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The San Pedro Sun

National Aids Commission reveals global/regional statistics on HIV
The National Aids Commission (NAC) in Belize hosted a two-day workshop on how to train journalists/media personnel in reporting topics regarding HIV (human immunodeficiency disorder)/TB (tuberculosis)/AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The San Pedro Sun sharing the information gathered during the workshop facilitated by Martha Carrillo (Founder of MC Consultancy) in a series of articles over the next two weeks. In the first series, out on Friday, January 27th, Volume 27 Issue #4, the basics of HIV/TB/AIDS, how it is transmitted, the various stages of HIV, and treatment options for HIV were explained. In this second series, The San Pedro Sun will explore the global and regionally statistics on HIV, and introduce Belize's leading HIV advocate, Erika Castellanos.

Kayak rescue
All of a sudden, the yellow kayak was overturned and floating upside down. The mans bucket, which was surely full of fish considering the duration of time that he had been out, was now submerged and the man was swimming in the water. "I think that man just flipped his kayak," Rundle said to Black, as he pointed to the kayaker. They both watched as the man struggled to get the kayak back upright, and get himself into his kayak again. It took him many times pushing up and out of the ocean, before he was able to lift back in successfully. No sooner did the tourists begin to breathe a sigh of relief, the kayak flipped over once again and dumped the man back into the ocean. This time, they couldn't see the fisherman, and his kayak stayed overturned. Immediately, Rundle and Black recognized that something was very wrong with this situation, perhaps he was having a medical issue? and obviously was in need of help. Both were aware of the fact that when in the ocean, it only takes seconds for an accident to become a tragedy. They looked around at the boats on the pier in the hopes that they could find someone to help.

Sunshine Scholarships Foundation to host Benefit Concert
The Sunshine Scholarship Foundation directors are inviting the general public to their biggest Benefit Concert yet. The cabaret show will feature internationally renowned Broadway performer, Sean McDermott singing, dancing, and performing to entertain the crowd. For $50BZ, guests can enjoy a fabulous show on Wednesday, February 22nd at the Palapa Bar and Grill, starting at 7PM. The Sunshine Scholarship Foundation is an incorporated entity in Belize, providing scholarships to underprivileged San Pedro children. Since 2014, the Foundation has enrolled approximately ten children in the program, but there are currently over 20 children who need scholarships in order to attend school. The Foundation is also encouraging the community or business partners to sponsor the worthy event. As a gold ($1,000 contribution) sponsor, you will receive six free tickets to the concert, company recognition on all media and advertisement mater, and VIP access. A silver ($500 contribution) sponsor will receive four free tickets, and VIP access, while a bronze ($250 contribution) sponsor will receive two free tickets, and have VIP access.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

It's SUPER BOWL Party time at Kama Lounge
LIVE MUSIC With Tsunami Nick Kicks Off @ 2pm, Outdoor theater on the Beach, Comfortable seating, Kama in Sober... pay $50 Bz for ALL the Local Rum drinks you can drink. Tropical flavored Shisha, $1 wings....$3 Nachos.

Come on out and welcome Miss Belize Rebecca Rath back home!!
(motorcade route will be posted next week)

Mr. Manuel Pech passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Pech family and friends on the passing of Mr. Manuel Pech. May his soul rest in peace.

Caye Caulker girls d goh awn bad pan d football field!!
High school beat us 2 to 1! It was a fun game

Attention cane farmers! Courtesy: BSI/ASR
Farmer Message for Week 8: Use a refractometer to determine maturity index of sugar cane. When the brix of the top is equal or close to the brix of the bottom it is ready to harvest. Anything equal to or above 85% maturity index is ready to harvest.

Marie Sharp's Culinary Class
The Marie Sharp's Tourist Center offers a culinary class Mondays through Saturdays. The new tourist center, which has every product they offer, is located under the Rainforest Haven Inn.

One of BBR's beautiful 'blue-head' Northern Mealy Amazons (Amazona guatemalae)
as taken by Nickolas Lormand of Scarlet Studios. A magnificent picture - thanks Nick!

Belize Wedding Expo 2017
Lots of great photos!


Government of Belize gets injunction against Ashcroft allied companies
Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited, which had changed its name from British Caribbean Holdings, has decided to challenge the "Anti-Ashcroft" bills. As we have been reporting, British Caribbean Holdings and Belize Social Development Limited had won a fifty million US dollar arbitration award against the Government of Belize. Now, in order to keep both companies from [�]

San Pedro activist stabbed to death
Hipolito Novelo reporting� "San Pedro police are investigating the stabbing murder of 44-year-old Felix Ayuso. He lived alone in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town. The gruesome discovery was made after six o'clock last night by his sister. He was found motionless inside his bedroom. According to Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, [�]

