Three American National Football League (NFL) personalities, Donald “Ray” Crockett (Retired Denver Broncos cornerback), Henry Melton (Freelance NFL player) and Terrell McClain (Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle), paid a surprise visit to San Pedro High School (SPHS) on Thursday, March 2nd. During a special assembly, the entire school population gathered at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium for a presentation by the NFL stars.

Master of Ceremonies Alex Nuñez welcomed the players, informing them about the history of SPHS. With much pride, MC Nuñez shared many of SPHS’s athletic achievements. SPHS currently holds three national championships in volleyball, basketball, and recently in football (soccer), and the NFL players applauded the school for their excellence.

As the student’s listened, Crockett revealed his two Super Bowl rings as a symbol to never give up. The crowd applauded his encouraging words, and afterwards, took pictures and received autographs.

SPHS Principal Emil Vasquez stated that he is more than happy that his students were engaged during the presentation. “This was a great surprise for our school, and it was amazing to the see the reception of the student body. The students were really engaged, and I was impressed with the message of ‘work’ Crockett gave to the students. That is something our teachers sing to them every day, but when it comes from someone who has reached professional success, it hits home for them,” said Vasquez.

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