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Today's Belize News: October 26, 2016 #518530
10/26/16 05:27 AM
10/26/16 05:27 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Traffic accident leaves minor with injuries
A traffic accident left a three-year old boy with minor injuries, when the motorcycle he was being transported on slammed against a golf cart. The accident happened after 9PM on Friday, October 21st on Angel Coral Street. The collision was so strong that both the baby and his father, who was driving the motorcycle, were ejected onto the pavement. The official report from the investigating officer at the San Pedro Police Station states that the minor was immediately transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic where he was treated. After different tests, the baby was released with slight bruises on his arms. The report details the chain of events of the accident and cited that 46-year-old Rene Vasquez was in front of Caye Supplies when he decided to make a U-turn in the middle of the street while driving his golf cart. According to Vasquez, he looked on both sides of the street and did not see anyone coming on either side of the road. He further told the police, while making the turn he heard a loud screeching followed by a loud bang.

San Pedro stands against Seismic Surveys
After Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow approved the notion of multi-beam and seismic testing in Cabinet, locals and visitors of San Pedro became aware that two vessels, MV Northern Explorer and MV Campeche started seismic testing on Wednesday, October 19th. Oceana in Belize, joined by other organizations, was active in educating the community of the harm on conducting these surveys. They hoped to gain full support from the public to go against both multi-beam and seismic testing. Concerned community members gathered at the San Pedro Lions Den, where they were notified of the latest developments on offshore oil exploration, and the purpose of multi beam and seismic surveys was explained to them. Oceana reiterated that scientific research provided by GOB needs to be re-evaluated before they can make an educated decision. When representatives attempted to convince stakeholders that these surveys do not have any negative impacts on the reef, the crowd was in an uproar. As a result, the session ended earlier than planned, with Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr. pressured to lobby the Prime Minister to issue a stop order on seismic testing. He was mandated to give a response at a set time, or stakeholders would proceed with a strike blockade.

Honorable John Saldivar Resumes Ministerial Duties
The Office of the Prime Minister announces that, after a one week suspension, the Hon. John Saldivar today resumed his duties as Minister of Defence. That resumption follows upon the Prime Minister’s receipt of a legal opinion concerning the question of whether the Minister continued in a (football business) relationship with Danny Mason after September of 2015.

Multinational Security Cooperation Conference Held in Belize
The Belize Coast Guard hosted a Multilateral Security Cooperation Conference at the Coast Guard Headquarters on George Price Highway in Belize City. The main purpose of the conference was for the allied nations of Belize to understand the security cooperation and military capacity building requirements of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and Belize Coast Guard (BCG), in order to synchronise and harmonise activities to prevent duplication or missed opportunities. This year’s Conference was chaired by the CEO of the Ministry of Defence, Mr. Felix Enriquez, and was attended by Defence Attachés and Command Representatives from Belize’s Military Allies, including Brigadier General Kevin Iiams from the United States Southern Command; Brigadier General Michael McGovern from the United Kingdom London District Command; Navy Captain Paul Dempsey, Canadian Defence Attaché; and General Gilberto Martinez, Mexican Army Defence Attaché – all of whom gave updates on the progress of ongoing military supporting activities to Belize and planned support for the coming years up to 2018.

Blackadore Caye EIA Approved
Final development plans announced, include removal of all overwater structures. The Blackadore Development Group announced today that following a review of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Belize Department of the Environment (DOE) has approved construction of the Blackadore Caye Project. This development will be the first of its kind in the country, and signals an entirely new paradigm in sustainable development. The project will be built to some of the most stringent sustainability building standards in existence, and will aim to restore and revitalize the current ecology of Blackadore Caye. “After a six month process of gathering feedback from stakeholders and local citizens, we received overwhelming support for the project – recognizing its social benefits, impact on the economy and environmental integrity,” said Paul Scialla, a partner in the Blackadore Development Group. “Despite approval for overwater structures, we have listened the concerns of local stakeholders and there will be no overwater structures for rent or sale in the final development. This decision is to further ensure our commitment to the ecological preservation of Belize,” continued Scialla.

Ambergris Today

Pet Parrot Licensing Application Period to Close
The Forest Department announces that the application period for the Captive Wildlife Permit program for pet parrots will close on October 31st, 2016. Since the program began, the department received more than 2,000 applications and registered over 300 parrots already. Hundreds of parrots were rehabilitated and returned to the wild when inspections revealed that: (a) the parrots were found to be less than one-year old and; (b) bird owners failed to meet strict compliance standards. Parrots represent the largest group of captive wild animals in Belize. Thousands of wild birds have been and continue to be illegally captured and traded on the domestic and international market to meet the demand for the pet trade. This has devastating impacts on Belize’s parrot species population, particularly the scarlet macaw and yellow-headed parrots now threatened by extinction due to habitat loss and illegal capturing.

Blackadore Caye Gets Approved for Construction, Ground Breaking in 2017
Final development plans announced, include removal of all overwater structures - The Blackadore Development Group announced today, Tuesday, October 25, 2016, that following a review of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Belize Department of the Environment (DOE) has approved construction of the Blackadore Caye Project. Developers of the caye state that it the project will be the first of its kind in the country, and signals an entirely new paradigm in sustainable development. The project will be built to some of the most stringent sustainability building standards in existence, and will aim to restore and revitalize the current ecology of Blackadore Caye.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Fishing Report, October 16th – October 22nd, 2016
Orvis’ Bonefish Bonanza filled the lodge with great spirits and lots of fish stories over the 4 nights they were here. Orvis’s host (Dan Davala from Orvis Travel in Vermont) brought a combination of repeat guests and new saltwaterites looking for anything from the promised bonefish to the hallowed permit. They caught them all, including the two soft slams!

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is a Statutory Institution in Belize which falls under the Ministry of Tourism, but can be considered a part of the “government outside the government”. If tourism grows 100% over the next 10 years, their revenues will increase to over $100 million…..if this happens, do they just keep those extra revenues and continue to spend it and live lavishly, while the rest of the country suffers? Or should they start contributing a 25% “income tax” to the national budget now, as all persons earning over $25,000 are required by law to do? At what point does the BTB start to be accountable to the Auditor General, Financial Secretary and Attorney General? After all, the taxes they collect are not theirs….it is for the people of Belize….and these budgets need to start being reflected in the national budget…with oversight from those in our central government charged with ensuring that public funds are used efficiently and effectively to implement approved plans. When will they need to advertise ALL employment and business opportunities? And to put all contracts out for public tender? Instead of all these insider deals with political and personal favorites in publication, marketing, training, etc? At what point are the tax rates reduced? Belize economy needs to be a lot more competitive….a vacation of similar quality in the Riviera Maya can cost as much as 50% below a vacation in Belize…and with Cuba now a serious contender, Belize needs to compete in cost where it has to, and in quality where possible.

