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The San Pedro Sun

Southern Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch meets to address road and safety concerns

Wolfe’s Woofer: Big Family
“I’m still in San Ignacio,” I said, when Sherry answered the phone. “I’ll be back later tomorrow evening. I ran into Marcos, who used to be our neighbor when we lived at the old Barefoot Iguana. He wants me to come by his family reunion tomorrow.” “Where is it?” “It’s a little village over near Teakettle off the Northern Highway.” “Have fun,” she said. The next day I arrived at the village around noon and the reunion was in full swing. Marcos took me around to greet the family, some of which I already knew. “Granny, do you remember Mr. Wolfe?” Marco asked. “When we lived in San Pedro he was our neighbor.” “Hee-hee-hee!” the old lady laughed. “Of course, I remember him.”

Offshore seismic survey officially cancelled; multi-beam testing still on the table
On Monday, November 17th, the Government of Belize (GOB) officially announced the cancellation of regional offshore seismic survey on Belizean waters. The survey, which was already in progress, was suspended on October 19th following public outcry from tourism stakeholders on Ambergris Caye and the Non-Government Organization community. However, in the official document from GOB, there was no mention about the multi-beam survey, which apparently might still happen in mid- November. When word got out on the clandestine approval for multi-beam and seismic testing in Cabinet, locals and visitors of Ambergris Caye were enraged. Island residents then became aware that two vessels, MV Northern Explorer and MV Campeche, had started seismic testing. The rapid movement by Oceana in Belize and other environmental organizations began mobilizing the community, educating them on the harm that such surveys could cause to the natural resources around Ambergris Caye. With the support of all residents, including from Caye Caulker and other coastal areas of Belize, GOB was forced to suspend the testing that same day.

Doctor Love: Bereaved
Dear Doctor Love, Last month my father passed away and my mother is at a loss as to how to proceed with the legal and personal issues. As the oldest daughter, she asked me to begin the task of going through all of his papers. Some family members are trying to help but they are only confusing me and nobody agrees on anything. Some have already made clear about things they want have from the estate. Where do we start taking care of his affairs? /s/ Bereaved.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

"To the Mountain"
The Belizean Literature Series invites you to read, and share with your children, this beautifully written, exquisitely illustrated children's book in English, Spanish and Yucatec Maya. To the Mountain! (Fajina Archaeology Outreach, 2016. 46 pages)* is written by archaeologists Sylvia Batty, Belizean; Rebecca Friedel; and Leah McCurdy and illustrated by Belizean artist Frederic Wierum. The text is laid out very conveniently with all three languages presented on the same page. Set during the Late Classic period of the Maya (600-900 CE), To the Mountain! follows Little Moon and Running Jaguar on an exciting journey to find out for themselves what’s going on at the big construction project at the temple of Clay Mountain (Katyaatz Witz), which we know today as Xunantunich. According to the authors, “To the Mountain! is an archaeologically accurate story based on evidence of ancient Maya life.” A free digital copy of the book is available at the website listed below; however, it can be purchased in hard copy as well and would make a great Christmas gift not only for children but for book-loving adults as well.

Hard to believe it's our last day! These are some images from Opening Night by Emaun Hyde...

One of the key tourism stakeholders in the Mountain Pine Ridge/Chiquibul complex is Blancaneaux Lodge
FCD’s educator visited and presented to their staff. As we mobilize our tourism ventures, our partnership looks promising with Blx Lodge.

Battle of the Drums 2016
Lots of excellent photos!

Battle of the Drums 2016 Motorcade.

The Reporter

Boy, 7, shot dead in Belize City
A boy, aged seven, was shot dead in Belize City Friday afternoon as he was riding a bicycle to a shop. Tyler Savery was along with Porshan Pipersburg on a bicycle on their way to a shop near the Insurance Corporation of Belize (ICB) on Daly Street at around 4:30 p.m., when someone opened fire. Savory was struck in the heart and died while being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Doctors tried to resuscitate the child, but his injuries were too severe. Pipersburg, who was shot several times, is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Police do not have any suspects or motive for the fatal shooting. They have recovered six expended shells from the scene, and a vehicle that was parked on the street was also damaged.

Taxi driver shot dead on Mahogany Street
A taxi driver was shot dead on Saturday morning in Belize City. The incident happened shortly after 12:00 a.m., while Andrew Williams was sitting inside his taxi on Mahogany Street, just a stone’s throw away from the Mahogany Street police station. Williams reportedly tried to escape the attack when he sped off and ran over the sidewalk, but died in his car before help could reach him. Another man who was in the vicinity was shot in the foot. Police have not provided further details as yet.

Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle appeal underway
The annual Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for 2016 was launched on Friday in front of Scotiabank on Albert Street in Belize City. The initiative is to raise funds to assist Belize’s neediest families at Christmas time, and this year, Scotiabank teamed up with the church for the launch and donated the first $1,500 towards the effort. Socitabank’s Managing Director, Michael Shaw said the bank looks for partners like the Salvation Army who want to give back to the community in a meaningful way. He made a commitment on behalf of Scotiabank to partner with the Salvation Army each year in this fundraising drive. It was a gesture that Commander of the Salvation Army, Major Joliker Leandre, said is a meaningful one. This year, the church’ target is $100,000, since it also plana to help the elderly and the youths.

Elderly woman found murdered
Victoria Castillo, 64, a Salvadoran woman living on the Melinda Road in the 9Wagierale area of Dangriga, was found in a grave a day after she was reported missing. The elderly woman’s common-law husband, Felipe Martinez, was reportedly attending a church crusade near their home for a number of days. Because her passport and bible were also missing, police thought she had also traveled abroad. Neighbours, however, reported two suspicious persons with whom Castillo was last seen with – two relatives of Martinez, and upon checks, police found her grave in the area. Police have since detained the two suspects.

Quakes rattle parts of Caribbean
There were no reports of death or injury either after Haiti was rattled by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, or when a 4.0 tremor was recorded off Trinidad and Tobago yesterday. The Haiti quake occurred around 1 p.m. local time, about five kilometres north of Les Anglais, 51 km northwest of Les Cayes, and 35 km southwest of Jérémie and was also felt in the capital, Port-au-Prince. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake struck at a depth of 12.3 km. Later in the day, around 4:57 p.m., a 4.0 magnitude tremor was recorded 86 km west north west of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital, Port of Spain, 111 km west north west of Arima, and the same distance east north east of Carúpano, Venezuela.

Man dies from gunshot wound
Porshan Pipersburg, who was shot in Friday afternoon while riding a bicycle on Daly Street, has died of his wounds. Pipersburg died this morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) from severe ruptures caused by a number of bullet wounds he suffered. Police say he was attacked by someone who drove a white car and sped off after firing at least six shots. The motive is still undetermined. Meanwhile, there are reports that a young female was shot tonight, and that several other shootings have taken place in Belize City.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Supermoon not seen in almost 70 years, rises tomorrow
Belizean stargazers are preparing their telescopes to spy the closest and brightest supermoon visible to the earth in almost 70 years. This is a supermoon of supermoons — a moon so plump and rare it hasn’t been seen in nearly 70 years. It will […]

Voluntary Special Constables graduate in Santa Familia
Today, seven residents from Santa Familia village completed training and graduated from the Volunteer Special Constables program. Present at today’s event were National Coordinator for Citizens on Patrol Program and Voluntary Special Constables, Rudolph Orio and Deputy Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police, Daniel Iche. […]

Police officer to be charged for assaulting and beating Guinea Grass resident
On Monday, we reported that Hugo Noh a villager from Guinea Grass was badly beaten by a police officer. The two men got into an altercation after Noh appeared to be intoxicated while driving his vehicle and the officer who was socializing at Zhen […]

Kareem Smith charged for the murder of Belize City taxi driver
Kareem Smith has been charged with the murder of Andrew Williams, the taxi driver that was murdered on Friday night. Williams, a taxi driver from the Lake Independence area, reportedly stopped at a store in the area when a gunman pounced on him. He […]


No Rest for the Well Rested
During a couple of weeks away on vacation I was lucky to have a visiting vet as well as technician Ingrid holding down the fort. This meant that I returned to only a minimal number of disasters, which was great. My visiting sister departed on a Sunday morning and then the calls began. My first day "back" was Sunday on call for emergency. It started in the morning with a dog who just wasn't acting right. Often times these cases with strange behavior and undetermined pain relate to a back problem. I treated this dog with some non steroidal anti-inflammatories (x-rays are not even an option on a Sunday) and sent him home to rest. After returning home I was called back again in the afternoon for emergency number two. This was a senior aged chihuahua who had never been spayed. She had not been feeling well earlier in the week when I was away and was on antibiotics. I quickly determined that this dog likely had pyometra, a life threatening infection of the uterus. She would soon die without intervention. We proceeded to an emergency surgery (the only effective treatment) and were able to send her home alive, happy, and spayed.

