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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
On January 7, 2017, Emir Marin visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that his home in Boca del Rio Area was burglarized. He reported he saw a Hispanic male person running out of his home, and he then asked for assistance from two Police officers that were conducting patrols in the area.
Based on information received, the Quick Response Team, searched a wooden apartment in the Bay Side area on Thursday January 5, 2017. Upon arriving, the police saw Keith Williams standing at the entrance of his apartment smoking. He then ran away from the said location, leaving behind his black LG brand cell phone. Upon checking the apartment, a young male minor was observed sitting on a brown sofa.
On January 10, 2017, Hernan Baeza visited the San Pedro Police Station and reported that on January 8th, he left his red 26 inch Beach Cruiser bicycle with serial number G145150014, valued at $285, in a golf cart rental compound, locked up. On January 10th, at about 6AM, he returned for his bicycle and found that it was missing. He then reported that with the assistance of his friend from the golf cart rental company, he reviewed video camera footage and saw a male person, whom he recognized as Iayn Cabañas.

Wolfe’s Woofer: My Dog Won’t Bite
“Where are you off to?” I said to Bill Meadows, who was walking in the hot sun. “I’m on my way to see Mr. Curtis. Do you know him?” “I’ve known him for over twenty-five years,” I said. “Mr. Curtis lives up in the Boca del Rio area and he hauls things for people. I hire him every time I can.” “I don’t know how I did it but somehow I managed to offend him the last time he worked for me,” Bill said. “Now, I need him and he won’t even answer my calls. I’m going to his house to apologize and bring him a quart of rum.” “That sounds like a good plan,” I said. “Hop into the cart and I’ll drive you over.” After we got the rum I drove over to Mr. Curtis’s house. As I walked up the steps a big Labrador retriever mix ran up to me and started barking his head off.

Editorial: I am Him and He is Me
Written by Andre Agustus Pitts on July 11th, 2016, this powerful piece resonates even more today. Every time I hear sirens howling from a distance through the city streets, I can imagine that the lifeless body of a young, black man from Southside Belize City is being hauled away. I know that his mother is being assaulted by the memories of his first step, his preschool graduation, the potential she saw in him, and quite normally, she reflects on the first time he started giving trouble. I know that his father feels a sense of guilt, wishing he was around more. I know his girlfriend wished he had spent the night next to her instead of on the unforgiving street side. I know that the lifeless body in the rusty pan of a police mobile was, one or two hours ago, powered by vibrations, illuminated by a smile covering the hopelessness, fear and anxieties of the young black man. Most importantly, I know that I am him and he is me. Our stories are all the same. I grew up on Pen Road in the heart of the South Side of Belize City. Hardly anyone on my street had a father present in the household, and most of us depended on a grandparent to serve as babysitter while our mothers would clock in extended hours at work to make ends meet.

Doctor Love: Desperate
Dear Doctor Love, I know you are in San Pedro and I live on the mainland but I hope you can help me out. My school is putting on a play in two weeks and I play the leading part. We have been rehearsing since the school term began and we have put a lot of work into it. When it began taking a lot of my after school time, my father said I had to keep my grades up or I would not be allowed to participate. My dad will never accept any grade lower than B and pretty much, I have done that but I got a B minus in one subject. My father grounded me, including being in the musical and I am freaking out. My dad has always dreamed of me being the first person in my family to graduate from college. He will not listen to anything I say. He just keeps saying that a B minus will not get me into a good college. I have begged and cried. I have promised to be grounded until I am married if only he would understand that this is very important to a lot of people. I haven’t told my teacher yet because I am hoping to change my father’s mind. How can I make him understand that he is really wrong to make me drop out at the last minute? /s/ Desperate

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Monthly Weather Summary, December 2016
Climatology shows that the main features influencing weather across the country of Belize in December are cold fronts, upper level troughs and the development of moist northeasterly airflows in the area. There was no frontal passage in December of 2016. However, rainfall was above normal for most areas and this was caused by a rather moist tropical air mass that affected the country. Additionally, an upper level ridge persisted over the southwest Caribbean for a major part of the month. This blocked the fronts from entering the area and also supported instability aloft which resulted in deep convection over the area particularly on the 26th of the month. On the first day of December a marginally moist and light easterly airflow over the area supported cloudy skies at times with a few showers mainly over northern coastal areas of the country. A slack pressure pattern dominated from the 2nd through to the 3rd and moisture also decreased over the area. This supported mainly fair conditions with only isolated showers across the country. The flow veered even further to the east-southeast on the 4th and 5th supporting mainly fair, warm and mostly dry weather. Similar weather continued on the 6th but isolated showers affected inland areas on that day.

