Senator Courtenay Aborts Senate Inquiry to Join Ashcroft Alliance in Washington on Another Case Against Belize

The Government of Belize (GOB) informs the public that yesterday there was a hearing in Washington, D.C. of yet another Ashcroft Alliance case against the nation of Belize. GOB notes with dismay and repugnance, that Ashcroft's Belize lawyer, Peopleís United Party (PUP) Senator Eamon Courtenay, traveled to Washington on Wednesday, February 8, and was together with Ashcroft's U.S. lawyers yesterday at the D.C. hearing.

This case concerns the infamous Universal Health Services (UHS) hospital secret loan and Government guarantee deal that the then PUP Administration made, on behalf of its crony owners of the UHS hospital, with Ashcroft's Belize Bank. It was in connection with that same deal that the PUP diverted Venezuela grant funds to the people of Belize for a low-income housing scheme, to pay Ashcroft. Those funds were subsequently recovered through official court action by the current administration in Belize.

After the illegal secret PUP guarantee of the Belize Bank loan to UHS was discovered, the people of Belize had protested and prevented the PUP Administration from passing a motion through the National Assembly to pay Ashcroft under the guarantee. Thereafter Ashcroft's Belize Bank went to international arbitration and secured an award for payment under the guarantee. However, their attempts to enforce that award in Belize have been rejected by the Supreme Court on the grounds of the illegality and unconstitutionality of the guarantee, because then Prime Minister Musa flagrantly violated his authority and the laws of the country by entering into the secret guarantee. As in the other cases for which he is trying to circumvent the Belize courts, Ashcroft thereafter went to the U.S. to confirm the award and seek enforcement. Also, as with the other two cases, the current Government of Belize is determined at all costs to resist that confirmation and enforcement.

That fact, notwithstanding, PUP Senator Courtenay continues unashamedly to be a central part of the Ashcroft Alliance's full court press to get at Belize's assets and topple the country's stability in order to collect on these dastardly awards that have been so roundly rejected and condemned by Belize courts, including the Caribbean Court of Justice.

GOB further points out that in order to aid and assist the adversary, Senator Courtenay easily and willingly cast aside his Senatorial obligations. He left Wednesday's session of the Special Senate inquiry prematurely, long before the most important witnesses could be heard, so that he could depart to Washington in the service of the Ashcroft Alliance. This was even as he knew that he was already under fire from the Belizean public for filing a legal challenge on behalf of the Alliance against the asset protection laws that his Party and all of Belize had supported just a week before, and for which he had personally voted.

GOB characterizes Courtenay's actions as a rank betrayal of the nation. In view of all the evidence of Senator Courtenay's insistent and relentless anti-Belize, pro-Ashcroft stance, the Government of Belize demands the removal of Eamon Courtenay as Senator.

Government of Belize Press Office