On Monday, December 5, 2016, Mayor Daniel Guerrero was invited to a special occasion of Founder's Day at the San Pedro High School.

Every year in December, the San Pedro High School celebrates founder's day, where the students prepare presentations such as skits, dances and musical performances for the founders and invited guests.

This year, was a special Founder's Day event since they present founders along with the entire student body, SPHS staff and invited guests witnessed the memorialization of SPHS ' biggest benefector, Mr. Al Felly, or as he was dearly known as Papa Felly.

The official ceremonies initiated with a flute rendition of Belize's National Anthem by the SPHS choir, followed by the School's Song performed by the same.

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Alex Nuñez invited Assistant Dean of San Pedro Junior College, Mr. Froylan Gilharry, to welcome everybody to the event.

Following Mr. Gilharry's welcome address was Ms. Celi McCorkle, co-founder of San Pedro High School, where she gave a few remarks on the history of SPHS and mentioned the various contributions made by Mr. Felly.

Up next was Mrs. Martha Guerrero, who at the time played many roles, such as, secretary, bursar, accountant, teacher and anything in between. She graciously remembered when Mr. Felly would arrive from the USA to San Pedro - the students would go to airstrip with banners to welcome Mr. Felly.

Of course, a pioneer of SPHS and also a founder, Mr. Angel Nuñez shared many stories about Mr. Al Felly's contribution to SPHS and how he made his mark not only in the school but in San Pedro. Mr. Angel expressed that everyone in the school would get excited with Mr. Felly's arrival on the island as it meant that he brought items for the students and school, items such as typewriters, books and writing materials.

Following Mr. Nuñez's speech, the memorialization of Mr. Al Felly proceeded at the back of the school where his ashes were laid to rest as per his request before passing away. Mr. Felly wished his ashes were buried in various parts of San Pedro were he considered it to be his second home. His ashes now lay to rest next to a plaque in his memory that reads "Here lies Papa Felly, In his island in the sun."

Following the memorialization ceremony, Miss Virginia Vasquez gave a few remarks of inspiration to the students. Miss Vasquez is a former student of SPHS, graduated valedictorian in 2016. Miss vasquez was also rewarded for her highest achievements as being the first student who achieved a 4.0 gpa average in her class.

Also celebrating at SPHS were the Male and Female Basketball teams as they won the Regional Championships in Orange Walk on the weekend. Now, they will be heading to the National Championship in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, Mayor Daniel Guerrero was invited to give a few remarks. Mayor Guerrero reminisced on how everything has changed from when he was enrolled back in the 70's. He stated that he clearly remembers the arrivals of Mr. Felly being so festive and all the goodies he used to bring to the school and also mentioned that the SPHS is the foundation of our island since it educates all our hard working people. Before closing off his speech, he asked for a standing ovation for Mr. Al Felly and all the founders of the school, who believed in a grand vision that is now more than a reality.

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