Hon. Saldivar Resumes Ministerial Duties
The Office of the Prime Minister announces that, after a one week suspension, the Hon. John Saldivar today resumed his duties as Minister of Defence. That resumption follows upon the Prime Minister's receipt of a legal opinion concerning the question of whether the Minister continued in a (football business) relationship with Danny Mason after September of 2015. The opinion rejects as invalid any conclusion that the Minister, in consequence of the continued existence after September 2015 of a company in which both the Minister and Mr. Mason had subscribed to shares, continued in a business relationship with Mr. Mason. The opinion makes the point that after the company was formed, and no doubt because the Minister shortly thereafter made unsavory discoveries about Mr. Mason, the Minister took no steps to actually allot to himself or Mr. Mason any of the shares to which they had subscribed. This meant that they never actually became shareholders and the company never got off the ground.

Special Sitting of the Supreme Court to Honor the Memory of Senior Counsel Michael Young
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and Justices of the Supreme Court as well as members of the legal fraternity join Young's wife, children and grandchildren as well as his extended family to remember the esteemed attorney.

Power interruption, 7:00am to 11:00am, Wednesday, October 26, Dangriga Town
Rivas Estate 1 & 2, Lakeland Area & Havana St. A half hour power interruption will also affect entire Dangriga Town & Sarawee Village from 7:00am to 7:30am. BEL to replace utility poles carrying high voltage lines & repair hotspots on power distribution system.

It's a day of cleaning. Inviting all artists and residents of Dangriga
Come on our and be a part of the service day. Bring a rake or whatever cleaning tool you might have! Roll up your sleeves for a worthy cause!

Noche de Cuenta
Viernes, 28 de octubre, 7pm. uyyyyy que miedo mira como estoy temblando. Benque House of Culture Lawn, October 28, 7pm

BHA promoting in Canada, Mexico, and the USA last week!
The Belize Hotel Association was extremely busy this past week, actively marketing our members at several tradeshows and roadshows. On October 18 and 19, At the Cancun TravelMart, Past President Doug Thompson and Marketing Director Tessie Tonaco, met with several international travel agents and marketing agencies who were interested in learning more about what Belize has to offer. The two day show was well represented and we look forward to attracting more travelers to Belize from countries such as Mexico, Japan, Spain, Canada and the USA. On October 17-19, the Belize Hotel Association also participated in the United Airlines/ Tropic Air Roadshow, hosting several travel agent events in Chicago, New Jersey and New York. At the same time, BHA President Leisa Carr-Caceres and Director Barry Snowden were in Montreal Canada, attending the ITTS Montreal (International Tourism and Travel Show) held on October 21-23. This three day consumer show receives more than 30,000 visitors who are eagerly looking for new destinations for their next vacation. As a sequence to the ITTS show, the BHA will be participating in the BTB Canadian roadshow, in November where presentations will be made to Toronto and Montreal travel agents.

Halloween Party and Costume Contest at Carlo and Ernie's Runway Bar and Grill
October 30, 11am-5pm. Prizes and Awards!

Join us this week at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar to paint!

New Sarteneja Health Centre Will Provide Better Access to Healthcare for over 2,000 Belizeans in Sarteneja, Corozal
This means men, women and children of Sarteneja will have easier access to quality health care, preventive and curative services; emergency deliveries, and epidemiological surveillance thanks to the Government of Belize who is financing the new health project at an estimated cost of $789,300.00 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Bank’s Health Sector Program. Hence, the Government will significantly contribute to the reduction of the prevalence of Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers among others. The completion of the health project will also conform to the Ministry of Health’s Primary Care Outpatient Standards which defines a health center as a facility with part time doctor, resident rural health nurse, and caretaker. The first floor of the health center will serve as quarters for doctors and nurses. Thus; medical services will be provided on a daily basis to all Belizeans in the Northern District of Corozal and its surrounding communities.

The Ministry of Defence wishes to inform the General Public that Belize and the State of Louisiana will celebrate their 20th Anniversary of State Partnership on 01 November 2016 at Price Barracks, Ladyville. There will be an Official Parade at 1600 hrs (4 pm) at Sir Colville Young Parade Square and members of the media are invited to this ceremony. For further information contact Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Louis Sutherland at telephone number 225-3584 or 634-7226.

Woman shares story of domestic abuse
I was living in hell from one day to the next. But there is nothing I could do to escape. I don't know where I would go if I did. I felt utterly powerless, and that feeling is my prision. I entered of my own free will, I locked the door, and I threw away the key(moving in with you...a very bad choice). Now I have no idea why im being painted as the bad one here. To answer aaaaaaaaaall your questions that yall keep hitting me with in my inbox....This is what happened(wasnt the first wasnt the last was just one the worst beatdown). i cant fathom how much more evil you can be to make it seem like I did wrong. After you left me choking on my blood and passing have the nerve to say i cheated....I simply moved on(after i left you ..last time i check i am NOT in a relationship) ur sitting there bitter but Im not done with you just yet.I hope u have all the support you need after this...please check yourself into a mental facility. ur unstable you need all the meds and counselling available. my friends and family know what happened months ago but since i am a social media goddess why not share this with you all.

Water Quality Monitoring in Belize
Under the Belize Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project (MCCAP), the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) has received funding to undertake water quality monitoring activities to monitor the successful implementation of the National Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan. On 21 October, 2016, CZMAI’s Water Quality/Coastal Planning Team accompanied by representatives from Protected Areas Conservation Trust and the University of Belize configured and placed three (3) Sondes at different locations along the Belize River. The Sondes will measure environmental parameters such as: conductivity, turbidity, temperature, pH/ORP (oxidation/reduction potential), chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen, precipitation, and flow. Click the link below to learn more about our Water Quality Program.

SHJC Tourism Majors Visit San Pedro
Sacred Heart Junior College Tourism Management students visited San Pedro to learn about customer service and see more of what Belize offers. The Villas at Banyan Bay provided affordable, and beautiful, rooms for the students, and was just what they needed to experience. Tuff E Nuff Tours really took care of them. Great service and they educated the students about the barrier reef.

Miss World Belize 2016
Congratulations, Iris Salguero! The San Pedrana won the Miss World Belize pageant, which was held on Saturday at the Log Cab-Inns. The 501 Boyz were there to capture the fun and excitement. We were there to get some setup and behind the scenes pictures.

