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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: If it seems too good to be true
I’d like to say times have changed but sadly they haven’t, crimes and those who prey on others are still crimes but the times we live in have indeed become more modern. The roads leading to crime have become paved with the internet allowing a worldwide highway free for anyone to travel on, no matter where they live. Fortunately not all criminals are very smart. Being a small business owner has always had its challenges, no matter where you live, but nowadays you have to stay on top of the ways that crime can affect you with the internet. Credit card scams are huge with businesses. Last year in 2016 there was over $16 BILLION dollars in losses in the United States alone. How can this happen? You may be thinking oh” they lost their card, card got stolen”. NOT necessarily so. Every day when you use your credit card or bank issued card there are criminals who steal your information and NOT to use it themselves but to SELL it. Yes, they sell your numbers to the highest bidder. In a week, a month, or more, you start seeing charges on your bill or from your account that you didn’t make. Thieving card readers are able to read your cards information from your wallet, purse or even ATM’s. Do some research on the internet on how card readers steal those numbers and you will no doubt change the way you carry your cards!

Wolfe’s Woofer: Burglar
"Mr. Dennis, can you give me a ride home? I’m too drunk to walk.” I said, “Come on Mario. I’ll take you home but what are you doing out at two o’clock in the morning?” “Same as you,” he said. “I was having a few drinks and celebrating.” “What are you celebrating?” “I was celebrating that it’s Friday and I got paid for some yard work but now I’m celebrating that you gave me a ride home before Maria came out to find me.” As we got close to Mario’s house we could see that every light in every room was switched on. “Uh-oh,” Mario said. “I smell trouble! Let me out here and I’ll try to sneak in.”

“Price is Right” winner Chad Majewski wins trip to Xanadu Resort
It was a surreal moment for 40-year-old Chad Majewski when he walked away a winner on the popular USA daytime game show, “The Price Is Right”. Majewski won free airfare, six days’ garden suite accommodations at Xanadu Resort on Ambergris Caye, and a 10ft glide yoga paddle board as well. He arrived to San Pedro Town on Thursday, February 16th to enjoy his winnings. He shared his exciting experience with The San Pedro Sun. “This was totally unexpected! I was in Los Angeles [California, USA] for work [in September 2015] and got tickets for the show last minute. Of course, everyone hopes to get on the show, but I never in a million years expected to be on the show and win! It was the chance of a lifetime for sure because Belize was always on my bucket list,” said Majewski. He played ‘Coming or Go’, a game where prize dollar amounts are stacked and the contestant pushes them to the right for a higher price or the left for a lower price. After choosing the higher price of $7,325, he won the game!

Doctor Love: Stuck in the Middle and Thrifty
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I are friends with a group of like-minded people who all hang out together. We BBQ’s, throw pool parties and generally have a great time. Recently one of the couples has announced they are divorcing. Though it is a mutual agreement she is very bitter while he is overjoyed with his new found freedom. They come separately to our gatherings, and it always ends in her pulling me aside crying and confiding in me things I do not want to hear. I am friends with her husband, as is my husband, and we do not want to be in the middle. She always wants me to agree with her negative comments about him and I am put on the spot. If I do not agree with her she becomes belligerent and accuses me of taking his side. How do I help her handle their separation without picking a side? /s/ Stuck in the Middle

Misc Belizean Sources


SACNW General meeting (Wednesday, March 8th) at 7:00pm at Lone Star Grill
Please come and bring a friend. Full menu is available – The Special is Ann’s LASAGNA !! Please attend and support our beautiful neighbourhood.

Albert Morales, a Belizean winning in mixed martial arts
We should all be proud and support all Belizeans that proudly represent our country! Kudos to Mr. Morales on the win!

Belize Birders... Corozal Big Day coming up on March 20
We are going in from the 19th. I am planning on taking 10 people, so let me know if you are interested. For about $150bz per person I will provide transportation, room and meals. We will start in Sarteneja and work our way through and out of the district. No special requirements needed, except having an eBird account.

Snapshots from day 1 of the Belikin La Ruta Maya race!
Team NICH is in first place! There are still 3 more days to come out and support our guys!

Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge
We're on the riverbank, making waves and promoting clean waterways! Rivers lead to the sea! Today we are partnering with Oceana Belize to promote more protection for our manatees a garbage free waterway and a healthy Belize for all!

The Reporter

GOB presents new terms to Bondholders
The Government of Belize (GOB), in its effort to restructure the 2038 US Dollar Bond, presented a new set of terms to the Bondholders. Through the Central Bank of Belize website, GOB announced the new proposal, giving the Bondholders until March 10, to accept the offer. In the new proposal, GOB increased the interest rate that it’s willing to pay, from 4 percent, to 4.375 percent. The proposal also calls for an earlier maturity date, of 2034, instead of 2038. The amended principal amortization schedule, calls for five equal annual payouts, beginning on February 20, 2030 and ending on February 20, 2034, as opposed to the proposal for three equal annual instalments commencing on February 20, 2036 and ending on February 20, 2038, that GOB proposed on January 12.

Fuel prices increase twice in one week
Fuel prices went up twice this week, affecting all three types of fuel. The price of premium gasoline went up by 9 cents on Friday night, increasing from $10.53, to $10.44. The premium price hike came after a Monday price increase, which raised regular gasoline from $9.60 to $9.62, and Diesel from $9.06 to $9.07 per gallon. The price increase came as a result of heightened Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF), also known as acquisition costs. All three types of fuel had undergone increases due to the same circumstances on February 1. The increase comes at a time when the price per barrel for crude petroleum on the world market is beginning to rebound, causing slight increases in many petroleum derivatives, including fuel. Belize benefitted from the increase in January, when oil exports managed to record its first increase in revenues, in the past four quarters. Revenues from crude petroleum grew by over 70 percent, from $3.4 million to $5.8 million, although the volumes exported in January 2017 showed no increase when compared to the previous year.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Time lapse video shows extreme deforestation near Belize’s Chiquibul Forest
Renowned photographer, Tony Rath, posted a time lapse video on social media this week, emphasizing the need for better protection of Belize’s flora and fauna by showing immense deforestation in Guatemala. The 31-second video showed a vast area in Guatemala, that lies next to the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, which lost a significant portion of its rainforest during the period 1985-2016, due to deforestation.

Julius Espat lashes out at his own party
Member of the Cayo South Division for the People’s United Party (PUP), Julius Espat, lashed out at his own party last week Tuesday when he appeared on Plus TV’s Rise and Shine show. Espat said that the PUP are using bench players right now to make decisions for the party and that bench players cannot be playing for a final game in a world cup. Espat was referring to the PUP national executive who is too comfortable for not fighting the incumbent administration. He also attacked the leadership of his party for being too close to Michael Ashcroft.

NAC awards Caleb Orozco
The National AIDS Commission (NAC) has awarded Caleb Orozco, in recognition for his contribution to the national HIV response in reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. Executive Director of the NAC, Enrique Romero, said that the commission decided to recognize Orozco’s efforts in light of his local and international advocacy for men who have sex with men (MSM), a key vulnerable population, targeted in the national HIV response.

GOB makes new bond proposal, default looms
The government of Belize has revised it Consent Solicitation to holders of the 2038 Bonds in hopes of bringing restructuring efforts to a close before the end of the 30-day grace period with just two weeks to go after missing its US $26.6 Million coupon payment, which was due on February 20. Belize has been scrambling to finalize restructuring efforts and avoid defaulting on the bond. GOB’s original Consent Solicitation, issued on January 12, had proposed that bondholders reduce interest rates from 5 to 4 percent and that amortization payments be pushed back way until 2036 when GOB proposes it will start making three annual payments upwards of $100 Million each.

US Court rejects GOB request to dismiss Glenn Godfrey US $22M suit
The Government of Belize is about to undergo another round of litigation in United States Courts that could cost Belizeans another US$22 million, after the court dismissed its request to dismiss Glenn Godfrey’s US$22 million lawsuit. Since the court dismissed GOB’s request, Godfrey’s GDG Acquisitions can proceed with the lawsuit, which had been originally dismissed by a lower court in 2013. Godfrey can’t collect any money immediately; the court has to hear the full merits of the case and decide if GOB owes GDG under the agreement. If successful, Godfrey then has to seek an enforcement order from the court, to collect his money. GOB also has the option to appeal the ruling; however, it is likely that the appeal will be dismissed and end up costing the country more in interest payments and legal fees.