A Day Trip from the Island: In the Heart of the Maya Mountains, Climbing Waterfalls
One of most incredible traits of Belize is that there are so many different ecosystems and climates (from savannah to rainforest to coral reef and white sand cayes) all within a country smaller than the state of Massachusetts. Yesterday, I passed over and through quite a few after snagging a sweet invite from Balaam Eco Tours. Beach to jungle and back. The itinerary: a Tropic Air flight to Belize City – a drive across Belize to the heart of the BEAUTIFUL Maya Mountains, a pontoon ride on the Macal River, waterfalls and a trip back. After about 3 hours, lots of swimming, climbing, EATING and lounging in the sun, our tour was over. We headed back to land, thanked Robert for the amazing tour and headed back to Belize City…the three of us dozing off in the back seat.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Fest entry 'The Beginning of Time' is a moving portrait of impoverished elderly
Films about the very old among us are a rare thing, perhaps because of society’s bias toward youthfulness and its desire not to gaze too long on weathered faces and bodies, or perhaps because spending too much screen time with the elderly reminds us all of our inevitable mortality. The most we can usually expect is a “geezer” comedy like Grumpy Old Men or A Walk in the Woods, which find humor in people well past their prime not acting their age. Saturday night at the Belize International Film Festival brought a film that not only respects the elderly, but is downright political about the way societies often treat them. The Beginning of Time (El Comienzo del Tiempo), by the young Mexican director Bernardo Arellano, is a lovely drama using nonprofessional actors to illustrate how sometimes the late stages of a life can consist of unimaginable and heartbreaking struggle. Strongly reminiscent of the poignant 1937 Leo McCarey classic Make Way for Tomorrow (which the director didn’t profess to know during a Q&A), it centers on a couple in their early 90s, Toño and Bertha, who suddenly find themselves in desperate straits when the failing government opts to suspend their social-security pensions.

New report shares details about Belize Electricity Limited - power plants and SWOT analysis, 2016 update
Identify potential customers and suppliers with this report’s analysis of the company’s business structure, operations, major products and services and business strategy. The report contains a detailed description of the power generation company’s business operations, history, corporate strategy, and business structure. This report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on key employees (executives), and major products and services.

Late season tropical system possible later this week
A late-season tropical system may brew up later this week as a broad area of low pressure forms over the southwestern Caribbean Sea. The National Hurricane Center says there is a 60 percent chance of a tropical depression or cyclone forming in the next five days. Only two hurricanes have made landfall in Florida during November. The lack of landfalls during the 11th month of the year is a reminder that the atmosphere is winding down its hurricane machine. But experts caution against writing the season off altogether, especially during a year with eight consecutive record-warm months. September was second warmest, according to NOAA. “Even though you have these arbitrary dates, you can get storms outside of that and with a warming climate you would expect more storms on the fringes,” said Carl Parker, a hurricane specialist with The Weather Channel. “Sometimes systems can be sneaky and pop up quickly.”

How to Photograph the Supermoon: NASA Pro Shares His Tips
Are you ready for the biggest and brightest supermoon in recent history? Check out these tips from a NASA photographer on how to capture tomorrow's supermoon and post your best pics here! Don't miss your chance tonight, or you might have to wait until 2034! The biggest, brightest full moon of 2016 is just around the corner. If you'd like to capture the memory of Monday's supermoon on camera, a pro photographer at NASA has some tips for you. A so-called supermoon takes place when the moon, in its full phase, is at the closest point to Earth in the 27-day lunar orbit. The Nov. 14 supermoon will appear about 15 percent larger than average and is the closest full moon in 68 years. Bill Ingalls, a NASA photographer for more than 25 years, shared his tips for supermoon hunting in a statement from the agency.


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  • Belize Mayan Ruins in 360 VR, 4min.

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  • Belize Thunderstorm, 3.5min.

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  • BELIZEAN LEGENDS SHINING STARS "ELJAI" RISING! (PART ONE), 27min. The long awaited exclusive interview with the soulful Belizean stylist of reggae music, Lloyd Charlton McFarlane, aka Eljai is here. The two part feature on the Belizean reggae artist is a must see that chronicles the talented Belizean musical artist's transformation from the Belizean ballad singer for the bands "The Dominators" and "Belize", and onward to become one of reggae music's most rising musical artist today in the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. As Eljai continues to break down barriers in reggae music through his many world tours in the U.S., the Caribbean, Africa, and now into Europe next year on a 2017 world tour, the Belizean reggae superstar discusses his musical life with Belizean Legends Bilal Morris, and brings a special message to his many fans in Belize, Los Angeles, Africa, the Caribbean and other cities in the U.S.


  • Battle of the Drums 2016, 1min.