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Today's Belize News: February 1, 2017 #521301
02/01/17 12:56 AM
02/01/17 12:56 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

Ambergris Today

Miss Belize Universe Unites an Entire Nation
An entire country came together to support an ambassador to our beautiful country and its people. It was a nerve-wrecking wait to see if Miss Belize made it into the top 13 at the Miss Universe Pageant held on Sunday evening; an entire country glued to their televisions. Belizeans were in high hopes that their beauty ambassador would make it far into the pageant. Alas it was not so, but in no way due to the lack in effort or perseverance by Miss Belize Universe Rebecca Rath. She represented Belize with much confidence, pride and determination. She shined in the preliminaries, was the spotlight of international pageant watcher and media houses and was featured in various news outlets as a favorite. Rebecca awakened an entire nation and received overwhelming support throughout her experience at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Belize to Improve Forensic Services and Unveil Crime Strategy
The Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr conducted a tour of the National Forensic Services (NFS) Headquarters in Ladyville on January 30, 2017. Honorable Aragon met with management and staff, acquainting himself with the services offered by the institution, and through their discussions identified capabilities as well as shortcomings of the NFS. The Minister was given a presentation which provided an overview of the current status of the NFS. The presentation also addressed topics such as drug and alcohol testing, and ballistic testing using the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS), a modern automated firearms identification system. Minister Aragon committed to do all in his power to address the concerns and needs of the NFS to allow for the proper delivery of services.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The onsite course “Introduction to the Rule of Law” will be offered by the OAS Department of Human Development, Education and Employment, the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (OAS/CITEL), and the United States Telecommunication Training Institute (USTTI). The deadline for receiving applications in Washington, D.C., will be March 1st, 2017. The OAS will not receive physical application files from the pre-selected candidates. The online application form must be completed on-line and can be accessed at: here you will find the announcements of the PDSP courses, click on the one you are interested in, go through the end of the page, then you’ll find the “Continue” button which will direct you to the online form that you must fill out. Print and submit the complete online application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NEMO Building, Belmopan by February 15, 2017 for pre-selection before forwarding to OAS Washington.

Join us this week at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar to paint "Mr. Hoppy".

Rebecca Stirm represents Belize at SICA Achievement Expo in El Salvador
The Central American Integration System (SICA) held an Achievement Expo in El Salvador where they reported on the several successful projects made possible through funding from the Republic of China, Taiwan . Among those achievements was the EMPRENDE Fund where owners of small business in Central America were given seed capital to develop, improve or expand their business. Recipients of the seed capital displayed their products to Tsai Ing-wen , president of Taiwan.Representing Belize was Rebecca Stirm, fashion designer and owner of Rebecca Stirm Clothing. Rebecca was granted the opportunity to address the president on behalf of Belize and to speak about her accomplishments through the programme.

On Friday, January 27, 2017, the Isla Bonita Elementary School hosted its annual Culture Day in which they invited Councilor Flora Ancona to witness all the presentations the students had prepared. Belize is known to be a very diverse country, and you can bet all the cultures were present - from Mestizo to Mennonites and Chinese to the Indian Culture, they were all there beautifully presented by the students with food, music, dances and history. Thank you for inviting us Isla Bonita Elementary School!

Scholarship-Bilateral Program for international students
Ministry of Education of P.R. China is pleased to offer Scholarship-Bilateral Program for international students in 2017-2018 academic session. Scholarship supports undergraduate programs, masters programs, doctoral programs, general scholar programs and senior scholar programs. Scholarship supports undergraduate programs, masters programs, doctoral programs, general scholar programs and senior scholar programs.

Custom authorities from Belize and Mexico have met to mitigate strategies to enforce measures against "fayuqueros" or "hormiguitas", who really are Mexican merchants that contraband goods from the Corozal Free Zone across to Mexico. As a result, access to these merchants has been closed from both the Belize and the Mexican sides of the borders. Last Thursday evening, January 26th, 2017 a confrontation between Belizean custom officers, and Mexican merchants who allegedly engage in contraband, ended when Mexican military authorities took up positions on their side of the Subteniente Lopez (old Santa Elena/Chetumal) bridge linking Belize and Mexico. During the confrontation, a Belizean policeman was injured, apparently from a rock that was hurled at him. The confrontation began when Belizean authorities attempted to stop and cease goods from a number of "fayuqueros" that had emerged from the Corozal Free Zone with bales of merchandise. It is no clear if the bales of merchandise were undeclared or if any illegal action was taking place. The Corozal Commercial Free Zone has been well known as a back door for conduct questionable trading activities.

The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, will award certificates tomorrow, February 1st, to 66 persons who completed a tourism-based Job Preparedness Training in Belize City, which was held from 11th –27th January, 2017. The Job Preparedness Training, which had the participation of one of the largest groups, was made up of two components: soft skills (attitudes and behaviours) and technical skills (industry specific). This was the first time in Belize City that BTEC executed training in three technical areas: Front Desk, Introduction to Bartending and House-keeping/Janitorial. Sixty-six persons (66) completed the training with over 98% completing successfully and the remaining 2% receiving certificate of participation. Each participant was required to sit a Pre-test in English, Customer Service and Basic Tourism Facts.

If you can provide any of the below products, please go to and submit an intent to supply or learn more. You can also learn more by calling EXPORTBelize, a unit of Beltraide at Ph: 822-3737 or by emailing to [email protected]

Mrs. Libertad Cal and preserving traditional Maya dances
Mrs. Libertad Cal along with other villagers of Yo Creek from Yucatec Maya descent . Mrs. Libertad Cal has been working for years in preserving the traditional Maya dances. She is a pioneer of the Yucatec Maya Movement along with Mrs. Felicita Cantun, Ismael Cal and others in the preservation of our Maya culture in Northern Belize, particularly in the Orange Walk District

FCD’s research team has sampled 26 out of 40 sampling plots in the Raspaculo and Macal River systems
This Freshwater Macroinvertebrate research is financed through the PACT Medium Grant.

"El Cimarron y Su Fandango" Exhibition
It's almost here! As part of the Museum of Belize's 15th Anniversary Celebration, we are launching a photographic exhibition titled "El Cimarron y Su Fandango", on Friday, February 3rd.