“Wrong place, wrong time,” murder victim’s family says
Marvin Flowers Sr. was gunned down on Jasmine Street in Belize City last night. A relative told BBN that he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time when a gunman emerged and shot him. Flowers didn’t reside in Belize City and was simply visiting his family members at the time of his death.

BEL removes empty Osprey nests from transmission structures
Yesterday, a team of electricians from Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) removed empty Osprey nests from transmission structures near the coastline in Bomba and San Pedro in the Belize District. According to BEL, the nests sometimes cause power interruptions and as a result, they placed deterrents on their structures and installed platforms for the birds to build their nests which are away from the power system. The new installed platforms will better manage reliability for customers and take care of wildlife in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Prof Sankat to head University of Belize
Clement Sankat, former pro vice-chancellor and campus principal of The University of the West Indies at St Augustine has landed a job as the new President of the University of Belize. According to a report from Belize News 5 online dated February 17, headlined “UB taps Guyanese-Trinidadian engineer for president”, “The University of Belize has a new president. He is Prof Clement Sankat, former pro vice-chancellor and campus principal of The University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago,” stated the report. The report stated that Sankat succeeds Alan Slusher who held the post since June of 2014 and was announced by chair of the Board of Trustees, Harrison Pilgrim, during the university’s graduation ceremonies on February 11. The report quoted a statement from Sankat calling for an extension of educational services at the national university. He (Sankat) says, “the role of the University must be, as a first priority, to provide much larger numbers of Belizean students from across the country an opportunity for a quality tertiary education, thereby nurturing future leaders for various professions as well as developing thinkers and providing a launch pad for creative and talented entrepreneurs.”

Tesco pulls British sugar from its shelves and imports it from 5,000 miles away in Belize despite one if its biggest stores being based right next to a Silver Spoon factory
Tesco has sparked outrage by pulling British sugar from its shelves - despite one of its biggest stores being right next to the factory that makes it. The supermarket giant is now using suppliers who import stock from as far as 5,000 miles away in countries such as Belize rather than using bags made from British beet. After consumers reacted angrily online, Tesco confirmed it was now stocking Tate & Lyle, which imports sugar from overseas and then refines it at its base in Silvertown, east London. Paul Kenward, managing director of British Sugar which makes Silver Spoon, said the retailer dropped the household brand because of 'fractions of pennies' in the cost. 'We didn't decide not to supply Tesco, they decided not to stock us,' he said.

The View from Europe: Has Caribbean sugar a future?
Unless the sugar industry in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) can develop in the coming months a coordinated and concerted plan of action, it is quite possible that in a few years’ time there will be little left of an industry that, for evil and good, has played a central role in the making of the Caribbean. This is because this year will see two tsunami-like events occur, both of which threaten the survival of the industry in its present form. The first relates to the changes that will take place this October in the EU’s sugar regime. Then, as a long planned domestic measure, the EU will abolish national sugar production quotas in Europe. This will have the effect of reducing the price paid for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) sugar, while also causing the overall volume of EU sugar imports to fall as Europe becomes self-sufficient.

Mérida: A colonial city on the Yucatan has deep roots in Mexican history
A fan of colonial cities, not artificial tourist enclaves like Cancun, I was looking forward to Mérida. Like Cancun, it’s on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. But there all resemblance ends. In contrast to Cancun’s glitzy collection of resorts and nightclubs, Merida, three and a half hours west, is a city filled with Mexico’s rich history. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Mérida was one of Mexico’s richest cities, due to sisal, rope made from the fiber of an agave-like plant; today it is chock-full of crumbling old mansions. Sisal barons built haciendas in the countryside to make sisal, called “green gold,” as they also did for agriculture, cattle ranching and mining. They built townhouses in Mérida itself, borrowing hacienda-style features like huge arches, thick stucco walls, solid wood doors, massive ceiling beams and interior patios. Many facades have Neoclassical details and richly ornamented white stucco friezes above doors and windows.

