On Wednesday, November 2nd a group of six international female skydivers paid a visit to Mayor Daniel Guerrero. They are Amy Chmelecki, Domitille Kiger, Anna Moxnes, Sara Curtis, Megan Gunn, and Nancy Koreen. Most of them had done thousands of jumps and even participated with skydivers of the ‘Red Bull Team.’ They were accompanied by Richard Grimm. He is no stranger to the island, having brought skydivers to the island as part of the Boogie in Belize contingency.

Grimm stated that he plans to bring 200 skydivers in 2018 and revive the Boogie in Belize experience which ceased in 2011. He also announced that skydiving services will be provided on the island starting December 3, 2016 until Easter of 2017 through Caribbean Villas Beach Resort. For more information on this upcoming new attraction on the island, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Skydive-Belize-1664792597183162/

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