The Wonderer was wandering on Google Earth and wandered on certain areas that brought back memories of good industries that employed thousands and thousands of Belizeans, but because of the neglect of government(s) they all came to pass into history. These projects all needed help from Government but for some reason help was denied. Help was actually denied to the Belizeans who directly and indirectly depended on those industries. It seems you have to own an island for tourism that employs a few Belizeans in the “servant” industry and ban us other Belizeans from visiting their white premises in our country. Only so and after some dealing then you obtain tax and duty exemptions or sometimes called fiscal incentives, which could save the industries from collapse. The following industries now RIP.

LIBERTAD (1937 – 1985)

The direct impact of this factory closure was a severe job loss. This resulted in thousands of Belizeans, mostly Corozaleños, migrating to the United States of America and Mexico. A lot of these farmers and their families began to lose their homes and lands as security to the local banks. Many Asian merchants began picking up these foreclosures at rock bottom prices.

By early 1989, Libertad had been reopened and leased to the Jamaican petroleum company Petrojam. Petrojam was to use Libertad for the production of molasses, which was then to be refined in Jamaica into ethanol. But In 1997 constant neglect by the then ruling Government forced the closure and operation of the Petrojam sugar factory which once pumped millions of dollars to Libertad and the northern region of the country. The remnants of a once vibrant production factory can only be remembered by a dilapidated and looted structure. Today over 40,000 acres in the northern lowlands are reaped each year by approximately 6,000 cane farmers and processed at the Belize Sugar Industry that began operation in Tower Hill Orange Walk and more than 35,000 norteños depend on the sugar crop. Please google and read the following article:


NOVA SHRIMP FARMS (1989 – 2007)

This company was comprised of NOVA Ladyville Shrimp Farm and Processing Plant, NOVA Laguna Madre Shrimp Farm, NOVA Toledo shrimp farm and Processing Plant and NOVA Ambergris Caye Hatchery. This was a big operation, the largest shrimp farm company in the nation. Thousands and thousands of acres of shrimp ponds, a certified USA/EU processing plant and a 80+ million PL’s (baby shrimp) per month hatchery, all fully functional and operational when the close down order was issued in Jan 2007. It is claimed that it was bad management, bullshit…have you ever wondered that it is the obligation of government to assist these companies to salvage themselves. If you can take over BTL and BEL why not these companies – make them successful and then sell them again. Are Belizeans important or not? The working-class Belizeans suffer, as usual. Thousands of people lost their job.

I can remember Castro saying that NOVA closure was bad news for his constituents. He said that at least 60 to 75 families would be without a job. He also said “You have people from Sandhill that work at Nova, from Gardenia, Biscayne and all the way up to Crooked Tree. You have people in the river valley area from Burrell Boom all the way up to Rancho Dolores that works there. So that’s a big big blow for the people in my area and I am very much concerned and we would like to see another business open up for somebody to do something so that our people can have gainful employment. Today some of our people were informed that this is it. They were put out of the place at one o’clock which is really bad news for the first of the year. Some of these people have children going to school, primary school, and sixth form and so on. How will they go now to get some type of employment to feed their families by the end of this week or next week? It is really bad for us.”

I totally agree with Señor Castro. I also believe it’s our government RESPONSIBILITY to try to do something. The murder rate in our nation has escalated in the recent years and one has to wonder what part the closure of all these industries has had on our present socio-economic conditions and by extension our CRIME RATE SITUATION IN OUR ENTIRE NATION.

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This project was an excellent concept supported by the UDP area representative of Port Loyola because he knew this project was going to assist his constituents in much needed employment. This project was underway, tons of monies was invested in dredging, land reclamation, roads, etc. It was the project that would have assisted this nation, the government, and especially the poor. Somehow Mr. Espat lost his investment and the Belize Bank took it over. Mr. Ashcroft owns it now. I sincerely believe that this cruise terminal and free zone project could have been salvaged by the Government of the day, but the man was PUP, so just lie back. A lot of people lost their jobs during the construction phase and thousands of jobs were never created.

This project is similar to Stake Bank which was going to also create a cruise terminal. The island was reclaimed but the project stopped also because the government never assisted in tax and duty exemptions and fiscal incentives. I can recall Mr. Feinstein telling the media that the commercial agreement for Stake bank had been lying on the Prime Minster desk for a long time and he never signed to date. The same Prime Minister without blinking his eyes signed the commercial agreement for Harvest Caye owned by foreigners and I promise you that he will sign the one for Ashcroft Cruise Terminal and Free Zone pretty soon. You see this UDP government love foreigners more than its own people, including their UDP supporters. Belize needs employment. Please make sure Belizeans get jobs and also have the right to do business inside the Port Loyola Cruise Project not like White Harvest Caye. Belizeans please wander around the following:

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