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The San Pedro Sun

Miss San Pedro High delivers on palapa project
Miss San Pedro High School (SPHS) 2016-2017, Faith Noel, has been tackling an array of projects since her reign. Noel is definitely inclined to make a difference at San Pedro High School, and with the support of her mother, Tammy Lemus, she is determined to check each of her designated tasks off from her agenda. So far, she has donated 87 school bags that were equipped with school supplies to both victims of the June 27th fire and Hurricane Earl, as well as to less fortunate students of SPHS. In an attempt assist her fellow classmates, she had indicated her plans to secure five palapas to better accommodate the student body during lunch. SPHS’ campus only has three palapas, and the limited space means students either eat their lunch on benches, the bleachers of the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, or even inside their classrooms. Since then, Noel has been gathering donations to assist with the building project.

San Pedro Sailing Club participates in the 2016 Bart’s Bash International Regatta
A total of 21 boats from Belize participated in the 2016 annual Bart’s Bash International Regatta on Sunday, September 18th off the shores of Caribbean Villas Resort. The event saw sailors not only from San Pedro Town, but a few from Belize City who came to join the local crew. Despite a decrease in boats compared to last year’s participation, the very favourable weather (semi-cloudy with a steady North-East wind) gave way to superb sailing conditions. Optimists, Lasers and Hobbies dominated the sailing event. Jorge Sanchez once again manned a Hobie 18, taking advantage of the favourable conditions and heading straight to the finishing line in the optimist division. Kevin Velasquez made it first on the optimist division, while, Caroline Sersland and Nicholas Lausen followed right behind. Other boats that had great timing were the Laser, and San Pedro’s Blanca Velasquez captained one of them.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Prime Minister's Independence Day Address
This year's September Celebrations came at a time of great division in our country. Notwithstanding that it was not even12 months since the people spoke in the last general elections, at which the results were decisive, the tug of war between the Ruling and Opposition parties has become more contentious. The Labour movement has also been beset by a degree of factionalism. And even within our Church community fundamental philosophical and doctrinal differences have beaten back the spirit of Ecumenism and highlighted some seemingly irreconcilable points of view. The principal source of the conflict here is what has been described elsewhere as the culture wars: starkly contrasting positions on how to treat with the recasting of the categories of sexual and gender identity, and the claims that human rights include LGBT rights. Not surprisingly, the Chief Justice's Section 53 ruling detonated a societal pitched battle in which traditional values and religious mores are in a fierce offensive against liberalism, secularism and the arguments for evolved Constitutional protections.

Belizean Legends sends a heartfelt greetings of solidaity to Belize and the people of Belize, at home and abroad, on this beautiful day of Belize's independence day. This expose is seen through the eyes of two of the most outstanding Belizean photographers in the Belizean diaspora, Franzwah Estrada and Clyde Gillett, that have given themselves selflessly to the struggle of a free and just Belize. Their spectacular photos that captures the passion, beauty, and strength of the Belizean people in the diaspora has been seen all over the world. It is through these photos that the world has been able to join in solidarity with the Belizean people in their struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.

Morning full of Raptors...
After two intense days in class with technical terminology, we were glad to get in the field and apply the lessons. Orange-breasted Falcon, Short-tailed Hawk, Hook-billed Kite, Gray Hawk, King Vulture. An awesome morning!

September 21st Uniform Parade 2016

Enjoy a few pictures of the Belize Independence Parade in Belmopan
Including the U.S. Embassy float.

San Pedro Parade
San Pedro celebrated Belize's 35th Independence Day with a fun parade through the main streets of the island town. Long Live Belize!

Frankie Reneau’s epic Belize music journey
More than half a century ago, as a mere toddler I used to accompany my mother occasionally when she had to go to Radio Belize to do “Children’s Corner” and “Schools’ Broadcast”. She even used my voice once in a pre-recorded broadcast program. I was precocious and handy. I loved playing in the elevator and looked forward to going to the Albert Cattouse building if only to ride the elevator. My mother reminds me that she was one of the first persons to put Frankie Reneau on the air, so to speak, on a broadcast of “Children’s’ Corner”. He was so small she recalls that they, (the show’s producers), had to get an adult to operate the pedals on the piano for him.

Belize opposition called on to pay Prevention of Corruption Act fines
Monday’s grandstanding, on National Service Day, by the People's United Party (PUP) parliamentarians who have finally declared their assets was noteworthy, because it was a classic case of concocted deception, as their actions touched on only part of the entire picture. In the discipline of public administration, there exists the reality of doing things purely for political expediency and given the full scope of matters as it relates to the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA), Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is yet again, remaining par for the course in terms of their deceptive disposition. The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) reminds Belizeans and true friends of Belize that partial compliance with the law, particularly when it is done for political expediency, is just as egregious as not following the law at all. Adherence to the rule of law is the BPP’s premise and anything short of that is unacceptable.

