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The San Pedro Sun

SPTC donates motorcycle to San Pedro Fire Department
On Wednesday, December 14th, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) handed over a Lifan X-Plore 200 Motorcycle to the San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD). Newton Lennan, Officer in Charge at the SPFD welcomed the donation and thanked the SPTC for their continued support. Present at the handing over were Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Deputy Gary Greif. Greif, who holds the Transport Portfolio. Grief stated that the donation is another effort to address the transportation issues of the island’s fire department. He added that in times of emergencies, the mobility to affected areas will be swift and the evaluation for assistance will be better addressed. Greif also indicated that this will not be the only donation coming from the SPTC and announced that they will continue assisting in every way possible.

Descanse en paz, Desiderio Donaldo Guerrero
El Señor Desiderio Donaldo Guerrero, conocido tambien por DUCK, nacio a sus padres Pablo Guerrero y Marciala Tzul en esta bella isla pescadora de ese entonces. Desafortunadamente, su madre Marciala fallecio durante sus primeras horas de vida de Desiderio. Asi fue como Duck se entrego su vida cotidiana; a vivirla junto a sus seres queridos, y se realizo como pescador en su juventud y vida. Hace 26 años atras, la familia Sabido le abrio sus puertas de su casa, adoptandolo como parte de la familia en la cual vivio sus ultimos años. Durante estos 26 años, la familia Sabido lo vio como familia, dandole saber que tambien era querido y donde vio nacer a sus cuatro nietos – 4 nietos quien se adoptaron de inmediato, y le brindaron amor y cariño llamandolo tatito. Desiderio Donaldo Guerrero, Duck, vivio su vida muy tranquila, donde formo parte de el grupo famoso de San Pedro: Rompe y Raja. Ese fue su pasion y pasatiempo por mucho tiempo.

San Pedro Town children to benefit from construction of a children’s shelter
San Pedro Town will soon see the establishment of a children’s home. The project is a joint effort between the San Pedro Lions Club and the non-profit organization Raise Me Up, as they transition the old Lions Clinic building located on Lions Street across from Maya Island Air, into an environment full of encouragement and opportunities for our children in need. The building, which had been rented out to private businesses for several years, was the site of the first clinic on the island. The clinic was officially opened in 1978, after a construction process of two years. The health center’s construction was man- powered and financed entirely by members of the local Lions Club. When the clinic was opened to the public under the presidency of Betito Marin, it provided care to everyone regardless of their financial status.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Paying the Rent
Maria called Marvin a few choice names until he came stumbling out to sit with me on the porch. He held his head with his hands. Maria said, “Tell Mr. Dennis what you done.” “Mr. Dennis, I’m in big trouble. I got drunk last night and spent all the rent money. I called you because I was hoping you could help me out.” “Marvin, I’m stone broke,” I said. “I can’t help you.” “Oh no! Maria, what I’m gonna do? That landlord going to want his money.” “Don’t ask me,” Maria said. “You the one got drunk.” “Maria, please don’t get mad with me for this,” Marvin said, “but I got an idea.” “What?” “You think maybe you could be real nice to him? If you spend some time with him maybe we could trade you for the rent.”

Caye Notes: San Pedro Association of Justices of the Peace
The San Pedro Association of Justices of the Peace & Commissioners of the Supreme Court would like to wish everyone Season’s Greetings and hopes for a happy and prosperous New Year. Our town is facing many challenges and it is our desire to work harder to serve our community and enhance the future of the island for the benefit of all. We encourage our neighbors to be more supportive, empathetic and loving so that we can build a stronger San Pedro together.

Doctor Love: Gimme
Dear Dr. Love, My wife and I disagree about how much we should spend on our four year old son for Christmas this year. My wife wants to buy him everything he wants, which is a huge list, while I think it is better to give a number of small, fun things and only one or two larger (and more expensive) items. We have had disagreements in the past. She thinks he should have some little item every time we go for groceries, while I think it is important not to give a child everything they want. I am worried this is going to become a real problem as he gets older and demands more stuff. /s/ Gimme

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

by Abdul Marin Nunez. We are missing opportunities Where is Belize’s uranium, marble and agriculture industries? Belize already has nuclear energy With all the uranium in this country Dah nuclear Science wi pickney fi di study Where are our nuclear scientists of this country? Why are we not exploiting this facility? Belize has the second largest Barrier Reef We don’t know the medicine in the reef These two things, also will give us debt relief Australia has the largest which not as vibrant as ours Yet they make almost a billion off visitors Meanwhile Belize is seismic testing to sell oil rights Belizeans have to stand up and fight

Christmas Inspiration at Belize Zoo 2016
The best little zoo in the world hosted the cutest little kids in the world. The Inspiration Center children got to visit The Belize Zoo and make memories for a lifetime thanks to some generous donors. I'm not the photographer in the family, as I get too excited and emotional to hold the camera still, but this gives you an idea of what a special day it was.

