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Today's Belize News: November 9, 2016 #518837
11/09/16 06:09 AM
11/09/16 06:09 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Pup holds rally on Ambergris Caye
A strong and encouraging message was delivered at a rally organized by the People United Party (PUP) on Sunday, November 6th on Ambergris Caye. The PUP showcased their intentions of taking over the next municipal and general election with the strong promise of not just better governance, but to rescue the country’s disastrous situation for the benefit of the Belizean people. A panel of special invited guests along with the PUP chairmanship of Belize Rural South spoke to the supporters in attendance about the country’s current situation. Chairman Perez delivered a few words as the rally started. He reminded attendees of the importance and priority to begin the race for municipal and general elections. He pointed out the negligence of the local authorities on the island’s infrastructure, in particular the streets. “The message that we want to spread out, not only in San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker, is that the only party that can fix this country and put it back on track, is the PUP,” said Perez. “No other party is equipped with more capable people, that have great ideas to implement in our country, than the PUP.”

SPTC donates to San Pedro Garifuna Council
As Garifuna Settlement Day quickly approaches, the San Pedro Garifuna Council (SPGC) has planned several activities to commemorate the Garinagu’s rich heritage. In embracing the Garifuna culture and celebrating diversity, Mayor Daniel Guerrero donated $1,000 to the SPGC on Friday, November 4th at the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). According to Noralez, the council has limited funds, but they are optimistic that the Garifuna culture will be preserved. “After activities are done this year, the funds that are left over will be used to make bigger and grander activities next year. We won’t be able to do many of the activities we have planned this year because of insufficient funds. However, we will commit to making sure there the council is self-sustained, and there is a continuous flow,” said Noralez.

World-class skydivers visit San Pedro
On Wednesday, November 2nd a group of six international female skydivers paid a visit to Mayor Daniel Guerrero. They are Amy Chmelecki, Domitille Kiger, Anna Moxnes, Sara Curtis, Megan Gunn, and Nancy Koreen. Most of them had done thousands of jumps and even participated with skydivers of the ‘Red Bull Team.’ They were accompanied by Richard Grimm. He is no stranger to the island, having brought skydivers to the island as part of the Boogie in Belize contingency. Grimm stated that he plans to bring 200 skydivers in 2018 and revive the Boogie in Belize experience which ceased in 2011. He also announced that skydiving services will be provided on the island starting December 3, 2016 until Easter of 2017 through Caribbean Villas Beach Resort. For more information on this upcoming new attraction on the island, visit their Facebook page.

Belize Tourism Health Program to Enhance Well-Being for Visitors
The Ministries of Health and Tourism in collaboration with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) are pleased to announce the launch of a national initiative to enhance the health and well-being of its visitors and locals while promoting sustainable and profitable tourism. The primary objective of the project is to see fewer, less costly outbreaks and other negative public health events occurring in the tourism industry; promoting a healthier, safer, more reputable Caribbean tourism product on the global stage; and to strengthen regional safety and security for both visitors and locals. The project also aims to strengthen human resource capacity and skills in health, food safety, and environmental management and promote public-private sector intersectoral partnerships at national and regional levels in support of HSE tourism threats.

Ambergris Today

Changes to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blackadore Caye Revealed
Located off the coast of Belize, Blackadore Caye or better known to Belizeans, as Leonardo DiCaprio’s Island is soon to be the world's leading example of green hospitality with an aim to restore and revitalize the surrounding ecosystem. After having received the green light by Belize’s Department of Environment, the Blackadore Group has now revealed the new look of the eco resort. DiCaprio and his team have spent the last six months gathering feedback from local stakeholders and citizens on the original project design. The final design reflects the input of the surrounding community on every aspect of the project, including even the removal of overwater structures that garnered great design acclaim but caused concern for just a few local environmentalists. Jean Michel Gathy best known for his work with Aman and One&Only is the lead design architect. Jean’s work has remained modern with natural materials such as wood and marble, however he was inspired by Belize's ancient Mayan ruins.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum would like to reconfirm to the general public that the regional offshore seismic survey has been cancelled. The survey was suspended on October 20, 2016 and was subsequently canceled later on the same day. The seismic vessel Seabird Northern Explorer departed Belize on October 21, 2016. This survey will not take place. Public consultations on the seismic survey, as initially proposed, will not be conducted. If, in the future, such an opportunity were to arise, the Ministry will continue to ensure that all legal requirements are followed and that the appropriate levels of consultations are held with stakeholders. The Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum, through the Geology and Petroleum Department, will continue to ensure that the petroleum sector is developed in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner which can contribute to the sustainable development of Belize.

Ready Set Go 2017 BHA Hotel Guide Set for Distribution
The Belize Hotel Association (BHA) is excited to announce the release of their new Hotel Guide for the 2016/2017 membership year. The Guide has been completed, printed and shipped to BHA’s distribution house in Florida, where it will be dispatched accordingly to all the International trades shows. The hotel guides are not distributed in Belize, as their main purpose is to target international travelers who are considering making Belize their next vacation destination. Over 4,000 printed guides are handed out at all the trade-shows and events that the Belize Hotel Association attends and also the shows that the Belize Tourism Board attends internationally.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), through its EXPORTBelize Unit, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organization based in the USA, which seeks closer collaboration in encouraging a sustainable seaweed aquaculture industry in Belize, among others, that provide products for the local and international market. This business plan will include a curriculum that provides information on best practices that highlight conservation values, facilitates replication, ensures quality assurance and control of seaweed production, as well as provide a long-term system to retain know-how and share lessons across the country and the region. Best practices will also target maximizing benefits to wild conch and lobster populations and coral reefs. This includes spatial mapping of priority sites to capture resilient reefs and incorporation of nursery habitats within replenishment zones.

The University of Belize (UB), Belmopan Campus in collaboration with The Small Business Development Centre, Belize (SBDCBelize), a unit of Beltraide, will hold its third annual Entrepreneurship Symposium on November 14th 2016 at 1:30 pm. The symposium is an annual event observed as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). This year the symposium will be held at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development, Belmopan, under the theme: “Entrepreneurship: The Foundation of a Nation”. It will include various presentations by young Belizean entrepreneurs, who will present a synopsis of their projects as well as success stories and challenges faced by them during the establishment of their business ventures.

