This is not the kind of news we want to hear at this time of the year, but nonetheless, it is of great concern to this news-shack. A series of recent armed robberies, assaults and burglaries have prompted residents of Corozal to take action. On Friday, December 16th, concerned residents and victims of recent armed robberies and crime began to circulate a petition requesting an immediate town meeting to address the issues of crime, violence, and safety in Corozal Town.

Known to be one of the safest districts in Belize, a recent string of armed robberies, vicious assaults, violence, and burglaries have left the community of Corozal shaken.

Many local residents, including retirees have expressed their current safety concerns to us and ask that immediate measures are taken and implemented to minimize these acts of violence and threats against our community, that have shattered our peace and quiet.

The petition continues to state that "We are not safe in our business! We are not safe in our town!"

It goes on to further state, "The Police Department must be held responsible for their total inability and unwillingness to protect us!"

"Please stand up and join us in keeping Corozal safe for our citizens and our families!"

The petition was brought to us by an expat business woman and friend of ours who was viciously attacked approximately three nights ago in her fenced front yard by a dark skin man who pounced on her face and head with a gun and left her on the ground with face and head injuries, while he ran off with her purse with an undisclosed amount of cash making good his escape in a waiting black car. The woman was still visibly shaken and emotional when we spoke to her on Friday. Her right eye was swollen, bruised with black and blue injuries and she complained of pain behind her head.

The communication between the Corozal Police Department and the Corozal coalition group who some years ago assisted with bridging the gap of communication between the Corozal Police Department and its residents is today, unfortunately, broken.

Our reports on these recent crimes have been coming unofficially from witnesses and victims. Official police reports are not being circulated as was the case when the community policing unit was active and engaged with our Corozal residents. Reports are statistics and it is with these reports that we can prepare and guard ourselves. Without the knowledge of crime taking place, we become complacent.

This news-shack is asking the Officer in Charge of the Corozal Police Department to re-activate communication NOW between the Community Policing Unit and our town residents, especially at this time during our Christmas Holidays and celebrations when we are more likely to become targets and victims of crime.

We are not here to criticize the department, on the contrary, we want to work together in weeding out this crime problem.

We await your response and immediate action to our request.

Corozal Daily