Community Out-Reach Day
The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project is hosting our first event of 2017 on January 14th. The Downtown Rejuvenation Project plans to make the House of Culture Property exactly what the name implies, a property for the display and interaction of our culture. Over the 202 years since the property was built, it has been a place of exclusion where only a certain class of people was allowed to visit; however, the new House of Culture will be one of inclusion where everyone will be welcome from the drain sweeper to the Prime Minister. On January 14th, come out and enjoy free BBQ, listen to live entertainment and participate in activities as you immerse yourself in the property's historic ambience. Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 11 AM - 4 PM , Government House ~ House of Culture (NICH) Regent Street, Belize City, Belize

Poets Corner: Guatelizean
By Abdulmajeed K Nunez. So Belizean di call deh self Gaza While the Israeli president th thank Guatemala For helping them to settle Gaza Fast tract to the ICJ You fools think Israel won’t help Guatemala to have their way Guatelizeans can’t you see your trust and patrimony is being betrayed Government is giving our land away Dear Guatelizean Belize will become Yugoslavia Once Guatemala get piece While claiming they want PEACE! Mexico and Honduras gwen claim Nothing for the Belizeans will remain From voting for the ICJ we have to refrain What a joke, the government of Belize It’s no secret that our territory they have conceded The seventeen Proposals Reshashed to thirteen Then Maritime Area’s Act Now a COMPREMI Are all designed for realization of Manifest Destiny? Guateleans can you see

Las Posadas Starts in Benque
The celebration of Las Posadas for 9 days has started in Benque! Merry Christmas!

The Reporter

Murder in Belmopan
A fatal stabbing incident in the San Martin area of Belmopan has claimed the life of a 27 year-old Belizean mason of the area. According to an official police report, the incident occurred around 5:30 p.m., on Friday December 16th, at a residence at # 8 Guyana St, San Martin area. Investigations indicate that 27-year-old Freddy Cerritos was involved in an altercation with a man who inflicted multiple stab wounds to the upper part of the body. A stab wound was also observed above Cerritos’left knee. Cerritos was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries about 5 minutes later. Belmopan police are currently seeking a Honduran national, who they say is a suspect for the murder. The suspect is also known to the police.

Belize City celebrates life of Cuba’s Fidel Castro
A memorial service was held at Belize City Hall on Friday to commemorate the life of Cuba’s recently departed, Commandant Fidel Castro Ruiz. The event was also in celebration of Cuba’s CARICOM day, which is a celebration of the partnership and relationship between CARICOM states and the Cuban government. The day is officially observed on December 8th. The Mayor of Belize City gave a quick recap of the event and its origin stating: “In 1972, four CARICOM states formally recognized and engaged in diplomatic relationship with Cuba. At that time, it was a very significant gesture because of the backlash that these countries suffered from the United States, due to the the significant amount of pressure that was vested against Cuba by the US. …Later in 1981 when Belize gained its Independence, it joined the other CARICOM states in recognizing the autonomy of Cuba.” Her Excellency Lissette Perez, Cuban ambassador to Belize was present. She commented on the extent that the Cuban medical brigade have impacted the lives of many CARICOM nations. She also stated that there exists the potential for future cooperation among the nations.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Woman shot to death in Santa Elena
A woman was shot just before 8 pm tonight in Santa Elena town, Cayo. She received gun shoot wounds to the left side of her body. The victim was rushed to the San Ignacio hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The incident occurred at a residence near the Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena. According to the police the gunshot wounds were inflicted by a lone gunman. Police are currently at the scene investigating.