We have just gotten confirmation that now the position of the Government of Belize is that it was only collecting data to inform its position on offshore oil especially in light of conditions such as a cost benefit analysis. But here's the problem with that position: The data was not going to be simply collected and handed over to the Government of Belize. The Government was going to get a copy of the raw data and the agreed processed reports. However, the company, TGS, having expended approximately 6 million Belize dollars for both surveys, was going to SELL the data to recover its money. Who buys that data? Petroleum exploration companies. Why do oil companies buy data? To inform oil exploration. No company would spend money without an expectation of getting their money back. The Inspector of Petroleum confirmed this at the Government's presentation in San Pedro. The relevant section starts at time code 25:05 in the video below. This is not the ONLY opportunity to get the data that Government wants to get/says it needs to make a decision on this national issue. That an agreement was made with TGS without the public's knowledge and that it was being done by a company that was going to sell the data; and that seismic surveys started even before they said it would, it just means this was not the right way to go about any of this.

The national conversation on offshore oil continues and we want to hear from YOU!
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage is hosting conversations to meaningfully engage with the Belizeans on the latest developments on offshore oil exploration. See you there!

Channel 7

Coast Guard Commander Concerned About Officer Arzu
Daniel Arzu, a Petty Officer 3rd class in the Belize Coast Guard, is in a critical condition at the KHMH. Around 5 yesterday evening, Arzu was shot to the head at his girlfriend's Penn Road apartment. As you heard last night, Arzu's sister in law told us that the gunman came up to the door and opened fire inside the house, hitting Arzu. This morning we spoke to Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland and he told us he doesn't have all the details as to what happened but that he will do all he can to support the family in this time. Admiral John Borland - Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: "Well I actually don't have much update other than what was said on the news that our coast guard man remains in a critical state condition in the hospital. And If I hadn't been at this workshop, I would have had the doctors' 8am report. But I was at the hospital up to 11pm last night and he remain in an induce coma in critical condition."

OC Arzu Talks About His Injured Son
And the family can only hope that he does recover. As we told you, Arzu was shot to the head but according to his father, the bullet wasn't lodged in his head, giving Arzu a fighting chance. Now although Arzu got a positive prognosis, the family is still in shock and are wondering why anyone would want to harm their loved one. Today we spoke to Arzu's dad, Superintendent of Police in Benque Viejo, Daniel Arzu Sr., and he told us he has no idea why. Supt. Daniel Arzu, OC - Benque Viejo Police: "He as at his baby's mother residence when the intruder came by and fired shots at him and apparently he was struck to the head and he was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and he is currently undergoing medical treatment." "Having spoken to the doctor, he is indicating that he is still critical. He underwent a surgery yesterday with success but he is still in a critical condition at this point in time. It appears that the bullet exited from the wound and that is what somewhat give that hope."

John Saldivar Reinstated As Defense Minister
After a most unusual one-week suspension, John Saldivar is back as Minister of Defence tonight. Saldivar was put temporarily on ice while the Prime Minister got a legal opinion on whether he and William Danny Mason were actually business partners. This, after the certificate of registration for a company called Bandits Sport was revealed. It showed Saldivar and Mason as joint shareholders. Saldivar said he abandoned that partnership when he got information that Mason had a shady business history, and he went on to form another company. Well, the Prime Minister wasn't quote convinced and he had pledged to seriously review the matter if evidence did she that Saldivar and Mason were in business.

Cabinet Meeting: Business As Usual, Even Without "Gapi"
So, what about the other UDP Area Rep. who is now banished to political purgatory? Gaspar Vega Resigned last week Monday from the Cabinet following the breaking of the scandal that his son, Andre, was compensated 400 thousand dollars for land that the Lands Department was not entitled to sell him. So, did the Cabinet Ministers noticed that another seat in their meeting was empty? That's what we asked Anthony "Boots" Martinez today, and here's what he had to say: Daniel Ortiz, 7News: "Was Gaspar Vega's absence noticed today in cabinet?" Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, Cabinet Minister: "Well it was noticed from last week, not only today, last week. That's our colleague and whatever absence is there, it is noticeable."

San Ignacio Robbery Got Away with 20K Cash
A San Ignacio business woman was robbed of about $20,000 cash in broad daylight. Yesterday morning around 9:15, the owner of Brothers Store was walking to Atlantic Bank to make a deposit when a man snatched the bag of money out of her hands and darted away. Apart from the 20 grand, she also had about $9,000 in cheques. Assistant Superintendent of Police Daniel Iche told us via phone that they are looking for the thief. He also advised business owners to be more careful when handling a large stash of cash. The man was not armed.

City Cops Foil 88 Burglary
But, City cops foiled an early morning burglary on Central American Boulevard. Around 4:00, police caught 2 men and a 15 year old boy raiding 88 Kitchen. Police rounded them up and found $90 on one of them. Police told us more about this case and how they dealt with the minor involved. ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "This morning sometime around 4am, the police, based again on information provided to us by members of the public, responded to a burglar in progress at 88 Kitchen. That is on Central American Boulevard. Upon arrival at the location, police found one male person and a further search of the building led the police to 2 individuals inside of the building, one of whom is a minor age 15 years. All 3 persons were taken into custody and a search of one of the individual at the police station yield just over ninety dollars Belize currency, which we believe is proceeds from the burglary. I must also state that you all would know that we have been strict, in terms of minors who are found on the streets between the hours of 9pm and 6am. So in the case of the minor, we have also arrested and charge the parent of the minor for allowing a child to be out on the street whilst being unsupervised between that time period."

Man Accused Of Handling Niece Naima's Jewelry
Tonight, Randy August is at the Belize Central Prison after he was allegedly caught with jewelry stolen of Naima Barrow, Prime Minister Dean Barrow's niece. He appeared in the Magistrate's Court today, where he pled not guilty to a charge of handling stolen goods. August is accused being caught with $7,000 worth of that jewelry from Naima Barrow. It was stolen from her boyfriend's home. Despite August having two kids and one on the way as well as a disabled uncle, the prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that he would likely interfere with the investigation, as more than $30,000 worth of Barrow's jewelry is still missing. August was remanded into custody until December 22nd.

Belmopan's QRT Makes Cocaine Bust
Yesterday evening, the Belmopan Police Quick response team searched an empty lot in Roaring Creek where they found approximately 10 ounces of cannabis in a black plastic bag. Today, the police made another drug bust, but this one was much larger. Acting on special branch intelligence, the Quick Response Team along with the Criminal Intelligence Branch intercepted a Thunderbolt Water Taxi boat going from Corozal to San Pedro. After searching the boat, authorities found a knapsack containing 3.6 pounds of cocaine. A quantity of cocaine this big has an estimated street value of about $70,000. No suspect was found, so the cocaine retrieved and deposited as found property.