The Placencia Breeze February 2017
Pg 3 From the Fire Hearth - Chocolate Pg 5 BTIA news / Sidewalk Art Festival Booth Form Pg 7 Croc Corner Pg 9 BTIA Membership Spotlight - Naïa Resort and Spa Pg 11 Seine Bight News Pg 13 New Books / Amik Kil Ha' Spotlight / Orca sighting Pg 15 & 18 Placencia BTIA Members Pg 16 & 17 Placencia Peninsula Map Pg 19 Scarlet Macaws Pg 20/21 Placencia Peninsula Guide Pg 22 Zumba Spotlight / Fitness Information Pg 23 The SEA NN / Seine Bight Beach Clean Up Pg 24 BTIA Membership Spotlight - Casa Sunsandsea Pg 26 Community Corner Pg 27 Licensed Tour Operators in Placencia / Licensed Tour Guides in Placencia Pg 28 Placencia Humane Society News Pg 29 Placencia Rotary Events Pg 30 Placencia Peninsula Happenings Pg 31 Calender of Events

Channel 7

Shots Fired Again In Conch Shell, This Time Victim is a 21 Year Old
Last week, we showed you how Area Representative Tracy Taegar-Panton was partnering with the police to try to de-escalate tensions in the Conch Shell Bay area. Well, it appears that more work is needed because there was another shooting in near the fish market last night. It happened at around 8:00 when 21 year-old Jaheel Goodger was shot by a gunman. According to police, he was riding a bike on West Collet Canal, heading towards Ebony Street, when he saw 3 men standing in front of an unknown alley. He said that one of them fired several shots at him, one of which hit him in the right leg. Now, for the residents of the Conch Shell Bay area, they find themselves in what looks to be an escalation of tensions within the same neighbourhood. On New Years Day, 22 year-old Collin Sutherland was murdered there, and since then, there's been the murder of Clinton Frazer, the shooting of 19 year-old Keimar Nicholas, and, last night Goodger. All this while police have blanketed the area, in fact, reports say the shooting happened within sight of two cops last night.

Family Says Teenaged Shooting Victim Is Paralysed
Turning now to 19 year-old Keimar Nicholas, as we told you last week, he has been hospitalized at the intensive care unit. That's following a shooting last Monday night right on the basketball court in this Lindo's Alley yard. He was shot in the neck, and, now, his family and friends say that it has caused him to become paralyzed from the neck down. They're trying to get him specialized treatment in Merida, but they don't yet have to money to cover the expenses. They're hoping that the public will assist them by supporting two barbeque sales, which they have planned for this coming Saturday, and the following Saturday. This morning, his friend, Shaheed Haulze, spoke with us about his prognosis if he doesn't get the funds required to be sent abroad for more specialized care:

Alleged Killers Fight In Front of Courtroom
Today in front of the Magistrate's Court, a fight broke out between two alleged murderers who were under police escort. The first was John Chessman, who along with his recently murdered brother, Robert Gillet, was accused of the rape and decapitation of Naomi Garcia in 2005. Chessman is on remand for another murder which happened in 2012. The second man in the fight was Jayaer Flores, who is the alleged murderer of Porshan Pipersburgh and his seven year old cousin, Tyler Savery. According to reports, Chessman managed got his hands on a glass bottle, broke it and attempted to attack Flores. Police then intervened and used pepper spray to stop the assault. Flores managed to avoid injury, but Chessman was taken to the KHMH for injuries he received breaking the bottle and from coming in direct contact with the pepper spray.

Mayor Presents City Audit
The Belize City Council has released its external audit for the financial year ending 2016. The audit, performed by Panell Kerr Foster lays bare all the city's financial affairs, from the salaries paid to the mayor and councilors, to the debts owing to the sanitation contractor. Now, there's no law requiring the council to release an audit, or even to perform one, but the mayor - who is never too shy to blow his own horn - said it is a key element of transparency:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City "We want there to be no hiding of the fiscal challenges of the municipality and we want the accounting to be open, and to be subject to review." "We want people in the public to be satisfied that when they procure municipal services, when they pay property taxes, trade license, they pay for their driver's license or other fees, that their money is being put to good use, and so we have this measure as a measure for transparency."

City Will Use Customized License Plates To Offset Lost Revenue
Now, heading into the next fiscal year, the city will be reducing trade license fees - and to make up for a part of the one million dollars in lost revenue - the council has to find new ways of creating revenue. The mayor says they are looking at a customized license plates program where vehicle owners would pay one thousand dollars to use a plate with their name or lucky number on it:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City: "The law allows to sell a plate that is a designer plate and we have some samples here. But again those are areas that we are looking to generate revenue, to raise our financial position without having it a tax. Because if you want a regular plate, you just pay the regular plate, and the regular plate price, so that there's no increase in anyone. But, for example, we've had from time to time people inquiring us, when I get my driver's license plate, can I get a special number, can I put my name on the plate, can I have a special indication, or a series of numbers or letters on my plate."

PUP and UDP Differ on Date For Long Overdue Re-registration
It's coming up on 21 since Belize hasn't undergone a re-registration exercise. And because of that everyone in politics knows that that the voter's list is bloated with phantom voters and persons who are deceased or have migrated. That mess became even more ominous last week when Former Immigration Director Ruth Meighan agreed in the Senate Hearings on Immigration that the rush up to the 2012 General Election, there was nationality fraud, which transferred over to voter fraud. That has only serve to strengthen the PUP's conviction that re-registration must happen soon, and one is due at the beginning of July. But, the first hint that the re-registration would be postponed a third time came last year August from the Prime Minister. Here's how he put it then: Well, since then, the Elections and Boundaries Commission has had some time to give it greater consideration, and they're agreeing with the Prime Minister that it should take place after the 2018 Municipal Elections. They're receiving immediate backlash on that decision from the PUP, who fired off a press release today, while a meeting to finalize this decision was still ongoing.