Man gunned down in front of his home
Twenty nine year old Mark Anthony Jones was gunned down last night as he entered his yard on Pelican Street. The shooter, taking advantage of the poorly lit yard, hid behind the house and waited for the precise moment to pounce on Jones. Public relations officer for the Belize Police Department, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood spoke [�]

Sister questions if brother was wrongly targeted
One man, believed to be the killer of twenty nine year old Mark Jones, is in police custody. Investigators are hoping that he shed some light as to why Jones was shot to death last night. And while police are trying to get everything out of that suspect, word on the street is that Jones' [�]

Taiwan hands over tilapia project to Belize Government
The Government of Taiwan handed over a tilapia hatchery to the Government of Belize. Miguel Sosa the Coordinator of the Aquaculture Project shared the details. Miguel Sosa - Coordinator, Tilapia Project "It was a project that had been asked for by our government because there was a need to promote small scale tilapia farming in [�]

Westrac Limited donates to Rotaract Clubs for school projects
Four Rotaract Clubs have received funding from Westrac Limited to carry out a school refurbishment project. Love News was on hand for the handing over ceremony which took place at Westrac's office on the Philip Goldson Highway in Belize City. CEO at Westrac Limited, Peter Thiessen told us how they teamed up with Rotaract. Peter [�]

Museum of Belize celebrates 15th anniversary
The Museum of Belize is celebrating its 15th anniversary. A special ceremony was held earlier today where 15 individuals were honored. Alexis Salazar Director of the Museum shared the list. Alexis Salazar - Director, Museum of Belize "The staff here at the Museum of Belize compiled a list of 15 people to honor. This group [�]

Belize Tourism Board holds training for taxi operators
The Belize Tourism Board teamed up with the Caribbean Tourism Organization for a Taxi Customer Service Training to enhance the professional development, best practices, skills and knowledge of taxi drivers. We spoke to the Director of cruise destination planning for Belize Tourism Board, Noriko Gamero. Noriko Gamero - Director, Cruise Tourism "The importance of this [�]

Toledo women undergo training
Paul Mahung reporting� "Facilitator of the training session was program officer at Humana People to People Belize, Regina Hun." Regina Hun - Facilitator "The training about this job is to teach women how to make pineapple jam and when they learn how to make the jam, they will go home and practice so when they [�]

Minister of Immigration denies reports of concerns amongst employees over recent promotions
This afternoon, reports surfaced that more than 20 Immigration clerks were expressing discontent over the promotion of one specific clerk who they say did not deserve it. According to persons within the department, the individual who was promoted was given the post of Assistant Immigration Officer over several other persons who have been at the [�]

The Reporter

Resident of Iguana Street Extension slain in his yard
Police are trying to solve the murder of Mark Jones, 29, a resident of Iguana Street Extension, Belize City, who was gunned down sometime after 8:00 Thursday night. Jones had just returned to his house with his girlfriend, and was walking in his yard when someone who was hiding in the vicinity opened fire on him, fatally wounding him. Jones died a short while later at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Police do not link Jones' murder to that of 15 year-old Jaheem Mahler's, or another shooting in which another youth's house was shot up the week before. Jones' relatives have vehemently denied that he was involved in those incidents, since they say he was elsewhere when those shootings occurred.

San Pedro community activist murdered at home
Police have detained two suspects and continue to follow two leads into the stabbing murder of Jose Felix Ayuso, 44, a popular hairstylist, community activist and AIDS advocate in San Pedro. Ayuso was discovered on his bed on the upper flat of a house in the San Juan area of the island with more than 30 stab wound on his face, throat and upper part of his body. Police say he was discovered on Thursday night, more than a day after he was last seen alive. Neighbours reported they heard a fight coming from Ayuso's bedroom, but thought nothing of it because that was no strange occurrence. Police discovered a bloody scene, no murder weapon, but the bedroom door was left ajar. They also have not established a motive for the killing.

PG turns 122!
Punta Gorda, Belize's southern-most town, celebrated its 122nd anniversary last weekend. The event included a panel discussion at the public library with contributors sharing historical accounts and perspectives on Punta Gorda "then and now". It also included a municipal "Green Day", and the activities were held with the theme: "Punta Gorda: The Epitome of Pristine Beauty, History and Cultural Diversity, Strives Together for a Productive and Greater Community". A municipal History Hour also formed a part of the event. PG Mayor Fern Gutierrez, in her speech, spoke of the importance of understanding the history and origin of the community, embracing the cultural diversity of the town and the need for unity as one people. Gutierrez and Town Councillors presented awards to several persons who have contributed to the growth and development of Punta Gorda.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot in Belize city last night
According to police reports, a man was injured in a shooting that occured between Dean and King streets last night. Eletero McKenzie, 31, was injured to his calf and chin by gunshots. Police has one suspect in custody. Mckenzie is admitted to ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and is in a stable condition.

