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The San Pedro Sun

US Embassy Provides Training to Improve Investigations into Aquatic deaths
In a press release issued on Wednesday, December 7th, the United States (US) Embassy in Belmopan, Belize stated that 39 people underwent an Aquatic Homicidal Death Investigation Training through the US Embassy’s Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) program. From Monday, November 28th to Thursday, December 1st, several sections of Belizean law enforcement including Crime Scene Technicians, Crime Investigators, Coast Guard Dive Team, a Medical Examiner, and several others were trained.47-us-embassy-trainig-2 According to the release, this training was a part of CARSI’s overall commitment to assist in improving citizen security in Belize. “The goal of this course was to equip law enforcement managers and supervisors with the specific forensic and behavioral knowledge necessary for handling aquatic death investigations. The course was designed to provide the necessary tools for analyzing all aspects of an aquatic death case in order to determine the true cause and manner of death (homicide, suicide, accidental, or natural). The course also emphasized the importance of the role of the investigators at the aquatic death scene and of correctly interpreting the elements of a case thereby ensuring more accurate conclusions. Additionally, case management, forensic aspects of the aquatic death scene, and criminal investigative analysis were also discussed, among many other topics.”

Wolfe’s Woofer: Physical Exam
“You only have one more part of your physical exam left,” Sherry told me. “I made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon.” We’re in Merida, Mexico for a few days getting my annual total physical done. “What do you mean ~one more part~?” I asked. “I thought I was finished with the entire thing.” “You haven’t seen all of the different specialists yet. You still need to see the proctologist.” When she finished explaining proctologist my eyes were as big as fifty cent pieces. “There is no way I will let somebody do that to me,” I told her That afternoon I sat in the doctor’s waiting room. The door to the examination room opened and the doctor came out with a clipboard under his arm. After checking his clipboard he said to me, “And you are Mr. ?.?.?”

Full Basket Belize approves grant to SP Lions
On Tuesday, November 29th, the San Pedro Lions Club received great news through a letter by Full Basket Belize (FBB), approving the club’s community grant application for $2,000BZ. Chairperson Jan Brown had been corresponding with FBB for grant assistance to fund the Belize Lions National Children’s Eye Screening Program. Since the San Pedro Lion Club is a non-profit organization, the club relies on fundraising and donations in order to support the community needs. “Grants aren’t easy to write, but we appreciate whenever our work is recognized. Some might not know that the eye screening program requires a lot of paperwork to be distributed, as well as report forms. Therefore, the grant request asked for money to pay for reams of paper and cartridges for printing,” said Brown. Although Belize Council for Vision Impaired (BCVI) clinics are only readily available in Belize City, Brown is dedicated to have children screened here on Ambergris Caye and Corozal. “I’ve been wearing glasses since age five and I know the value of being helped with vision needs at an early age. Children in Belize aren’t privileged to have an eye clinic in most districts.

SIB figures show that Belize is still in recession
The latest figures for October 2016 were released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) on Wednesday, November 30th. The figures show that the country has experienced three consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, and indicated that Belize’s economy is still in a recession. The first quarter saw a contraction of 0.2%, the second, 1%, while the third quarter showed a contraction of 0.8%. The primary sector experienced a decline of 24% during the third quarter, when compared to the same period last year, with slumps recorded from several major industries. Marine exports fell by 61%, as the shrimp industry continued to struggle towards recovery. Due to the closure of one of the major banana farms and the effects of Hurricane Earl, banana shipments dropped by 14%, from 28 thousand metric tons to 24 metric tons. However, the only significant growth within this sector was livestock production, which rose by 7% as poultry, swine and cattle production all recorded increases in production.

Doctor Love: Up and Away
Dear Doctor Love, I searched for a year after losing my job. I am over fifty, and have spent 27 years in the same career. After finding nothing for me close to home, I accepted a position as an instructor in a foreign country, where I am away for a month, then home for two weeks. It started out fine, but now my wife and I are starting to fight. She resents that I am not there to help with the children, the chores, and decision making. I tell her to do what she thinks is best, but that is not making her happy. She also is worried I will find a younger woman. If I mention a female name, she gets furious. Why is she suddenly questioning my every move? /s/ Up and Away

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Notes on the importation of human ashes into Belize
As this is being asked more frequently, notes on the importation of human ashes into Belize. Note also that the importation of cadavers must follow a due process and the relevant paperwork must be completed before either the body or ashes arrives at the port of entry. This process is done at the Ministry of Health and not by BAHA or Customs/Immigration.

Prime Minister Barrow Returns Home Fully Recovered
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow returned to Belize last night from New York after extending his travel to seek medical attention. He expressed how happy he was to be back home and that he was “feeling fully recovered”. Prime Minster Barrow had left last weekend to attend a meeting in New York regarding the Superbond. Prior to his departure he was experiencing discomfort in his lower abdomen and had to be admitted to the hospital overnight. The symptoms persisted during his travel and so the Prime Minister went to see a gastroenterologist in New York who ran a series of tests and discovered a lesion on Prime Minister Barrow’s colon. A biopsy was taken and, while the results are still pending, the doctor is very confident that it is a stercoral ulcer on his colon and nothing cancerous. The results of the biopsy are expected by the end of the week.