Overfishing to Blame for 90 Percent Predatory Fish Loss in Caribbean Coral Reefs
Recently, researchers from Chapel Hill’s University of North Carolina, discovered that as much as 90 percent of predatory fish are now gone from the Caribbean’s coral reefs due to overfishing. This loss has greatly strained both the ocean’s ecosystem and the coastal economy. The good news is that reefs, which are known as supersites, can sustain many predator fish if they are reintroduced to the area. Reintroducing the fish could restore both the economic and environmental setbacks that have been created by overfishing. The latest study was led by Abel Valdivia, a former UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student, and marine biologist, John Bruno, from the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. Their study suggests that the discovered supersites need to be prioritized for protection. Supersites have plenty of hiding spots and food supplies for predatory fish. They also believe that the supersites could serve as regional models for tourism and other uses, reports The University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill News.

A Story Of Salt: Ancient Maya Saltworks
Salt is a substance so ordinary and inexpensive today that its ready supply is often taken for granted. Yet salt is essential: humans need salt to live and also crave it as a flavoring and rely on it as a preservative. For the ancient Maya residents of Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun, and other inland cities in Belize’s southern lowlands, there was a paucity of nearby sources. So archaeologists assumed they imported their salt from distant flats on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula But Louisiana State University archaeologist Heather McKillop appears to have disproven that assumption. McKillop has uncovered evidence that the Maya produced salt on a large scale in workshops on Belize’s southern coast and transported it to the cities. McKillop has found pottery vessels that were used to collect salt from evaporated brine as well as the remains of workshops where the salt was produced. “Heather McKillop’s contribution, a major one, is that she has enhanced our understanding of the methods that the Maya used for exploiting marine resources,” said archaeologist Jaime Awe, the former director of Belize’s Institute of Archaeology and now a professor at Northern Arizona University. “Her research is contributing to the understanding of the complexities of trade before the arrival of the Spanish.”


  • Here we go again; contrabandistas v mexican military, round 2, 2min. Elements of the Mexican army were caused by civilians in Ensign Lopez New account the border was the scene of a scuffle, this time between fayuqueros of so-called "Ants" Federal Elements, who attempted to fill out a warrant against one of them. It was reported that the individual who had unfinished business with the law came in to the belizean territory to avoid being arrested. This LED a group of people be lashed out at the officers.

  • Bosch Brothers - Belize 2017, 6min. Featuring Turniffe Island Resort, Ian Andersons Cave Branch Resort

  • Cope’s Belize, 3min.

  • Wherever We May Roam - Guatemala & Belize, 5min.

  • Shark Ray Alley at San Pedro Island Belize, 8min. Sharks and Rays at Shark Ray alley San Pedro, Belize.

  • La Ruta Maya 2017 Canoe Race (Belize), 6min. Burrell Boom checkpoint celebration.

  • Kit's Tackle Jigs in Belize, 2min. Fishing Bonefish in Belize with Kit's Tackle Jigs.

  • Belize Aggressor III - Eat, Sleep, Dive, Repeat, 3min. Highlights from our week of scuba diving aboard the Belize Aggressor III between February 18-25, 2017. We had a fantastic time with an amazing crew, great fellow divers, ideal conditions and lots of diving. We're outfitted in Henderson 3mm wetsuits, Deep Sea Supply wing and backplate BC's, Mares regulators and fins.

  • Belize, 5min. Diving Turneffe and Lighthouse Atolls - The Great Blue Hole.


  • Flying into San Pedro Island Belize, 3min.

  • Belize is Our Classroom 2017, 12min. Twelve students from Vermont Commons School traveled to Belize with their teachers, Jennifer Cohen & Mark Cline Lucey, to study the natural and cultural ecology of Belize. This incredible learning adventure was organized by the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education (BFREE).

  • Cave Tubing in Belize Central America, 16min. Amazing cave tubing experience in Belize Central America.

  • Diving the Blue Hole Belize, 6min. Amazing dive at the Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef Atoll Belize. Many thanks to Arthur, Silena, and Rodel at Itza Lodge for making this dive such an awesome experience. We were the first dive boat to arrive in the morning and had excellent visibility.

  • MK & Dan's Honeymoon Adventures at Coco Plum Island Resort ~ Belize, 6.5min.