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Today's Belize News: February 15, 2017 #521634
02/15/17 01:02 AM
02/15/17 01:02 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Isla Bonita Elementary School educates community on Health-Science issues during Open House
Isla Bonita Elementary School (IBES) transformed its school grounds with six vibrant booths during their annual Open House on Friday, February 10th. With four Standard Five and two Standard Six classes split into groups, students showcased their knowledge on Health-Science issues such as HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency disorder/acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), Sexually Transmitted Disease and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs/STIs), Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Children’s Rights, and Child Abuse. From 10AM to 2PM, fellow IBES students, along with several community members, and students from other island primary schools attended the Open House. They went booth to booth, receiving valuable information on not only the subject, but various ways of prevention. Since many of the issues are relevant to San Pedro, these groups were creative in using, and used an array of advertising strategies, pamphlets, examples, and games to make the learning process more fun.

NEBL rolls into its fifth week
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) season has completed its fifth week of competition after three games over the weekend. Games took place in the west, north and centre of the country, bringing out hundreds of basketball fanatics to support their favourite teams. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks did not play any games, and they are currently the tournament’s undefeated team after their third consecutive win on Saturday, February 4th. The first set of games began in Orange Walk Town, on Friday, February 10th, where the Orange Walk Running Rebels hosted the Belmopan Bandits at the Orange Walk Muti-purpose Complex. It was an intense match, as the home team fought to keep a lead over the visiting squad. At half time, their score was at 52-46 over the visitors, but in the last quarter of the game, the Bandits stole the victory with one golden point, winning 76-75. Leading for the Belmopan Bandits was James Ewing with 18 points, followed by Roger Reneau scoring 16 points, and Randy Usher with 15 points. Making the highest scores for the Orange Walk Running Rebels were Gregory Rudon with 17 points and Stephen Williams with 15 points.

Future Entrepreneurs display business skills at SPHS Business Fair
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) hosted their annual Business Fair on Friday, February 10th. With the goal of developing entrepreneurial skills, junior and senior students majoring in business studies were tasked with creating a viable business concept. Held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, the fair was open to the community, providing a forum for the students to showcase their hard work. Throughout the day, four judges were tasked with visiting each booth; grading the students on a set criteria. The judges were Janelle Cowo and Carlo Flores for the juniors, while Gladys Urbina Alamilla and Joanna Lisbey judged the seniors. For the judges it was a difficult task to choose the winners among such great projects, but seven groups exceeded expectations. In the junior division, third prize was awarded to the project “Citrus Fertilizer” who created an eco-friendly plant growth enhancer. Second prize when to “Nana’s Children’s Day Care” who created a service aimed at assisting single working mothers on the island. Finally, taking top honours was “Inspiration Inc.” a business plan for a vocational institution which would provide training services in the hospitality industry, as well as career placement services.

Ambergris Today

Project Abroad Hosts First Father Daughter Dance
What a more perfect way to start the Valentnes week than by having a father bond with his daughter. A night full of laughter, dancing and love. Daughters had the chance to share a special moment with the number one man in their life, their father. Thanks to Project Abroad for hosting the first ever father daughter dance on Monday, February 13, 2017 on la isla bonita. Next year shall be bigger and better. Happy Valentines Day!

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Meet Jack and Daniel, American Crocs
They were captured during our Next Gen Croc survey, parasite, and population survey with Ocean Academy and FAMRACC on Caye Caulker. American Crocs on Caye Caulker are healthy and have stabilized from past over exploitation. And thanks to the past work of FAMRACC and the current work of the Next Gen Croc students, Caye Caulker has become a model community for co-existing with crocodiles.

UDP protests PUP Senator's Lawfirm
A newly formed group named BALAC - Belizeans Against Lord Ashcroft and (Eamon) Courtenay - marched on the law offices of Courtenay Coye LLP this morning demanding his resignation and lambasting them as a demon and a vulture among other things. Organizer Alfonso Noble denied interest from the UDP and says it is strictly concerned with protesting Courtenay's action. Approximately 75 protesters participated in today's demonstration.

Power interruption 8:00am to 4:00pm, Sunday, Feb 19, Belize City
Vernon St, Youth for the Future Dr, Johnson St, Cemetery Rd, Curassow St, East Collet Canal, Orange St, Mosul St, Bagdad St, West Canal, Regent St West, Church St, Bishop St, Regent St, Albert St, King St, Prince St, Dean St, South St, Rectory Ln, Albert St West, Racecourse St, Mex Ave, Waight Ave, Fairweather St, Dolphin St, Euphrates Ave, Amara Ave, Basra St, Allenby St, Racoon St, Seagull St. BEL to replace riser pole on the power distribution system in the area.

Commerce Bight Port in Dangriga vs Big Creek Port in Mango Creek
By Wellington C. Ramos. Stann Creek District possesses two ports, which are Commerce Bight Port in Dangriga town, the deepest in the country of Belize, and Big Creek Port in Mango Creek village 40 miles away from Dangriga on the Southern Highway. The Commerce Bight Port was built by the British in the 1900s to ship bananas from the farms in Stann Creek Valley overseas. After the Panama disease destroyed the banana industries in Belize and other countries in Central America, the farmers started to plant oranges. The citrus industries used the Commerce Bight Port to ship all their products overseas up until the government decided to lease it to Ports of Belize Ltd in 2002 under the management of Luke Espat. In the 1960s, the government of Belize made a deal with two American companies, namely, Brown and Root and Hercules to process pine resin from the pine trees in the Mango Creek village area. They were shipping the lumber and all their products through Big Creek, while citrus from the Stann Creek Valley was being shipped through Commerce Bight Port.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Attends XXV Session of OPANAL General Conference
he Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the XXV Session of the General Conference of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPANAL) on the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Tlatelolco. Signed in 1967, the Treaty of Tlatelolco established the first Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in a densely populated area. It was the first if its kind and served as the inspiration for the subsequent creation of five other such zones across the globe. It remains a model of our region’s resourcefulness, unity, and sense of responsibility in addressing an issue of global importance and concern. Minister Elrington reiterated Belize’s commitment and continued support of the Treaty’s obligations and joined the other delegations in adopting the Draft Declaration of the Member States on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary.