Sisimito Sessions Spinners Specified
The Sisimito Sessions' DJ's have been announced...and none of them will talk over the music! Contact us, or them, for tickets. "2 MONTHS FROM NOW IN PLACENCIA, BELIZE. THE ONLY PLACE FOR QUALITY TECHNO AND HOUSE MUSIC IN THE JEWEL. 28-29/01/2017. TICKETS FROM Barefoot Beach Bar, Placencia, Belize, Luna Loca in San Pedro AND Cayo Scoop has them in Cayo. or"

Tackling the illegal timber trade
WCS applauds the efforts of Belize Forest Department in tackling the illegal timber trade. Since 2013, rosewood (Dalbergia stevensoni) trade has been controlled by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). At WCS we are committed to assisting the Forest Department in ensuring that rosewood is both sustainably harvested, and legally traded.

The Reporter

CARICOM and EU preparing to strengthen partnership with new program
The European Union (EU) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will officially launch a multi-million-dollar program this week, geared at strengthening partnerships within the regions. The EU and CARICOM will hold the launch of the, INTERREG V Caribbean program, on Wednesday, December 14, in St. Lucia. The program prioritizes issues such as employment and innovation, natural hazards, the cultural environment, public health and renewable energy. The program has aims such as boosting the economic competitiveness of CARICOM member countries, and responding to environmental challenges and health issues. The program will also have a component which looks at promoting the joint cultural heritage of the region. The INTERREG V Caribbean program, will be launched at the end of a three-day conference, from December 12-14, where organizations such as the Association of Caribbean States, CARICOM, CARIFORUM, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, with the Regional Councils of the French Overseas Departments of Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana, and the French Overseas Collectivity of St. Martin, will meet to discuss the coordination and implementation of the program.

Belize becomes first country to sign onto UN sustainable development strategy
This week, Belize became the first country in the region to sign onto the United Nations Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework (UN MSDF). Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elringtonn signed the UNMSDF, along with United Nations Resident Coordinator in Belize, Christian Salazar Volkmann, at a brief ceremony held in Belize City. The UNMSDF is a plan which covers the years 2017–2021, that represents the United Nations collective and coherent response to addressing the common development challenges of the English and Dutch Caribbean. According to the Government of Belize, the plan provides a common platform for development cooperation to Belize that is strongly rooted and linked to national priorities.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

GoB passes amendment to issue up to $1.3 billion in treasury bills
The government approved a motion at last week’s Sitting of the House to amend the Treasury Bills Act.The amendment will seek to raise the limit of principal sums represented by Treasury Bills and Treasury notes. In essence, the Government of Belize is seeking to print […]

Police corporal detained for Human trafficking
Reports reaching our newsroom is that last night, San Ignacio police intercepted a black Chrysler Pacifica with 8 passengers and one driver on the George Price Highway near Carillo Puerto gas station. The vehicle caught the attention of police because it had no license […]

Belize gets US $10 Million loan for SIF
The Social Investment Fund (SIF) is the latest benefactor of a US $10 million dollar loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). According to reports, the loan is to allow for SIF to extend it services. Those services include the financing of social and […]

PM Barrow is back in Belize fully recovered
PM Barrow returned last night to Belize from New York after extending his travel to seek medication attention. According to a Government of Belize press release, he expressed how happy he was to be back home and that he was “feeling fully recovered”. Prime […]

Two detained for burning OW Christmas tree
An act of arson was reported in Orange Walk Town last night. However, it wasn’t a house or a vehicle set on fire. Instead it was the town’s Christmas Tree erected by the town council. Two adults have been detained by police in connection […]


Run to the End of the World and the Zoo Too!
Twelve weeks had come and gone so fast. In my spare time I had been training, running, getting read for the End of the World half marathon in Placencia, Belize. This country’s only half marathon/full marathon. I love to run, but I knew this island was not really designed for it, so I dedicated my exercise time to my other favorite, Crossfit, and ran but only once or twice each week. As the year went on though, I really wanted to train for a distance race. So, back in September, through impossible heat, then rain, through mud, and puddles the size of lakes I ran, tiptoed, and waded my way to my 13.1 mile (21 km) goal. So the day before the race, we were up and off to what is the beginning of all trips, the ferry. Somehow we scored a big covered boat and I tried to sleep my way to Belize city.

An AMAZING 40th Anniversary Party for Elvi’s Kitchen & The Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten in San Pedro
But last night was REALLY an honor. I was invited to an amazing party – large but very very intimate. The 40th Anniversary of Elvi’s Kitchen, one of the most popular restaurants in San Pedro and one I ALWAYS recommend to visitors. There was a childrens’ and special invited guest table where Miss Elvi presided. A cousins’ table and a huge, super fun grandkids table. And then the media – where I sat next to the only great grand child at the event – Madi from Ambergris Today. Elvi’s Kitchen was packed. 40 years is no joke. Remember that the first hotel for visitors was opened 50 years ago – the beachfront Holiday Hotel. Tourism was a tiny but budding industry. Beautiful Miss Elvi. Miss Elvi and her husband opened Burger Isle take-out – a small burger stand under a beautiful flamboyant tree. Burgers, fries, tostadas. San Pedranos would stop by on their way home from work. (Also super interesting is this list of firsts – Mr. Enrique Staines owned the first telephone on the island.)