Drafting of a Local Economic Plan for San Pedro
Join us on Thursday Nov. 10th at the Lion's Den, 7pm

Cleaning up the Stann Creek House of Culture
It's been incredible to see the community come together to spruce up Stann Creek House of Culture and Gulisi Community Primary School! Thank you to all those who are pitching in... We did a lot today. SCHC, DTC, BDF, Gulisi , and the community. Thanks a million.

National Women’s Show Toronto 2016 & Canadian Road Show Toronto
Belize at the "National Women’s Show Toronto 2016 and Canadian Road Show".

Community Screening happening this Friday at the San Pedro House of Culture at 7pm
The film is titled:The Beginning of Time / El Comienzo del Tiempo (México, 2014) 110 mins, Dir: Bernardo Arellano Rated: G Original, Language: Spanish. Synopsis: Antonio and Bertha are an elderly couple, about 90 years old who find themselves in trouble when social security pensions are suspended due to a financial and social crisis in the country where they live. Given the fact that their children have not visited them in many years they are confronted with the need to survive alone. The couple is forced to sell their belongings and sustain themselves selling food on the street or stealing. The lives of the two elderly people change when their son Jonas and grandson Paco, absent from their lives for over a decade, appear unexpectedly once again.

The Toledo Howler
The autumn 2016 issue of The Toledo Howler looking back on a wonderful chocolate Festival in May and forward to The Battle of the Drums this month

BELTRAIDE and The Nature Conservancy Sign an MOU
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), through its EXPORTBelize Unit, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit organisation based in the USA, which seeks closer collaboration in encouraging a sustainable seaweed aquaculture industry in Belize. Under the MOU, BELTRAIDE and The Nature Conservancy will establish a working committee, which in addition to sharing data and information, will work with fishermen, the Coral Caye Ltd. and the Placencia Co-op Society to develop a comprehensive business plan for a sustainable seaweed aquaculture business. This business plan will include a curriculum that provides information on best-practices that highlight conservation values, facilitates replication, ensures quality assurance and control of seaweed production as well as provide a long-term system to share lessons across the country and the region. Best practices will also target maximizing benefits to wild conch and lobster populations and coral reefs. This includes spatial mapping of priority sites to capture resilient reefs and incorporation of nursery habitats within replenishment zones.

San Pedro Town that the portfolios of the Mayor and Councilors of the San Pedro Town Council 2015-2018 have been reshuffled and are as follows: *the changes are effective immediately SAN PEDRO TOWN COUNCIL - PORTFOLIOS 2016 -2018 DANIEL “DANNY” GUERRERO – MAYOR Finance Customer Services Foreign Relation Communications & Consultations Services Ambergris Caye Master Plan

Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize
H.E. Ambassador Benjamin Ho has completed his tour of duty as Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize and will be departing on November 13, 2016. Ambassador Ho arrived in Belize in July 2014. Ambassador Ho wishes to express his profound gratitude to the Government and the people of Belize. For the friendship, hospitality and support accorded to him making his tour of office here in Belize a most pleasant and rewarding one. The New Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize, H.E. Charles Keh-yue LIU, is due to arrive on Monday, November 14, 2016. He is a senior career diplomat who serves in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for nearly 30 years. Before arriving Belize, he was Director General of Taipei Liaison Office in Cape Town (2015-2016) and was posted to Los Angeles as Deputy Director General (2009-2012), Atlanta as Deputy Director General (2006-2009), San Francisco (1996-2002) and Philippines (1987-1991).

500 ft runway extension at the Pelican Beach Airstrip, Dangriga
Looks awesome!

Power interruption 7:00am to 12:00midday, Wednesday, November 9: entire Hopkins Village and Sittee Point area
BEL to install load break switch on the distribution system in Hopkins Village.

Benque Tree Light Up
The Benque Tree Light Up is starting on December 9th. If you want to adopt a tree, and help the Belize Child Friendly Project, call 803-2020. "The benque child friendly project group presents the light up a tree program! On december 9th, Benque will light up all the trees of the George Price Boulevard! Do you want to adopt one and help us light them all? For more information visit us at the Benque Viejo Town Hall or call us at 803-2020! Any group,organization, business, family or individual can adopt one! JOIN THE FRIENDLY MOVEMENTS, ADOPT AND LIGHT UP A TREE!"

It's almost time! Here are 5 things to know about the Belize International Film Festival 2016:
1. There are two great films for Opening Night: Yochi Film and Ixcanul 2. $25 gets you the Opening Night Red Carpet Gala and the two films Bliss Center for Performing Arts 3. After that, individual films are just $10. What a bargain! 4, The symposium on Friday and Saturday is FREE 5. There are screenings in the districts as well!

Embassy Belmopan celebrates USA Election Day 2016 in style!

Channel 7

ACP Chester Put On Leave By Compol, Brought Back By Minister
Tonight Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is back in the Commander's Chair after suddenly being placed on administrative leave yesterday evening. Reports from junior officers on the southside tell us that Commissioner Allen Whylie ordered Williams to hand over command to his second, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson and go immediately on Administrative Leave. What did he do to earn such a swift and stern come uppance? Well it's that very same dispute we told you about last night: Williams switched his officers over to an eight hour shift - without first getting approval from the Commissioner. The commissioner demanded that he revert to the 12 hour shift immediately - and when Williams didn't, he was placed on leave, forthwith. Well, today all sides were called to Belmopan to meet with Minister of State with responsibility for police Elodio Aragon and CEO George Lovell. We understand that the administrative issues were thrashed out and a resolution was arrived at. A brief press release issued this evening says, quote, "after a meeting with the administration, including Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, ACP Chester Williams, CEO Lovell and Minister Aragon, (the internal administrative) issues have since been resolved.

Former Police Minister Supports Eight Hour Shift
So, the new Police Minister Aragon has taken a wait and see approach with the eight hour shift, and the former minister Godwin Hulse felt much the same. Hulse only held the portfolio for a few weeks, but said there is wisdom in eight hours instead of 12:... Hon. Godwin Hulse, Former Minister of Home Affairs: "The more officers you get clearly and I think you are referring to overtime payment and that sort of thing. People get tired you know and people need jobs. So you can't have one or two persons making a continuous amount of overtime when other people need jobs and you have other people that you can place. That not only applies to police, that applies to everything in general."