"Give Your Heart to A Child"
You can "Give Your Heart to A Child" through the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation & Poverty Alleviation's Foster Care Campaign. The campaign, which was launched this morning, aims to increase the number of foster care and adoptive parents across the country by transitioning children out of childcare institutions into safe and loving homes where they can thrive. To apply, visit the Ministry's website at or email [email protected] #GiveYourHeart

Fake Facebook Profiles of Prime Minister Barrow
The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is aware that members of the public have been contacted by Facebook accounts under the name “Dean Barrow”. The OPM informs the general public that any pages purporting to be the personal or official account of or bearing photos or personal information of Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow are fake and unauthorized. Users are advised to disregard any friend requests or communication from such pages and especially refrain from sharing any personal information with said accounts. All communication from the Prime Minister are shared by the Government of Belize Press Office on its official Facebook page.

Poets Corner: Registration Law
By Abdulmjeed K. Nunez. There needs to be a correction We’ve been saying re-registration When in fact its registration Void of politicians We need to stop the procrastination Blaming cost is and over exaggeration COMMONERS has long given the solution Here’s how you fix immigration Everyone can get a ninety-day stay from immigration After ninety days you go back to your destination All job applications are to be applied for from your homeland When they come to Belize it’s for a vacation Specialists will get first consideration They will not take any jobs already being held by Belizeans It has to be an area for which we have no specialization A nuclear scientist, a factory to bake chips or Pringles Canning factory like Del Monte for our people Water melon juice purification to sell globally These people will be given priority

Alrick August a father of four is in desperate need of assistance. He is blood type A negative and needs either A negative or O negative blood to help save his life. PLEASE HELP us you can contact me at 6705363. I am will to pay for the blood if necessary.

Channel 7

UDP Making The Case Against Courtenay, In The Streets
The UDP has been on the political offensive for the past week - which is rare for a third term incumbent administration. But the party has gotten its teeth into PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay, and is holding on as tight as Courtney does to the Ashcroft Alliance. Today, the UDP upped the ante with a protest action by an ad-hoc group called "BALAC", Belizeans Against Lord Ashcroft and Courtenay. Our camera was there when they marched on Courtenay;s office which is in a King's Park residential neighborhood:... Jules Vasquez reporting: There was extra security at the Courtenay law firm - both from police and a private security firm. Armed and uniformed officers secured the office compound while others secured it from the street. When Courtenay pulled in from court, he was casual, relaxed and appeared unperturbed. At about 10:25 we could see the protestors coming down "A" Street. The crowd of about 85 led by UDP regulars was chanting, you heard it right, "Eamon Courtenay - Demon Courtenay."

Courtenay Unfazed By Protest
So, what does Senator Courtenay have to say about the protest against him and his client, Lord Ashcroft? That's what we asked him at the Supreme Court today - where he was unfazed: Hon. Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "I don't know who the people are. We live in a democracy; they're entitled to demonstrate, express their freewill, and to show their disagreement with myself or anybody else in the country. And, I have no quarrel with them doing that. It does not seem to me to be an advisable course, but that's their right. So, I have no objections to that"

Courtenay Comments On Conflict Of Interest Contention
We also asked Courtenay to comment on the allegation that is at the heart of this controversy: Is he putting the interests of his client, Lord Ashcroft, above his duty to the Belizean public as a parliamentarian? He denied that, saying that his impending lawsuit to to challenge the law is on the behalf of himself and those within the legal profession. According to him, the Central Bank International Immunities Act, which was passed 2 weeks ago to protect the Central Bank reserves, could allow for attorneys to be unfairly classified as having committed a criminal offence. He also asserted that this alleged conflict, where the Central Bank's immunity is coming under attack in the US, just isn't happening. Daniel Ortiz, 7News: "The UDP Government and Party itself has taken a stance that you are textbook case what conflict of interest is. You serve the people of Belize on the senate as PUP's appointee, but you are also serving Lord Ashcroft as the attorney and those interest are in direct conflict in this instance. How do you respond?"

Why Did Courtenay Leave Senate Hearing For US?
So, why did Courtenay leave the Senate hearings on Immigration last week Wednesday before they were done for the day? That's when the UDP offensive against him started, and he gave us a response while travelling to the US. The Government's press release from Friday also mentioned it, and said, quote, "Senator Courtenay easily and willingly cast aside his Senatorial obligations. He left Wednesday's session of the Special Senate inquiry prematurely... so that he could depart to Washington in the service of the Ashcroft Alliance." The press asked about that and, in his response, Courtenay made some interesting disclosures about the Senate hearings, which continue tomorrow: Hon. Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "He said that I abandoned the Senate Hearing, how amusing. Let's again deal with that, right. First of all, I am not an attorney qualified to practice in the United States, let's start right there. So, I didn't go there to practice any law and represent anybody. For years now, for years, I have been travelling for clients who have matters in Belize and in other jurisdictions, not only the United States, in order to consult with lawyers, go and listen to cases that are taking place. This particular one had to do with the UHS award.

PM Flies To NYC To Settle Superbond
But right now, the government's top priority is settling the Superbond re-negotiations. That's why the Prime Minister left the country today and headed to New York. That's where he will meet with Belize's legal and financial team to discuss the ongoing negotiations to restructure the Superbond. As we told you, there's a payment due on February 20th, and it seems bondholders may be forced back to the table, since government has given indications that it is willing to risk a default - to strengthen its bargaining position. We are told the attorney general Michael Peyreffitte will join them tomorrow. The Prime Minister returns to Belize on Sunday. Deputy Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister in the interim.