All I Want for Christmas is Belizean Black Fruit Cake
Are you sick and tired of waiting for Belizean people to make you your Black Fruit Cake? Are you fed up with the fruits in your cake sinking to the bottom? This is s tutorial on how to make our Belizean Black fruit cake right the very first time. The fruits will float and not sick to the bottom.

A very Truck Stop Christmas ……
A craft fair, a Christmas tree lighting, some complimentary pizza pies and Santa Claus kept the Truck Stop packed to capacity with happy people on Saturday. The Truck Stop has tried hard to be more than a collection of restaurants, a bar and an ice cream shop since opening more than one year ago, north of the bridge on Ambergris Caye. On Wednesday and Friday nights, free movies are shown on an outdoors screen beside the lagoon. Fridays are reserved for family movies. Thursdays are now Trivia Night and Sundays are all about the whole roasted pig and a sometimes comically intense corn hole tournament. Once a month there is a hugely popular farmers’ market. Every night of the week there are gorgeous sunsets on the back-a-da-island dock and always there are places to just sit with friends and shoot the breeze. In short, Truck Stop has elevated itself from being just another island food and beverage stop to being a community gathering destination.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Private Island Resort Relaunches
The newly relaunched Turneffe Island Resort is now open for reservations, following a property-wide renovation project. Turneffe Island Resort has fully renovated the hotel, including its 22 beachside guest rooms. “We are delighted to unveil the new Turneffe Island Resort on our 15-year anniversary. We’ve renovated the property, as we do after each season, but we’re especially excited to make a dramatic debut for guests, both returning and new, this season,” said Deborah Finkler, sales and marketing manager at Turneffe Island Resort. “We’ve enhanced our special adventure packages and have a brand new website to allow visitors to virtually experience all the luxury and adventure that the island and surrounding Caribbean waters can offer.” Spread across 14 acres, the island sits at the southern tip of the Turneffe Atoll – 35 miles off the coast of Belize City and only 30 miles from the world-famous Great Blue Hole, a collapsed 1,000-year old oceanic cave, where divers head 130 feet underwater.

Caribbean Court of Justice pioneers new technology to improve court performance
A suite of new high-tech court management systems is to be adopted by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The CCJ will be one of the first adopters of a set of technology-enabled systems for electronic filing of court documents, case management and court performance measurement, according to a release on Friday. The region-wide initiative aims to ensure that courts across the Caribbean have access to the software and training needed to strengthen their operations and improve service delivery, the release said. A pair of pilot projects is scheduled to take place soon in Belize and Grenada, the release said. It announced the establishment of a not-for-profit corporation called Advance Performance Exponents Inc. (APEX), which will coordinate the new technology-driven solutions and services for Caribbean courts.


  • BPP AGM, 44min.

  • The last hour before sun down in the garden is usually full of activity - specially by flycatchers - and some tree swallows, 2min.

  • Cave-Tubing in in Belize, 4.5min.

  • DJI OSMO, 4K BELIZE 01, 10min.

  • BELIZE by Allie McDaniel, 2.5min.

  • Morelet's Crocodile Moves Slightly South Mexico, Belize & Guatemala Alligator Adventure, 2min.

  • Chased by a Moray Eel in Belize, 15sec. We spotted a Moray Eel while snorkelling off Caye Caulker in Belize. Incredible travel location by the way! The eel was pretty deep down but just within breath range. When I got closer, it came out to see me so I start to back away and it keeps following. Not sure if it was being defensive, aggression or just friendly. But, I made sure to keep just enough space between us.

  • Chased by a Moray Eel in Belize, 2min.

  • Belize Hanal Pixan explanation by Maya elder Mr.Felipe Tzul, 9min. Mr. Felipe Tzul is a Maya elder from the village of Patchakan in the Corozal district who explained the tradition of Hanal Pixan in Maya T'aan(Yucatec Maya) and Spanish. Hanal Pixan is also known as Dia de muertos or Finados and is still celebrated by people of Yucatec Maya descent from Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo. Today the Yucatec Mayas also identify themselves as "Maya , Masewal ,Maya Mestizo , Maya Masewal or Indio". This video was recorded November 2,2016 by Mr. Jeremias Tzul from Patchakan. The video was edited by Ak Kuchkabal Maya(Our Maya Family) a Yucatec Maya group founded in San Pablo village Orange Walk to gather information about the Yucatec Maya in northern Belize. This video is for educational purposes .

  • Take-off on Tropic Air from San Pedro to Belize city, 10min.

  • Feeding Howler Monkey in Belize, 1min.