Over the past few days, renovations have been in progress at the Roman Catholic Church located in the San Pablo Sub-Division, south of town. The religious structure is in need of more space, and such rehabilitation is a must in order to continue operating. Taking on the task to polish the building is Alfaro’s Construction Company, who expects to finish the work in a few weeks.

The project is a donation from the company, and they aim to transform the entrance of the church and expanded the seating area. The contractor in charge explained the work being done. The corridor at the entrance will be removed. “Once the outside portion of the building is annexed to the inside area, the building will be able to hold more people,” said the contractor.

Some additional repairs will also be done, including the reinforcement of the beams at the entrance and other maintenance touches on parts of the roof and surrounding walls at the entrance of the building. Another major renovation being taken on is a new fence around the property. It will be made out of strong concrete pillars and webbed with fine wood works. “The idea is not just to bring back the church to what it used to be, but to make it more inviting and beautiful for the community,” said the contractor.

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