Judge Tells Yolanda And La Inmaculada To Settle
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with PUP's Eamon Courtenay in which he took on some tough questions about the UDP's push to get him removed from the Senate. We got a chance to speak to him after the second day in court for the lawsuit against the La Inmaculada Credit Union, which was filed by their former General Manager, Yolanda Gomez. Viewers will remember that at the end of July of 2015, she was terminated by the Credit Union's Board of Directors, who alleged that an audit showed that Gomez was personally responsible for a half a million dollars in mismanagement and loss to the credit union. Gomez denied all allegations against her, saying that this was an attempt by the Board to damage her reputation, just so that they could remove her. She is suing the Credit Union's Board and the Registrar of Credit Unions, a post that is held by the Governor of the Central Bank. She has hired Courtenay as her attorney, to argue her case that she was wrongfully terminated from La Inmaculada, and he briefed us this morning on how far the case as progressed. Here's what he told us:

Can You Open Heart and Home To A Child?
225 kids are living in institutions such as children's homes or childcare centers across the country. It is a troubling figure and the Department of Human Services wants to significantly reduce that number through a foster and adoption campaign called "Give your heart to a child part 2". These kids deserve a chance to be loved and cared for by a family - it's a feeling many of these kids have never experienced. Courtney Weatherburne takes a closer look at the child protection service in Belize and how the launch of this campaign today can improve it. For these boys, playing a friendly midday match is just what they need to re-energize for their afternoon classes. Others enjoy relaxing in the recreation room, even catching up on some reading. Now it might seem like these kids didn't even leave their school compound but they did, they all went home for lunch. 45 kids between the ages 5 and 21 live at the Dorothy Menzies ChildCare Center in Belize City - including 10 special needs kids. It is the only place of comfort for them.

Cops Says Franz Fondled Female Child
Today, 56 year old Franz Hamilton appeared in the Magistrate's Court where he was charged with sexually assaulting a minor. According to reports, in late January Hamilton molested a child by fondling her rectum. But this is not the first incident, according to the minor who appeared with her mother and a social worker, Hamilton had previously fondled her vagina as well. Hamilton, who was unrepresented, pled not guilty, but was denied bail after the prosecutor objected due to the victim's age. Hamilton was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until April.

Up The Creek With A Paddle
For the past week we've been reporting on the state of the Haulover Creek - which is impassable due to fallen trees and growth of dense vegetation. It's blocked the creek and raised some question about whether the Ruta Maya will be able to use it as the finishing stretch for the race as per tradition. Right now, a paddler definitely can't get pass all the debris that's accumulated - and that's why yesterday the Departments of Forestry and the Environment went downriver to see how they can make the Creek navigable again. Alex Courtney accompanied them:... Alex Courtenay reporting: Most of the debris left behind by Hurricane Earl in August has been cleared up, but there are still some areas that are in need of a clean-up. One of them is the Haulover Creek, a small channel that connects the Belize River to the Belize City harbor. The creek has been made impassable because of several uprooted trees and mangroves. Deputy Chief Forest Officer, Marcelo Winsor explained the situation and its solution.

PAHO Big Boss in Belize
The Director General of PAHO, Dr. Carissa Etienne is in Belize for a two day visit. Last night, she hosted a forum on health financing. Etienne also participated in the Country Cooperation Strategy, which serves as a guide for the development of Belize's National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014-2024. After the event, we spoke to her about improving and financing the country's universal health care. Dr. Carissa Etienne - Dir.,PAHO/Reg. Dir. of Americas-WHO: "So the presentation tonight was on universal health coverage, universal access to health and in particular we looked at the financing of the health system, the need for investment, increase in domestic investments, but with an eye into equity. We also touched on the social dominance of health and how those contributed to the health status and well-being of people. Importantly we spoke about the various elements that are required for strengthening health systems."

What Do The Bel-Am's Think?
For the past four nights we've been telling you all about the show called "Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed" - which opened last week at the Perot Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas. Now, the state of Texas is home to many Belizeans, and in Dallas they came out for the opening. IT was by invitation only, but it seems the word got out there, and about 50 or more turned up. We were there to ask them what they think of the show:… Tomorrow we'll have our final part in this story.

Titan Bosses Leach and Knowles Recovered More Millions, This Time From Central Bank
Just over a year ago, Bahamians Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach won a huge award of damages against the Government of Belize to a total of 8.8 million dollars. That's because the Supreme Court ruled that the Government was excessive when the Financial Intelligence Unit and the police raided their business headquarters, Titan Securities in the Matalon Building on Coney Drive. Well, these 2 business partners have won another judgement in their favor, and this time it's against the Central Bank, which has been ordered to pay them back 1.4 million US dollars, which they seized from their bankers. The pair's troubles in Belize started back in September 2014, when they were thrust into the public eye after an indictment from the US Treasury Department which accused them of securities fraud. During that time, the Belize Bank handed over their 1.4 million dollars to the Central Bank, which didn't want to give back.

Valentines is For Lovers, And Florists
It's Valentine's day - and all across the world, lovers, and admirers exchanged gifts, mainly floral arrangements and chocolates. One florist we checked with said they sold two thousand red roses for this day alone. We went to Selflorals designs on Barrack Road which made 300 arrangements this year for Valentine's. We spoke to the owner of Selflorals today about his orders this year Florists tell us that the day after Valentine's is actually busier than Valentine's day as they try to get their accounts in order.

Call It A Comeback, Shyne Guests on Popcaan Remix
Don't call it a comeback just yet, but Belize's Musical Ambassador Shyne is making waves with a remix of a popular Popcaan track. Popcaan's released the remix of his top 2016 single, "We Still a Win", adding Shyne's signature rapping style to the upbeat song. This is Shyne's first appearance on a dancehall track, which has already garnered over 2000 hits on Soundcloud. Here's a snippet of Shyne's verse in the single... This marks Shyne's first recorded output in the last few years.

Channel 5

Small Protest Comes to Eamon Courtenay’s Law Offices
A handful of protesters headed to the steps of the law firm, Courtenay Coye LLP, on A Street this morning as the United Democratic Party heats up its campaign against [...]

Senator and Attorney Says It’s Democracy
The target of the protestors’ ire returned to his office just before they arrived. He had been at court for an unrelated matter and spoke briefly in response to the [...]

Eamon Courtenay Challenges Prime Minister on Conflict of Interest
The Government and the United Democratic Party are on a campaign claiming that Senator Eamon Courtenay is a textbook case of conflict of interest since he sits on the senate [...]