Belize loses to Costa Rica 3-0

The Reporter

PM Barrow explains why he won’t pay arbitration awards to Ashcroft Alliance
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has explained that his government will not honor a US Court’s decision to pay the Ashcroft Alliance US $50 Million for several reasons. At Friday’s House meeting, Barrow said the ruling was in favour of the People’s United Party’s illegal Accommodation Agreement, with the Ashcroft Alliance, which the highest Court over Belize’s jurisdiction – the Caribbeam Court of Justice (CCJ) has already ruled. “The BSDL award is in consequence of this government’s refusal to honor the Accommodation Agreement – an Accommodation Agreement that without a doubt, Madam Speaker, was utterly and outrageously illegal. BCB holdings, same thing, Barrow explained. “That one, they had the nerve after they got the award – the Ashcroft concern – to bring to Belize for enforcement and that was the one that ended up at the Caribbean Court of Justice. That was the one that caused the Caribbean Court of Justice to talk about malignant tumors, and that was the one that caused the Caribbean Court of Justice to say it doesn’t matter what the reasoning of the arbitration tribunal was; to enforce that award would be repugnant to the public policy, not only of this country and the region, but internationally.”

Man shot on north side
Deon “Buzu” Brackett, a resident of Mayflower Street in Belize City, lies critically wounded after he was shot this morning. Brackett was riding a bicycle shortly after 8:00 a.m., under a heavy downpour in the West Landivar area of Belize City when he was shot in the abdomen. He is currently in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. We will have more as this story develops. There are also reports of shots being fired in other areas of Belize City.

The Belize Times

Former Director of Immigration Tells ALL… – UDP Ministers Named in Revealing Testimony
Former Director of Immigration Maria Marin has been able to produce the list of UDP Ministers which caused her alarm as the then Acting Director of Immigration for the frequency with which they were recommending applicants for approval for immigration documents. That list is with the members of the Senate Select Committee, and they are refusing to release it to the press at this time, even though these are public hearings. In the Senate hearings, Marin made some alarming disclosures, and in the interest of accuracy, this newspaper has reproduced her comments verbatim. According to Marin, “As the Deputy Director, I was aware of cases where we would have people coming in to the department, like what were referred to as agents, who would come in and bring in application forms…I experienced that there were requests that were coming for applications to be approved without having all the necessary requirements or supporting documents in some instances.

There was no announcement by Government to announce its New Year’s gift of a pump price increase which shot the cost of Regular Fuel to its highest point in years. In Belmopan, the cost of Regular Fuel stood at $9.94 while in Corozal and Toledo the price shot past the $10.00 mark. The price for Diesel at the pump also jumped past $9.00, recorded at $9.07 in Belmopan. Prices for Premium mirror prices for Regular, but sources in the Ministry of Finance tell the Belize Times that within the next week the price for Premium fuel will shoot up. On the heels of that crippling price hike, GOB had another not so little surprise for Belizeans. Effective immediately, the price per 100lb. cylinder of butane skyrocketed up $15 – in Belize City, from $82 to $97 and in Belmopan from $84 to $99. The first month of the New Year isn’t even halfway and the budget hasn’t even been read. Yet Belizeans are already paying the cost for the Prime Minister’s total mismanagement of the economy. Belizeans are also paying the cost for the greed of UDP Ministers who have used their powers of office to guzzle at the trough.

STATUS: SCREWED – Barrow’s Racks Up Another $100M Debt for Belize
Uncertain economic times have become even more uncertain for Belize as the US Supreme Court, this week, rejected a request from GOB for certiorari in two arbitration settlements (GOB vs. Belize Social Development Ltd.; GOV vs. BCB and Belize Bank Ltd.), the cost of which total more than US$50 Million and is now enforceable with the Court’s decision. Still, even with the decision being final, GOB says it will not pay a penny toward any of the arbitration costs, even though they are the direct result of the Prime Minister’s arbitrary nationalization of BTL and his subsequent refusal to settle. According to GOB, the US courts have “no authority to overrule the CCJ [Caribbean Court of Justice] and certainly the Ashcroft companies can never collect those awards in Belize.”