Imagine the Possibilities. No. Realize the possibilities
Now, imagine, if you will, that we had an administration focused on building Belizeans, instead of burdening them with debt, and squeezing more and more taxes for those debts, from fewer and fewer Belizeans. We should take some of that 1.3 billion they are looking to “print”, and set up a team, such as Mexico did with FONATUR (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo, National Fund for Tourism Development – formerly known as INFRATUR) and go into Southern Belize and identify small business and niche business possibilities, and help these businesses grow with technical assistance and affordable capital. I would have made sure that the void that Harvest Caye would have obviously caused, in ships going to Harvest Caye more than Belize City, was addressed before I, as the Minister of Tourism, gave my stamp of approval to NCL and Harvest Caye project.


“Doctora, You Have an Emergency.” A Year of Waiting for the Phone to Ring
The voice on the other end of the phone was always calm. Sometimes too calm. I often couldn’t tell based on the tone whether she meant that someone had called about a broken toenail, or whether a dog had been run over and now it’s skull was hanging out of it’s scalp. Honestly it could go either way. How many times could it happen? During almost ten years as a veterinarian in Florida I had not spent even 1 minute on call. I moved to Belize and started a year of being on call 100% of the time. Only when I left the island was I potentially safe, otherwise all bets were off. Sometimes I was already at Saga in my time off (bonus, no travel time) but often I was in the shower, on the couch in my pyjamas, scuba diving, running, on my bike, or in the gym. Sometimes I was asleep in bed. Many times I was eating breakfast at Estels Dine by the Sea on a Sunday morning and once ended up pulling bones out of the business end of a dog then saving a chihuahua from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) back to back while my visiting friends packed my pancakes into a takeout container. When I look back, I was pretty lucky. When I got called out on a weekday night it was rare and usually serious. Most people (and their pets) let me go about my evenings in peace. It was much more likely to get called in on my days off, between Saturday at noon and Monday evening. It was also likely to be a dog, as I saw only six cats and one parrot for an after hours emergency. I looked back at my log to see how the year panned out. Some of the cases I will never ever forget, others I could barely recall even seeing it on paper.

San Pedro’s Holiday Boat Parade Lights up the 2016 Christmas Season
Yesterday was the San Pedro Lighted Boat parade – 9 boats in total…people in costumes and Santa suits…candy and music…and swirling dancing boats parading along the shoreline. As the sun fully set, YOLO went to take her spot in the parade…the boats were lining up in order. First a surprise. 2 Flyboarders all lit up with what looking like phantom jet skies behind them. One guy and one girl. The woman is Kristen Smoyer…the world champion flyboarder! Crazy. And the boats. #1 Blue Attitude. Sponsored by Ecologic Divers – the Red Cross boat.

Dare to SKYDIVE San Pedro! You Know You Want To!
Have you ever had that dream where you’re flying above everything and it’s just you and the clouds? You don’t know where you’re going and you don’t really care because you can fly! Doesn’t it make you want to skydive? “NOPE!” That was my response for the longest time to any question that had to do with jumping out of an airplane on purpose. Just “NOPE!” Still, about a month ago when I was asked if I’d do it, I got to thinking of all the crazy things I’ve done to risk my life. “I bet I’d be more likely to fly into a wall strapped to a bungie cord. Besides, I bet there’s not a more satisfying checkmark on the bucket list. What the heck, let’s do this!” So, I was booked and determined to face my ultimate fear! As I prepared for my most extreme adventure yet, Solani told me of the time her uncle went skydiving. She was too young and has wanted to do it ever since. I couldn’t leave her on the ground after all that! Besides, she seemed a lot more brave about it than I was. So just in case I chickened out, someone from the Ambergris Today Team would get to fly!

International Sourcesizz

Travel trends for 2017: off the beaten track in Belize
Latin America is set to be a key travel trend for 2017. With Colombia and Costa Rica also on the rise, the Central American country of Belize, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, has plenty to offer travelers looking for a walk on the wild side. Visitors can head off in search of Belize's ancient history at the Xunantunich ancient Maya archeological site on the Guatemala border. Culture vultures who aren't put off by the lack of infrastructure for tourism in the country -- which covers a total area of around 23,000 square km (or 8,900 square miles) -- can visit these Mayan ruins to capture emblematic photos of Belize. Plus, the archeological site is on the top of a hill, offering breathtaking views. Home to the second largest coral reef system in the world, stretching over 130km (81 miles), Belize is a prime destination for divers and snorkelers. There are plenty of places to go, but the most famous diving hotspot is the Great Blue Hole, a submarine sinkhole made famous when French naval officer and explorer, Jacques Cousteau, named it one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. A trip to the site requires a little forward planning, since the Hole, which is more than 300 meters in diameter (984 feet), is situated 80km (50 miles) off the coast and is nestled among the Belize Cayes, a series of coral cayes in the Caribbean Sea. The trip also requires a certain budget.

