Island fun for a worthy cause!

If you are looking for some excitement to a Tuesday night, how about a crab race? Intrigued? Then we have just the spot for you! Every Tuesday night, Crazy Canucks Beach Bar holds their Hermit Crab Race. With a chance to win fabulous prizes, the place gets jammed pack with patrons cheering on the competitors, little bitty hermit crabs.

For just $10BZ you can bet on a hermit crab of your choice. Owners Rob and Krista have an aquarium filled with these little crustaceans ready to take to the track. As for the track Ė well, itís more like a circular obstacle course, with ropes used to divide it into two segments. Items signifying the prizes up for action are placed within the course, and the first crab to crawl to each item takes the winnings!

As if the crab races arenít fun enough, proceeds of the event go to charity Ė a real win-win situation! There are several races during the night, but crabs sell out quickly, so we recommend you get there early, and bet on a crab or two, or three!

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