Explaining the Lawsuits Filed by Courtenay and Company
Courtenay says that the Crown Proceedings Amendment Law, which was passed at the same time as the Central Bank International Immunities Law, is not only unconstitutional, but a direct attack [...]

Courtenay Says Prime Minister Told Falsehood to Get Support for Immunities Law
On Monday during the People’s United Party’s press conference, the party’s legal adviser, Senior Counsel Andrew Marshalleck, gave reporters a primer on the issue of legal immunity. As he explained, [...]

Courtenay Says Senate Inquiry Doesn’t Miss Him
In a release issued last Friday, government claimed that Courtenay aborted the senate inquiry to travel to Washington on another case against Belize even though an important witness was to [...]

Personal Attack a Smokescreen for National Problems
But when all is said and done is the senator being used as a scapegoat to deflect from the major financial problems of the country, including a proposed increase in [...]

P.M. to New York to Talk to Superbond Team
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is headed to New York City again on Superbond business. The Government last week extended the time for response to its consent solicitation offer to February [...]

PAHO Director in Belize, Talks Cooperation
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Doctor Carissa Etienne, is on a working visit to Belize since Monday. She has been meeting with a number government officials, [...]

La Inmaculada Credit Union Challenges Former General Manager in Court
Former General Manager of the La Inmaculada Credit Union in Orange Walk has filed a lawsuit against the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize for her wrongful termination after [...]

Remanded for Nasty Sexual Assault on Child
A fifty-six-year-old man was slapped with a single charge of sexual assault upon a seven-year-old child.  Franz Hamilton was remanded to prison today when he appeared in court to answer [...]

Guatemala Busts Contraband Cigarettes Along Belize Border
There is a report tonight of a major bust of nine point nine million boxes of cigarettes by Guatemalan authorities in Peten.  The Guatemalan police say agents in Peten detained [...]

Michigan Delegation Visits Sarstoon with B.T.V.
Inclement weather on Monday did not stop the Belize Territorial Volunteers from making another trip down Belize’s southern boundary, the Sarstoon River. Belize is still without a protocol regarding trips [...]

Ombudsman Back in the Saddle for Third Term
In a brief ceremony held on Monday, February thirteenth, at the Belize House in Belmopan, Ombudsman of Belize Lionel Arzu, accompanied at the ceremony by his family, was sworn-in for [...]

Woman Buried Twice in Grave Mix-Up
There was a mix-up at the Lord Ridge Cemetery over the weekend and the body of Louise Foreman had to be buried twice—first on Saturday and then on Sunday. The [...]

Improper Removal of Bones May Lead to Charges
According to Cemetery Administrator Wayne Usher, the employee from Coye’s Funeral Home has since admitted to the mistake.  But this afternoon, Usher met with City Council attorneys to see if [...]

Remembering Rob Horwich and His Contribution to Community Baboon Sanctuary
Doctor Rob Horwich, an American primatologist and the founder of community co-management with the establishment of the Community Baboon Sanctuary in 1985, has died at the age of seventy-seven. The [...]

Fighting Back Against Unscrupulous Moneylenders: Attorneys Have Tips
News Five has been reporting on the case of Orange Walk resident Janine Vega and Laura and Julio Blanco of Pay Day and EZY Loans Pawning. Vega attempted to satisfy [...]


UDP - BALAC Calls For The Removal Of Eamon Courtney
A group of UDP supporters, under the banner of an adhoc group called “Belizeans Against Lord Ashcroft and Courtenay” staged a picket outside the offices of PUP Senator and Attorney Eamon Courtenay this morning. The picket group held placards and protest signs and marched near Courtenay’s office for less than an hour. This is the UDP’s latest attempt to put political pressure on Courtenay, who is one of the attorneys in Belize who works for companies related to Lord Michael Ashcroft. Alfonso Noble – UDP Activist: “But here is the man who was supposed to protect our assets and instead of protecting our assets he is there challenging the protection that has been given to our assets, man what kind of person that, what kind of vulture that, what kind of individual that?”


Senator Courtenay Says PM Uttered Falsehood
In January, the Government of Belize passed two laws that would prevent any Belizean or any company registered in Belize to attach the foreign reserves of the Central Bank or the assets of the state to any legal proceedings. The laws also criminalized the action of doing so with a penalty of two hundred and […]

Eamon’s Flight to DC
In its February 10 press release, the Government of Belize said that PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay aborted the Senate Inquiry to go to Washington DC for a case against Belize. According to GOB the case was in relations to the Universal Health Services (UHS) hospital loan agreed to by the then PUP government. In the […]

Judge Recommends Mediation in Gomez vs La Inmaculada
In 2015, the board of the La Inmaculada Credit Union decided to fire its General Manager, Yolanda Gomez. In a televised statement, the President Ena Martinez made eleven allegations against Gomez. The board is accusing Gomez of quote, “substantial cash shortage, falsification of signatures on loan documents, improper cash management particularly in relation to the […]

Belize and PAHO Sign Onto Cooperation Strategy Agreement
The Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is in Belize on a working visit. Dr Carissa Etienne arrived in the country on Sunday and has since been in several meetings and sessions. Last night she spoke with the media following a health forum held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City […]

24 Years of Love FM – News and Music Power
Love FM is celebrating its twenty fourth birthday today. Renee Trujillo has the story. Duty Free Cattle From Belize to Guatemala
At around eight o’clock last night Belize saw the first shipment of duty free cattle cross the western border into Guatemala as part of Belize’s Partial Scope Agreement and Sanitary requirement between the two countries. Although the agreement was signed onto over a decade ago, it was never utilized until yesterday. This first duty free […]

Females Outnumber Males in UB 2017 Graduation
This past weekend saw four hundred and ninety nine young men and women coming out of the University of Belize as part of the institution’s February commencement exercise. The official ceremony took place at the school’s gymnasium in Belmopan on Saturday, February 11 with the keynote address being delivered by Belize’s Minister of Home Affairs […]

