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The San Pedro Sun

SPTC and CARILED holds consultation to draft local economic profile of San Pedro
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), in partnership with the Caribbean Local Economic Development (CARILED) Project in Belize, hosted a two-day consultation on Wednesday, November 9th and Thursday, November 10th to discuss the drafting of the local economic strategic plan for San Pedro Town. On November 9th, the consultation took place at the San Pedro Town Council’s Conference Room, with CARILED Local Resource Consultant Keisha Rodriguez, CARILED Consultant from Canada, Chris Fields, Jorge Aldana of the SPTC, along with various business stakeholders in attendance. Fields led the presentation, and identified the ultimate vision of San Pedro Town. He explained that local economic development is a process by which public sector, business and civil society work collectively to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation. Its purpose is also to build up the economic capacity of a local area to improve its economic future and the quality for the island. According to Jorge Aldana of the SPTC, San Pedro is one of five municipalities that is benefiting from CARILED, and is under the second phase-draft of the plan of action. “This is our island, and we know what’s best for us. What better way than those who are from the island, and work on the island, to be a part of the decision making process?” said Aldana.

Blackadore Caye releases images of its future eco-resort
The final plans and new renderings have been released for Leonardo DiCaprio’s ambitious eco-resort just off the coast of Ambergris Caye. DiCaprio’s aim is to turn the island of Blackadore into the world’s leading example of green hospitality. The designs for the construction were unveiled on Friday, November 4th following the approval of their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and they feature what the structures will look like once the project is fully completed by 2018. According to lead design architect Jean-Michel Gathy, the island buildings design are inspired by Belize’s ancient Maya temples, and the final work will feature minimalist designs connecting it to the prehistoric Maya architecture, while remaining modern. The 36 residential estate homes and 36 bookable bungalows spread across the island’s 104 acres will count with thatched roofs over plenty of natural materials such as wood and marble.

Residents want better street conditions; SPTC to make improvements
A parent of Holy Cross Anglican Primary School student also noted that most students of the school have to walk. “The students are challenged when they walk to school because of the flooded streets. Some of them cannot afford rubber boots, and they get their feet soaked in water, which can make them get sick. Also, there are children whose parents cannot afford to pay taxi fares every day or afford to buy them a bicycle. I know some children who come out of their homes neat and tidy to only arrive to school wet and muddy. Some of these students complain that their peers tease them because of their appearance, and this behavior might lead to bullying,” said the parent. Mayor Guerrero stated that the SPTC is trying, and asks the general public to have patience. He stated that the SPTC will be working rigorously to fix all streets across San Pedro. “We are getting 1,600 square cubic yards of materials from the mainland. We are planning to fix the southern roads first, then go to the DFC and Escalante areas. Then we will work in San Pablo and San Marcos areas. Next, we will be moving towards town, and work in the Esmeralda area. Afterwards, we will go to San Pedrito, the Elliot Subdivision, and the airstrip area. However, before we start there, we are going to fix all the main entrances from the bridge to the roundabout north of town,” stated the Mayor.

Ambergris Stadium nears completion
Many concerned individuals have questioned what caused the delay of the $2.3 million dollar project, and Mastry says that the project has been in accordance to their timeline frame. “There hasn’t been many delays. The real setback was caused by the decision to install synthetic turf. The team had to do a lot more civil work such as filling, grading, trenching, and installing the underground drainage system. So the team dedicated two months to installing the turf, which is a lot more labor intensive. After we got the turf in place, the workers were able to get back to construction,” said Mastry. However, Mastry stated that that powering up a new site is always a challenge with utility companies. She says that the biggest task to achieve in the upcoming weeks is to install lighting at the stadium. “We want to power up those big lights, and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has committed to try and assist us. We have our electrical supplies, but BEL needs to bring in transformers. However, they need to be present to inspect the trenching, but they somehow cannot find the time to go out there. I understand them, and I realize that utility companies are helpful where they could be. Unfortunately, times were coordinated for us to meet, but sudden urgencies has made them unavailable,” said Mastry. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has worked alongside with Mastry, playing an active role in the progress of the stadium. Councilor and Sports Coordinator, Hector Alamilla, in charge of Culture, Youth, Sports, and Leisure activities, is more than ecstatic for the council to inaugurate the building, and is hoping for it to be a memorable experience.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Caye Caulker Children Fun Drive
Care package

Fatherhood Workshop on Ambergris Caye
The Evangelical Alliance and the Belize Police Department and the Community Policing Unit will be hosting the first fatherhood workshop at the Living Word Church on Tropical Wave street. Time: 2.00p.m. to 5.00p.m on Sunday 13.11.16. The intent is to get fathers organized against crime and give their children the necessary insulation to protect themselves to be healthy productive citizens. You are cordially invited to attend.