It was an insult to Fidel Castro for Dean Barrow to send Patrick Faber to represent Belize at the funeral services in Cuba. Patrick Faber may be the Deputy Prime Minister in a UDP government but, like his government, he knows very little about the achievements of the great leaders from the Caribbean nation of Cuba. And worse he cares even less about the ideas that have held the people of Cuba together for so long. When Fidel and his comrades including the awesome guerrilla warrior Ernesto “Che” Guevara overthrew, by military means the USA puppet/dictator Batista, they were faced with a nation and people in crisis. Tourism had brought exploitation and prostitution to new levels. Cubans were by and large uneducated and illiterate. There was no healthcare for the masses. No housing project and a culture of poverty and dependency. Under Fidel Cuba has long been the top nation in the world for its literacy and healthcare programs which benefit every Cuban. Despite a crippling and brutal total embargo by the US against Cuba, Fidel brought his people to economic self-sufficiency.

UDP Politics as Usual…
In terms of this crime thing, can we realistically expect 2011 to be any different from 2010? Can we expect a decrease in murders, in home invasions, in assaults, in robberies and shootings and thefts? The government has offered nothing different from 2010 – no new initiatives, no new agenda, no new plans, no bold, visionary ideas. There is nothing new coming out of the Ministry of Police, nothing new coming out of the Police Department. Operating Restore Belize is still putt-putting merrily along on the wings of a song. Poverty is increasing apace, as is unemployment. Frustration and desperation are heading on up. There have been no social programs offered and no move to address the school dropout rate. There is still no state of the art forensic/DNA lab which Mr. Barrow promised something like three years ago. He continues to promise the lab periodically but still nothing. That’s all we’ve gotten from this government – NOTHING. The Minister of Police did his media thing the other day but while he may be cute (or not) we were given NOTHING concrete, nothing to base our hopes for better on. So far 2011 isn’t looking all that great…

Tipping Point
At what point do we say enough? At what point do we decide that our leaders have done too much of what is wrong? At what point do we decide that if there is no drastic and real change, as opposed to optical change, our country is really screwed. At what point do we get enough of the blatant corruption, the arrogance, the greed, the mismanagement, the bad decisions and the violation of our people in every possible way? Our neighbours in Mexico, and as close as Chetumal, protested an increase in fuel cost at the pumps. They burned gas stations. They took to the streets, blocked roads. Lives were lost. Currently, with the increase, Premium fuel in Mexico costs $6.50BZD per gallon. Diesel, with the increase, costs $6.22BZD per gallon. And our neighbours protested in force. In Belize, currently, Regular Fuel costs $9.94 per gallon. Diesel costs $9.07 per gallon. In some parts of the country, Regular has reached the $10.00 mark. This is not because of any acquisition costs, or rise in freight or insurance. Government has so screwed up our economy that now it is forced to tax Belizeans through fuel. For every gallon of Regular fuel you buy today, GOB takes $4.63 in taxes.

Team Corozal Outlasts Orange Walk: 5-4 in Inter-district Football Friendly
Team Corozal outlasted Carmelita FC of Orange Walk: 5-4 in an Inter-district football friendly at the Louisiana field in Orange Walk Town on Sunday, before the Jaguars’ game. Diego Moralez scored Corozal’s 1st goal, and Camilo Sanchez added a 2nd goal before the half. Jevon Ico scored 2 goals for Carmelita to equalize 2-2 at the half. In the 2nd half, Marlon Miranda came off the Carmelita bench to relieve Jevon Ico, and soon scored Carmelita’s 3rd goal with a header to finish a corner kick in the 54th minute: 3-2. Camilo Sanchez answered for Corozal in the 69th minute: 3-3. Dedron Baptist scored Carmelita’s 4th goal in the 78th minute: 4-3. The Sugar City fans’ celebration did not last long as Camilo Sanchez answered once again for Corozal in the 83rd minute, taking on the keeper one on one to complete his hat trick: 4-4.

