrow and the UDP, our very sovereignty has been yanked from us and future generations. Our territorial integrity which was secured by the Father of the Nation without bloodshed has been compromised as the Sarstoon was usurped by the Guatemalan military. It has been well over a year and a quarter since Barrow lost the territorial sovereignty Belizeans enjoyed for so long.

Keeping up with current affairs today is more challenging than ever. There is so, so much happening nationally and internationally. It can boggle the mind, and so one must be selective. The abominations that fly at the Pallotti Flag Roundabout are not the Belizean Flag. Internationally, Venezuela sinks deeper and deeper into poverty, hunger and chaos. And to think that Barrow squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in loan funding from Hugo Chavez, and what have we to show for it? Life on this planet has now been proved to be a whopping 3.7 billion years old, and I could go on with all that is going on.As to the huge debacle in the House of Representatives two Fridays ago, I am sure that many people would feel that there is enough blame to go around. I must say, though, that certainly the largest share of blame must be on the Speaker who deliberately abandoned proper control of the Chamber, failed to exercise maturity and restraint, and thus unleashed this unprecedented attack on our democratic processes. He certainly has no moral authority left to chair the House. I personally experienced his bias and ill-conceived positions, and this time he really outdid himself, all due to ego and thuggish behaviour on his part, instead of a steady, upright and impartial hand in being the umpire for these crucial deliberations on behalf of our Belizean people.

Belizeans Take a Stand – Against mismanagement and corruption
By Gilroy Usher, Sr. On Wednesday September 7, 2016 the People’s United Party brought thousands of Belizeans from Corozal to Toledo and from Benque to the cayes to demonstrate in Belize City for justice ,transparency ,and accountability .Holding up placards and banners and not fearing victimization or worrying about some social partners who don’t have the courage to stand for what’s right in the country, the huge crowed braved the hot sun as they travelled from Constitution Park near the Pound Yard Bridge through the main streets of the city to BTL Park where they listened to fiery speeches by Party Leader John Briceño and other PUP leaders.After eight years of UDP government the people used the demonstration to vent their frustration with worsening poverty, lack of opportunities to improve their standards of living , escalating crime, the worst corruption scandals involving almost every Minister and many high ranking officers of the Belize Police Department, and daily attempts by the government to sweep such massive corruption under the rug instead of bringing the guilty persons to justice.

Ladyville Man Remanded for Stabbing
A Ladyville man who was recently released from prison will not be spending the September holidays at home because he was remanded back to prison, on an allegation that he robbed another man and then stabbed him. The victim remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, recovering from the attack. Edward McKay, 26, unemployed, appeared in the Magistrate’s Court today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who arraigned him on charges of robbery, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm upon Tyrone Scott.

Kimberly Lino Finally Released on Supreme Court Bail
A Belizean woman who is originally from Dangriga, but who is a naturalized American and residing in the United States was finally granted bail in the Supreme Court today when she and her attorney Dickie Bradley appeared before Justice John Troadio Gonzalez. Kimberly Lino and two of her sisters, one who is a US permanent resident and another who has an advanced pregnancy were all charged along with one of their minor sons for a vicious beat-down of a Dangriga woman early last month. Kimberly Lino had no idea that her entanglement in the criminal justice system would have been so costly in terms of the time that she has spent behind bars.

BDF Under Fire in the Chiquibul
Belize Defence Force soldiers came under fire once again in the Chiquibul by unknown persons, and though it is unconfirmed, the hostile individuals are most likely Guatemalan nationals. The incident happened on Wednesday morning, August 31, in the “El Retiro” area of the Chiquibul which is about an hour and a half hike from the BDF’s Valentin Conservation Post. The BDF patrol was heading to that location to follow up an official Order to Leave from the Government of Belize. That order to leave had been given to about 20 Guatemalans who had built a small settlement of a few houses and had already begun farming in that area.

Titans Win Senior Carnival King & Queen, Jump Street Posse Wins Junior King & Queen
The Titans Mas Band won both the senior Carnival King and Queen, while Jump Street Posse won both junior King and Queen when NICH and the September Celebrations Committee hosted the annual Carnival King & Queen contest as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of Belize’s Independence at the Marion Jones Stadium last Saturday night. Six junior bands competed in the junior Queen contest and Jump Street Posse’s ‘Queen Renata’ on the theme: “Burn to Emerge”, won 815 pts. from the judges to win the $4,000 1st prize. Trenchtown Masqueraders’ “Queen Gia – Goddess of the Earth” scored 771 pts. from the judges to win the $3,000 2nd prize. Pickstock Carnival Band’s Queen Amara scored 768 pts. to win the $2,000 3rd prize.