Cayo Punta Fest
The SISE Town Council will be having Punta Fest next Friday at the Cayo Welcome Center. Tapprick and the New Creation Band will be playing.

Full Moon Concert, Stann Creek House of Culture
Sunday night in the South!

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Adult who was shot along with child yesterday succumbs to injuries
Porshan Pipersburgh, 22, has reportedly succumbed to gunshot injuries received yesterday. Pipersburgh was with his cousin, Tyler Savery, 7, riding on a bicycle on Daly Street when a gunman in a vehicle fired several shots injuring the two. Savery succumbed minutes later while Pipersburgh […]

Body found in Dangriga
Reports from Dangriga is that a corpse was found buried in a crocus bag. Police were called to the scene at around midday today by residents who complained of a foul smell. Police are yet to release the identity of the victim. © […]

PUP votes to recall Vega
Gaspar Vega is about to face more “political heat” despite his resignation from Cabinet in October. The Opposition People’s United Party held a meeting of its northern caucus today in Ranchito, Corozal. At the meeting it was voted that the party should attempt to […]

Hector Silva hangs it up, the phone that is
Hector Silva has undoubtedly become a staple on the morning show circuits as a popular and opinionated caller. His modus operandi was to call each and every radio show to add to the national conversation. However, his voice will be no more, well at […]

Ministry of Defense holds two-day Budgetary Exercise
Senior staff members within the Ministry of Defense are currently engaged in a two-day retreat and workshop that focuses on a budgetary exercise in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year 2017-2018. The workshop is being held at the Belize Coastguard Headquarters located just outside […]

Another murder in Belize City
Less than 24 hours after a child was killed and his cousin injured in a shooting, another person has lost his life in the old capital. The incident occurred last night and according to confirmed reports, the victim was Andrew Williams, a taxi driver […]


Dogs of Caye Caulker: Toy: Half Puppy, Half Manatee?

Dogs of Caye Caulker: MARIO & HOMEY

International Sourcesizz

Why Belize is absolutely breathtaking
“Fishing” for a tarantula - using a twig to tease it out of the hole in the ground it calls home - is cool by me, at least after I pull the thick sleeve of my rain jacket over my hand. But I draw the line at holding the scorpion spider that my guide, Alex Guzman, offers me. He had nonchalantly plucked it off its perch and it now rests in his palm, looking as sedate and nonvenomous as a spider the size of an adult's palm can look. It's still a spider, though. The size of my palm. Except it's not a spider. Alex tells me this in an attempt to convince me that holding it isn't such a bad idea. “So it's a scorpion?” I ask. I'd rather hold a spider. But it's not a scorpion, either. A scorpion spider is related to both spiders and scorpions, but is its own thing, which Alex assures me is not venomous. Whatever it is or isn't, there's no question it's the size of my palm. I'm not sold. My attention returns to the main attraction. We're in the front cavern of a cave in the limestone-rich Cayo District in west-central Belize. The undulating walls, ceiling and floor are cartoonish and otherworldly - “The Snorks” on Mars - and glisten with mineral-rich water. It's impossible to see the entirety of the chamber we're in at once; sight is limited to the areas that our headlamps illuminate. As amazing as the features illuminated by our lights is the utter darkness surrounding us when we switch them off. Belize has thousands of caves, and the country's antiquities laws ensure that most of them are under governmental control. The laws give the government jurisdiction over all archaeological sites, underground or above.


  • Yochi, Behind The Scenes, 5min. Yochi was screened last night at the Cayo Welcome Center to kick off the Belize International Film Festival. Daniel Velazquez did the behind the scenes video. It's worth a watch, and it was all filmed in Cayo, of course.

  • Belize 2016, 6min.

  • Belize dive 2016, 14min. Video clips from the first day of reef diving near the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

  • SunBreeze Hotel & SunBreeze Suites, 2.5min. Travelling to Belize? Stay at SunBreeze Hotel, Beachfront Property.

  • Belize Vacation - SunBreeze Hotel - San Pedro, Belize, 2.5min. Come and DIVE Belize's Barrier Reef and stay at comfortable, beachfront resorts, SunBreeze Hotel or SunBreeze Suites.