The Reporter

Belize turns 35!
Today, Belizeans in the country and abroad join together to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Belize’s political independence. The day is filled with festivities, which began as early as 12 a.m., with the ceremonial flag-raising and fireworks display, and moved into the official ceremonies this morning. The high school uniform parade toured the old capital this morning after a brief ceremony and cultural entertainment at the Fort George Memorial Park. The high schools marched from the park, up north Front Street, onto Vernon Street, Dolphin Street, Fairweather Street and ended near Wesley College. In Belmopan, high-level government officials gathered for the official Independence Day ceremony. The Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young, and his wife, First Lady of Belize Norma Young, joined Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Leader of the Opposition John Briceño, and a host of other dignitaries for the event.

Two weather systems churning in the Caribbean Sea
Meteorologists are closely tracking two named storms in the Caribbean Sea – Tropical Storms Karl and Lisa. While Karl poses no immediate threat to land, and Lisa is causing rainfall in the eastern Caribbean, both storms are expected to gain strength over the next few days. As of this morning, Karl was located east-northeast of the Leeward Islands, and was moving westward at 14 miles per hour (mph), with maximum sustained winds at 40 mph. Forecasters expect the storm to not only gain strength, but also to gain speed as it continues moving west-northwest. Hurricane experts predict Tropical Storm Lisa, which has strengthened a bit over the open Atlantic, to continue strengthening through today. As of 4 p.m., yesterday, the storm was about 465 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands and boasting maximum sustained winds at 45 mph.

Man stabbed to death in San Ignacio
A man was stabbed to death early Independence day in San Ignacio, Cayo. Reports are that the Jesus Marin, 28, was discovered with several stab wounds on the street in front of Blue Angels night club. Police are seeking one suspect and are investigating to determine the motive of the stabbing.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Messages of sober reality and hope on Independence Day
Belize marked the 35th anniversary of its Independence with official ceremonies and parties nationwide on this Wednesday. This September 21 comes at a major crossroads in Belizean history, when much of the nation is agitating for change and there is unease about where our […]

Two named tropical storms in the Caribbean sea being closely monitored
Tropical storm Lisa is causing rainfall in the eastern Caribbean while tropical storm Karl does not pose any immediate threat to land. However, both storms are expected to gain strength over the next few days. Karl is moving westward at 14 miles per hour […]

Frankie Reneau’s epic Belize music journey
More than half a century ago, as a mere toddler I used to accompany my mother occasionally when she had to go to Radio Belize to do “Children’s Corner” and “Schools’ Broadcast”. She even used my voice once in a pre-recorded broadcast program. I […]

PM addresses national unrest in Independence Day speech
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in his annual Independence Day address to the nation this morning, spoke of the atmosphere of public unrest currently haunting his administration and instead encouraged Belizeans to focus on the many positive things happening within the country. When speaking of […]

United Arab Emirates and Belize meet to discuss Trade, Fisheries and Climate Change
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Gaspar Vega, met with his counterpart, H.E. Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment (also responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Margarita Island, Venezuela […]

Independence Day Murder in San Ignacio Town
A man was murdered in San Ignacio Town early this morning. According to reports, Jesus Marin Mia, 28, of a San Pedro Town address was found with 3 stabbed wounds in front of Blue Angels Night Club this morning around 2:45 and was transported to […]


The Fun, Funny, Quirky and Just Plain Odd Signs of Belize
Road signs, store signs, and just random warning signs…there are lots of beautiful hand-painted, intentionally or unintentional funny signs and often unexpected signs in this little country. Here are a bunch of photos that I’ve taken over the last few years all around the country. Please send me a picture of any great sign you’ve seen in Belize…I know that I am missing plenty!

International Sourcesizz

NOAA Outlook for Central America September 22 – 28, 2016
During the middle of September, heavy and widespread weekly rainfall accumulations were received throughout much of Guatemala, with the highest totals exceeding 200mm in the northwestern portion of the country. Elsewhere, widespread but more moderate rainfall amounts were received across many parts of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, with another round of heavy rainfall (100-150mm) observed over the many departments in the Gulf of Fonseca. Over the past 30 days, there continues to be several areas within Central America that have experienced both positive and negative precipitation trends and anomalies. Several areas in southern Honduras and El Salvador are now experiencing well above- average rainfall following a period in August where rainfall was unusually poor. In western Guatemala, much improved rains during the last week have significantly helped to mitigate anomalous dryness in the region, and are now near-average since the middle of August.