Mayor Says Phantom Voters Didn't Account for His Landslide
And we also got the chance to ask the mayor about re-registration. His UDP party comfortably controls six of the ten seats in the city, and it is widely believed that the collective constituency strength of the UDP is what has carried Bradley and his council to two landslide victories. And within those constituencies there are lots of phantom voters; people who don't live in the constituency but who are registered there. They are the voters who would be weeded out in a re-registration. Now, with the government saying that it will have a re-registration after the municipal elections, we asked Mayor Bradley if he hasn't benefitted from the bloated voters list:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City: "Well I don't want to make any comment on that. Because a re-registration exercise is an exercise which involves a tremendous amount of analysis and labor. So that re-registration exercises are required by law at certain intervals, but one of the reasons why the law places intervals on them is because of a recognition of the inherent difficulties in doing that." "You rightly pointed out that municipal elections are very much within our sight. You are looking a little over a year. I don't want there to be any kind hurry circumstances. So that I wouldn't want to give a commandeer, because they may be practical limitations which I myself do not see why that kind of exercise cannot be done within the little over a year period."

Mayor Says Senate Probe Is Not The Solution to Systemic Corruption
And so while it seems the mercurial mayor may offer himself again as a UDP Mayoral candidate, it is well known that he doesn't always tow the party line. Last year he broke with the party line and said he supported a Senate Inquiry - but not one with a government majority. Well, that was a part of the pressure that forced government to ultimately capitulate - and concede its majority to a mix of opposition members and social partners. And now that that Senate subcommittee is underway, we asked the Mayor if he is scandalized by the revelations of what his own party members were doing:... Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City: "That there must be accountability. I think that the members of the public want to be satisfied in relation to whatever is going on at immigration to know what exactly was happening, who was involved, and how high was those persons involved and that it is stopped." Jules Vasquez, 7News: "Are you surprised that your predecessor in Caribbean Shores Mr. Santino Castillo was brought in in the whole Jin chen An situation?" Darrell Bradley, Mayor - Belize City: "I can't give any specific comment in relation to anything that would have transpired before that."

PUP Leader Wants Criminal Investigation
And that accountability is the same thing that John Briceno is asking for - except he is calling for a criminal investigation. That's what he told CTV-3 in Orange Walk after the party's National Party Council Meeting on Saturday:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Now here we are with the former Director if Immigration who was the Director at that time who basically admits that there has been some sort of electoral fraud. We want to make it absolutely clear, we are going to hold the government accountable, the Prime Minister needs to do the right thing, and he needs to seek at what is going to look at his legacy. Is he going to allow for this to continue to perpetuate this kind of electoral fraud. We are saying that we need to hold the people accountable the people that have orchestrated this plan so we are saying that the Prime Minister needs to call in the DPP to do a thorough investigation." "We have to hold the government accountable, we have to let them understand that the law was broken and if the law is broken then we need to hold the people accountable. There must be a full and thorough investigation and let the chips fall where they may. if people are found guilty, if ministers are found guilty they need to answer."

A Revival With Muscle
In July, the Trinity Assembly of God Church is planning a countrywide event, aimed to inspired both old and new members of the church. But it's not all day worship and praise - nothing like that. The event, dubbed the Belize Festival of Hope, will bring together performers, athletes and personalities from around the country and throughout the world to participate in a revival event which will include extreme sports, a strength team, dances, drama, games and music. We spoke to one of the festival's national leaders, Pastor Ruth Pipersburgh, about what's to come... Pipersburgh says that she expects the Festival of Hope to ATTRACT thousands of Belizeans and foreigners.

Will Belize Ban E-Smoking?
Last week, the Parliament in Barbados passed legislation to ban cigarettes and e-cigarette smoking in public areas. Everyone knows what an e-cigarette is, but e-cigarettes are less well known. Vaping as it is called, uses a handheld electronic device that vaporizes a flavoured liquid, which delivers nicotine to the user without burning tobacco. E-cigarettes were first promoted as a tobacco free and less harmful alternative to cigarettes, but many in the health sector see it as just a different way to get people hooked on nicotine. So what is Belize's ministry of health doing about it? That's what we asked the Drug Council's Esner Vellos today:.. Esner Vellos - Director, NDACC, MOH: "The Ministry of Health through the national drug abuse council, we are working very hard to make sure that we will be able to implement legislation that would protect the lives of individuals not only those who consume tobacco but also those who did not consume and those are who are affected by 2nd hand smoking. the national tobacco bill, the draft tobacco bill that we are making recommendations for legislation is looking at not only traditional tobacco products, but also the modern type tobacco products that are in 1 way or the other marketed to be sexy if you can say the word and attractive to the younger generation."

PUP Leader Calls UDP's Cannes Cabinet Members "Gullible"
The whole Puerto Azul debacle may have blown up last week, but the UDP continues to feel the after effects. After all, the Ministers of Investment and Tourism were there in Cannes, France at the launch for the bogus project, mugging with celebrities. The Leader of the Opposition says they jumped at a free ride:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "It shows that we are gullible. It shows that our ministers, for a free ride, they would go and just say all kinds of things to the media without being very careful, without studying the proposals that are in front of them and all they were thinking about was a free trip and now see what is happening. All of us, the country of Belize gets a black eye."

City Council Calling All Hoods
The Lake Independence area is often troubled by crime and gang rivalries. But, on Saturday, February fourth, the City Council is hoping to increase the peace with a basketball and football marathon. Councilor Jason Edwards told us what's on offer:... The event will be held at the Lake I Complex field and basketball court.

Channel 5

2 Sought in Credit Card Attack on ATM’s
Another massive credit card scam has been uncovered in the local banking system and police are on the lookout tonight for a pair of thieves who have withdrawn an undisclosed [...]

Postpone Re-Registration Again? P.U.P. Says No Way
At this hour, a meeting of the Election and Boundaries Commission is taking place. It was called by Chairman Doug Singh to discuss several proposals related to conduct and practice [...]

Re-Districting before Re-Registration is Illogical, Says Kareem Musa
The P.U.P. also says that it denounces any attempt by the Commission to carry out a re-districting exercise before a re-registration exercise, since such an exercise, in its view would [...]

Will Voters’ ID’s Go the Way of the Dinosaur?
The voter’s identification card carries none of the shine of the passport, or Social Security card or driver’s license. Indeed, its sole use seems to be to identify a voter [...]

P.U.P. Leader Vows Accountability in Alleged Election Fraud
The Opposition People’s United Party is planning a press conference on Thursday of this week. On the agenda is a frank discussion of the revelations coming out of the Senate [...]

