As a result of the recent crime wave adversely affecting the Corozal District, the Corozal Police Formation is reaching out to the community for the formation of "The People's Coalition Committee".

The People's Coalition is a new committee that will be comprised of Law Abiding Citizens from every walks of life and profession to assist the Corozal Police Formation with capacity building measures.

The Corozal Police Formation reiterates its Mission to guard and protect its citizens in order to make Corozal Town a safe haven. Its Motto is to "Serve the People".

The way the People's Coalition intends to execute its mission is to work along with the Police Department and the community of Corozal to deter criminals from being involved in crimes.

The Corozal Police Formation states that the People's Coalition Committee will seek to work along with the Police Department and community of Corozal Town to set up strategies in place to better safeguard our Judicial District.

The newly formed coalition will be involved in fund raising events in order to accumulate funds to be used for worthy causes across the community. Therefore, the CPF is seeking for citizens who want to be involved in voluntary work and who are willing to serve the community of Corozal alongside the Police Department in fighting crime.

A meeting to form the coalition committee will be held on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at 6:30 P.M. at the Corozal Police Station's Conference Room.