Belize Jaguars Win 3 Friendlies in Preparation for Panama
Team Belize Jaguars won 3 football friendlies in preparation for the upcoming 2016 UNCAF Copa Centroamericana, to be held in Panama from January 13-22. The Jaguars’ new head coach Richard Orlovski has prepared the Jaguars well and he said he was happy with their performance, and expects they will execute the plays they have practiced in the same way against the Central American competition. Last Friday night, the Jaguars won 2-0 over a Stann Creek district selection at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga. Belize’s top striker Deon Macaulay delivered the 1st goal in the 20th minute and Everald Trapp added a 2nd goal in the 27th minute. On Sunday at the Louisiana Field in Orange Walk, the Jaguars won again: 4-0! Macaulay scored a hat trick in the 1st half, with goals in the 26th, 36th and 45th minutes. Luis “Barker” Torres came off the bench to score a 4th goal in the 84th minute, with an assist from Andres Makin Jr.

Guats Say Sedi Agreed to Secret Sarstoon Agreement
Information now coming to light indicates that either Belizean authorities have withheld and continue to withhold critical information from the public or that Guatemala is lying. However, the Government of Belize has not sought to dispel any of the startling disclosures by Guatemala, so our readers can certainly read between the lines. The previous disclosure was that Guatemala had rejected the possibility of Confidence Building Measures for the Sarstoon and instead informed our government officials that they would simply implement a security protocol that would see Guatemala, out of courtesy, grant the Belize Defense Force access to the Sarstoon River for its changeover at the Cadenas observation post. There is evidence to suggest this is true, since our highest defence officials have confirmed that this is the position and will remain the position.

By: Norris Hall. THERE is no tourniquet to stop the flood of blood that gushes, almost daily, from the veins of young men who are caught up in the criminal violence perpetuated by a gang culture. There is no bandaid to stop the spiraling crime rate that can be indirectly related to the escalating corruption that has become the norm with government officials. These so called white collar crimes invariably steal money that could be used to address the social ills that affect our young people who find themselves checkmated by the grips of poverty and hunger. With the social and economic decline in the society the crime rate mirrors a desperate human instinct for survival. There is no hope or expectation from the public that the Police Department will be able to singularly redeem us from our fear and paranoia as a result of the daily images of human blood flooding the nation’s streets, brought to us courtesy of the media. There is absolutely no need for them to apologize. They are simply reflecting the images of what our society has become.

The 13th Senator
By: Eduardo Santos. On Tuesday, the 10th of January 2017, the 13th Senator who will be a representative of the Non-Governmental Organizations will finally be elected. The election is slated to be held at the Belize Audubon Society where Donovan Reneau of the BCVI, Janelle Chanona of OCEANA Belize, Pablo Collado of Adopt a Child with Disability, Edilberto Romero of Bacongo and Osmany Salas of the BTIA will all be vying for the votes of the 27 organization that will be eligible to vote. Even before the first ballot has been cast there are a few persons who are crying foul since out of the 148 registered NGOs only 27 NGOs or 18.25% of all the NGOs will be able to vote. While we are all focusing on the election of the 13th Senator, some of us have conveniently forgotten what the catalyst was that made this a reality. In October of 2016, the Belize National Teachers Union staged a national protest since the Barrow Administration had reneged on its promise to implement a hike in the public servants’ increment. While the two sister unions (PSU and the APSSM) accepted the government decree in regards to the wage hike, the BNTU then issued a decree to the government and when it was not met, they conducted a nationwide shutdown. In response to their strike, Dean Barrow was forced to give in to the demands of the BNTU. One of these demands dealt with the implementation of the 13th Senator as stated in our constitution.

Thinking Out Loud
We are now officially in the second week of the New Year and I am proud to say that the Council has continued with the provision of essential services without a break. As Mayor I’ve spent the last few days inspecting various works around town, including our drainage project on Cinderella Street, the paving of St. Peter’s Street and the paving of Slaughterhouse Street. I have never been one to boast, but I truly believe that the collaboration between our Council and the community is the most successful in the country, showing the most results. We have not been able to cement streets like in Belize City. That municipality had access to millions from a Municipal Bond and millions more in grants from a Central Government which wanted to look good in the city. But I have heard, like I’m sure so many have, the many complaints of streets recently cemented which are already breaking up. The major road leading to the Chetumal Street bridge which so many in the UDP boasted about is already sinking a couple months after being built. So many projects in so many municipalities have failed because those giving the orders high up are all about optics and all about bandaid repairs which look good but never last.