Blackadore Caye Resort Passes EIA Phase
Four Weeks ago, we gave you a behind the curtain look at the Blackadore Caye project. That's the mega development which the Blackadore Caye Group has been working on to build a resort. Viewers will remember that, We first reported on Blackadore Caye in 2005. That's when reports were that Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio had bought the 104 acre private island off the coast of Ambergris Caye. Well, today, the developer's PR team held a press conference to update the nation that their environmental impact assessment plan has been approved, and if everything goes to plan, they will start to build next year. Here's what Dr. Dionne Miranda and Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. had to say about the updated EIA which was approved by the Government's Technicians.

Hon. Hulse Says Seismic Testing Outrage Is Misplaced
And while we were in Belmopan this afternoon, we asked Minister Godwin Hulse if they discussed the San Pedro public consultation in Cabinet today. You'll remember that fiery consultation on last week Thursday in which the San Pedranos and the tour guide community forced the Government to shut down seismic testing which was already happening in Belizean waters. Last night, We showed you the comments of Minister Manuel Heredia Jr., who had to endure the public blasting he got from those within that consultation, who demanded that he took action. Well, his colleague, Godwin Hulse says that he thinks they acted out of emotion and not from a place of proper information:

DOE Was Tough On Blackadore Experts
And as you would remember, those DOE experts were treated to hostility at that Public Consultation. Try as they might to get the attendees to listen to their explanations for greenlighting the seismic testing, those members of the public wouldn't hear it. With that level of suspicion, you'd think that the DOE is a rubber stamp for projects which the Government wants to push through. Not so, says the Blackadore Caye expert, Jim Reilly, today. He shared his opinion when we asked him about his encounters of the Government's scientists. He says that from his personal view, they vigorously defend Belize's environment in any project:

16 Year-old Allegedly Raped Inside Her Home
Police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl inside her home. The report is that she was home alone last night around 11:00 when the man assaulted her. Police gave us the little information they could in this sensitive case. ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside: "Last night sometime around 11pm there about, a female of 16 years of age reported us that she was left home alone and during that time that she was at home alone, a male person entered the home and had carnal intercourse with her against her will. So that matter is currently being investigated again by us. To be able to ascertain what actually took place, we are hoping that pretty soon we would be able to locate the person of interest that we are looking for. Because we have a person of interest that we are looking for and when that person is found then the chips may fall where they may." Police could not say if the man broke into the house or if he was family friend. Police are looking for this man.

Michael Young Remembered By Bench and Bar
Yesterday Michael Young's body was laid to rest. Today, his colleagues and contemporaries in the law gathered together for a special sitting of the Supreme Court. Young's legacy was remembered by lawyers that fought with him and against him, but no matter what side of the court room they remembered him from, their memories were always fond. The impression we got is that no matter which attorney he came in contact with, either as ally or foe in the court, they all have great respect for him.

A Crime Observatory
Last month, the Ministry of Human Development launch BelizeInfo, an online tool for gathering information and statistics on various subjects relating to Belize. Today, the Ministry of Home Affairs launched a similar tool, called the Belize Crime Observatory. The Crime Observatory, like BelizeInfo, was developed as a one stop shop for accessing data, however as the name suggests, the Crime Observatory focuses data relating to crime. The online resource is intended to be used as a tool to help develop crime preventing policies as well as to assist in research and creating dialogue about public safety issues. The CEO of the Ministry of Home Affairs, George Lovell, told us more about the project… The Crime Observatory is intended to be used by authorities, government officials, scholars and even students, and is meant to help improve public safety and national security.

Tyrone Coleman Flies Out For Open Heart Surgery
On Friday, we reported on the plea that the Williams and Coleman families were making to the public for assistance. They want to raise $80 thousand Belize dollars to seek medical attention abroad for well-known James bus driver Tyrone Coleman. He heart condition which cannot be treated in Belize. Well the good news tonight is that Coleman and his wife Lovinia Coleman are spending their first night in the Cayman Islands as they were airlifted by an American Air - ambulance sometime after 4 pm today to the Island where Coleman is expected to go under surgery within the next 24 hours. According to Dorla Williams, sister-in-law of Tyron Coleman the cost of their medical bill is estimated at almost $61,600.00 Belize Dollars.

Channel 5

John Saldivar Reinstated as Minister of Defence
He was not in Cabinet today; however, Minister of Defence John Saldivar is back in office after being suspended last week by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Saldivar’s one-week suspension was [...]

Godwin Hulse Satisfied With Legal Explanation
While John Saldivar was not available for comment today and neither was Prime Minister Barrow, two of his Cabinet colleagues were willing to speak for him. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, [...]

Boots Martinez Has John Saldivar’s Back
Also weighing in was Minister of Human Development Anthony “Boots” Martinez. Minister Martinez, too, is satisfied that Saldivar has been sufficiently cleared of questions surrounding his involvement with Mason and [...]

Coast Guard Critical After Being Shot While Visiting His Baby Mama
A Coast Guard Officer and father of two is fighting for his life at the K.H.M.H. tonight. Daniel Arzu Junior was shot in the head yesterday in Belize City when [...]

John Borland Speaks on Shooting
The near fatal shooting of Petty Officer Daniel Arzu Junior has shocked the Belize National Coast Guard, as well as the Belize Police Department where his father is an experienced [...]

Coast Guard Assisting Police with Investigation of Attempted Rape
The fate of a coastguard sailor who brutally pummeled a pair of men in Ladyville on Monday morning also hangs in the balance, as Ladyville police are yet to record [...]

Godwin Hulse Says Seismic Testing Storm is “Huffing and Puffing”
Cabinet was expected to discuss the aborted plans for seismic testing in the deepest of Belize’s waters today. Last week, hastily whipped up public outcry forced Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia [...]

New Minister of Agriculture Promises to “Get Belize Growing Again”
The Prime Minister announced changes to Cabinet last week, which included changes in portfolios for the subjects of this and our next story. After the 2015 general elections, Prime Minister [...]

A Homecoming for Minister of State and Ex-Senior Cop Elodio Aragon Junior
Minister of State for Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Junior, says he is coming home. No, he’s not stepping down as minister, but he is now in direct charge of the [...]

Home Affairs C.E.O. Says Caye Caulker Police Getting Help to Move Out of Crumbling Barracks
Last week, News Five reported on the inhospitable conditions that officers attached to the Caye Caulker Police Station are presently subjecting themselves to.  The housing facilities are the property of [...]

Police Hunt Person of Interest in Rape of City Teenager
A teenager was raped in Belize City on Monday night. The sixteen-year-old told police that a man entered her home and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police [...]

Police Catch 88 Kitchen Burglars in the Act; Minor Charged Under Curfew Law
Police say they stopped a burglary in progress in the early hours of this morning. Three burglars broke into Eighty-Eight Kitchen on Central American Boulevard but didn’t manage to make [...]