Kareem Musa Says “Eye-Opener” Inquiry Reveals Excessive Ministerial Influence
While the party awaits its turn to address the single biggest revelation coming out so far from the Senate Special Select Committee, deputy leader Kareem Musa offered some general observations [...]

Legal Guardians Refusing to Return Belmopan Kids to Grieving Widower
A custody battle is brewing in Belmopan where a San Martin family is before the courts fighting to regain care of their eight children. According to Santos Fermin Sagastume, back [...]

Jasmine Alert Prez Says Case “Crosses the Line”
Since his wife’s passing, Sagastume and his daughter have not been able to contact the children and don’t know their whereabouts. But the family has been in touch with personnel [...]

Conch Shell Bay Rocked by Another Shooting Incident
Since the start of the New Year, Conch Shell Bay, a bustling community which is home to the popular Fish Market, has quickly become a hotspot in the city.  The [...]

Budget Cuts Will Make Belize “Leaner and Meaner,” According to A.G.
In the run-up to the presentation of the General Revenue and Appropriations Bill, also known as the Budget, in March; there will be planned consultations with civil society, the business [...]

Who Authorized Beach Construction at Caye Chapel?
Has the Department of the Environment cleared a planned beach creation on the popular island of Caye Chapel without the benefit of an environmental impact assessment? The question came up [...]

P.U.P.’s National Party Council Meets on Economy and Immigration
As mentioned earlier in the newscast, the People’s United Party held the first National Party Council meeting of the New Year in Orange Walk. The main resolution which we told [...]

Soldier Messed with Lady Officer, Taken to Court
A B.D.F. soldier is in trouble with the law for unruly and unbecoming behaviour. Twenty-two-year-old Kevin Chun is accused of touching a female police officer on her private parts on [...]

Youths Caught with Weed Stash at Turneffe
On Saturday, Coast Guard officials busted twenty-two-year-old Justin Flowers, eighteen-year-old Elijah Usher, Stanley O’Neil and a minor all of Belize City with eight hundred and sixty two gram of weed [...]

Chinese Community Says Happy New Year!
The Chinese zodiac is divided into twelve blocks just like the western astrological calendar, but the major difference being that each block covers a period of one year instead of [...]

Grieving Hamilton Family Implores Police to Speed Up Investigation into Triple Arson Murder
The Hamilton family of Aloe Vera Street, Belize City, continues to look for answers four months after a senseless act of arson of their house. They lost not one, but [...]

Cop Brothers Attacked Suitor for Ex-Girlfriend?
Cops gone crazy over engagement? One woman is alleging that two officers – one attached to Rural Eastern Division and the other assigned to Eastern Division South – made an [...]

City Cops Went After 12 Year Old Boy For No Reason, Family Alleges
On Monday night you heard the mother of a thirteen year old boy complain about police actions against her son in Punta Gorda. Today, we spoke with the sister of [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: February 1, 2017 [Re: Marty] #521302
02/01/17 12:56 AM
02/01/17 12:56 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 84,246
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Corozal Taxi Driver Alleges Police Extorted Him
A well-known taxi driver from Corozal is making some serious allegations against a couple Orange Walk Police officers who he says stole money from him. Jorge Sanchez, better known as Chino, says that he had driven to Orange Walk last night to deliver some items. While here in Orange Walk, he said he stopped at a Chinese store where he was invited to take a beer. He said that during this time, a police patrol stopped and the officers began questioning him. Sanchez explained that instead of offering a safe exit out of Orange Walk, the officers turned on him when they robbed him. He explained.

Opposition Leader Shares Solutions For Super Bond Issue
Belize’s depressed economy has taken center stage in national discussions for quite some time now and even more so recently following GOB’s failed attempt at re-negotiation Super Bond 3.0. A few days ago the Government offered bond holders to bring the interest rate down to four percent from six point seven percent due in August, and for principal payments to be made in the years 2036, 2037, and 2038. However, that offer was flatly rejected by bondholders, but GOB decided to extend the response time for bond holders to 5:00pm on Friday, February 3rd. But as it has been reported in previous days, bondholders have sought further statements from the Barrow administration on its plans to keep Belize from further risks with its financial stability. Over the weekend we took the opportunity to ask Leader of the Opposition on his party’s position on the current state of the Super Bond, here is what he had to say.

Opposition Leader Explains Why Members Voted In Favor Of Bill To Protect Belize's Assets
A special Sitting of the House of Representatives was called on Friday where two new bills were debated. Both bills were basically designed to protect Belize's foreign reserves from, Belize Social Development Limited and Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited, the pair of Ashcroft companies that are trying to recover the over one hundred million Belize dollars in arbitral awards granted to them by a US court. As we showed you on Friday a division was called and the Bills were approved after the PUP side of the House voted in favor. During an interview with Opposition Leader this weekend at the National Party Council Meeting held in Orange Walk, he spoke of the reasons behind the PUP’s approval.


One year old child died after falling into a well
Fem Cruz reporting… “The Durante family in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan continues to mourn the untimely death of their one year and six month old child, Edwin Duerto whose body was found face down inside a well. According to the mother of the child, on Saturday January 28th sometime around 12:35pm in the […]

13th Senator makes debut
Recently elected Senator, Osmany Salas made his debut this morning at a Special Sitting of the Senate in Belmopan. Senator Salas was sworn in and is representing the nongovernmental organizations. The appointment of the 13th Senator was a manifesto promised made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow in 2008 but it was not until last year […]

Senators support bills to protect Belize’s reserves
Today Senators debated the Central Bank of Belize International Immunities Bill 2017.The bill was first introduced during the Special Sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday. Dubbed the “Anti Aschroft” Bill, the piece of legislation seeks to protect foreign reserves held by the Central Bank of Belize in other countries. The passing of this […]

Stiffer penalties for forestry offences
Today, the Senate ratified Forest Amendment Bill. This means that the penalties for people who are caught committing forestry offences were restructured. In other terms, the fines imposed for this particular offence will be tougher since the fines were too lenient. Lead Government Senator, Godwin Hulse, explained. Senator Godwin Hulse “Actually as most people are […]

