The Saga Home for the Holidays Photo Contest is where your vote helps to give our Saga dogs and cats loving care for the holidays and beyond.

The Saga Home for the Holidays Photo Contest lets you show off your pet hammin' it up for the Holidays. You post your pets photo for the world to see, while helping ours find their own home for the holidays. Got a pic of your mutt under the mistletoe, your Dalmatian and his dreidel, your Siamese on Santa's lap? Enter them all and change the life of a shelter animal

Enter the contest by posting a pic of your dog or cat in their Christmas or Hanukkah finery! Any Holiday themed photo is acceptable, even reindeer antlers!


A trip Around the world for two? No, really, who has that kind of money? We will however send you a $25 Visa gift card and put your petís picture on our Facebook page for a month.

A Beachfront Condo in Paradise? No, how about a $25 Visa gift card and your pets picture in your hometown newspaper.

A Brand new car?! No, how about a $25 visa gift card and we will think of something fun to make your pet famous.

Click Here for the contest!!!!