Make-Up School Days For Strike Finalized
And while city cops have been working extra hours, starting in 2017, school children will be taking in a few extra days of school. After meetings between the Ministry of Education and the managements of Pre-, Primary and High Schools, a decision has been finalized on make-up days for the 11 days lost to the October strike. Fresh off the meeting with secondary school board chairs and secondary school principals, Education Minister Patrick Faber made the announcement: Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education: "It is 40 secondary schools supporting the ministry's proposal to add 6 days. There was one vote against the proposal and one abstention. So, again, that proposal is to have the schools calendar year be amended to include 6 additional days, which would be 4 in January from the 3rd to the 6th. On the initial school calendar, schools would have reopen after the Christmas on Monday 9th January and with this amendment it would now reconvene on the 3rd, which is a Tuesday and we would then get Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th which is 4 days and then we would add on two additional days at the start of the Easter break which would be the first two days Monday and Tuesday the 10th and 11th of April and for reference, this is the Monday and Tuesday before Good Friday."

Shotguns, Fences, And Face-offs In Frank's Eddy
Last week, 7News broke the story of the second flare up of tensions between Franks Eddy neighbors Michael Modiri and Bradley Paumen who are bitter business rivals, and personal enemies. It's well known that Modiri has reported that Paumen tried to get him killed. Paumen told us last week that all the accusations which Modiri has made against him are false and malicious. But, as we told you, these are two investors who want to carve out a piece of the cruise tourism industry for themselves. They're both interested cave tubing, where Bradley Paumen has already started running a million dollar enterprise, an idea which Modiri claims Paumen stole from him. Mix in the court battles for trespass, which Modiri won, and the rivalry has only deepened. That's because Modiri has made an active stance at the start of this cruise season to block Paumen from entering his land, something Paumen needs to do to get to the Dark Night Cave system. It's causing a major loss in earning, which is hurting workers from Franks Eddy, and so a lot is on the line. So, that confrontation we've been speculating on sort of sparked last week Monday when Bradley Paumen went head to head with Modiri's head of Security, Jerome Crawford.

The Modiri-Paumen Panorama
Crawford was detained only hours after he gave us a short tour of the Modiri property, which sits between Bradley Paumen and his tour site at the Dark Night Caves. These sought-after cave systems are the subject of dispute between both men, who can't decide on whose land the system sits. Today, we got a chance to visit it for ourselves for the first time, and Daniel Ortiz has put together the most comprehensive look at the dispute so far. Here's his story: Daniel Ortiz reporting: This "keep out" sign marks where the public road ends, and where Michael Modiri's land starts. Currently, it's also the only access which makes the trip to the Dark Night Cave System possible from Belize City's Harbour all the way to this Cayo South tourist getaway. So, locked behind the Modiri blockade lies a picturesque nature trail, complete with exploration of the different parts of the Cave system. There's ziplining, and cave tubing, and the great outdoors here in the Belizean jungles. All of these make for a perfect package for those adventure tourists who come from all across the world, and undoubtedly, the earnings potential from the tourist traffic is visible.

Local Operators Diss Both Paumen and Modiri
And two tour operators who have a unique perspective on the Paumen/Modiri property dispute are Yohny Rosado and David Almendarez. As members of FECTAB, they have long led the charge for indigenous ownership of tour operations. They claim that both Paumen and Modiri called them to the table - and they told us why they rejected the partnership:.. David Almendarez, Cave Tubing R Us: "It's ironic that Mr. Paumen, who is the guy that has all the big contracts with the preferred cruise operators, is now the person threatening to break the law. It's a shame that he will use his employees as pawns and put them out there to rally and say they are going to break down this and that. When we all know that Dark Night is the culprit here and they are the ones that get benefits from the government that have the inside jobs and now they are ones that don't want to abide by the law. The law has stated that that is that gentleman's land. But because Mr. Paumen have the nice fat contract, he is trying to bully his way through this man land. So I am saying Mr. Paumen, fix up."

Hulse Versus Francis In Defamation Suit
Public figures, especially those involved in politics are often the targets for harsh or even unjustified criticism. While some think this is par for the course, others like Senator Godwin Hulse, don't take it lightly. Hulse values his good name, and is always ready to go to court to energetically defend it. And that's why he went to court when former PUP party leader Francis Fonseca had some choice words about Hulse's conduct as Minister of Immigration. Hulse filed a defamation of character suit against Fonseca. Today, Hulse along with his attorney Yohanseh Cave and Fonseca's attorney, Kareem Musa, met in court for the pretrial review hearing. We spoke to them both to get the details... Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "Well it was, I think they call it pretrial review and it is simply to set a date for trial and to talk about whatever might be necessary for the trial whether there is gonna be requiring any support equipment or whether there are any witnesses that they should be concerned about, so that's basically it." Marisol Amaya, KREM: "This one is in relation to which utterance?" Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "This is the case that I have brought against the Hon. Francis Fonseca for character defamation."

Hulse on Cash Compensation
We also pressed Hulse - as former Minister of Natural Resources - to speak about those lavish compensation awards given to UDP friends and family. He says he discovered the huge payouts shortly after he took over in November of last year. That's when a moratorium was put on compensation payouts in January: Hon. Godwin Hulse, Former Minister of Home Affairs: "I was the minister then and I was just in the chair a month and I began to say well what the heck is this? I mean all these compensations, how we get to this. Let's try to stop it first of all, not pay anything else, but get a complete analysis of who we owe and why we owe etc. Even those that were mandated by the courts. A lot of them were mandated by the courts and I didn't see it fair at all from how I sit and how I think. So, very short term I had. We didn't approved any additional compensations and I don't think the present minister is either until that whole matter is settled. But to answer your specific question how we came to that, a lot of the compensations were old compensations that began to be paid. Some people were waiting forever. I want to make this very clear, from where I sit then and now in the future, I don't believe at all even of the court rule and I don't want to step on the courts, so I'll be careful. But I don't believe that you got a piece of land for $4,000, you do nothing to it. It is suggested that you got it in error and then it is valued by at commercial rates and you are paid nearly a million dollars. Just seem odd to me. I would give you back your $4,000 with average interest from the time you paid your $4,000 to now, because I think that's all you deserve and I mean that."

