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The San Pedro Sun

Morelet’s Crocodiles Thrive in Chiquibul Forest
Chiquibul Forest is home to a diverse array of species, such as Scarlet Macaws, jaguars and tapir, providing a lush environment in which these species can thrive with little human contact. A recent study led by the Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) in collaboration with Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), Belize Wildlife Referral and Clinic (BWRC), and Croc U illustrates that the local Morelet’s crocodile population is thriving in its isolated habitat. During habitat, nocturnal eyeshine, capture and nest surveys conducted in April, June and July in 2016, the investigating team discovered a population of over 160 of various size classes. All crocodiles sighted or captured appeared healthy according to health examinations performed, likely reflecting a stable and healthy environment. Compared to previous reports of Morelet’s crocodile populations in Belize, this is the largest Morelet’s crocodile population in-country.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Reporting In
“We’re going to have to do something to help Bob,” Sherry said. “Are you talking about with his alcohol problem?” I asked. “Of course. He’s getting worse every day.” We were watching from our table at Fido’s Courtyard as our friend Bob staggered up the beach, struggling against the wind. “I have an idea that might work,” I told her. “I met a psychiatrist from Houston who is staying here for a year. Dr. Anderson specializes in alcohol control and perhaps he can help. I’ll talk to him.” That afternoon I introduced Bob to the doctor and they began the new program immediately. The following morning Dr Anderson and I talked about the situation over coffee. “Do you think you can help him?” I asked.

‘Raise Me Up’ releases financial report
Raise Me Up (RMU) is a registered NGO in Belize (2015) and is located in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye. Originally a group who excelled at helping organize fundraisers and putting on events, the founders of RMU realized the need and the ability for a small non-profit to be formed that could efficiently and effectively meet needs in the community. In the past we have successfully run numerous fundraisers; Haunted House, San Pedro Boat Parade, Comedy for a Cause, Cruise for a Cause, High Tea for Hope Haven and various other events geared towards raising funds or physical donations, and to date have been able to raise over $99,000 in cash donations, and 120,000 in physical donations.

Doctor Love: I’m Next and Fund This
Dear Doctor Love, I am getting very tired of people who feel it is okay to cut in line in front of others who are waiting to be served. It happens almost every time I try to pay a bill or go to a public place where lines form. I always bite my tongue and say nothing, but last week, when I was first in line, someone cut in front of me to ask a question of the teller. She looked up the answer on her computer, and took care of his needs. This happened twice in one day. Any advice on how to deal with this? /s/ I’m Next

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Passing of Belizean Brukdown Queen Leela Vernon
The San Pedro Sun joins the entire country in the mourning of the passing of Belizean Brukdown Queen Leela Vernon. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends. We will have more on this huge loss.

Belizean Musical and Cultural Icon “Leela” Vernon Passes Away
The Government of Belize and the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) have learnt of the passing of Lila Genus Vernon which occurred at around 9:00 a.m. today, February 19th, 2017. Lila Vernon was a founding member of the National Kriol Council, an institution which continues to promote Kriol Language, Music and Culture in Belize. In 2004, “Ms. Leela” was named as the Brukdown Artist of the Year and in 2011 she was the recipient of the Woman of the Year in Culture Award. “Ms. Leela”, as she is popularly known, was a Belizean Cultural Icon, who demonstrated her love of country and cultural identity through music and dance. Her music has become synonymous with the celebration of Belizean and Creole Cultural identity. Today, with heavy hearts we join all Belizeans to note the passing of a Belizean Cultural Icon.

Mary Hill R.C School Bowen and Bowen Spelling Bee
On Thursday February 16, 2017 Mary Hill R.C School was honored to host Bowen and Bowen Spelling Bee Central Zone elimination. Participating schools were San Antonio Government School, Christiline Gill SDA School, Corozal Church of Christ School, Christian Assemblies of God School and Mary Hill RC School. At the last round both students of Mary Hill (Gerson Makhwani and Christopher Longsworth) and Allayna Watkis from Christiline Gill remained. In the end Mary Hill's Gerson Makhwani came first and Allayna Watkis came in second. Special thanks to both Gerson and Christopher for representing Mary Hill very well. Congratulations to Gerson.

"NO OIL" drone photo in Hopkins
The shots from this morning, it was a great success even if the drone had a mind of it's own at the end

Signature Promotions​ -Pre Valentine's 80's & 90's Vintage Night
Here are some highlights of Signature Promotions Pre Valentine's 80's & 90's Vintage Night with Dj Special of Tagg International, Richard Moody​, DJ Frisco, Bigga Ford​, Tony Gregorio, DJ BONES​ at the The Pickwick Club​.

