There has been a major shuffle in the Barrow Cabinet – the second one in just 7 weeks.  This time it's to fill the vacuum created by Gaspar Vega who resigned from Cabinet under pressure from a lands compensation scandal involving his son.

So, Godwin Hulse has been assigned to take over the Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development portfolio – which he has an affinity for since he has been an industrial farmer for most of his life.  This also dovetails neatly with one of the teachers' governance demands.  But that means Hulse must leave behind the newly created Ministry of Home Affairs – which the Prime Minister now takes over – meaning that for the second time in 7 weeks, the all important police department will have a new ministry.  So the Prime Minister is now Minister of Home Affairs and Finance – but he'll delegate most of the police matters to former Deputy Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon, who now steps in as Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Presumably, the portfolio for Youth, Sports and Culture which he managed day to day now goes completely to his former substantive minister Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. 

And the Prime Minister passes on the Ministry of the Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities to Hugo Patt who adds that to his already loaded portfolio for Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities. Frank "Pawpa" Mena remains Minister of State for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities.

And the long excluded three term representative Edmond Castro is now made full Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, while Rene Montero retains the Ministry of Works.

Also of note is that Godwin Hulse retains the Immigration Ministry with Beverly Williams as his minister of state.

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