Yohny Says No To NICH
The 2017 cruise ship season started today with the arrival of two ships. That meant the Fort Street Tourism Village was abuzz with activity - but cave tubing specialist Yohny Rosado wasn't celebrating. And that's because he says NICH suspended two of his guides for no good reason. Rosado told us more today in front of the Tourism Village:... Yohny Rosado, "Allegations are one of my guys went to cave tubing when the cave was closed. One guy Jimmy Cortez could fight 10 employees of NICH. They have park rangers there. How my Jimmy would beat up 8 park rangers. They have 8 of them living in 2 houses." Jules Vasquez: "You are saying if they were serious, these people should have prevented him from doing the tour." Yohny Rosado, "They were supposed to be there. There were no park ranges. They were no sign. Jimmy saw the caves and Jimmy went cave tubing. When they came out back, they say he went when the cave were closed. They were sleeping, they were partying. I don't know what they were doing, but there were no park rangers when Jimmy got there and Jules, be real, where do you go and you get suspended from a job without a hearing? What kind of country we live in. Jimmy will never go to the caves if there are park rangers and caves are closed. He went there, the river was fine, the tourist were okay. When they came out of the caves, they say' oh you will get suspended.' What kind of law NICH have to suspend and fire and let someone stop making money in a critical year like this where we can't make money."

Operators Say BTB is Pushing Them Out
But NICH isn't the only institution Rosado was complaining about. He also complained about the BTB - which he says is pushing all the small operators away from the door of Terminal One at the Fort street Tourism Village - and into the Memorial Park. This is a proposal that has been floated and rejected many times, but this time the BTB seems determined to push through. Rosado claims that it's all because of Carnival Cruise Line which is complaining about the jostling for tours that confronts visitors as they step out of the terminal. Here's how he put it:... The BTB rejects that assessment; they say there's a much larger plan to overhaul the entire Fort George Tourism zone - for which full consultations will be held starting this week.

Seismic Surveys First Suspended Then Cancelled
Last month - under pressure - government suspended the seismic surveys in Belizean waters. The government maintained that surveys were being conducted as part of a regional initiative to gain a better understanding of what lies beneath our waters. However, after public outcry and opposition to the surveys by environmental stakeholders like the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum decided to halt the surveys until proper public consultation could take place. Those consultations have not yet taken place, and don't hold your breath, because according to a press release by the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum, the regional offshore seismic survey has been cancelled. The Ministry has committed to hold appropriate consultations the next time a matter of such great national interest occurs.

Robbed Schoolgirl, Sent to Jail
Today in the Magsitrate's Court, Bernard Seawell was sentenced to 7 years in prison for robbery. On April 4th, a female student was walking on Princess Margaret Drive towards SJC when Seawell, wearing a bandanna over his face, approached her on a bike. Seawell demanded that she hand over her gold chain, or else he would kill her. Fearing for her life, the victim handed over the chain and Seawell rode away. She reported it to the police, and positively identified Seawell in an ID parade. In court both Seawell and his wife testified that at the time of the incident he was at home building his barber shop. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith did not believe them, and denied Seawell the minimum sentence because he had two previous convictions for dishonest crimes. The father of a two year old started serving his 7 year sentence today.

Karim Pleaded Not Guilty To Choking Micah
Last night we told you about the elections for the PUP's BYM Executive. Things got heated and Karim Adle is accused of choking his PUP comrade Micah Goodin. Adle was charged for common assault and appeared in court yesterday where he was arraigned for a charge of common assault. He was represented by another PUP comarade, Michel Chebat and pleaded not guilty and met bail of six hundred dollars within an hour. The Case was adjourned for January 9, 2017.

Faber Says No to LGBT Spin on Minister's Award
Last week - as part of Youth Month - Education and Youth Minister Patrick Faber handed over the Minister's award to twenty- eight-year-old BDF Lieutenant Derricia Jael Castillo. Thats her mother and son getting the award. It happened at the youth awards and was the highlight of the evening, a moment reserved for an exemplary young person who has spearheaded a positive cause which has impacted his or her community. Dericcia is a well trained Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the BDF who - according to the Youth department - has assisted in creating and implementing a BDF HIV Response, spoken at the 38th Meeting of UNAIDS in Geneva, worked as a Conflict Mediator, is a member of the Caribbean Women's Alliance for Diversity and Equality and Created awareness and sensitize communities on human rights issues. But, shes also a proud member of the LBGT community and an activist. So, Derricia posted on her Facebook that she was honored for her positive impact in the LGBT community, and the people living with HIV community.

Keeping The Corozal shoreline Intact
The Sustainable Tourism Program is an initiative being undertaken by the government, Belizean tourism stakeholders and the IDB to promoted and boost traffic to emerging tourism destinations. Areas like Corozal Bay, which have the potential to become major tourist attractions but are not yet at the level of San Pedro or Placencia, will receive special attention from stakeholders to ensure that they do not fall victim to environmental degradation. A team of experts has set out to identify at least four key areas in the Corozal Bay that could be vulnerable to erosion or natural disasters and develop them so that they are no longer a concern. We spoke to the leader of that team, Adam Hosking, for more details. Adam Hosking - Halcrow CH2M Team Leader/IDB Consultant: "So our project links to a part of the broader tourism program STP II, which is looking at promoting tourism in a number of emerging destination in Belize to diversify the tourism economy from where it is today. One of those is Corozal Bay in the North. Our project specifically relates to developing shoreline stabilization concepts for Corozal Bay. Well that's specifically looking to identify areas where there's an erosion problem or an area where the seawall is in a poor state of repair and select location where we would improve that situation and to act as demonstration projects for how they can be improved in other locations using a more sort of natural approach rather than seeing always how we work with mangroves, beaches and natural habitats to prove that resilience over time. Taking account of climate change and the sea level rising in the future."

Hulse Wants To Save Citrus
In three months, Godwin Hulse has pinballed between three ministries - but he may have found his best match at agriculture. An engineer by training, Hulse is a farmer by profession - and his first challenge is to turn around the struggling citrus industry, where production continues to fall. He discussed his plan for citrus today:..