Guzman Charged for Malski’s Death
Eric Rene Salazar Guzman, a Guatemalan living in Burrell Boom, has been charged for the road traffic accident which caused the death of 21 year-old Ladyville resident Jamalski Young. Young suffered a horrific death after his body caught fire moments after the crash. That accident happened sometime after 9 p.m. on Sunday, January 8, between miles 8 and 9 on the Philip Goldson Highway. His family tells the press that he was on the way to work at a gas station located less than quarter mile from where he died. He was riding on a motorcycle, and just as he was passing Blue House Bar, a white vehicle reversed out onto the road. He did not have enough time to react, and the motorcycle slammed into the back of the vehicle. The impact flung him forward, and the bike landed right next to him.

UDP Ministers Exposed by Former Director of Immigration
Maria Marin, the Former Director of Immigration, has confirmed to the nation what the Auditor General’s reports on the Department of Immigration and Nationality catalogued in detail. UDP Ministers intervened in applications for immigration documents, especially Visas. These letters of recommendation they sent was part of a culture within the Government that whichever applicant they endorsed, that applicant was expected to be approved for their Belizean documents in expedited fashion even if they did not qualify. Marin’s revelations came as part of her testimony to the Senate Select Committee, which has been holding public hearings to review the mass irregularities exposed by the Auditor General in her reports. In the 4th meeting of the Committee, Marin revealed under oath that the frequency with which Ministers were recommending applicants for visas was a red flag for her in the pursuit of a reformed department. Even though she was very careful in her word choice, this former senior Immigration official disclosed that there were past occurrences before her leadership of the Department with which she was not comfortable.

Have You Seen This Man?
Does anybody know what happened to the golden boy Mayor of Belize City? I believe his name was Darrell Bradley. Is he still around? Somebody says he’s gone back into private practice full time and that is certainly believable based on the work, or lack thereof, in this dilapidated city. Buoyed by millions from a Municipal Bond and millions in grants and bailouts from a Central Government flush with Petrocaribe funds, Bradley wowed the country with what seemed to be unprecedented work. Since he followed on the hells of the disgraceful Zenaida Moya even one paved street would have been an improvement. But coffers bulging with millions, Bradley shone bright.

This evening a terse release from the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum informed the general public that the consultations on the Marine Multibeam and Sea Seep Survey, that were scheduled to be held at the Radisson Hotel in Belize City on January 18 and 25, 2017, have been cancelled. There was no explanation given and the word ‘cancelled’ was used as opposed to ‘postponed,’ suggesting that there will be no rescheduling in the short term. So why is GOB playing so cagey with what is obviously a pre-exploration survey in our waters? The economy is in dire straits. It is no secret. The Government of Belize admitted this in broad daylight in its pleading to bondholders recently in New York as it attempts to re-structure the so-called Superbond for the third time. The reason the economy is in dire straits is quite straight forward. Our usual exports have been doing poorly. The BNE oil wells have dried up. Also, the government has mismanaged the nation’s financial resources and increasing public debt to unsustainable levels. Underscoring this dismal situation however is the government’s reckless actions and decisions as it pertains to the economy.

Thanks to Teachers…13th Senator is a Reality!
On Tuesday, January 10, President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association Osmany Salas was selected as the NGO appointee to serve as Senator in the Upper House of the National Assembly. Salas, if government keeps its commitment, will shortly be officially appointed as the long awaited 13th Senator, believed to be critical to the oversight process and so long denied by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Salas was selected through a voting process in which 27 NGOs in good-standing participated. He was victorious with 11 votes, while Edilberto Romero received 7 votes. Three other NGO representatives – Pablo Collado, Janelle Chanona and Donovan Reneau were in the race for 13th Senator as well, and it is believed that all would have been able to perform in the role which is absolutely essential for good democracy.

Barrow Can’t Even Manage Garbage
While everything else is crumbling under the mismanagement of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his administration, it has come to the nation’s attention that the PM’s incompetence in not solely in the area of fiscal responsibility. It has become apparent that this administration cannot even manage garbage. On Tuesday January 10th, the Government of Belize, incredibly, asked Belizeans if they could please generate less garbage while informing that the operator of the solid waste transfer stations and the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill, PASA Belize Limited, a Mexican company, had ceased operations effective January 9th.