Placencia Community Joins Call Against Offshore Drilling
Another stand was taken over the weekend against offshore drilling via the Placencia Art Festival. The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage sent out a release today saying that the stand taken was done by three hundred members of the Placencia community who demanded that the government adopt a policy of closing Belizean waters […]

BALAC Wants Courtenay Out of the Senate
The newly formed BALAC – Belizeans Against Lord Ashcroft and Courtenay- protested in front of Eamon Courtenay’s Law firm on A Street in the Kings Park Area of Belize City. The group wants Courtenay to resign from his post as the Lead Opposition Senator. They say Courtenay should resign because there is a clear conflict […]

PAHO Congratulates PM for Achievements in Health Sector
As we noted earlier, the Director of the Pan American Health Organization 9PAHO) is on a working visit to Belize as of Sunday. Today she paid a courtesy call to the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow where she congratulated him on the country’s success in promoting immunization and subsequently having a dramatic reduction of the burden […]

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Government to sell BWSL, BTL and BEL?
“Make no mistake about it, Government is broke. This UDP [United Democratic Party] government is broke,” said leader of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), John Briceño, at a press conference held in Belize City today, Monday. According to Briceño, “Government has conceded to a $200 million budget deficit shortfall for 2016-2017.” However, in Amandala’s telephone interview with the nation’s Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight, he told our newspaper tonight that the deficit stands at around $100 million and is expected to be financed by domestic as well as external borrowing from agencies such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank. At his press conference, Briceño told the media that, “Government has also conceded that they have another $300 million funding gap which they plan to cover by raising taxes and retrenching public officers.”

Fin Sec says tax increases are “inevitable”
Amid fears of an impending tax hike, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight told the press on Friday evening that “…at this point in time, it is inevitable that there will be increases in some taxes.” Waight declined to elaborate, but as we told you on Thursday, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Carla Barnett, told our newspaper that a final decision will be taken after internal consultations with Government departments and ministries, as well as external consultations with social partners which began this week. Yesterday, officials of the Ministry of Finance met with the private sector, telling them that the Belizean economy is “imperiled,” and today, the officials, including the Financial Secretary, met with the trade unions under the umbrella of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB). NTUCB president, Jackie Willoughby, told us after the meeting that while they agree on the need for Government to raise revenue, they do not totally agree that it has to be done through a tax hike.

Dr. Errol Elrington on the run for 4 years now
Dr. Errol Elrington, a younger brother of Minister Wilfred Sedi Elrington, has been on the run for four years now. He has been wanted by authorities in the United States since October 7, 2013, when an arrest warrant was issued for him in relation to racketeering, Medicaid fraud and health care fraud. Elrington fled the US less than a day later. According to the US Office of the Inspector General, investigators believe that Elrington falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 for services that he never performed. Additionally, he employed an unlicensed physician who purportedly engaged in criminal sexual misconduct. The Felony Complaint alleged that Elrington was a licensed physician practicing in Redford, Michigan, and was the owner of a private medical center, Elrington Medical Center (EMC).

“Mr. Pou,” of Pou’s famous meat pies, passes
Arthur Francisco, 86, prominently known as “Mr. Pou,” died of natural causes in a hospital bed in Belize City on Sunday after 2 a.m., his family told Amandala. Francisco was the face of Pou’s Meat Pies, which began 44 years ago on the south side of Belize City. However, his family told us that his common-law-wife, Rosalia Pou, was the driving force behind the perfectly crusted, well-proportioned and flawlessly flavored meat pies. Together, Francisco and Pou began their franchise in 1973 on Albert Street. At that time, their business was competing with the restaurant known as “Dits,” on King Street, in the meat pie industry. In the early 80s, they relocated to #36 New Road, where the business can still currently be found.

Confusion at Lord Ridge: body buried twice
The body of Louise Foreman was buried twice. She was initially buried in a tomb in Lord Ridge Cemetery prior to burial services this Saturday afternoon. After the ceremony in the cemetery, the tomb was closed and concrete was poured onto the cover to seal the tomb. The priest and most attendees left, since the funeral services had been concluded. However, Foreman’s daughter began to search for the headstone of her brother (Louise Foreman’s son), Victor Andrew Foreman, who died in August 1998, and into whose tomb her mother was to have been buried. About 40 feet from where her mother had just been buried, she found her brother’s tomb, and it was intact. It was then that she realized that her mother had been buried in the wrong tomb, and not in Victor’s tomb, as the family had intended. The headstone of the tomb where her mother was buried was found, and the person whose remains were in that tomb was no family relation.

Belize among the Caribbean countries recording strongest tourism growth
The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) yesterday unveiled its report on the performance of the tourism sector across the Caribbean for 2016. The report said that while only 48% of the reporting destinations registered growth during the year, with the best performances occurring in the Dominican Republic, the British Virgin Islands and Grenada, which all grew by double digits, Belize became the 8th destination to record over one million cruise passenger visits that year. The report added that Belize was actually one of 7 Caribbean destinations which recorded double digit increases within their reporting periods. The other countries in the group are the Turks & Caicos Islands, Bermuda, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada and Montserrat.

PG’s Freedom Fighters light up the MCC with 2-1 win over FC Belize
It’s a long, 200-mile plus journey from Punta Gorda to Belize City, and the trip is much more enjoyable when you return with a victory. Those were the thoughts of Freedom Fighters owner, Patrick Flores, as he embraced the 2-1 victory his team garnered yesterday evening at the MCC Grounds at the expense of home standing FC Belize, who battled fiercely, but were once again on the short end of a low scoring ball game. In their first two outings, FC Belize has allowed 3 goals total and scored only 1, for a 0-2 record; while the Freedom Fighters have allowed 4 goals and scored 2, for 1 win and a loss. Both teams have a back match remaining, FC Belize with Wagiya, and Freedom Fighters with Verdes. We arrived at the MCC near the end of first half to learn that sweeper Lionel Cabral had given the visitors the lead at the 29th minute off a free kick, after their young “big striker,” Jarren Lambey had been taken down outside the eighteen. But the second half was just under way when young Harlan Cassanova slammed in a grounder for the FC Belize equalizer at the 47th minute. Although the ball did not reach the back of the net, the linesman ruled it had crossed the goal line before a PG defender cleared the ball in a cloud of dust.