Hulse Happy At Agriculture
And Hulse hopes he has time to effect that transition - meaning he's asking the PM to leave him right where he is:... Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "I am not upset at all. I mean I serve the people of Belize and prime minister appoints his ministers and wherever he puts me I go. I will preempt that statement by saying I just hope I don't move from agriculture." Reporter: "Because then you really would be minister of everything, kinda, sort of." Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "Yeah maybe, but I believe that because agriculture - if you look at immigration and you look at labor and you look at police, those are service ministries in a way and they are reactive. Agriculture is a productive ministry and it's proactive and that's suits my personality better."

Procurement Politics
Public officials involved in procurement of goods and services for government are going through a five-day training course this week at the Biltmore. The European Union funded event is all about getting taxpayers value for money. Director General for Trade, Leroy Almendarez explained how it affects the taxpayer's bottom line:.. The training course is a part of the CARIFORUM-EU Capacity Building Project - which aims to get CARIFORUM Member States' integrated into the world economy.

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Channel 5

ACP Chester Williams Sent on Leave Over Shift Decision; Are Longer Shifts Necessary?
For months, the cracks in the top brass of the police department have been showing wider and wider.  Last week, the outspoken ACP Chester Williams was noticeably absent at high [...]

What Happened to Criminal Complaint on Elvin Penner?
Former Minister of State Elvin Penner was thrown out of Cabinet in September 2013 after having been found to facilitate jailed Korean businessman Won Hong Kim with a Belizean passport [...]

Immigration Minister Looks Forward to Senate Committee Hearings
And speaking of the Senate hearings, Senator Godwin Hulse as substantive Minister will be must-watch viewing when he appears before his fellow Senators at some point down the line. He [...]

The Big Land Compensation; ex-Lands Minister Calls $71Million in 8 Years “Excessive”
Nearly seventy-one million dollars in compensation was awarded from the Ministry of Natural Resources over eight years under the administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Information has come to light [...]

Seismic Testing Cancelled, but There Are Limits According to Department
Government confirmed today that regional offshore seismic survey has been cancelled. The survey was initially suspended on October twentieth following public outcry from tourism stakeholders and the N.G.O. community. Immediately [...]

Why Were Yhony Rosado’s Tour Guides Suspended from Caves Branch?
Owner and operator of Butts Up Cave Tubing Adventures, Yhony Rosado, is up in arms again at the Belize Tourism Board and National Institute of Culture and History. Without warning, [...]

No Tears for Paumen and Modiri from FECTAB Execs
Last week, businessmen Bradley Paumen and Michael Modiri renewed open hostilities in their ongoing war over access to the cave tubing system in the area known as “Dark Night.” The [...]

Big Move Coming for Operators in Tourist Village; Will It Solve Problems?
In one final piece of news from the cruise industry, meetings have been held with tour operators on plans to move them from the open area in front of Terminal [...]

Ministry of Education To Go Ahead with Deductions and Projected Make-Up Time for Classes
The Ministry of Education has finalized an agreement with managing authorities for teachers to make up time lost as a result of recent industrial action.  That decision was met without [...]

Faber Not Backing Down, But Will Prime Minister Weigh In?
In his capacity as Acting Prime Minister, Faber was privy to a letter written by B.N.T.U. President Luke Palacio to PM Barrow in which he requested that the notice issued [...]

Godwin Hulse Sues Francis Fonseca for Defamation; Trial Coming in January
The Supreme Court will hear a case brought on behalf of Senator and Government Minister Godwin Hulse in the New Year against former leader of the People’s United Party Francis [...]

The Birth Certificate Issue: Minister Laments Lack of Trust in Institutions
We reported last week that a Belizean woman was denied her birth certificate because the Vital Statistics Unit is reviewing allegations of fraud involving someone taking Belizean birth certificates and [...]

Hamilton Siblings Burned in Fire Getting Better After Surgeries
It’s been just over a month since two minors, severely burnt in an act of arson, were airlifted to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Texas, U.S.A.  On October seventh, four [...]

Family Agonizes Over Who Destroyed Their Home and Lives
But while the children continue the fight for their lives, it is very much emotional time for their mother, Melisa, and family members in Belize. To add salt to the [...]

Trio Faces Trial for Stann Creek Resident’s Murder
Two brothers and their friend, John and Sheldon Grinage, along with Brandon Baptist accused of the January thirtieth, 2016 murder of Stann Creek resident, Mariano Castillo, will stand trial for [...]

Anti-Drug Unit Busts Cocaine on Boom-Hattieville Road
Police have confirmed a major cocaine bust that occurred over the weekend. The report is that this past Saturday the Anti-Narcotics Unit were conducting an Interdiction Exercise near the Philip [...]

C.G.A. to Hold Special Meeting
A special general meeting has been requested by a group of forty-six farmers, including former Citrus Growers Association Chairman Bryon Bowman, to address the current financial state of affairs of [...]

Financials Will Be Ready for Annual General Meeting, Says C.E.O.
According to Chief Executive Officer Henry Anderson, during the time when there was an issue with Banks Holdings, an agreement was made for new auditors to be assigned to the [...]

U.B. Joins Forces with University of the West Indies
Regional institution UWI and Belize’s national university UB signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen partnerships to improve tertiary level education in Belize.  The MOU seeks to foster the relationship [...]

U.W.I. Open Campus Also Working with Chamber of Commerce
Another MOU was signed today, this time between the UWI Open Campus and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This MOU is a continuation of another MOU signed in [...]

Ministry of Education Works on Early Childhood Program in North
The European Union and the government kicked off an important program on early childhood education over the weekend. The program covers the Corozal and Orange District where preschool teachers are [...]


Hulse Sues Former PUP Leader For Defamation Of Character
Hon. Godwin Hulse is suing Freetown Area Hon. Francis Fonseca for alleged defamation in relation to comments uttered during a press conference two years ago. Both parties appeared in court for a pre-trial review hearing today. In that encounter, they reported to the court that mediation has not worked therefore they are prepared to go to trial. Both sides spoke to the media following their hearing. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Minister of Immigration, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development: “This is the case that I have brought about against the honourable Francis Fonseca for character defamation.” Reporter: “What statement did he make?” Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Minister of Immigration, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development: “I don’t want to repeat the statement but it was in relation at the time of the Penner passport issues.”