It was an honor for me to attend two weeks ago a very renowned presentation on revolutionary Haiti and to listen to one of the most outstanding African centered scholars of today, the African-American historian, Dr. Gerald Horne. Thereafter, the presentation was so moving and educational that it prompted me to rush and purchase these two books that have probed my mind for quite a while to read, and of which has urged me to introduced to many of you avid readers here on the Belizean Diaspora Vote to get and read yourselves. What was most inspiring to me was that the Haitian spiritual revolutionary leader, Boukman, who has been idolized by some western, Oriental, and Afrocentric scholars as a voodoo priest, was not necessarily so, but a Muslim from the Maroon community of Jamaica.

A photo of Samuel Haynes from the March 6, 1926 issue of "The Negro World." From left to right in the photo of the UNIA Committee of Presidents (Marcus Garvey was then in prison): William Ware of Cincinnati, Joseph A. Craigen of Detroit, Samuel Haynes of Pittsburgh and Fred A Toote of Philadelphia (sitting). If someone can get a better copy of this photo from the newspaper it would be much appreciated.

The Reporter

Teenager dies of stab wounds
A teenager is dead after he suffered stab wounds Saturday night in Belize City. Eaton Lamb, 17, a construction worker of #2070 Pelican Street, Collet area, died on Sunday morning while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Police say Lamb was stabbed by a relative to whom Lamb owed money and investigators now have that suspect detained.

Great Belizean Icon Leela Vernon passes away
Belize’s Bruk Down queen and cultural icon, Leela Vernon has passed away. Leela died sometime after 9:00 a.m., today at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit since February 10th. She was ailing for quite some time from kidney complications and her family was seeking A-type blood for her. The Punta Gorda-born singer has greatly impacted the Creole culture in Belize and is both locally and international known for her song, “Ah Wah Know Who Seh Kriol Nuh Gat No Culcha.” Leela was also the vice-president and founder of the National Creole Council, and even translated the Belize National Anthem into Creole.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize to miss Superbond payment tomorrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his team of financial advisors and negotiators returned to Belize today following negotiations with bondholders in New York. The Prime Minister reportedly confirmed that Belize will not make its next coupon payment on the 2038 bonds due tomorrow. The coupon payment due tomorrow is US $13 million but BBN understands that bondholders would need to wait at least 90 days before a default is declared. During negotiations in New York, Prime Minister Barrow and his team were seeking to get a reduced interest rate of 4 percent.

Man killed by relative over money
A teenager was killed in Belize City last night by a relative over a dispute about money, police have reported. He has since been identified as Eaton Lamb. According to police information, he was stabbed multiple times. He was then rushed to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Leela Vernon , Belize’s Bruk Down Queen passes away
BBN has been reliably informed that Belizean icon and Bruk Down Queen, Leela Vernon passed away in Belize City this morning. Vernon had been ailing and was hospitalized last week Friday in the intensive care unit at the KHMH. Vernon was a respected cultural icon in Belize and was known for her many cultural songs including her popular hit, “Ah wah know who seh kriol no gat no kolcha. ”


Things I Never Knew I Needed: My Life In San Pedro, Belize
My shopping lists have changed COMPLETELY since I moved to Belize. Things that I never knew I needed and now I wonder…I live without this stuff? Belize, shopping-wise, took a WHILE for me to get accustomed to. Making a shopping list for more than one day’s food is still out of my reach, but I am getting better. I love certain fruits and vegetables when they are in season or available like cassava, mamey and mangoes. But here are my new everyday household necessities. I’m glad that a bit of cooking, time in the kitchen and Belize have forced me to find them. Though…Whole Foods, I miss you every day.

Belize for Couples
The best things in life are the perfect mix of two ingredients: strawberries and cream, jam and toast, peanut butter and jelly. We have found the perfect combination of the carefree Caribbean and the flair of Latin American: Belize. We’ve put together the perfect couple’s itinerary for your visit to this paradise. We found 10 days was ideal to relax and see the key sites. The exchange rate with United States dollar is set at one dollar for every two Belizean dollars. This makes monetary conversions very simple. Most places take American dollars and credit cards. English is widely spoken, it doesn’t hurt to have a little Spanish in your back pocket. We highly recommend that you start your vacation on the beach. Select from one of many resort locations along the ocean. You can get everything from simple accommodations to five-star resorts. Definitely pick one with the pool. We elected to stay at the beautiful Costa Blu Resort at Ambergris Caye. It is an intimate resort that focuses on providing world-class diving. The staff is friendly, and the food on premises is really good. We highly recommend the conch ceviche!

