Eyewitnesses have reported to The San Pedro Sun that San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) garbage trucks have been seen dumping trash along the new road that is under construction in the San Pedrito Subdivision. However, Mayor Daniel Guerrero denies that any such practise is in place. The road in question is just south of San Pedrito, which will connect that subdivision to the San Pablo area. The massive piles of garbage along the road in progress, which consist of old mattresses, discarded electronic items, old stoves and other non-biodegradable refuse have raised major health concerns.

Guerrero admitted that the area has been used as a dump, but guaranteed that with the construction of the new road things will change. He acknowledged that garbage disposal has been a challenge and they will look at ways of trying to enforce the law against this unhealthy practice. He takes the opportunity to remind the island residents to stay away from this practice, and to work together with the Town Council in keeping the island as clean as possible. He further admitted that in the past, garbage has been used for landfill since the island did not have a proper way to dispose of trash, particularly when it came to large items such as refrigerators and other types of appliances. However, Guerrero indicated that most likely, this will not be the case in San Pedrito, as he is concerned about the damage this type of practice can cause to the environment in the long run.

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