NEBL “In the Paint”
When Orange Walk Running Rebels point guard Randy Usher heaved up an ill-advised three-point attempt with 7 seconds remaining in regulation in a 61-61 tie against the visiting Belmopan Bandits, it was an obvious sign that the Rebels’ 6-game losing streak against the visitors would be extended to 7. Even more distressing, though, for the hometown faithful, was the fact that they had enjoyed a very comfortable 59-52 lead with just about 7 minutes remaining in the game. And so, with the world now on their shoulders, the Rebels entered overtime play. They quickly jumped out to a 65-61 lead behind a tip-in basket from Shemar White and a lay-up by Gabriel Taylor. Richard Smith III, however, responded with a basket of his own, on the assist by Edgar Mitchell. Randy Usher then hit a big three-pointer to give his team the 68-65 lead.

Hard as nails, soft as marshmallows
The Northside/Southside model was never a precise analytical tool. That is because, in the first instance, there are a few Northside Belize City neighborhoods which are as Southside as can be. The Northside/Southside model has also become controversial in some quarters, including personal and political ones, but there are still situations where the model serves a valuable analytical purpose. The history of the different non-governmental organizations and funding agencies which have become active in Belize over the past four decades, say, and especially since our political independence in 1981, organizations and agencies which have as their stated goal the upliftment of Belizean girls and women, would be an interesting study. Simultaneously, a scholar would be pushed to investigate the fact that there has not appeared to be a balance, where foreign organizations and funds are concerned, with respect to attention to the problems and needs of Belizean boys and men. We’re just saying. The gender issue is probably a more controversial one than the Northside/Southside model, but we’re not going gender, as such, in this essay. What we want to do is look at a phenomenon which has implications for both roughneck young males and the overprotected ones. That phenomenon involves the significant and growing socio-economic gap between our Southside boys and our Northside boys, for lack of any better description. Generally speaking, our Southside boys are growing up hard as nails, while our Northside boys are being reared to be soft as marshmallows. In academic papers, generalizations are totally taboo, because generalizations are imprecise and inaccurate, but this is not an academic paper: all we are trying to do is to get your attention. Con permiso.

From The Publisher
Booker T. Washington was born a slave in the United States in 1856, but he became a great leader of black Americans. Around the turn of the century more than a hundred years ago, he was embroiled in a bitter philosophical dispute with another great leader of black Americans, W. E. B. DuBois, with respect to how black Americans should proceed towards educational and economic empowerment, and racial pride and dignity in the post-Emancipation America. Basically, Booker T. was urging black Americans to focus on hard work and the building of institutional capacity in various fields of endeavor. He wanted black Americans to avoid activist agitation and confrontation with the white power structure at all costs. W. E. B. DuBois was a mulatto, quite light-skinned, and he had been the beneficiary of a high quality education. Born in 1868, he became the first black American to earn a doctorate at Harvard, the United States’ most prestigious university. One of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and a leader of the so-called Niagara Movement, DuBois demanded full civil rights for blacks and called for political representation in the American mainstream, while Booker T. Washington’s so-called Atlanta Compromise sought to appease the Southern white power structure and avoid rocking the boat, so to speak.

Love life! Drive well!
Dear Editor, Get in the car. Settle yourself comfortably in the seat and buckle up! Say to yourself each time you get into your vehicle: “I am going to be the BEST driver on earth today!” Though you may not be the best driver, making that statement to yourself can motivate you to drive carefully, yes, safely. Drive on your hand without speeding too much, and use your horn responsibly. Imagine that someone you love gives you a precious gift. How would you treat that gift? Would you destroy that precious gift, or treasure it, handling it with caution? Think of it. Almighty God has given you a very precious gift, much more precious than any gift a human person can give to another. That gift is your life!

Belize facing super-bond default?
In less than two weeks, the next payment of roughly BZ$26 million is due to holders of Belize’s super-bond, and although the Government of Belize was hoping that it could strike an early deal with creditors to reduce its interest expense as well as delay the repayment of the principal, bondholders have been holding out, forcing the Government of Belize to extend for a third time its deadline for creditors to accept its solicitation offer issued last month. Following the release of that offer, bondholders stated that “the proposed adjustment program [outlined by the Government of Belize] is unlikely to reduce future risks to debt sustainability or to the stability of the country’s currency peg in a sufficient manner.” Interest payments are due to increase by BZ$9 million for this calendar year, 2017, as the interest rate escalates in August from 5% to 6.767%. The total tab for interest payments on the super-bond would, therefore, increase from BZ$53 million to BZ$62 million, according to official information.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Prime Minister to meet with Belize’s Legal and Financial Team in New York
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today on official business to the United States of America. Barrow will be traveling to New York to meet with Belize’s legal and financial team that is involved in the negotiations to restructure the Super Bond. Barrow is expected to return to Belize on Sunday, 19th February, 2017. During his absence, the Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister.

Press Office issues advisory on fake PM profile
The Government of Belize Press Office has issued a press release stating that the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is aware that members of the public have been contacted by Facebook accounts under the name “Dean Barrow”. The OPM informs the general public that any pages purporting to be the personal or official account of or bearing photos or personal information of Prime Minister Dean Barrow are fake and unauthorized.

Big contraband bust reported by Guatemalan authorities
Guatemalan authorities today seized 9.9 millions boxes of cigarettes in Peten, along the border with Mexico and Belize. The Agencia Guatemalteca de Noticias reported yesterday, that Jorge Aguilar, spokesman for the National Civil Police (PNC), detailed how agents of the substation in Poptún (Petén) intercepted a truck, detaining one Byron Misael Cabrera Gonzáles, and seizing a hefty 9,914,600 boxes of contraband cigarettes.