Guardian Editor Finds Fatal RTA Funny!
Late last week, Guardian Editor Alfonso Noble…charged and arraigned for knocking down and killing Gilbert Myers while he was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, made an incredibly insensitive, distasteful and offensive post on Facebook. Under a picture of him giving blood, Noble wrote, “A friend asked that I help out by giving blood today.” Noble was making direct and joking reference to the incident which claimed the life of Hattieville resident Gilbert Myers on Christmas Eve. The Guardian Editor, seen drinking that afternoon and evening, knocked down Myers at Mile 4 on the George Price Highway, killing him instantly. When Police arrived at the scene, Noble refused to give a blood or urine specimen so he could be tested for alcohol in his system. On December 28th, as he was arraigned on multiple charges of Manslaughter by Negligence, Causing Death by Careless Conduct, Driving Without Due Care and Attention and Failure to Provide a Specimen, Noble’s attorney Herbert Panton told the media that his client had refused to give blood to Police because he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Happy Birthday to the Father of the Nation
George Cadle Price, Belize’s first Prime Minister, true Belizean patriot and national hero, was born on January 15, 1919 and would have been 98 years old today. Yesterday, a memorial mass and wreath laying ceremony was held in Belmopan in celebration of the life […]

Man shot in Belize city
Reports reaching our newsroom is that a man was shot this afternoon on Western Avenue in Belize city. The victim has been identified as Francis Petillo. He was reportedly taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. © […]

Forbes selects Santa Familia village in Cayo as one of best destinations to live
Forbes Magazine recently listed Santa Familia village in the Cayo district as one of the best destinations in the world to live. The article, entitled “Quit your job and live abroad: 8 places so cheap, you might not need to work,” was posted on […]

Man gunned down in pouring rain
A resident of the Mayflower Street area in Belize City was gunned down in the pouring rain as he rode his bicycle on the north side. According to police information shortly after 8 a.m. Deon Brackett, also known as “Buzu” was gunned down in […]

Belize held Panama to a 0-0 draw at Copa Centroamericana
The Belize Jaguars travelled to Panama for their first match of the Central American Cup but the game ended in a 0-0 draw at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium on Friday night. The results have only extended Panama’s undefeated streak in the 15-game competition. Statistically, […]


Antigua, Guatemala: The Food And the Restaurants
When I set out on my trip to Guatemala almost two weeks ago, I had no clue what the food would be like…but after living in Belize for 10 years, I could make an educated guess. Beans and rice, for sure. Chicken and chilies. A mix of Mayan and Latin/Spanish influences. And lots and lots of delicious coffee. OH THE COFFEE. But that I must save for the next post. There was SO much of it. I wasn’t that far off…the food was delicious. The wider selection of fruits and vegetables, since Guatemalan ranges from sea level to 13,000 feet, is a very nice bonus. Who doesn’t love year round avocados and mangoes, blackberries and strawberries and some of the best coffee in the world? Antigua was the perfect place to eat Guatemalan AND internationally. The town has quite the food scene from Italian and French to Indian and Thai to bubble tea. And even some things that…oy. At the Museo Chocolate. It also has the most low-key fast food places I’ve ever seen. The only way you’d recognize Domino’s Pizza is by the single brass domino on the exterior.

International Sourcesizz

Jose Guillermo Ortiz scores twice in Costa Rica debut
D.C. United’s newest player Jose Guillermo Ortiz was named to the Costa Rica roster earlier this month and was looking at the chance of playing for his country for the first time. After appearing on the bench Friday in a scoreless draw with El Salvador, Ortiz was given his first start for the Ticos by former Alajuelense coach Oscar Ramirez. In the second half, he shook off two Belize defenders and rang a shot off the post, which Minnesota United FC player Johan Venegas put home for an easy one:

Caribbean And Latin America News Round Up For Monday Jan. 16, 2017
The Belize Jaguars ended their game against Panama in their first match of the Central American Cup Friday night in a 0-0 draw. They, however, lost Sunday night to Costa Rica which scored three goals in the match.

Top 10 Places to Live Overseas in 2017
Wondering where the best places are to meet abroad? A good place to start is with the best places to live. For that, consider the following list of the "Top 10 Best Places to Live Overseas in 2017," courtesy of Live and Invest Overseas. Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Little Santa Familia village in Cayo, Belize ... is a region of wide-open spaces, fresh air, warm sun, and fertile land, making it our pick for the world's best place to disconnect and unplug."


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