Abandoned Cocaine Brought on Corozal to San Pedro Boat
Shortly before eleven o’clock this morning, officers attached to the San Pedro Police Station, including Special Branch, CIB and the Quick Response Team intercepted a knapsack containing two parcels of [...]

M.I.T. Accused of Extortion of Businessman; Investigation Begins
On Monday, a Belmopan-area businessman told local media that he was extorted, allegedly by members of the Police Mobile Interdiction Team, who stopped him around Mile twenty-five on the George [...]

Belize’s First Crime Observatory Founded
This morning, the Ministry of Home Affairs formally introduced the Belize Crime Observatory, an information management system which aims to strengthen analysis of crime and violence data in order to [...]

Final Honors for Michael Young, S.C. at Supreme Court
Court sessions scheduled for this morning were suspended in Belize City where a special sitting of the Supreme Court was held to honor the late Senior Counsel Michael Young. The [...]

Kevin “Cowboy” Alvarez Walks from Attempted Murder of Cops
Remember Kevin Alvarez, aka “Cowboy”? He is the former police officer who was accused of the murder of a Chinese businessman in Orange Walk back in 2008, but was exonerated. [...]

Belizeans in Cayman Chip-in for Heart Patient Tyron Coleman
Tyron Coleman is off to the Cayman Islands. The James Bus Driver who was seeking medical assistance to get a heart surgery done abroad, left today for the Cayman Islands. [...]

Blackadore Caye Moves Forward With Restoration
At the end of May when we visited Blackadore Caye, developers of what is being billed as the first-of-its-kind restorative island shared with the media a master plan which included [...]

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Marty  Offline OP


Minister Saldivar Reinstated After One Week Suspension
On October 18, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that he was placing Minister of Defense on “one week’s leave of absence” following the revelation of company documents that showed that accused murderer Danny Mason had been a shareholder in the Bandits football club. The PM indicated in the release that he would seek “legal opinion” on the issue and decide the faith of the Minister. Well, if anyone had any inkling that Saldivar would be removed from the Cabinet, you were wrong. Another release from the Government today indicated that Saldivar resumed Ministerial duties today. The release said that the legal opinion received by the Prime Minister [quote] “rejects as invalid any conclusion that the Minister, in consequence of the continued existence after September 2015 of a company in which both the Minister and Mr. Mason had subscribed to shares, continued in a business relationship with Mr. Mason” [unquote.

Sarteneja To Receive New Health Center
The Belize Social Investment Fund, (SIF) will be holding ground-breaking ceremonies tomorrow for the construction of the Sarteneja Health Center in Corozal. The health center project is being financed by the Government of Belize at an estimated cost of $789,300.00 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Ministry of Health Portfolio and is expected to be completed within a period of five to six months. The health center which is expected to provide better access to healthcare to over two thousand Belizeans will significantly contribute to the reduction of the prevalence of Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers among others since it is expected to be equipped with rooms for consultation, examination, treatment, pharmacy/dispensary, laundry, an asthma bay area, sterilizing room, waiting area for patients, and male and female bathrooms measuring.

Belizeans Feel Insecure When Visiting Quintana Roo
The report adds that there are several factors that have led to the stagnation in the number of visitors to Quintana Roo including problems of insecurity which has been growing in numbers following a barrage of robberies reported against Belizean citizens. These factors are now joined by discrimination, since according to Belizean consul Valencia Gómez, Belizeans are, especially in department stores, being heavily monitored as if they were to steal products in the store. The report goes on to state the importance of Belizean tourists in the Southern Mexican State as they are responsible for generating over 120 million dollars in revenues annually. According to the report, different businesses along with the Belizean Consul are working together to give a better deal to tourists from Belize as we represent a great economic benefit to the southern state.

Former BWU Secretary To Call meeting With Members
While the executive of the Belize Workers Union will hold their Annual General Meeting on November 18th, Carlos is not waiting that long to address the union members. Her intent is to call a meeting with members this coming Friday. Carlos has also contacted the Labor Commissioner who is aware of the allegations made against some of the executive of the BWU, to be in that meeting. Samantha Carlos- Former Employee BWU: “Their position is very clear and simple, that we need to work it out or they will move in and if they move in it is not going to be anything polite or nice they are going to move in and well they are going to shut it down and we are trying to save the Union so we give the membership an opportunity to understand what is happening so that they can make a sound decision for themselves before they step any further...”

Hulse Has The solution To The Agricultural Sector Problems
Six days ago Prime Minister Dean Barrow shuffled his Cabinet following the resignation of Orange Walk North Gaspar Vega as the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment. Vega’s Ministries were all picked up by the Hon. Godwin Hulse who it seems has a high turn-over rate with Ministries. Some time ago, before he entered the political fray, Hulse was known as an agriculture advocate who would always say that Belize could and should grow everything it needs to feed itself. Now that he has the opportunity to put his words to action, Hulse says he will ensure that the idea of Belize becoming a breadbasket of self-sufficiency becomes a reality. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Immigration: “My position has been for the last forty years that this country has the potential, we used to say in the past it used to be the bread basket of the Caribbean and all sorts of statements, agriculture has tremendous potential yes we need quality products because the market is demanding on that that and this is not only foreign market we shouldn’t be producing quality products for the foreigners we should be producing it for ourselves but there has to be a process where the farmers who are engaged in this benefit from that process they have to make money or else they are not in the business...”


Saldivar Returns to Cabinet Following Suspension
John Saldivar is a Minister once more. He resumed his Ministerial duties as of today after being suspended for one week. Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the decision to suspend Saldivar after documents surfaced that indicated that Saldivar had formed a business relationship with the infamous William Danny Mason. Today his fellow cabinet ministers were […]

Blackadore Caye Reviews Construction Plans
The Blackadore Investors group announced this morning that they are removing all overwater structures from the ecological resort plans they had planned to construct at Blackadore Caye. This morning the group held a Press Conference to discuss their change in plans. Public Relations Representative and Social Specialist for the group, Dionne Miranda says that their […]

Senator Hulse Says Seismic Testing Is Nothing But Part of a Study
At Cabinet’s meeting today, the topic of Government’s recent decision to suspend the seismic testing was discussed. Originally, Cabinet had given permission to a foreign company to conduct air gun seismic survey to collect data from Belize’s offshore area. That decision received heavy backlash, especially from the environmental community. A consultation was held after there […]

Consolidated Data on Crime and Youth Initiatives Launched
The Ministry of Home Affairs has launched the Belize Crime Observatory which is a consolidated database of local information. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Colonel George Lovell said the Observatory will be very useful in data gathering especially for researchers and students. GEORGE LOVELL “There were three main objectives, we […]

BCG’s Daniel Arzu Jr Remains in Induced Coma Following Shooting Incident
24-year-old, Daniel Arzu Junior is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after being shot yesterday evening at around five o’clock on Neal’s Pen Road. He is in a critical condition and has been placed in an induced coma by his attending physicians. Arzu is the son of […]