FBI double reward to $20,000 to solve Swaney’s murder case
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has doubled the US $10,000 reward to US $20,000 for any information leading to a breakthrough in the Anne Swasey murder investigation. In January, the FBI had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of […]

Croc on the loose in Belama Phase 11
Reports reaching our newsroom is that there is a crocodile in a canal in Belama Phase 11 in Belize City. Several concerned residents have taken to social media raising their concerns over the presence of the animal. Some pictures and videos are circulating on […]

Cayo Community Policing commander train Special Constables on Vehicle Search tactics
On Sunday, several members of the Cayo Special Constables Committee attended a training facilitated by Cpl. Jason Jones, officer in charge of Community Policing for Cayo. The vehicle-search training included theory and practical for the proper way police officers should approach and search vehicles. […]

Securities fraudster who used Belizean shell companies gets 12 years
Gregg Mulholland, 47, a California stock promoter, was sentenced to 12 years in a New York jail for money laundering offenses with links to shell companies created in Belize. Mulholland plead guilty to charges in May 2016. He has been held in a Brooklyn’s […]


Making Corn Tortillas the local way!
Corn tortillas are a staple of almost every Belizean meal. Similar to rice and beans, corn tortillas are the perfect accompaniment for a variety of local dishes, from soups to stews, and especially classic breakfasts like beans and eggs. At 23, I have pretty much consumed my fair share of corn tortillas, but making them by hand is another story! While most Belizean girls of Mestizo or Maya heritage pride themselves in making the perfect handmade corn tortillas well… let’s just say I may have skipped my lessons. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t try to make them! Fun Fact! According to both Maya and Mestizo tradition, if a girl who plans to make tortillas holds a Cane Toad, locally know as a “w’oh”, their tortillas are sure to puff when cooking. Of course, the procedures of the tradition slightly vary in each culture; in the Maya culture, the toad needs to be caught then passed over and under the girl’s hands nine times.

Corozal 2017 "Love Fair" promoted by OCEANA; It was held at Central Park
Corozal Held its Love Fair OCEANA On February 14, 2017 at Corozal Central Park. Raffles, entertainment and more where presented on the event. Love for Self community and the environment. This was the name given at the Love Fair that was held on February 14, 2017. The Love Fair commenced at 9am and end at 2pm. This event was sponsored by Love fm, Blue's, Ctv3, Rack's Snacks, Ministry of Government and Corozal Ministry and FOCUS. about the Education What is OCEANA Helping the Belize and the world? Visit us at to find out more about how OCEANA Belize works. Wealth Untold- Belizeans are custodians to one of the most biologically diverse and unique natural resources on the planet. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest Barrier Reef in The world. Three of the Caribbean's four atolls are found in Belizeans waters. Belize is also home to the great Blue Hole, a large submarine sinkhole visible from space. Seven sites within the Belize Barrier Reef system have also been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO as places of outstanding importance and value; a distinction granted to only 47 other marine sites in the world. What's in a Reef? A thriving coral reef is an intricate collaboration among many different kinds of animals, plants and microorganism. Coral reefs grow very, very slowly. Shallow coral reefs, sea grass bed and mangroves all characterized the Belize Barrier Reef system.

Things To Do In Belize Part 2.
Belize Cave Tubing Signature Tour - Cave Tubing in Belize This is where it all started! Ian Anderson’s first and still Belize’s longest and most spectacular “River of Caves” cave tubing float...over 7 miles underground. Enter the exciting world of rivers disappearing into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only your headlamp to light your way. Floating past side windows that filter the jungle light through the mist as you swirl around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. Float past underground waterfalls then into the crystal cathedral, a spiritual center to the ancient Maya. Since Ian introduced Cave Tubing to Belize tourism, Cave Tubing has become Belize’s most popular adventure trip. The original and full 7 mile "River of Caves" tube float is only available through the Caves Branch Adventure Company.

Xaibe Business Cultural Expo 2017
Xaibe Roman Catholic School!

The House of Culture was honoured to have a courtesy visit by Mr. Ricardo Martin Gonzalez
irst Secretary and Vice- consul of the Embassy of Canada, along with Mrs. Gail Johnson who is the Canadian Warden here in Corozal. We are looking forward to a cultural exchange as Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary of confederation this year!

Institute for Social and Cultural Research's (ISCR) Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop
This past Saturday the House of Culture took part in the Institute for Social and Cultural Research's (ISCR) Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop along with members of our cultural community. This critical workshop focused on documenting the knowledge of art, music, dance, recipes, natural medicine and more. The cultural artists were trained on how to document as well were able to share their knowledge. Thank you to all who participated in the safeguarding our intangible heritage, and a gracious thank you to our colleagues Selene Solis and Phylicia Pelayo of ISCR for their great work.

SHJC Dean's List Ceremony Fall-16
Sacred Heart Junior College had their Dean's List awards for the Fall 2016 semester. Way to go!

International Sourcesizz

Third sea-can started for Books for Belize
The second sea-can containing 34,614 pounds of books and supplies has started its journey to Belize via the Panama Canal, last month. Rotary Club of Vermilion’s Robin Sherwood has spent the last three years collecting school supplies for the people of Belize, and this time around 957 pieces will be headed their way. The amount donated is up, from 900 pieces and 34,000 pounds, including 303 children’s books, 106 children reference, 170 adolescent, 83 adult novels, four inspirational Christian, 13 dictionary-thesaurus, 108 teacher resources, nine educational texts, 98 binders and supplies, 20 backpacks, six copy paper, and 37 other.

Belize regulator IFSC warns on Trendtino Limited firm
The International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) has notified that Trendtino Limited, an international business company with its registered office at No. 2 Mapp Street, Belize City, Belize C.A, is offering Payment Processing Services on its website, without a licence from the IFSC. Trendtino Limited is therefore directed to cease and desist from engaging in the said unlicensed activities forthwith. All persons concerned are asked to take note and exercise extreme caution.