“Cuba ” from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Since moving here (May records our 5th anniversary) Rose and I have ventured ‘out of country’ maybe 10/12 times (me more than her). Chetumal perhaps around 7/8, Merida twice, USA three times and the U.K. and Panama both once each. During our last trip (to Panama) we determined that we would ‘treat’ ourselves to little trips a lot more frequently so with Christmas safely put away for another year I set about planning our next excursion. A trip to Cuba! I looked at the numerous ways of gettng there. Favourite (favorite for you non UK readers) for a while was using Copa Airlines via Panama. Amazingly flying in the opposite direction to Cuba worked out less expensive than taking the more obvious route via Cancun. Strange but true. But in the end we plumped to travel via Cancun. Why? Well because of the fairly recent introduction of two new services. More expensive than the option via Panama but we’d get to try out some new flights. So I made the arrangements. Not though before I’d made certain that we had accommodation in Havana booked.

“Cuba” from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize – Part Two.
Now where was I? Oh I remember. Rose and I had just caught a taxi (cab for non UK readers) at Havana’s José Martí International Airport and after skilfully avoiding being CUC’d by our taxi driver were headed to our hotel. The journey took around 25 minutes but the time just whizzed by and it seemed like that in no time at all we were pulling in to the driveway of our hotel, Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Even before we entered the hotel we were impressed. A long, tree lined, two – way driveway and at the end of it the very impressive facade of the hotel. The taxi pulled up and before the driver had opened his door a uniformed bellboy was waiting to take our suitcases in to the hotel. We paid the taxi driver and followed the bellboy up the steps in to the hotel to the Reception Desk.

International Sourcesizz

CDB approves US$306 million in loans, grants in 2016
In 2016, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) approved US$306 million in loans and grants, the highest approval total during the past five years. And of the countries for which funding was approved, Belize, Saint Lucia and Suriname were the three largest beneficiaries of loans. Dr William Warren Smith, CDB president, made this announcement during the bank’s annual news conference on Friday in Barbados. Smith pointed out that, in addition to the grants approved in 2016, the Bank began implementing the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UK CIF). UK CIF is a £300 million grant programme for transformational infrastructure projects in eight Caribbean countries and one British overseas territory, which CDB administers. £16.4 million in grants was approved for projects and technical assistance in Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Dominica and Grenada.

Caribbean trained attorneys are taking over the judiciary in the region
While the Guyana government is processing applications for the appointment of a Chancellor and Chief Justice, the Caribbean Court of Justice has commented on impartiality and the importance of judicial appointments, and stressed that there must be independence of the judiciary. The comments came a day before the regional court announced the appointment of a Belizean to replace retiring Trinidadian Justice Rolston Nelson on the court. The new appointee is Denys Barrow, a West Indian trained attorney who will assume office on June 1. It seems as if the Caribbean trained attorney is taking over the judiciary in the region. Three other CCJ judges were also trained in the Caribbean: Adrian Saunders of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Maureen Ragnauth-Lee of Port of Spain and Jamaican Winston Anderson. Anderson however was further trained in London where he was called to Lincoln’s Inn. In addition he gained his PhD in Philosophy. And speaking of Caribbean trained lawyers, the heads of the judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana as well as Belize-Guyanese Kenneth Benjamin were also graduates of the Council of Legal Education in the region.

Caribbean Nations Concerned President Trump’s Immigration Policy Will Slow Tourism
All but one Caribbean country – St. Kitts and Nevis – have expressed concern that US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies could lead to a slowdown in travel to a region dependent on tourism. As Caribbean leaders, except St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris – ended their mid-term summit in Guyana’s capital city Georgetown, incoming CARICOM Chairman Dr. the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell — Prime Minister of Grenada — said the trade bloc has adopted a “wait-and-see attitude” with respect to America’s evolving migration policy and how it affects the region’s vital tourism industry. No representative from the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis attended the Inter-Sessional – and there has been no official statement from the Office of Prime Minister Harris on his absence or that of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign affairs or the Ambassador to CARICOM.

The best destinations around the world for 2017
For a Mayan underworld adventure, the crystal museum of Río Secreto is a stunning underground river with thousands of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. In Belize, Ambergris Caye is the largest island, and boasts the world's second largest coral reef system (after that other one across the ditch) as well as exotic creatures like monkeys, manatees and crocodiles.


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