Southside Cops Investigate Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl
A teenaged girl was raped last night in Belize City. The girl told Police that the man forcefully entered her home. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who commands the Eastern Division South Police, tells us what happened and how the police are handling the case. CHESTER WILLIAMS “Last night sometime around 11pm there about […]

Dr Zab Leaves Advisory Post for the Progressive Party BPP
In April of this year, the Belize Progressive Party announced that well known educator, author and economist, Dr. Louis Zabaneh had joined its ranks. Today Zabaneh issued a notice to say he has resigned as advisor to the executive of the BPP. Zabaneh expressed his gratitude to the Party for inviting him to share his […]

Aragon Ready and Willing to Lead the Police Department
After Gaspar Vega’s resignation from Cabinet, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was forced to reshuffle his cabinet once more. In his reshuffling, Minister Elodio Aragon Junior was given the portfolio of Police or Home Affairs. Before becoming a politician, Minister Aragon was a career police officer and initially it was expected that he would have been […]

Where is the CABEI Loan for Caye Caulker Police Barracks?
Those challenges that Police Minister Elodio Aragon is speaking of are also faced by police officers. Since last year, we have been reporting on the deplorable state of the police barracks at Caye Caulker. In an interview back in June 2015, the then Police Minister, John Saldivar told the media that a CABEI loan had […]

Senator Hulse Commits to Growing the Agriculture Sector
Godwin Hulse is one of the Cabinet Minister with the most responsibilities. He is the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development and Immigration. Following last week’s cabinet reshuffle, he was also given the portfolio of Agriculture. According to Hulse, he plans to grow the sector. GODWIN HULSE ” Minister Hulse had the […]


Coast Guard officer claims attack by 2 homosexuals
Two men have found themselves at the center of a very unusual but troubling police report after they allegedly attempted to rape another man. ASP Juanito Cocom, in a police press conference held today by Ladyville police, told the media as follows: “This morning at about12:30 a.m., Ranold Deon Hernandez, 24 years, Belizean Coast Guard of Palmar Road, Orange Walk District, arrived at the Ladyville Police Station in a grey Toyota Hilux. Upon his arrival, it was noted that he was covered in blood. He stated that he was socializing with two persons at a residence on Perez Road when he was sexually accosted by the two men. “He claims that they attempted to rape him and that he fought them off. “Shortly thereafter, a person arrived at the station bringing two male persons bleeding profusely.”

Chief Pharmacist, Sharon Anderson, awarded $5,000
Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith handed down a ruling in a defamation claim brought by the government’s Chief Pharmacist, Sharon Anderson, against former Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen for remarks that were made at a Ministry of Health press conference on May 9, 2014, that the court found were malicious. Justice Griffith promised that the written judgment will be ready in a few weeks. Anderson, represented by attorney Herbert Panton, was awarded damages of $5,000. Anderson’s claim, however, was for $20,000 in damages. In the first quarter of 2014, the CEO in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen, came under pressure from the Public Service Union for the appointment of Minister Erwin Contreras’ daughter, Danini Contreras, to the post of Director of Drug Inspectorate, a post for which she was not seen to be academically qualified; neither did she have the working experience to fill the post.

Cyclist Marlon Castillo sentenced to pay $13,000
Today was set as the mitigation and sentencing day for cyclist Marlon Castillo, who has been indicted, on manslaughter by negligence charge, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing death by careless conduct in respect of the road traffic accident in May 2011 that caused the death of his childhood friend, Ariel Rosado. On Monday, October 17, the court accepted Castillo’s guilty plea. Rosado’s father and mother, Dr. Alvaro Rosado and Dr. Dorla Rosado, were in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas. Dr. Dorla Rosado entered a mitigation plea on behalf of Castillo, telling the court, “My family and I are surprised that we were not informed of the trial for this matter and even more surprised that we were not asked to support the mitigation plea for leniency.”

Coast Guard officer shot in head
A Belize Coast Guard officer, Daniel Arzu, 28, is in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) fighting for his life after he was shot once in the head with a 9mm pistol. The bullet pierced his right temple and cracked a portion of his skull as it exited his head. Arzu was reportedly at home in an apartment complex on Neal Pen Road at the time of the shooting, sometime before 5 p.m. today, Monday. He was immediately rushed to the KHMH, where relatives and friends are fervently hoping for his recovery, despite a grim prognosis.

Belize upgrades banking to expedite payments
As of 8:30 this morning, commercial banks in Belize began to operate the newly launched Automated Payment and Securities Settlement System (APSSS or APS3 for short), which means that customers are now able to send funds instantly from their commercial bank to an unrelated commercial bank, cutting back on the waiting period that could span as many as 7 days. Sheree Smiling-Craig, Director of Project Management at the Central Bank of Belize, the officer with responsibility for the National Payment System Project, said at the formal launch held at the Central Bank’s conference room this morning that the system is safe and reliable, and it will mean faster payroll processing as well as new business opportunities for banks. Central Bank Governor, Joy Grant, said that millions of dollars have been invested in equipment, as well as staff time. “But to echo what the chairman said, it’s not a choice,” she added.

Speaker Peyrefitte apologizes to UNIBAM’s Orozco
“If you can take a six inch **** in your *** then you can take this song in your soul,” was posted from the Facebook account belonging to House Speaker, Michael Peyrefitte, on Saturday. The song to which he referred is Buju Banton’s controversial, “Boom Bye Bye,” which calls for the murder of homosexuals. Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement, immediately responded to Peyrefitte’s post via Facebook. “Boom Bye Bye is not a damn song to relax to, it is a song to amplify violence,” he said.

No change in standings at PLB Week 11, Bandits still on top
With FC Belize resting this past weekend, after losing by default the previous weekend to Belmopan Bandits, the standings order remained the same following 4 more games this past weekend in Week 11 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season 2016-2017. On Saturday night in Independence, it was home standing Placencia Assassins with the 4-1 win over Orange Walk FC, courtesy of goals by Justin Linarez (20’), Ashton Torres (34’), Dion Moguel (43’) and Dellon Torres (79’); while Brazilian Joao Silva (59’ PK) got the sole tally for Orange Walk FC from the penalty spot. On Sunday, Belmopan Bandits visited the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, and kept their undefeated record intact, as they dropped Police United, 2-1. Police’s own goal by Amin August (22’) proved the difference, as Devon Makin (31’) also scored for Police to even the score, but Jairo Roches (52’) got the game winner for the Bandits.