Black History Month: The Garifuna People
February is Black History Month. Throughout this month The Royal Gazette will feature people, events, places and institutions that have contributed to the shaping of African history. In 1635, two Spanish ships were wrecked near what is now St Vincent in the West Indies. The ships held West Africans who were to be sold as slaves in the West Indies. The West Africans escaped from the Spaniards and hid themselves among the indigenous Amerindian group, the Carib people on the island. The Africans eagerly adapted to the new environment in hopes of avoiding slavery and remaining under the protection of the Carib community. Likewise, the Caribs protected their new African neighbours because they resisted European encroachment on their lands. Eventually the Caribs and West Africans began intermarrying, and ultimately, created the Garifuna people. When the French defeated the Garifuna on St Vincent in 1795 and drove them to nearby Becquia Island, they and other Garifuna left the Lesser Antilles Islands by the thousands and settled on the coast of Honduras. By 1802, they had migrated to what is now Belize. Led by Thomas Vincent Ramos, they settled in the township of Dangriga and soon spread out to other communities. The Garifuna population resides at present in 43 locations on the Atlantic Coast between Belize and Nicaragua. The largest of these communities are in Honduras and Belize, where about 98,000 Garifunas are concentrated in various towns.

FBI Doubles Reward To Find Chicago Journalist’s Killer
Federal authorities have doubled the reward they are offering in hopes of solving the 2016 murder of a Chicago journalist vacationing in Belize. The FBI is now offering $20,000 to find the killer of Anne Swaney. The 39-year-old Chicagoan was murdered in western Belize on Jan. 14, 2016 while staying at a remote resort. Swaney, executive producer of online operations for ABC 7, died of strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Her body was found floating in a river.

Suspect in high-seas homicides hospitalized, putting case on hold
Former Sacramento resident Silas Duane Boston, charged in the 1978 murder of two British tourists and suspected in the 1968 disappearance of his wife, has been hospitalized due to apparent complications from heart and liver disease, defense attorneys revealed in federal court Tuesday. Boston’s medical issues came to light as federal prosecutors were asking a United States district judge to authorize in-court depositions for aging relatives of the two tourists, medical school graduate Christopher Farmer and his girlfriend, Peta Frampton. One of Boston’s two attorneys, federal public defender Lexi Negin, said she was informed by Sacramento County jail officials that Boston has been hospitalized for nearly two weeks for “a very serious condition,” adding: “We are unsure if he is talking or conscious.” Negin, who said jail authorities wouldn’t reveal where Boston is hospitalized, said she was informed that he was suffering from “complications of liver failure and congestive heart-failure.” Indicating that Boston’s condition may not be life-threatening, she added: “They said he could be back in jail in a few weeks.”

Caribbean Integration In Times Of Trump
Caribbean leaders analyze with worry here this week, the political and economic impact and the regional scenario after the assumption, last January 20, of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The leaders of the 15 member nations of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) who last month attended in Dominican Republic the 5th Celac Summit, will now study the more recent measures decreed by the U.S. tycoon. About to open this Thursday and Friday, the preps for the 38th Caricom Summit are full speed ahead. Local observers told Prensa Latina that the 'Trump topics' are a few, among them the migration, banking, environmental and security measures which will have an impact on the socioeconomic life of many Caribbean territories, dedicated not only to tourism. At the Celac summit, Guyana President, David Granger, in charge of the rotating presidency of Caricom, called the grouping to create mechanisms that advance the objectives of the community and to 'build doors, not walls; gates, not fences; bridges, not blockades'.


  • PLACENCIA COMMUNITY SAYS “NO” TO OFFSHORE OIL, 15sec. The Placencia community during the Placencia Art Festival held over this past weekend, came together to take a stand against offshore oil exploration in Belize’s waters, adding 300 more voices to the thousands of voices from the residents of San Pedro and Caye Caulker and other areas of the country in demanding that the government adopt a policy of closing Belizean waters and the Barrier Reef from offshore oil exploration and drilling. Residents wrote and signed petitions addressed to the Belize Tourism Board, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry responsible for Fisheries and Climate Change, expressing their desire to see Belize’s marine resources protected for current and future generations of Belizeans. Along the Belizean coast, nearly 190,000 Belizeans rely on healthy marine ecosystems, mainly through fishing, tourism and recreation. As of today, over 30,000 Belizeans have and continue to say “No” to offshore oil exploration and drilling in Belize.

  • Christen Dominique’s Belize Travel Vlog in 360 VR!, 4min.

  • San Ignacio Belize, 1.5min.

  • Beaches & Dreams Seafront Inn, Hopkins Belize - Birdwatching, 1.5min. Whether you are an lifelong birder or someone out to ignite a lifelong passion that you can share with a significant other, you will enjoy the Birds of Paradise morning bird watching tour.

  • Faces of Belize Life Survival Skills, 45min.

  • Guadalupe Lampella, 2.5min. Mrs. Guadalupe Lampella's sustainable fishing practices have not only provided for her and her family throughout her life, but have also earned her the honor of "Outstanding Fisher of the Year" for 2016. Learn more about her and the benefits of sustainable fishing here!

  • Marika and Michael in the Jungles of Belize. April 24, 2013, 3min. Taken in Belize April 25, 2013. Marika and I were on an excursion to the jungles of Belize to see the Mayan Ruins. The tropical breeze was so nice and warm. It was a super hot that day but we survived.

  • Belize 2017, 7.5min. Flyfishing for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon in Caye Caulker Belize 2017.

  • 24 Years of Love FM, 5min. Love FM is celebrating its twenty fourth birthday today. Renee Trujillo has the story.

  • Morning Matters Skydives, 58min. Watch as Rhonda freefalls from 10,000 feet over the reef.

  • Morning Matters at Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye, 58min.

  • Morning Matters At Boogies Belly, 58min.

  • Fishing Belize | Day #2, 3min.

  • Look 3D - SBS HD - Google Cardboard - Belize Shark Dive, 3min.

  • Belize... The hottest and Beautifulllll Revised!!, 6min.

  • Antelope Trail Belize, 11min.

  • Snorkeling Belize Day 2, 15min.

  • Belize Snorkeling Trip 1 Shark Ray Alley, 7.5min.

  • Belize 2017, 8.5min. Study abroad trip to Belize!

  • Belize jungle with the locals, 3min.

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