Man allegedly shot in attempted robbery
Reports reaching our newsroom is that one man was shot a short while ago in the St. Martin's area of Belize city. Details are sketchy but information indicates that it was an attempted robbery. BBN will have an update on this as soon as a police report is issued.

New shark species discovered in Belize
Researchers from Florida International University (FIU) say that they have discovered a new species of hammer head shark in Belize.Demian Chapman, FIU researcher, was in Belize researching bonnethead sharks, when he made the discovery. Chapman said that when they analyzed the DNA of the shark they caught, it did not match the DNA of the bonnetheads found in this region. The DNA analysis was conducted by Andrew Fields from Stony Brook University. "Now we have to define the range of each of these species individually and assess them independently against where the potential threats are," Chapman said.

Gas prices up again
Drivers all across the country are feeling the effects of a recent increase in the cost of fuel.The price increase took effect on Thursday bringing the cost of Premium gasoline to $10.36 a gallon, up 44 cents. Regular fuel went up by 11 cents per gallon, making the new price $9.68; while Diesel went up by 15 cents per gallon, bringing the new price up to $9.03. According to Financial Secretary Joe Waight, the increase is due to increased acquisition costs and is not the result of any tax increase.

Fair weather to continue
The national meteorological center says that a moist northeasterly airflow will continue to dominate our weather. The wind will blow from the east to northeast at 5-15 knots and the sea state will be choppy. High temperatures are expected as follows: In the coast - 83 degrees Fahrenheit; 87 degrees Fahrenheit inland, and 73 degrees Fahrenheit in the hills. Low temperatures for tonight in the coast are expected at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, inland at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and in the hills - 61 degrees Fahrenheit.


This is Belize: Looking a bit more like the Paradise we always imagined
Moppit and I walked to Ak'Bol and back this morning and for the first time in a long time this always beautiful walk dazzled me. And I know why, too. Not only is the shoreline almost completely recovered from Hurricane Earl but the beaches are as full and lush as I've ever seen them. But, most noticeably, THERE IS NO TRASH TO BE SEEN. This is a rare and incredible sight because even the most charming sections of beach up here are usually littered with plastic refuse and bottles. I urge you to take a walk north from the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge as far as you can up the beach. Don't delay because the trash will begin piling up soon. Same thing along the concrete road all the way up to the Grand Caribe resort. No trash. Of course, yesterday was the first Friday of the month and that meant First Friday Roadside and Beach Trash Cleanup. So for a few days, as happens every month thanks to an incredibly dedicated band of volunteers, the area north of the bridge looks a bit more like the Paradise we always imagined. Like I said, don't wait too long. Paradise is a fragile, easily cluttered, thing.

International Sourcesizz

A New Species of Hammerhead Shark?
Scientists believe they have discovered a new species of hammerhead shark. While the "bonnethead," a small species of hammerhead found in the U.S., the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Latin America, had been considered abundant, after a recent DNA sequencing of bonnethead sharks in Belize, they were shocked to find what is likely an entirely different species. What that means, though, is that scientists will have to reassess each of their extinction vulnerabilities. "Now we have to define the range of each of these species individually and assess them independently against where the potential threats are," said Florida International University marine scientist Demian Chapman, who is the lead researcher of the team making the discovery.

Stunning images of crocodiles at Xcalak
An England-based photographer has captured some spectacular underwater photographs of American Crocodiles. Wildlife photographer Chris Knight traveled to the village of Xcalak on Mexico's Caribbean Coast, near Belize. He took photos of the crocodiles on a 'sweet-spot' shallow enough for them to stand in but deep enough to find prey. He told Media Drum World: 'I have to say I was a bit nervous, but thoroughly excited at this unique opportunity.' Knight first spent a few days diving in the area and learning about crocodiles. He told the site: 'I ask the people that are running the trip for as much information as they can give me about the particular animal, its behavior and how I should act when I am in the water with it. 'Once I have a good understanding of the animal I will start to think about my camera settings.'

Mayan Pyramids, Crystal Caves and Cracking Coconuts in Belize
Native culture thrives in Belize, a small Central American country bordering Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. Although smaller than the state of Massachusetts, Belize boasts a population of more than 300,000 people and eight distinct racial groups. Whether you're a first-time visitor or already acquainted with Belize, here are eight ways to encounter Native culture while you're there: Experience the simple life on one of the many islands-or cayes-off the east coast of Belize. Opportunities abound to learn how early residents of these islands lived and explored the Caribbean coast. Book a stay at International Zoological Expeditions on South Water Caye, and learn from Mayan guides how to crack open coconuts, identify native birds and wildlife and dive near the coral reefs. Get to know the unique Garifuna culture through dance in the coastal town of Dangriga. The Garifuna are descendants from renegade African slaves who were shipwrecked in 1675 on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent. Lirahunu Satuye is a group of female dancers who tell stories about life and culture through movement, song, humor and audience participation.


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