CSSSA volleyball competition will be knockout, should start this Tuesday
According to a release yesterday from Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) president, Deon Sutherland, the CSSSA 2016-2017 volleyball tournament will have to be a knockout competition, “due to the strike, and not having a venue to play, (which) has greatly delayed our start.” “We have still not confirmed the venue(s) for the games, but know it will be SJC or Stars Gym (Lupita Quan Gym) or both. However, we will confirm on Monday.” Up to press time, we have received no further confirmation, but he had provided the knockout tournament schedule, which runs from Tuesday to Friday of this week as follows (F = female; M = male):

Three weeks remain in regular season of SSBA Basketball Tournament
On Friday night, all three games were postponed due to inclement weather in San Ignacio Town. Two of these games are scheduled for this Friday on Court B, if the backboard is fixed by Friday. On Saturday night, Western Queens avenged their loss against Lady Warriors, narrowly edging them, 46-42, in the female division. Jessica Prom had the game high with 21 pts, while Amanda Aguirre and Jenieve Reynolds netted 13 and 9 pts, respectively. Lady Warriors was led by Glenda Torres who scored 19 pts and Sheryn Nunez, who sank 10 pts. In game 2, Benque Power defeated Sergeant Peppers in the Under 23 category, 63-49. Charles Ponce was the top scorer for Benque Power with 20 pts, while Orel Neal and Anfernee Young scored 10 pts each, and Raheem Crawford netted 9 pts.

Farewell, my teammate and friend, Michael Young
Funeral services were held this afternoon at Wesley Church for my one-time high school track & field teammate and lifelong friend, Michael Young, who became a distinguished lawyer and executive of the UDP. The latter did not matter to our friendship, whenever we chanced to meet, which was not often in the different roads we travelled. Floored, devastated, shocked, shattered, dumbfounded, heartbroken, are some of the words that come to mind to describe my feeling on receiving the news last Tuesday. On the SJC track & field team of the Class of 1970, myself and Michael were teammate/rivals (he beat me in the sprints, and I clipped him in the long and triple jumps). From my family, our deepest condolences to his wife, Denise, and all the rest of his family.

Editorial: The October of our discontent
We think the administrations of Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, have never been more unpopular with the people of Belize, than they are this Monday morning, October 24, of 2016. Belize does not have the regular professional polling of the electorate that they have in the United States, say, but we believe that significant discontent amongst Belizeans at large exists. Not only that, the indications are that there is pushing and wrangling at the highest levels of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Cabinet. Before we proceed, we should say, once again, that the results of the March 2012 general elections, which saw the Opposition People’s United Party come within 65 votes of taking national power, remain surprising, mysterious even, to us. The PUP had experienced major leadership turmoil just four months before those general elections, and the ruling UDP were expected to win comfortably, if not easily. The results of the 2012 general elections, it may now be said, fooled the power brokers of the PUP into thinking that the palace (as opposed to popular) leadership of Francis Fonseca, known to be eminently loyal to Said Musa and Francis’ first cousin, Ralph Fonseca, was a viable one.

From the Publisher
When I was about 12 or 13 years old, growing up in Belize, British Honduras, before Hurricane Hattie overturned things in 1961, I began to feel, through reading, a relationship with the Plains Indians of North America. I began to admire Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, Geronimo of the Apache, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse of the Sioux, and the way of life of their people. I was a practicing Christian (Roman Catholic) at the time, and the various Indian tribes in North America were definitely not Christians. It was the Europeans who entered/invaded North America and commenced to slaughter the said Indians, steal their lands, and imprison them on so-called reservations, it was those Europeans who professed various forms of Christianity. I did not know much about the religions of the Plains Indians, and I guess I still don’t, but I understood their primary religious focus to be the land, the creeks and rivers, the plant and animal life, the mountains and valleys, the sun and the moon and the stars and the skies – planet earth overall, and a supernatural Great Spirit. The Indians did not know of Jesus Christ before the Europeans came. They lived a communal lifestyle, however, which just happened to be quite similar to that which Jesus and his fisherman Apostles had lived in Judea.

Speaker Peyrefitte uses Attorney General’s own law firm to sue her
House Speaker Michael Peyrefitte is making an effort to discredit the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley, and possibly block or delay the investigations by the Senate Select Committee, which is scheduled to commence its hearings on November 9, In a special audit, done by the Auditor General, into the Passport, Visa and Nationality Departments for the period 2011-2013, Peyrefitte was named. According to the audit, he was not authorized to sign as a recommender on a passport issued to William Lindo. On Thursday, he filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General, Minister Senator Vanessa Retreage, and the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Cocaine found in San Pedro
This morning around 10:50 a.m., acting on intelligence received, a joint team of Special Branch personnel, Crime Investigation Branch (CIB) and Quick Response Team (QRT) intercepted a knapsack that was on the Thunderbolt boat travelling from Corozal town to San Pedro. In the knapsack, […]

Belize and the state of Louisiana celebrate 20 years of state partnership
The Ministry of Defense sent out a release today informing the public that Belize and the State of Louisiana will celebrate their 20th Anniversary of State Partnership on the November 1 at Price Barracks, Ladyville. There will be an Official Parade at 4:00 p.m. […]

San Jose villagers call on GOB to fix roads
The villagers of the San Jose community located in the Toledo District are pleading to the Government of Belize to assist in repairs of the road in the area. According to Dennis Cal, a resident, the road from San Jose to Punta Gorda Town has […]

Belmopan Police find over 300 grams of cannabis
A search of an abandoned lot in the Hattieville area of Roaring Creek village in the Cayo District netted over 300 grams of cannabis. According to police report, this discovery was made yesterday evening by the Belmopan Police Quick Response team. No one was […]

Little girl raped in southside Belize City
A 16-year-old girl was raped on the south side of Belize City after 11 O’clock last night. Police are still searching for the accused rapist. According to ACP Chester Williams, the minor was home alone at the time of the incident when a man […]

San Pedro woman found dead; no foul play suspected
Elijah Kelly, 30, was found dead by San Pedro Police sometime around 2 this morning. According to police, she was found in the middle of a street in the San Pablo area of the island. No sign of foul play was suspected and she […]

PUP joins Senate Select Committee
The People’s United Party (PUP) has appointed Senator Eamon Courtney as its representative on the Senate Select Committee, according to a Facebook post today by President of the Senate, Lee Mark Chang. The Senate Select Committee is tasked with investigating the findings of the […]

Burglary at 88 restaurant in Belize City; 3 persons arrested
Three male persons were found inside the 88 Chinese Restaurant on Central American Boulevard in Belize City at around 4 this morning. However, the men were not having breakfast nor were they invited guests. They had forced their entry into the establishment through its rear […]

BTB is a part of the “Government Outside the Government”
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is a Statutory Institution in Belize which falls under the Ministry of Tourism, but can be considered a part of the “government outside the government”. The mandate of the BTB is “The fundamental functions of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) are to provide support to the local and international tourism agencies, accommodations, tourism related businesses and general public. These functions are fulfilled by various strategic units which are led by the Tourism Director.” There are many such organizations (public sector corporations) created through statutory instruments, such as Central Building Authority, Airport Authority, Belize Agricultural Health Authority, Border Management Authority, to name a few. They ALL have the authority to set tax rates and to collect taxes….but they do not have the legal obligation to publish annual independent audits, nor do their budgets appear in the annual national budgets.