Killer Robots Developed As Radical Solution To Lionfish Crisis
Few predators can match the devastating impact of the invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish, which can reduce a flourishing coral reef to a barren wasteland if left unchecked. Substantial numbers of lionfish have been spreading across the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico since the early 2000s and, wherever they go, the aquatic invaders gorge on just about anything that fits in their mouths: colourful reef fish, juveniles of commercial species including snapper and grouper, and algae grazers like parrotfish that allow corals to thrive. Millions of them now roam the Caribbean, preying on corals and juvenile native fish, which don’t recognize them as a threat. No solution has been found to control their advance yet, but conservationists could soon have a new tool at their disposal: killer robots. CNN reports that the idea emerged from a diving trip in Bermuda, where iRobot CEO Colin Angle met with local conservationists and learned about the extent of the damage caused by lionfish. One member of the group suggested that he create a machine to kill the fish, and another offered to provide funding. Angle returned home and wrote a proposal, which swiftly became the non-profit company “Robots in Service of the Environment (RISE).”

President of Republic Special Envoy participates in Belize independence 35th anniversary
The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Ambassador to Nicaragua, Mr. Suliman Tieb Henan, as Special Envoy of the President of the Republic, Brahim Gali, has participated in the festivities for the 35th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Belize, which took place from 17 to 21 September 2016. Presidential Envoy delivered a written message, in a bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister of Belize, S.E. WILFRED Elrington, in which the President of the Republic expressed his congratulations and sincere wishes of prosperity, peace and security for the sister Republic of Belize and his noble people; and his wishes to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two governments, congratulating them for leadership and the role that Belize maintains in Central America and in the Community of Caribbean States.

Two more 'Star Trek' cruises announced for 2018
Fans who did not book next year's first-ever, sold-out official Star Trek: The Cruise, hosted by William Shatner, will not be left in a black hole. The producers have announced Star Trek: The Cruise II, with two sailings in January 2018. The second round of Star Trek-themed cruises will both be hosted by George Takei (Sulu on the original Star Trek series) and take place on the 2,394-passenger Norwegian Pearl, sailing from Miami to the Western Caribbean. Officials of St. Louis-based Entertainment Cruise Productions, which is producing the cruises, said 4,000 people had signed up for early notice of the 2018 sailings. On a port stop at Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line's new private island in Belize, passengers will find the place retrofitted as "a pleasure planet," with Star Trek-themed events.

The Top Solo Travel Destinations For Men
You have the will for solo travel. Now let us help you find the way. Exploring the world stag can be an incredible experience. Travelling alone hasn’t just shed its taboo, it’s full-on trendy in the 21st century. It’s hailed as a way to learn about yourself, test boundaries, grow spiritually, and push freedom to its limits. It’s also the perfect time to try those things you’re too embarrassed to share with friends (your secret’s safe with us). To help you make the most of your vacation days, whether or not your mates are along for the ride, we’ve rounded up some of the best solo travel destinations for men. Happy trails. Belize: If it’s good enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, who bought an island in Belize back in 2005, it’s good enough for you. The Central American country is rapidly raising its profile, with spectacular Ambergris Caye leading the charge. The island is a quintessential tropical paradise – all fruity drinks, white sand, crystal clear water, and coconut trees. Ambergris Caye’s main attractions are its beaches and barrier reef (the second largest in the world), which can be enjoyed during day trips from one of the island’s swanky resorts.


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  • Colour powder party at Central Park in San Pedro, 1min. Backed up by Gilharry 7! Keep enjoying the festivities responsibly. Long Live Belize!

  • Flying piñata, 1min. As Gilharry 7 is hyping up the festivities at the Central Park, the flying piñata shows up adding more fun to the celebration!

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  • Lova Boy Belize Independence Hollywood Performance, 13min. Belize Independence Day 2 Festival at Avalon Hollywood in Hollywood California on Sunday September 18, 2016.

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  • Belize Aggressor, 2min. Die komfortablen Belize Aggressor Schiffe bieten Platz für maximal 18 und 20 Gäste. Sie gehören zur bekannten amerikanischen Aggressor Fleet. Angeboten werden immer Samstags 7 Nächte Touren zu den besten Plätzen am Barriere Riff vor Belize ab/retour Belize City.

  • We Are Belize - Malatei, 6min. From "We Are Belize: The Music" by Francis Reneau. Recorded at the Bliss Centre for Performing Arts on September 18th and 19th, 2016.

  • The always energetic Flora Ancona's Comparsa Group in their last night of Carnaval!!!, 2min.

  • Mystic Mas Band - Ambergris Caye, min.

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  • Stingray glides over swimmer's head, 1/2min. While swimming in Belize, this snorkeler found a group of friendly stingrays. One swam up below to greet him. One glided across his head. These are obviously not the fearsome creatures that some people believe.

  • Miss Belize 2016 Male Vocal Performance, 2.5min. What an amazing voice!

  • Chinese in Belize - Documentary, 12min. A team from Mountain View, CA went over to Belize in 2014 and interviewed the Chinese immigrants