Caye Caulker men hit with drug charges
Police operations on Saturday in Caye Caulker resulted in the arrest of three men. Police say they conducted a stop and search which resulted in the arrest of Everald Bodden who was charged for drug trafficking. Bodden was found with one point two grams of cocaine. In the second incident, Police found forty three pounds […]

Motorcyclist knocked down and killed
Fem Cruz reporting… “A fatal traffic incident on the Hummingbird highway claimed the life of Anthony Garnett a resident of San Ignacio Town. Olga Galvez spoke to Love News after the accident.” Olga Galvez “I was sitting on my veranda when suddenly I hear loud bang and I ran out and I saw some debris […]

Gaspar Vega’s absence from House meetings questioned
Former Cabinet Minister Gaspar Vega resigned from this Ministerial post as a result of a land scandal that broke where a parcel of land was acquired by Vega’s son, Andre Vega at two thousand five hundred dollars then later flipped for four hundred thousand dollars which the Government of Belize paid out. Since his resignation, […]

San Ignacio Children Advisory Board teams up with Town Council
The Children Advisory Boards were formed as a part of UNICEF’s child friendly initiative. Over the weekend, the CAB in San Ignacio Santa Elena teamed up with the Town Council. Vanessa Neal is the CAB Rapporteur. Vanessa Neal – CAB Rapporteur “As you can see this morning is one of the first activities that the […]

Churches prepare for Festival of Hope
The Festival Hope of Belize is coming to the BTL Park in Belize City in July 22. Dan King, the lead coordinator of the Belize Festival of Hope has spoken in over sixty nations to a total of over two million people and has taught people around the word the secrets of life, love, health […]

Justin Flowers charged for drug offences
Twenty-two year old Justin Flowers, one of four persons charged with drug trafficking for 862 grams of cannabis, pled guilty to the charge when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. He was fined ten thousand dollars and ordered to pay two thousand dollars forthwith. If he defaults on payment of the […]


13 Senators united on bills to protect foreign reserves
All 13 Senators—including the newest addition to the upper house of Parliament, Senator Osmany Salas, representative of the NGO community—gave their support for a pair of bills rushed through Parliament over the past two business days in what has been described as an emergency maneuver to shield the foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Belize from the claws of companies controlled by British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, seeking to have arbitral awards of US$50 million enforced via court order in the US court in the District of Columbia. There has been much back-and-forth about what got Belize in the place that it now finds itself —”between the devil and the deep blue sea,” as Senator Elena Smith, representative of the trade unions and civil society, put it during today’s debate. Senator Rufino Lin, representing the private sector in the Senate, said: “We cannot afford to give away our hard-earned foreign reserve dollars to satisfy unbridled greed…”

No new US visa policy: US Embassy
A fake online news report saying that the recently installed US president Donald Trump, in a controversial executive order signed on Friday, January 27, captioned, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To The United States”, also imposes a new quota restriction of 100 visas a year to Belize with a limit of three months’ validity, has drawn the attention of many Belizeans after it was widely circulated on social media. Personnel at the US Embassy in Belize also heard of the circulation of the report, and although when we contacted them this morning there was not yet any official word, a notice was sent to the press later today signaling that, “…there have been no new rules or regulations limiting the number of U.S. visas for Belizean citizens.” The correspondence to the press added that, “The United States and Belize have strong bilateral ties based on shared interests and we look forward to further enhancing our friendship.”

“Meet and Beat” policeman “chance” 12-year-old student
At the beginning of the year, it appeared that the Belize Police Department was overwhelmed by the spike in violent crime, especially on the south side of Belize City. Nonetheless, the department’s high command has been out pounding the pavement with its “Meet and Greet” program designed to cultivate trust in citizens for the police’s community crime fighting methods. While the police high command emphasizes Meet and Greet, however, the rogue cops in their midst continue to resort to what could be dubbed “Meet and Beat.” This is a story about the senseless beating of a 12-year-old standard 4 Salvation Army Primary School student, who suffered an unnecessary assault on his freedom of movement at the hand of a “meet and beat” policeman who was patrolling with other officers in a police mobile patrol unit on Cemetery Road on Friday, January 27, sometime around 11:00 a.m.

PUP and UDP gang up against Ashcroft
At an emergency meeting held in Belmopan, parliamentarians from both sides of the floor—the ruling United Democratic Party and the Opposition People’s United Party—voted in favor of a bill to protect the foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Belize, an estimated US$377 million (mostly held in the US), from being seized to satisfy two arbitration awards totaling US$50 million awarded to companies controlled by British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft. Ashcroft, a shrewd businessman with Belizean citizenship, has financed both of the political parties, which both signaled their support for the bill as a show of nationalism amid what Prime Minister Dean Barrow now deems an economic war.

Weeping grandmother fined $200 for weed
A 59-year-old grandmother was brought by police to the Magistrate’s Court today for the court’s afternoon session. She cried most of the time she was in the court’s holding cell area. At least the police officers controlling the court holding cell did not see it fit to put the weeping grandmother in the cell. By the time Beverly Whylie’s case came up before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, she was overwhelmed in sadness and barely could walk to the courtroom, where she sat down after she managed to walk in, her tears still streaming down her cheeks. Chief Magistrate Smith read the charge to Whylie, who pleaded “guilty with a cause.” Police charged Whylie, a Pinks Alley resident, for being in possession of 23.9 grams of cannabis.

What’s really happening at the Subteniente López border crossing?
Was there a violent clash between Belizean Customs officers and Mexican smugglers that left 13 persons injured? An article published by a Mexican news agency, the Yucatan Times, claims that there was. According to the article, the incident occurred at the Subteniente López border crossing on Friday after the customs officials refused to allow a group of about 20 people to cross the border because they failed to pay taxes on the merchandise purchased at the Corozal Free Zone. The article further claimed, “The situation worsened when one of the Belize agents, who had crossed into Mexican territory, pulled his gun and began threatening the alleged smugglers.” Thirteen Mexican smugglers were injured as a result, the article claimed.