Free Eye Clinics For Corozal School Children
The San Pedro Lions Club has embarked on a national programme to improve the vision of school children. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Lions representatives are visiting schools across the country with state of the art eye testing equipment. Today, the President of the San Pedro Lions Club Nigel Belisle was visiting Paraiso Government School. He told us ensuring that the children have good vision can improve their education. Nigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club: “We’ve been going from school to school checking the kid’s eyes and thing, as you know better sight means better vision and better vision means children will do better in school so we embarked on this program to try to help the children of Corozal Town.” Nigel Belisle, President, San Pedro Lions Club: “We sent out Parental form for the parents whether they accept for us to test the children’s eyes and once they accept they return that form back to us, we go and we visit the school and we do it classroom per classroom and we have this device and it’s called the plus optic machine and it detects exactly what is wrong with the children’s eyes.”

GOB Suspends Seismic Testing For Good
On Wednesday October 19th, two vessels, namely the MV Northern Explorer and MV Campeche begun seismic testing in Belizean waters, only a short distance away from the country’s fragile World Heritage site, despite Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s promise back in May of 2015 that all offshore concessions had expired and none would be renewed. Although the testing started one day earlier than had been publicly announced, the government of Belize was forced to cease seismic operations the day after it commenced, following an outcry from concerned citizens, national civil society groups and international conservation organizations and their supporters. Today the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum announced that the regional offshore seismic survey has been cancelled. According to the release, the seismic vessel Seabird Northern Explorer departed Belize on October 21, 2016 and this kind of survey will not be taking place in Belizean waters as previously proposed.

Former Minister Of Lands Speaks On Compensations
As you heard from Gaspar Vega, there are persons in the UDP that called for his full resignation, even from the House of Representatives. He said these were persons that did not like him. Well, we don’t know if Hon. Godwin Hulse is one of those people, but today when the media caught up with him outside the Court, where he was for a private matter, he expressed gross dismay at the idea of hustling from the public’s coffers through land compensation. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Minister of Immigration, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development: “When my former CEO said that in January we put a brakes in compensation and try to review I was the minister then and I was just in the month and I began to say what the heck is this I mean with all this compensation who did we get to this and then try to stop it first of all not pay anything else but get a complete analysis of who we owe and why we owe and even those mandated by the court a lot of them were mandated by the courts and I didn’t see it fair at all from my how I see it...”


Katehlyn Rubio is Miss Garifuna 2016
This year’s Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations are being held under the theme: “Garifuna: Rísiti, Pántati, Gabafuti. Iúrahowa meme la – Garifuna: Rich, Proud and Powerful. Let us continue to preserve it”. A highlight of the annual celebrations, founded in 1941 by Thomas Vincent Ramos, is the annual Ms. Garifuna Belize Cultural Pageant, which showcases Garifuna talent, beauty, culture and history. This year, though, the winner of the pageant used the platform to put the spotlight on a burning national issue. Katehlyn Rubio, 18, of Punta Gorda (‘Peini’ in Garifuna) in the Toledo District, captured the title of Miss Garifuna 2016-2017 on Saturday night, November 5, after a stellar display of garifunadüaü—the rich essence of the Garifuna culture—and delivering a compelling message for her main item on pageant night, calling for peace between Belize and Guatemala, and especially at the Sarstoon River, the country’s southern border where there have been numerous conflicts between Guatemala’s military and Belizeans, both civilians and armed forces. The divisive conflict is a grave concern for the wider Garifuna community, which spans the borders of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.

Fr. John Stochl, S. J., passes in St. Louis
The newspaper has been reliably informed of the death last night of Fr. John Stochl, S. J., in St. Louis, Missouri. Our source says that he suffered a stroke while attending Mass in the Jesuit Infirmary there last week. Fr. Stochl was a priest who was much loved in Belize, where he served for many decades. In turn, Fr. John loved Belize as a man would love his home. He left The Jewel reluctantly to go into retirement in St. Louis last year. May he rest in peace. This was a good man.

Gary Seawell was falsely imprisoned, Court of Appeal finds
Gary Gordon Seawell, a Belizean, who has been fighting a United States extradition request for three years, was released today with a Writ of Habeas Corpus from the Court of Appeal. The court found that Seawell was falsely imprisoned when the Chief Magistrate ruled that he should be extradited and remanded him to the Belize Central Prison on October 22, 2013, without the proper warrant for his legal imprisonment. Seawell, through his attorney Anthony Sylvestre, filed a civil claim at the Court of Appeal against the Superintendent of the Belize Central Prison and the Attorney General of Belize. At today’s hearing, British attorney Ben Cooper, from Doughty Street Chamber, teamed up with Sylvestre for Seawell’s appeal. The Attorney General and the Kolbe Foundation’s Belize Central Prison were represented by Senior Crown Counsel Triennia Young, and Agassi Finnegan.

Return the $400,000, GOB tells Pitts and Vega!
Attorney Sharon Pitts and Andre Vega, son of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, both walked away with $400,000 each after a shady land transaction occurred when the senior Vega was the Minister of Natural Resources. Pitts and Vega were both granted acres of land despite being told on more than one occasion that those lands were already privately owned. After acquiring the land, the Government of Belize was forced to compensate them so that the land could be returned to its original owner. Both Pitts and Vega each received approximately $400,000 for lands that they had purchased at a price of just a few thousand dollars. When this scandal broke last month it made headlines and stirred so much controversy that Gaspar Vega was forced to resign from Cabinet with immediate effect.

The PM’s appointment with history
The Government of Belize announced late Friday that it would be making the moves necessary for the recovery of a total of $800,000 paid to Sharon Pitts and Andre Vega as compensation for private lands the Ministry of Natural Resources had sold to them in what may be described as land scams. As has been the case with most high profile disputes between the Government of Belize and private individuals and groups in the modern era, this attempt to recover the compensation money looks like yet another case where some attorneys in Belize will make a lot of money. When Belizeans began to fight for self-rule in 1950, you could count the amount of native attorneys on one hand, and almost all court cases were criminal ones. Today, it seems everyone, and his brother and sister, is an attorney, and ours has become a highly litigious society since political independence in 1984. Multimillion dollar civil cases abound on the legal calendar in Belize. “Civil” is where the big money is.

