Hawksworth Bridge Not Compromised

The Hawksworth Bridge is currently the primary entrance and exit for San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. Rumours of its integrity being compromised began surfacing earlier today and in an effort to get an update on what is happening, we spoke with the Chief Engineer at the Ministry of Works, Lennox Bradley who told Love News that there is no truth to that rumour.

The low lying bridge was the entrance up to early August before Hurricane Earl’s wind and rains destroyed it. Its absence does pose potential problems since it has forced the traffic to be rerouted to the Hawksworth entrance. Chief Engineer Bradley says it is only for a few months more.

It is to be noted that the Hawksworth Bridge is undergoing some welding works and with that there are some restrictions of its use as explained by Bradley.

The Hawksworth Bridge is a one lane suspension bridge that was built in 1949 and imported from Middlesbrough, England. It was named after a former Governor of British Honduras.


Video: Hawkesworth Bridge being repaired in San Ignacio

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