PLB 2016-2017 Closing Season kicks off with Week 1 games
Without much fanfare, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) kicked off its 2016-2017 Closing Season over the past weekend with Week 1 games at four different venues, where all 8 participating teams saw action. Orange Walk United, which made its first entry in the PLB Opening Season, where it finished at the bottom of the standings, has declined participating in the Closing Season. Out west at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium on Saturday night, defending champion Belmopan Bandits SC clipped visiting FC Belize, 1-nil, on a goal by captain Elroy Smith. Despite still experiencing financing problems, FC Belize, under the leadership of veteran Mark “Kelo” Leslie and head coach David “Manu” McCaulay, remains a strong defensive team; and the Bandits are satisfied with the victory to start the season against an adversary that held them to a scoreless draw to start the previous Opening Season.

WW Race #1 results
Here are the results from Weekend Warriors (WW) racing held yesterday, Sunday, January 29, which represents Race #1 of the current 3-race “Series.” The Class A & B left from Cotton Tree Village Primary School at 8:40 a.m. and finished at Leslie’s Imports, for 40 miles; whilst the C Class started from La Democracia Junction, for 30 miles, finishing at the same place. Finishing order for the “A/B” was: 1st place – Isaiah Willacey (Santino’s, 1:39:20); 2nd place – George Abraham (Bel-Cal, st); 3rd place – Collet Maheia (Kulture Megabytes, 1:41:36); 4th Daniel Cano (Santino’s, st); 5th Preston Martinez (Digicell-4G, st); 6th Kenroy Gladden (Kulture Megabytes, st); 7th Charles Garay (BFSC-El Pescador, st, 1st “B” rider); 8th Santiago Cus (Smart, st, 2nd “B” rider); 9th Kirk Sutherland (Digicell-4G, 1:42:47); 10th Sean Duncan (Smart, st, 3rd “B” rider); 11th Santino Castillo (Santino’s, st, 4th “B” rider); and 12th Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G, st).

Week 3 in NEBL
On Friday night, Dangriga Dream Ballers hosted their first home game for this season. The Ecumenical High School Auditorium was pulsating with the Garifuna drums and the Sweet Pain Band, while approximately 800 fans had the stadium packed to capacity. The home team jumped out to an early 33-19 lead, which they were able to extend to 16 pts in the second quarter with their great defense and fluid ball movement. However, the visiting team mounted an 11-0 run in the third quarter to grab a 59-58 lead, going into the fourth and final quarter of the game, outscoring the home squad 28-15 in the third quarter. With 3 minutes remaining, the game was tied at 67, but Cayo Western Ballaz went on a 15-3 run to seal the 82-70 victory over Dangriga Dream Ballers.

CSSSA football reg. season ends, playoffs this week
The regular season ended on Saturday for the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) 2016-2017 football competition, and playoffs are scheduled for this week. On Thursday, January 26, (F) Maude Williams High and Wesley played to a 0-0 stalemate. And (M) Gwen Liz bombed Excelsior, 8-nil, with goals from Orlando Velasquez (2), Kieron Patnett (2), Michael Deshield, Jadon McGregor (2) and Jurel Westby. Excelsior was awarded a penalty, but missed. On Friday, (F) SCA won (3-0) over Pallotti by forfeit. And (M) Sadie Vernon dropped Maude Williams, 4-1, with goals from Stephan Bowen (2), Cion Augustine and Christian Gladden; while Egbert Myers scored for Maude Williams.

Justification, obfuscation, and lies
In these days leading up to Pen Cayetano’s Black History Month event in Dangriga, we have been reflecting at the editorial desk on our 48-year history at Kremandala, and on the socio-cultural-economic situation which existed in British Honduras/Belize in 1969 – the year our black-consciousness initiative began. Five hundred years ago, the Europeans began a process which involved two deadly crimes against humanity. In the language of religion, these would be described as mortal sins, evils which would condemn one to an eternity of hell punishment. First, the Europeans seized the ancestral lands of Indigenous Americans, and, secondly, they enslaved African peoples and forced them to work those stolen lands so that the Europeans could become as wealthy and powerful as we now see them to be.
The following passages are also taken from David Olusoga’s monumental BLACK AND BRITISH, and they describe the insanity of slave ships seized by Britain’s West Africa Squadron after the British abolished the slave trade in 1807. The descriptions reproduced here are of the human cargo of slave ships which were forced back to West Africa before they could continue on their journeys to Brazil and Cuba, Portugal and Spain not having outlawed the slave trade when the British did. From the accounts below, you can imagine how indescribably horrific were the nightmares of those shackled, nameless Africans who made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean which took months under conditions even animals would not have survived.

Advice to GOB for raising revenue
Dear Editor, Methinks that a good way for GOB to raise revenues is by applying a low-import duty, e.g. 2 to 5%, on those articles that come in absolutely free of import duty. Cooking oil, stoves, refrigerators, disposable diapers etc. This level of tax would not hurt the consumers too much and would not encourage evasion. On the other hand, charges for toilet bowls and accessories should be lowered so that usage of pit latrines is discouraged. Regards, R. Cuello

Bondholders didn’t bite — GOB extends offer deadline
Holders of Belize’s billion-dollar superbond, due to mature in 2038, did not take up an offer from the Government of Belize by the Thursday, January 26, 2017 deadline, to accept a lower interest rate and a delay in repayment of principal being sought by GOB amid ongoing economic turmoil. In a release issued on Thursday via the website of the Central Bank of Belize, the Government of Belize said that it was extending by a week the period during which holders may respond, so the new deadline is February 3, 2017. The Government of Belize has been hoping to strike a deal with bondholders by the time the next payment on the bonds is due, on February 20. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow said today that the offer is being extended “for what we feel is good and sufficient cause.”

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BTEC awards certificates on tourism based training
The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, will award certificates tomorrow, February 1st, to 66 persons who completed a tourism-based Job Preparedness Training in Belize City, which was held from 11th –27th January, 2017. The Job Preparedness Training had the participation of one of the largest groups and was made up of two components: soft skills (attitudes and behaviors) and technical skills (industry specific). This was the first time in Belize City that BTEC executed training in three technical areas: Front Desk, Introduction to Bartending and House-keeping/Janitorial. Sixty-six persons completed the training with over 98 percent completing successfully and the remaining 2 percent receiving certificates of participation. Each participant was required to sit a Pre-test in English, Customer Service and Basic Tourism Facts.