From the Publisher
Two or three months ago I wrote in this column that I felt Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for the United States presidency, had put himself in a position where the Democrats could make a caricature of him which would frighten the American people into voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I mentioned that the Democratic campaign of the incumbent President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, had succeeded in doing such a caricature job on Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential candidate in November of 1964, who was beaten badly by Mr. Johnson. The so-called Cold War between the United States and Russia had been perhaps the biggest issue in 1964, because it carried with it the threat of nuclear war and the annihilation of planet earth. The Democrats had made Goldwater look like an extremist hawk who would be quick to use America’s nuclear arsenal.

I recommend BURN, featuring Marlon Brando
Dear Editor, I always look forward to reading your editorials, and as usual the one in the current issue of Amandala is informative, incisive, to the point — and a bit “arch,” which I like! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the people. Last night I watched a free movie on You Tube, the seldom seen and heretofore unknown to me BURN, featuring one of my favorite actors, Marlon Brando. A story of slave revolution in the Caribbean circa mid-1800’s, when both the Portuguese and the English were jockeying for economic advantage in the very lucrative sugarcane trade. With enough nefarious deeds and duplicitous dealings to go around, it illustrates just how craven colonial machinations in pursuit of wealth could be; sugarcane here, but hell, it could just as well have been mahogany…. At any rate, if you have the time for this, I recommend it highly. (Ed. NOTE: We believe this is a movie which was shown in Belize under the name of QUEIMADA. It was only shown once at the Palace Theater, because this was around 1970, during the time of UBAD. Apparently, the Government of Belize, which also banned Nina Simone’s YOUNG, GIFTED, AND BLACK from being played on the government monopoly radio station, felt the movie Mr. Czarnecki was referring to would have encouraged UBAD impulses. We believe the said movie, BURN or QUEIMADA, was directed by an Italian named Gillo Pontecorvo, who had previously directed the more famous revolutionary film – THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS.)

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry of Home Affairs confirms Chester Williams’ suspension
The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a release today confirming reports that yesterday, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was placed on administrative leave pending the resolution of internal administrative matters. The release states that today, after a meeting with the administration, including Commissioner […]

BTIA Dangriga Tourism Expo to be held on Garifuna Settlement Day
The Dangriga Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) will be hosting the first ever Dangriga Tourism Expo on Saturday, November 19 at the Alejo Beni Park. BTIA advocates for the sustainable development of the industry and improved quality of the visitor’s experience. BTIA […]

Minor raped in Independence
A woman of Independence village took her daughter, who is a minor, to the Independence village police station and reported that on Saturday at about 1:00 pm while at home alone, Samuel Canelo visited the house and had sexual intercourse with the minor against […]

More weed found in San Ignacio
Yesterday evening at about 5:30 p.m., police conducted a search at the home of Isiah Azueta on Jaguar Street in San Ignacio Town where officers discovered a black plastic bag on a T.V. stand . It contained seven transparent plastic bags and six smaller […]

Hit and Run in Orange Walk claims life of one
Yesterday morning about 6:30 a.m., police visited an area in Trinidad Village in the Orange Walk district where officers observed the body of a man. The victim was identified as Luciano Jose Chi, 71. He was lying on the ground with head injuries and […]

NEMO Minister deliver houses in Belize Rural North
NEMO Minister, Edmund Castro has been delivering houses to victims of Hurricane Earl in all the areas that were severely affected. This week in Belize Rural North he handed over a number of houses to residents in villages throughout that division. The houses delivered […]

Chester Williams suspended
ACP Chester Williams is at odds with the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie. After a meeting this morning, Whylie reportedly placed Williams on a five day suspension with immediate effect. Officers reportedly work exhaustive 12 hour shifts causing officers to become overworked so Williams […]

Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 to be held in Belmopan
The University of Belize (UB), Belmopan Campus in collaboration with the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC-Belize), a unit of Beltraide, will hold its third annual Entrepreneurship Symposium on November 14 at 1:30 p.m. The symposium is an annual event observed as part of […]

Micah Goodin beat up by fellow PUP supporter
A senior People’s United Party (PUP) supporter has been arrested and charged for assaulting a junior supporter of the party. The incident took place at the Belize Youth Movement’s (BYM) election on Saturday in Belize City. Karim Adle Sr., 55, reportedly beat up known […]

Cayo residents join hands in fighting crime
Last night, a joint meeting was held at the Aguada in Santa Elena town with members of the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association (CNWA), People’s Coalition of Cayo (PCC), Cayo Special Constables committee and the San Ignacio police in attendance. The first of its kind, […]

World watches US election
The world has paused to observe the election of the next President of the United States of America. History will be made today if either the Democratic Nominee, Hillary Clinton, or the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump, is successful. If she wins, Clinton who embodies […]


Learn How to Play the Garifuna Drums with the Locals in Belize
One of the signature musical styles of the Garifuna is their special drumming. Using hand-made drums formed from native hardwoods and animal skins, Garifuna drums are much more than just a simple musical instrument. Garifuna drummers believe that their sacred rhythms are an important vehicle for communicating essential truths about the world. A number of towns and villages offer traditional Garifuna drumming classes for visitors. Whether it’s learning how to drum, dance, or how to make a traditional drum, classes are usually found in areas with a significant Garifuna population like the villages of Punta Gorda, Seine Bight, or Hopkins as well as the town of Dangriga.

Youth volunteer programs in Belize empowering leadership
Leadership means different things to different people around the world. It is the capacity to translate vision into reality; to lead the way. Not only ​to stand up and fight for what you believe in but also to know when it’s time to kneel to serve others in need. Belize has been blessed with a melting pot of cultures;​ cultures that respect each other and come as one when in need. There are various community youth groups​, religious youth groups​, political youth groups​ and even youth clubs in Belize that display great leadership to various communities in the country. For instance, La Inmaculada Catholic Youth G​roup in Orange Walk Town is an active youth group that is involved in community projects such as gathering “Back to S​chool”​ supplies, visiting the sick, engaging in church activities, etc. In Southern Belize, the Youth Advocacy Movement of Dangriga focuses on social education programs that addresses peer pressure, self esteem and sex education.