Our Belize – Good Cooking Done Right…
She baked her first creole bread when she was 9. At the time Ursula Ferguson, 39, was living in Maypen with her grandmother, Jenny Reyes, 84, who taught her to cook and bake. It was a learning experience that has paid off because today she is able to make a living baking wheat journey cakes, making wheat fry jacks and cooking stew chicken and grind steak. They are some of the ingredients she uses in the breakfast she sells every morning at her residence, located at #125 Cemetery Road in Belize City. Those customers who are not interested in meat can have their fry jacks and journey cakes with egg, cheese and beans. She also makes freshly squeezed orange and watermelon juice. In addition to that she makes hot coffee and Ovaltine to go along with the food.

BDF Pilots Receive Specialized Helicopter Training
For the past few weeks the soldiers from the Belize Defence Force Airwing have been undergoing intense training drills to be able to fly their own 3 helicopters. The Specialists have been hired for an entire year and by the end of that time the BDF soldiers should not only be able to pilot the aircraft but also repair them. Most importantly, the graduates will be able train their fellow soldiers to attain these same skills. Currently the BDF are in possession of 2 UH-1H choppers which were donated to them by the Taiwanese Government and a Bell 407, which the Government of Belize confiscated. Readers will remember that this was the helicopter which was left abandoned in the bushes near the Belize/Mexico border in August of last year. The Government has hired the company Belize Aviation, owned by Badder Flores. He and Glis Flores, along with instructors William Malo and John Fullerton, have been working closely with 4 training pilots and the BDF Airwing’s engineering staff. Malo and Fullerton served in the US Army and their training regime is modelled off the US Army’s training systems. So, the Belize military is getting top quality tutelage.

PUP Northern Caucus – Informing the People
The People’s United Party Northern Caucus held the first of a series of information sessions on Saturday, September 3rd at the Corozal Community College auditorium in Corozal Town. The session focused on the age-old Guatemalan claim over Belize in preparation for the eventuality that a referendum is held to decide whether Belize will accede to taking the dispute before The Hague for final settlement. “We know that everybody will want to make a decision whether they think we should go to the International Court of Justice or not. There are treaties and legal terms that people need to know on this issue. The PUP is blessed to have the experts in this field who can provide the facts and proper information to our people so they make the right choice when the time is right,” explained Thea Garcia, Chair of the PUP Northern Caucus.

Teenagers charged for Armed Robbery/Shooting in Corozal
Two teenagers have been charged and remanded to prison for allegedly carrying out a brazen armed robbery of a well-known business place in San Andres Village and the near-fatal shooting of the business owner. 19 year old Alvan Nunez of a College Road address and a 17 year old minor of the Skeleton Town area have been jointly charged with Robbery, Attempted Murder and Wounding. The victim of the armed robbery, 48 year old Belizean businessman Israel Gomez, is recovering from a gunshot injury to his shoulder. Gomez and his common-law wife were in their office at the St. Jude Block Factory on San Andres Road when two young men arrived on bicycles and walked in. Gomez says he thought the young men came to do business, but quickly realised that such was not the case.

More Bloodshed in the City
Nicasio Zuniga, 22, “DJ” enthusiast, and a resident of Jones Street, was shot and killed on Monday night, September 5.It happened at around 6:22 p.m. when the television stations were just about to start their evening news broadcasts. Reports are he was exiting the store after purchasing a few drinks. He was on his way, most likely to socialize with his friends. Unfortunately he didn’t make it very far because while he was on Complex Drive, 2 young men, whose identities are not known at this time, rode up on bicycles. One of them was armed with a firearm, and he fired a single shot at Zuniga. That bullet struck him in the upper right cheek and exited the back of his head. He collapsed on the spot, where he died, and those men immediately rode off, making their escape.

Hard Knocks
Wedding Bells…While I can’t talk for the Belize Times, in this column there’s not gonna be much apologizing for anything because this dutty bunch got so many skeletons in their closet you can close your eyes, throw a stone and still break bones…know what I mean? But this week I make an exception for my bally Pablito, my favourite electrician whose hobby on the side is being a Minister of Health. A few columns ago I reported on a little cozy moment between my friend and his good, good friend Danini Contreras, who just happens to be the daughter of Erwin. Giggling like a loon I rushed to put it in the paper – hell, what’s more exciting than a little ministerial side action? But BAM, latest word is that this crap is serious…serious as a heart attack, serious as WEDDING BELLS. That’s right! Word to this columnist, a romantic at heart, is that the two lovebirds have moved in together and are looking to tie the knot. Hot damn! I love it. I wonder if Pablo calls Erwin suegro? Awww who cares, congrats to the loving (as opposed to lovely) couple!

Questions to Ministers
If neither the Prime Minister nor the “Special” Envoy can say how much money has been collected from fundraisers in the UK and Dubai, supposedly to benefit Belizean children, could either of them say why the decision was made to solicit monies in the Middle East? And could either of them say whether there are plans to provide any accounting for monies received and spent? Can the Prime Minister or the “Special” Envoy please clarify the terms of the ‘Trust’ which has been set up in the UK to receive monies donated for the children of Belize? And could either of them explain if there is a corresponding Trust in Belize? Can the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister of Belize please say how much money, including salaries, perks, benefits and special allowances has been paid to his son Anwar Barrow while he has been at BTL? And could the Prime Minister also say whether his son has a business relationship with the company that provides phones to BTL?

Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work!
Two employees of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena, in an official Council vehicle, were caught on camera in the Orange Walk District, drunk and asleep. When residents of the area came up on the vehicle Friday night at around 8:30m it was parked on the road coming from La Union, a popular watering hole across the border. The driver, shirtless, was snoring behind the wheel, obviously drunk, while his companion was sprawled in the back seat of the white Great Wall Wingle pickup fast asleep. The video of both men went viral, prompting Mayor Earl Trapp to implement immediate damage control protocols. In an interview on Monday, Trapp claimed that the two employees of the Council had gone to the area on official business, but diverted to La Union to go drinking. The men have allegedly been suspended for two weeks without pay.

There WAS Cocaine in Pakeman’s Blood
Head of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman has been placed on unpaid leave by the Office of the Prime Minister. That decision came after Ladyville Police revealed just this week that there was cocaine in Pakeman’s system when he was involved in a fatal traffic accident earlier this year, on March 30, 2016 – an accident which resulted in the death of Gardenia mechanic Dean Dawson, 45.On Monday Ladyville Police were queried for an update into the Pakeman investigation, five months old. That is when ACP Edward Broaster revealed that when Pakeman’s urine was submitted for testing, routine after any fatal traffic accident, the lab discovered cocaine in his blood. In response to a further query as to the status of the investigation, Broaster claimed that the file was on the desk of the DPP and Police were awaiting instructions on whether to charge.

Mother of Two Gunned Down
Orange Walk Police are looking for one person of interest in the Tuesday night murder of a young woman, Jahida Briceño Crawford, 22. Crawford was shot by an unknown assailant at her home at the corner of Rio Bravo Street and Boundary Road.According to Officer Commanding Orange Walk, Assistant Superintendent of Police Selvyn Tillett, officers responded to reports of a shooting at around 7:05pm. There they found the lifeless body of Crawford lying face-down in her living room. Her father, Luis Briceño Jr., confined to a wheelchair, was also in the home at the time.Preliminary investigations indicate that Crawford was at home at around 7:00pm when somebody called her name from outside. She stepped onto the verandah and that is when two shots were fired, once catching her in the face and the other in the lower back. She managed to run inside the home but collapsed.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Rebecca Rath wins Miss Belize 2016
Belizean model and beauty pageant titleholder, Rebecca Rath has won Miss Belize 2016. Rath was crowned Miss Belize 2016 last night, September 10, 2016 at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City. “I am Rebecca Rath and I am representing the culture […]

Police recruit charged with statutory rape of 15-year old girl
Belmopan police have arrested a recruit police constable from the Cayo District, charging him with performing unlawful sexual intercourse on a 15 year old student who says she is his girlfriend. The teenager and her mother told police that the act took place around […]

The Tenth of September observed in Belize City
Belizeans continued a century-plus old tradition with the 218th observance of the anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Caye, the catalyst for the establishment of a modern independent nation. The Old Capital’s Memorial Park hosted this morning’s official ceremony. In his opening remarks, Belize […]

Murder reported in Belize City
Police have issued no confirmation, but BBN understands that a young man was murdered in the Lake Independence area earlier this morning. The incident was a shooting and took place at about 2:30 in the morning. We hope to have confirmation and further details later […]

Repairs to low lying bridge underway; work on new bridge progresses
In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, the middle section of the wooden bridge, that connects the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, had been damaged by flooding, and the Ministry of Works had estimated a down time of 1 month for repairs. […]

A Nation of Thieves
[The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.] If you are a Belizean following any social media site, you would have seen or heard of the September Parade in Belmopan yesterday, where the […]


Mystic River Resort: Fabulous Service and Beautiful Grounds
If the thought of spending a few nights truly unplugged, with only the sound of tweeting songbirds and trickling waters to distract you, Mystic River Resort is a perfect choice. Set on acre after gorgeously landscaped acre, Mystic River’s individual casitas provide an oasis in the jungle. Its off-the-grid location is perfect for nature lovers who seek some adventure and a true getaway from the busy life outside. Located in the Cayo District, in between the villages of Cristo Rey and San Antonio, Mystic River offers respite to travelers in fine style. Well, how about delicious fresh food from La Ranita Restaurant? Chef prepares truly gourmet meals daily, including the best steak Tamara’s had since moving to Belize 12 years ago. That is some serious accolade, as she’s from steak country. Beyond the delicious food, the warm service truly spoils you!

International Sourcesizz

Hawaii Proposes Steps to Battle Coral Bleaching
Hawaii officials have proposed steps to fight coral bleaching that's threatening the state's reefs, including new marine protected areas, limits on fishing and controls on runoff pollution. Another idea is to ban lay gill nets that fishermen leave in the water. Anderson said these types of nets are harmful because they kill all the fish caught in them, not just the species targeted by the fisherman. The nets work because the mesh is large enough for a fish's head to go through but too small for its body to escape.


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