PUP demands re-registration
The opposition People’s United Party issued a press release today informing that Doug Singh, Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission called a meeting of Commissioners.The PUP says that according to the agenda, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss several proposals, which the People’s United Party considers retrograde and flagrantly undemocratic.

13th Senator sworn in
Yesterday, the newly selected 13th Senator, Osmany Salas took his oath of office inside the Senate. Salas joins three other social partners as he represents the NGO community. Salas makes history in Belize as the first 13th Senator and first NGO Senator. This signifies […]

Honduran man charged for drug trafficking
Yesterday morning around, 10:00 a.m., San Ignacio police were on mobile patrol on the George Price Highway in front of Kontiki Gas Station when officers stopped and searched 51-year-old George Antonio Dubon, a Honduran national of Branch Mouth Road, San Ignacio who was carrying […]

Police issue report on shooting last night
According to police reports, last night around 8:10, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where officers saw 21-year-old Jaheel Goodger of a Belize City address, suffering from a gunshot wound to the right leg. Initial investigation reveals that around 8:00 p.m., while Goodger […]

Minister Aragon tours National Forensic Service
The Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Elodio Aragon Jr., today conducted a tour of the National Forensic Services (NFS) Headquarters in Ladyville. Aragon met with management and staff, acquainting himself with the services offered by the institution, and through their […]

Universal Hardware’s Family day February 11, 2017
Universal Hardware will be hosting its annual Friends & Family day on Saturday, February 11th in Spanish Lookout, Cayo district and will feature blowout sales, raffles and giveaways. Everything at the event will be on sale including Shindaiwa brush cutters, Echo chainsaws, Homelite trimmers, Briggs […]

The death of trust and the rise of truth
NOT BY FORCE It is important that you understand, that your country was not sold out by force… …it was sold out by men and women who wanted quick access to wealth and power and not producing and creating anything. The two-party system […]

France wins Miss Universe 2017
The 65th edition of the Miss Universe pageant was held last night in Manila, Phillipines. Miss France, Iris Mittenaere was crowned the 65th Miss Universe. The 23-year-old beauty queen is also a dentistry student. Mittenaere told the judges minutes before she was crowned Miss […]

Police start mentorship program to help in fight against crime
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has organized a mentorship program which he believes will help in the fight against crime. It is titled “the Police Youth Mentorship Program” and on Saturday it kicked off with 75 participants or mentorees. There were a total […]

Man badly beaten in PG
A Burrel Boom man was badly beaten by five persons in Punta Gorda on January 26. The incident occurred sometime around midnight when the victim and a male friend had left an inter-office basketball match and had gone to the popular “Roots” bar in […]


Music Star Kelly McGuire: Breaking the Law in Belize
As discussions about non-citizens and lawlessness heat WAY up in the United States, it was oh-so-fitting yesterday that when I was running some errands in my home of San Pedro, Belize, I spotted foreign music star, Kelly McGuire, blatantly breaking our local laws. Kelly McGuire is a Texas based singer/songwriter who visits San Pedro at least once a year for his annual February birthday bash. He’s been known to make it down up to 3 times a year. Kelly’s LOVE of Ambergris Caye and albums like “King of the Island” and “Boat in Belize” make him hugely popular down here and his story telling and SUPER friendly, easy going personality get you easily hooked, not matter what your musical tastes. Kelly is down here right now doing a variety of shows in a variety of places. He’s got a big following so get to the shows early. He’s helped raise money and awareness for SAGA Humane Society – and starred in a few public service announcements about spaying and neutering. Very Bob Barker. And for a variety of other charities.

6 Things That Make Belize The Perfect Place to Recharge In 2017
If you’re a traveler then you’ll know that “Post-trip travel fatigue” is a thing” and some of you will read that and wonder “Can I actually be tired after a Vacation?!”. It is possible and indeed, depending on the nature of your destination you can go back home feeling more burnt out than you did before you embarked on your vacation. We here like to think that the point of a vacation is to take a break and recharge, to feel fresh, if albeit a little crispy when you get back! With that philosophy in mind, here are 6 things that make Belize the perfect place to recharge: 1 Relaxing setting, 2 Tropical Luxury, 3 Adventure & Exploration, 4 Comfort food, 5 Human connections, 6 Natural immersion.

22 things first-time visitors to Belize should know, to prepare yourself for your adventure here!!
We have had requests for a blog post to discuss the differences between rules/laws/expectations in Belize vs. North America, so that you can get the most out of some of the freedoms here, and also not get yourself in trouble by doing something that is natural in the US (drink from the tap for example), but that you are advised not to do, here! 1.) Placencia is the only place you can drink water straight from the tap - there is an underwater spring in Placencia, but the rest of the country uses city or cistern water. In other words - don't drink the water ANYWHERE else - brushing your teeth is fine, and some people in Ambergris Caye, will tell you they drink it. I can tell you from personal experience that I DO NOT drink the water anywhere but Placencia :). 2.) You can feel comfortable driving in Belize - it is not a place where you need to worry about crime on the road, and the "highways" are like country roads, but they are not terrible. You just need to know about speed "humps", the fact that the sun sets early and driving at night is not recommended for your first time, and to know what the check points are - you can read about all that HERE.

Why You Must Visit Caves Branch Botanical Gardens
Anyone who has ever been to Belize knows that the raw beauty of nature and the thriving wildlife are two of the best reasons to visit the country. Established in 2008, the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens provide visitors an excellent way to witness and learn about the importance of the flora and fauna in Belize. The Caves Branch Botanical Gardens have an incredibly diverse selection of indigenous plants that dazzle the senses with their brightly flamboyant colors. Other plants are more subtle in their charm, displaying their ingenuity in adapting to the competitive natural world of the rainforest. The Caves Branch Botanical Gardens are much like a living textbook, introducing visitors to the multitude of unique and beautiful plant species that thrive in Belize. The gardens are home to the largest collection of epiphytes found anywhere in Belize. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants and include orchids, bromeliads, ferns and many other families. Among those epiphytes you can find at our garden are a myriad of fragile but yet beautiful orchids and bromeliads. Some of the most popular plants living on the grounds are the Black Orchid, the national flower of Belize, vanilla orchids, and micro orchids with the flowers measuring just 2 millimeters (0.078) inches in diameter.