Minister of National Defence resumes ministerial duties
The Office of the Prime Minister has issued a press release announcing that, after a one week suspension, John Saldivar has resumed his duties as Minister of Defence. According to the release, that resumption follows upon the Prime Minister’s receipt of a legal opinion […]


Portofino Beach Resort: A Pure Harbor of Luxury and Relaxation in Belize
Even the name has a romantic ring: Portofino Beach Resort. Happily, this Ambergris Caye vacation spot lives up to its name “pure harbor,” offering travelers from around the world a pristine environment of luxury and relaxation in Belize, where everyone speaks English, scenery is breathtaking and the pace is so leisurely, you’ll have to work up the energy for excursions to Belize’s natural and cultural wonders. Make Portofino Beach Resort your personal base and see where your curiosity takes you during your visit! At Portofino Beach Resort, they take the concept of all-inclusive more seriously than most. Their accommodations stun guests who don’t expect lodgings this well-equipped and luxurious. From fastidious housekeeping to air conditioning, find all of the conveniences of home, including a mini-fridge, flat screen cable TV, free Wi-Fi and the little touches that separate an ordinary resort from an extraordinary one, including 24-hour turnaround laundry service, a spa, multiple dining venues and all the beachfront and sea you require for the perfect holiday. The Portofino’s fresh water pool is a favorite way for guests to start or end the day, though frankly, Portofino Beach Resort’s dining options even out rank the pool in terms of popularity. Guests adopt favorite spots from three options: The Portofino Restaurant, Green Parrot Bistro and the Beach Bar where refreshing drinks and world-class dishes prepared by highly-trained culinary staff are always on the menu. But if you’d like meals served in your quarters instead, all you have to do is ask!

Bringing Out Your Tropical Side in Belize
The nation of Belize’s ad campaign tries to convince you that in Belize you can be anyone you want to be. The relatively anonymity of the Central American country promises tourists the opportunity to unbridle their passions and follow their instincts. When you’re sandwiched between the famous Yucatan and the Caribbean it’s easy to get overlooked. But Belize and its many sailable islands -via a bareboat charter- are worthy of more attention. Ambergris Caye is home to only 2,000 residents. Being the largest island of Belize, it’s the most popular island tourist destination. The island offers a plethora of marine oriented activities such as diving, snorkelling, diving, deep-sail fishing, and much more. It’s close proximity to the mainland makes it less than half a day’s sail to the island home to Belize’s Barrier Reef. San Pedro is the biggest city in Ambergris and home to its most robust nightlife. Here you’ll find plenty of places to stay with all the amenities you could ask for. If you’re looking to travel anywhere for an excursion you can rent a bike or golf cart. San Pedro is home to the famous “Chicken Drop.” It’s a simple betting game where residents and tourists come together to bet on where chickens will poop first.

International Sourcesizz

At the dock on Belize’s tiny Carrie Bow island, Florida State University scientist Janie Wulf emerges from the water after snorkeling for sponges. She’s one of 100 scientists per year who come to the Smithsonian marine research station to study everything from corals and mangroves to sand worms and in Wulf’s case, sponges. Caretakers Greg and Joanne Dreamer, who summer in Montana and base here six weeks a year, greet us on shore. With short-cropped grey hair and a Marilyn Monroe mole on her cheek, Joanne welcomes us while Greg gets back to painting a wooden door on saw horses. “He also tests out the hammocks every day,” Joanne says. “He says he’d hate to see a scientist get hurt on one.” Joanne gives us the two-cent tour of the two-story facility, the sole building on the less-than-an-acre island. A bunk room sleeps up to six scientists at a time, a lab harbors counters, tubs and sea water spigots for collecting samples, and a library and hammock-lined porch command the

Norwegian Cruise Line taking the wraps off Harvest Caye
Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line's destination island in Belize, is set to open on Nov. 17, with the first call being made by the Norwegian Dawn. The project has been at least three years in the making and will be the most elaborate island destination Norwegian Cruise Line has developed to date. About seven acres have been groomed for guests who can choose between a long white-sand beach, a water sports lagoon or a 300,000 gallon tropical pool to start their recreation ashore. The venue serves as the first landside outpost of Norwegian's partnership with Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville franchise, with the debut a Landshark Bar & Grill in Belize. (There are Margaritaville restaurants on three Norwegian Cruise Line ships.)


  • Blackadore Caye, 1min. As the time draws near for ground breaking at Blackadore Caye, the investors announced this morning that they are reconsidering the contruction of any over water structures. Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia restated his support for the project but stated that investors "need to balance development and economy."

  • Secret beach San Pedro Belize, 8min. Adventure from South San Pedro, Belize to Secret Beach. Riding in a golf cart to a favorite local spot. Secret beach is not much of a beach we figured out but you are able to walk out over 300 feet out at water about 3.5feet high.

  • FREE DENTAL CHECK-UP BY THE BELIZE MISSION, 7min. Free dental and hearing care is being offered to residents of the Corozal District through an initiative known as Belize Mission Project. We stopped in today to find out how Belizeans are taking advantage of the opportunity to get much needed medical check-ups.

  • BELIZE MISSION PROJECT RESTORES HEARING ABILITIES, 5min. While the dental team of the Belize Mission Project has been operating at the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association conference room, a specialist in audiology has been providing services at the Presbyterian Clinic in Patchakan Village. Today when we arrived at the clinic, we witnessed the smiles and happy faces from those whose hearing abilities were being restored, some for the first time in their lives.


  • My Trip to Belize!, 27min. Watch me discover a new culture in a foreign country.

  • VLOG: Belize Travel Video, 6min. I took a trip to Belize with my good good girlfriend Danielle (rhapsodani) for her birthday. It was a fun time to say the least.

  • Garifuna Cooking Class with Palmento Grove Culture & Fishing Lodge, Belize, 1.5min. A super fun half-day Garifuna culture tour at Palmento Grove Culture & Fishing Lodge in Hopkins, Belize. A new one-stop site for introducing travelers to this UNESCO protected indigenous culture. Don't be miss it when you're in Hopkins or anywhere south.

  • Greetings from Dangriga, the cultural capital of Belize! , 30sec. Check out our impromptu jam session with Pen Cayetano and his wife Ingrid!

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