Belize’s Itz’ana Resort Planning Spring 2017 Debut
The Itz’ana Resort and Residences in Belize is planning a spring 2017 opening, the property announced. The Placencia-area boutique resort and development will include a Great House featuring a signature restaurant called Limilia (the brainchild of renowned chef Mara Jernigan), a private “Rum Room,” a “Hemingway-inspired library,” an open rooftop deck and more. The property also includes an 18-slip marina (with a max of 65 feet in length). Itz’ana, which also has a major real estate component that includes a collection of solar-powered waterfront bungalows, boasts its own private island club.

How the pioneer of modern cruising became an underdog — and now a leader again
Starting the cruise industry was the easy part. But staying on top? That’s where the waters get murky, Norwegian Cruise Line will tell you. Depending on the decade, Norwegian has either been coming up with concepts so innovative that it redefined the cruise industry, or sailing through a minefield of disaster. There rarely has been an in between. In a way, doing business at the extremes came with the job title of pioneer. Norwegian launched the modern cruise industry exactly 50 years ago Monday, making its name as a risk taker and a game changer. Today, Norwegian is the No. 3 cruise line in the world in terms of capacity, with a presence that continues to grow. Its ships, among the largest in the world, appeal to middle-class travelers who value vacations with flexible options. Earlier this fall, Norwegian launched Harvest Caye off the southern coast of Belize, a new private island with an environmental focus featuring manatee observation tours and visits to see endangered scarlet macaws and toucans. No jet skis will be allowed in the waterways, but guests can combine their trip with a visit to mainland Belize.

Fishery sector sanitary controls training held in St Vincent and the Grenadines
A two-week training programme covering “Food safety in the fishery sector” and “Fishery products laboratory testing” was delivered to 30 inspector and laboratory analysts from 15 CARIFORUM countries during the period 28 November to 9 December 2016 in St Vincent and the Grenadines, by four international experts. The training, which covered inspection, control and testing in the fishery sector, was based on eight operational manuals developed under a project funded by the European Union (EU). The training was organized by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). Food safety hazards, best international practices in fish inspection at each stage of the supply chain, controls in aquaculture, and traceability as well as modern approaches to laboratory testing and accreditation were among the key areas addressed. Particular attention was paid to explaining the sanitary requirements for exporting fishery and aquaculture products to the EU and markets in other developed countries. Practical work helped the participants to understand the role of rapid and field testing, to enable better decision-making on the safety of fishery products.


  • 7th Annual Habinahan Wanaragua (Dance Jankunu) Competition & Show in Dangriga, Belize., 3hr.

  • Here's a look at last night's Holiday Boat Parade!!!, 2.5min. Nothing lights up Christmas in Belize like the Holiday Boat Parade in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye!

  • Belize GAP and Jay Thurrott, 6.5min. In 2014, Jimmy Yawn and I brought some giant airplants from Belize to Florida to research why the Belize giant airplants are resistant to the Mexican bromeliad weevil. That generation has gone, but Jay Thurrott is growing the next generation of Belize giant airplants in Florida for future studies. The seeds are beginning to germinate.

  • Softball practice in Belize, 2.5min.

  • BabyLion feat. Lova Boy - Love Letter To Belize (Official Audio), 3.5min.

  • BabyLion feat. Lova Boy - Love Letter To Belize (Official Audio), 2min. Come along with us as we Rappel down a Giant Waterfall in Belize.

  • Belize - Stingray and cute Turtle, 1min.

  • Belize, 4min.

  • Belize City " Project in Review" Video Presentation, 20min. This video presentation shows a complete PSAST project review form 2014 July -2016 September.

  • Belize Swimming Hole, 3min. A quick 30 minute walk from San Ignacio brings you to branch mouth, the confluence of the Mopan & Macal River.

  • Belize, 4min. Cave Tubing & Zip Line in the Belize jungle. Nov8, 2016.

  • Krismus Eena Di Paak, 1min. Last night at "Krismus Eena Di Paak" with the Panamanian Band, the Panamanian Band was asked if they new any songs from Selena and this was what transpired. It wasn't planned, but Rohjani belted out this song to start things off and it was incredible to say the least.

  • Sambai Fire Dance @ Krismus eena di Paak, Battlefield Park, several videos.