International Sourcesizz

Retirement Ready: Retiring to the Caribbean on the cheap
English-speaking Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize at 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide. San Pedro is its only town. About 30 years ago, Ambergris became a hot spot for divers and fishermen, thanks to the Belize Barrier Reef, just a half-mile offshore. Expats give up little living on Ambergris Caye. Power, water, cellphone coverag and Internet are reliable, and you can buy most necessities for daily living on the island. Expats who live on the island report a cost of living, including rent, of $2,000 to $3,000 a month and properties can be purchased from around $175,000.

How One Couple Exchanged Winter in Idaho for Eternal Summer in Cayo, Belize
Three years ago, David and Cathy Thayer moved from northern Idaho to Cayo, Belize. In Idaho, the Thayers had nine months of winter each year. In Cayo, they have 12 months of summertime. Despite the promise of eternal summer, Cathy did not immediately embrace the prospect of packing up and leaving her U.S. life behind. "When David first got this idea of moving to another country into his head, I humored him," Cathy says. "He'd start talking about moving to a new country, and I'd listen. To his face I'd say, 'Ah, that's interesting, dear.' To everyone else I was saying, 'No way!'" When her husband came to her with the notion that the couple retire overseas, Cathy hadn't traveled anywhere other than Paris. When David told her he'd bought tickets for them to travel to Belize, she was shocked. "I didn't know anything about Belize at the time, but I knew one thing," she says. "I knew that Central America is nothing like Paris." However, David realized that if he had any chance of realizing his dream of life in a new country, he needed to get his wife on board. Reluctantly, Cathy agreed to take the trip. "I agreed to travel to Belize because I told myself it'd be a nice vacation. That was the extent of my commitment at first," she says. "However, I have to admit that I found I liked two things about Belize right away. First, I could communicate with everyone, because English is the language here. And, second, it was warm."

Mom Makes Children World Citizens
In many cities across America Black parents are struggling to raise their children in circumstances that are not friendly. In some cases there are failing educational systems, low employment, contaminated water, violence, racism, crime, police brutality and many other issues that weigh heavy on the hearts of caring parents. These concerns are often the reality in low income sections of the Black community. But, not all Black children are subject to these problems. In Indianapolis, Indiana the Mabilijengo family lived a different reality. Living with their mother were two children (Bilal and Fatimah, twins now 16 years old) and one teen (Nailah, who recently turned 21). They were raised in a rural area on the southeast side on Indianapolis. They were home schooled, deeply steeped in Black culture, and well trained in agriculture, home building, entrepreneurial skills, martial arts and music appreciation. In early January of 2017, she and her children boarded a plane to fly over 2000 miles away for a new life in Belize (an independent country in Central America). They have been planning on the move for several years. The reason for Mama LeTava’s determination to relocate was to remove her children from a failing American society that has institutionalized racism to a point that it is inescapable regardless of what community one lives in. But more importantly, she wanted her children to be able to become world citizens who would use their skills and talents to grow socially and intellectually beyond what is possible in the United States. She wanted them to have citizenship in a country where the majority of the people look like them.

Traces of Maya Civilization’s Initial Collapse Found in Guatemala
Centuries before its cities were totally abandoned, the Mayan civilization suffered its first sudden collapse, US and Guatemalan researchers have determined at the Ceibal archaeological site in Guatemala with the aid of the latest radiocarbon dating technology. “Water scarcity, dwindling economic activity, wars and a breakdown of the family are some of the problems we detected in our archaeological excavations at a site of the Maya Preclassic period of around 200 A.D.,” Takesh Inomata of the University of Arizona at Tucson told EFE. “Because of those social problems, the Mayan cities were abandoned,” said the director of the research project in which nine US and Guatemalan specialists are taking part. Inomata said that while “there’s a lot of information and theories” about “the collapse” of the Maya civilization in the Classic period (225-900 A.D.), almost no one has studied the Preclassic period, which continued from around 1,000 B.C. to 225 A.D.

Watch How Drones Fight Pirate Fishing From the Sky
Belize has long struggled to control illegal fishing both in its waters and by vessels flagged to its country. But efforts to turn the tide are starting to pay off, says Julio Maaz, who serves as a fisheries coordinator in the country with the nonprofit group Wildlife Conservation Society. In March 2014, the European Union suspended all seafood imports from Belize, saying the country had not acted forcefully enough to prevent illegal fishing, also known as pirate fishing. But the country responded by upping its enforcement activities (including by deploying the coast guard), and the European Union restored its trade relationship by the end of that year. Further progress has been made since then, but the country still has a ways to go, says Maaz. Belize's multimillion coastal fishing industry is made up of 2,700 registered fishermen, with 650 vessels. The country's international fleet is made up of 33 vessels.


  • Living With Depression - A Conversation with Client, 38min.

  • Manta ray at Lighthouse Reef, Belize, 15sec.

  • BELIZE - targ w Belize City, 3min.


  • Mental Health Association - A coordinated approach to mental health, 26min.

  • Belmopan Creek Cleanup, 2.5min. The Belmopan Junior Youths teamed up with the Belmopan City Council to clean up garbage and the fallen trees that Hurricane Earl pushed over. Thanks! "Some clips from our latest service project :-)"

  • Belize Aggressor III Jan 2017, 23min.

  • Adventures in Belize 2017!, 14min. Our trip will forever be engraved in our minds and souls, but just to help a bit, I kept the camera rolling.

  • Belize NYE - BucketLust, 4min. Put together an edit recapping the inaugural BucketLust trip in Belize to ring in 2017. Great time with great people. In BOJ we trust.

  • Belize Navidad 2016, 4min. Canivel Belize 2016.

  • Sharks viciously fight over fish remains, 1min. Nurse sharks in Belize are quite relaxed and easygoing, until there is only one fish head between ten sharks. These large beasts are always hungry and always willing to steal food from one another. The first one to get to this meal knows he has to work hard to keep it away from the ones that are on his tail. One larger shark actually works his way under the one with the fish and he grabs it right out of his mouth. He is able to swallow the fish before the first one has a chance to get it back. This is a food fight that was very dramatic for the swimmers who were just above the action!

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    Why are you seeing this?
    When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors.

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