In continuing this column we called here, "The Belize Art Shop", Belizean Legends want to feature Belize's own Rachael Heusner, a Belizean artistic phenom who has graced both Belize, the Caribbean, and Central America with her colorful paintings reflecting Caribbean life and culture in some of the most in-depth colors ever imagine on the canvas. Rachael was born in Belize City, Belize. She always liked to draw but it was when she turned sixteen and received her first painting set from a friend that she really began to explore. She started her formal training in the arts at the age of 18 at St. Johns College (S.J.C.) in Belize City, Belize where she opened Rachael's Art Gallery in the eighties straight out of Six Form. She later moved on to study art briefly at Santa Monica College in California before returning home to Belize to train teachers in art education. In 1996 Rachael was invited to Carifesta in Trinidad, an art fair that takes place every five years and feature artists from around the Caribbean. There she met her ex-husband, a local painter and later moved to Tobago with him where they opened, The Art Gallery. Rachael has shown her work in Belize, Barbados, Honduras, Mexico, Tobago, Trinidad, Antigua, Anguilla Suriname and New York. She later returned to Belize in 2015 , and has since curated the women in art 2015 entitled, Shadows, The Belize Festival of Arts, as well as her own exhibition in Belize at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. She is an Imaginative and successful visual artist who is very passionate and focused on developing a unique marketable trademark in the visual arts arena. She also shows her work at local galleries in Trinidad and Tobago and in Belize, and does a lot of her own marketing online. She is also versed in many aspects of art creation and presently teaches art both privately and at a local private school in Tobago in the Caribbean where she still lives.

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