5 Private Belize Islands You Should Know About
The Caribbean sea is generously freckled with islands, many of which constitute entire nations. While Belize isn’t one of the aforementioned Caribbean “islands” we have our own ample supply of sea oases. We’ve already told you about six of the best Belize islands to visit, but, what if you don’t want to spend all that time among the company of droves of people? Surely a region known for turquoise waters and white sandy beaches is all out of private escapes… right? Guess again; check out some of the most private Belize Islands for your enjoyment: 1 The Turneffe Atolls: The atolls that constitute the Turneffe cluster are situated 20 miles east of Belize City. These atolls are large enough to each feel deserted when you’re on one – and in the best way too. 2 Hatchet Caye: Have you heard of Hatchet Caye? We’re going to imagine the order of those answers was “Yes!….Um, No.”. Fear not, if we just described you (even if we didn’t) Hatchet caye is one ideal place for private group travel offering up the “Caribbean before it got crowded” feel. The draw here is that you and your group of (up to) thirty friends can rent the entire island and it’s facilities for yourselves. 3 Silk Cay: The Silk Cayes, sometimes called Queen Cayes are two deserted islands (Those still exist?) perpetually chilling right along the reef. Silk cay makes up part of what is called the Silk Cay and Gladden Split reserve that sits about 22 miles off the coast of Placencia. Silk Cay is a veritable mound of sand peering out of the Caribbean sea from Behind the reef which makes it an uninhabited white sand beach, what could be better? 4 Glovers Atoll: Catch and release fishing, snorkeling with coral wildlife and turtles, hundreds of reef patches, pristine beaches, and complete privacy. Glover’s Atoll has it all for your private week on an island, but what really sets this place apart from the rest is the fact that is had been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 5 Sapodilla Cayes: Making its second entry in a countdown, the Sapodilla Cayes in southern Belize really are something. The trek to this location takes deliberate intent, it’s not the sort of place you happen upon along a weekend drive. Aren’t those the best kinds of places, though? The Sapodilla Cayes are a collection of 14 small islands chained together off the southern coast of Belize.

International Sourcesizz

UE: diferendo Guatemala-Belice debe ir a corte internacional
UK And the EU congratulate Guatemala on ratification of the Special Agreement 2.0 now lets see if Guat will get the money for the referendum from them that they are requesting... La Unión Europea (UE) calificó de "positivo" que el diferendo territorial entre Guatemala y Belice, que se agudizó en abril tras la muerte de un adolescente guatemalteco a manos de tropas beliceñas, se resuelva en la Corte Internacional de Justicia, informó el lunes (07.11.2016) una fuente diplomática. El embajador de la Unión Europea en Guatemala Stefano Gatto dijo durante una visita al Congreso Nacional que la reciente ratificación guatemalteca del Protocolo al Acuerdo Especial entre Guatemala y Belice representa un "aspecto positivo". Este protocolo determina que el Reclamo Territorial, Insular y Marítimo de Guatemala sobre 12.000 kilómetros cuadrados de Belice debe someterse a la Corte Internacional de Justicia, pero sin que la consulta popular que ambos países se comprometieron a realizar –para que el fallo tenga sustento- deba ser necesariamente simultánea. El territorio de Belice, una ex colonia británica que obtuvo la independencia unilateral por parte del Reino Unido en 1981, consta de 23.000 kilómetros cuadrados.

Taiwan helps Belize citrus farmers fight citrus greening
Belizean citrus growers, Justino Chiac of Maya Mopan Village on the Southern Highway, and Gilbert Galvez of Ringtail Village on the Hummingbird Highway, are learning to control the Huanglongbing (HLB) disease, known as citrus greening, which is so detrimental to citrus orchards, through the technical support of a project, funded by Taiwan’s International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF). The project to “Strengthen the Control of Huanglongbing (HLB) and the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Citrus” is jointly funded by the ICDF and OIRSA, the International Organization for Regional Agricultural Health. The ICDF control HLB pilot project, has collaborated with four Belizean farmers, two in the Stann Creek and two in the Cayo district, to establish four exhibition groves, using best practices for control of HLB, as demonstration models to teach other citrus growers in the area how to control and manage HLB.

Student Reconstructs Lost Maya Pigment
For centuries, scientists from around the globe have probed the secrets of an ancient azure pigment known as Maya blue that vanished thousands of years ago. Maya blue is singularly resilient, adding color to Maya artifacts millennia after other pigments have worn away. Although descendants of the Maya have begun creating ceramic pottery using the traditional methods of their ancestors, they had long ago lost the recipe used to create the durable paint ancient Maya artisans began using on ceramics and stonework around A.D. 300. Until, that is, SUNY Cortland senior Kelly McKenna figured it out. McKenna, an art history major and archeology minor, drew on her chemistry background and began a quest to find the right mix of natural compounds that would yield a contemporary blue paint that closely mimics the lost, nearly permanent, sacred pigment of the Maya. Having earned an undergraduate summer research grant to recreate the rare pigment, McKenna — under the supervision of SUNY Cortland’s Jeremiah Donovan, a professor of ceramics in the Art and Art History Department — rolled up her sleeves and dug clay from the banks of the nearby Groton River. Her work paralleled the process the Maya used to collect clay from the rain forest surrounding them.


  • Annual Oxlajun Ba'aktun dance and Ritual, 1min. The Mayan Culture is rich and pure! The performance tonight is to get ready for the annual Oxlajun Ba'aktun dance and Ritual in December. You are welcome to join us!



  • ACHIEVEMENTS, 40min. on Open Your Eyes...

  • B2B WASTE TO ENERGY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY, 27min. on Open Your Eyes...


  • The Belizean Youth for Road Safety Initiative, 1.5min. The Belizean Youth for Road Safety - keep up the great work in road safety!!!

  • Snorkeling Caye Caulker, 2min. Hol Chan Channel, Shark Ray Alley and Coral Garden, Caye Caulker, Belize unique experience with Raggamuffin Tours

  • Belize life Blog Vlog, 14min. Johnny Medina

  • Trip to Belize Diving, 4min.

  • Hi Line Poultry Fiesta processing plant in Belize, 4min.

  • 2016 Summer Vacation Belize Zipline, 2min.

  • Belize diving, 3min.

  • SPIDER MONKEYS AT EL PILAR IN BELIZE, 1/2min. El Pilar, Mayan Site in Cayo, also a nature reserve for many species.

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