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The San Pedro Sun

Angel Navidad attacked in San Pedro
The San Pedro Sun is sad to report that San Pedro High School student and 2017 NSTA Northern Regional Softball Batting Champion, Angel Navidad is currently in Belize City receiving treatment following an attack. Navidad was attacked by a minor after the championships on Saturday, March 11th. He sustained injuries to his head and is currently under observation. The attacker's name is being withheld at the moment as investigations are ongoing.

Yensi L. Maldonado is February’s employee of the month at Tropic Air
Our Employees strive each and every day to provide our customers with the best possible flying experience. This is done with friendliness, attention to detail, and operational excellence wherever we serve. Our Employee of the Month program recognizes current staff members who demonstrate outstanding contributions to our customers through his or her work, and exhibit a positive and supportive attitude. One staff member each month receives the award, and all recipients of the monthly award in the year, become eligible for our Employee of the Year. We are proud to announce that Yensi L. Maldonado, Shift Supervisor in San Pedro, is our ‘Employee of the Month’ for February 2017.

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Worst Pain
“Mario called and said this evening he is going to pay back the ten dollars he borrowed from you last week,” Sherry said. “I’ll believe it when you show me the money.” When I got to Mario’s he was sitting on the porch with Maria drinking a beer. “I sure wish you had come earlier,” he said. “Maria’s brother came over and needed some money so I lent him your ten dollars. Can I borrow ten for me because now I’m short ten dollars?” I had to laugh until I suddenly heard a shriek of pain. “A-i-i-i!!!” “What was that?” I asked. “Our neighbor, Elsa is having a baby at home tonight,” Maria answered, “and she’s having labor pains. It’s the worst pain in the world. That’s why women are stronger than men. They feel pain more.”

San Pedro Preschool holds Cultural Day
As part of Child Stimulation Month activities, San Pedro Preschool celebrated ‘Cultural Day’ on Thursday, March 9th. Smart toddlers were dressed in costumes representing seven dominant cultures within Belize: Maya, Mestizo, East Indian, Creole, Garifuna, Chinese, and Mennonites. Each child was called to present their assigned culture’s traditional dishes. From Chirmole (Mestizo) to Sere (Garifuna), and Roti (East Indian), they were delighted to celebrate diversity. Teacher Andrea Nuñez told The San Pedro Sun that it is important for children to learn about culture. “I am happy that they were open to learning about different ethnic backgrounds. They all brought a national dish, and presented it to their classmates. It is very important for them to be exposed to different cultures because it opens their mind when they know that there are different types of people in the country. When they get older, they won’t be shocked or become judgmental when they see others dressed in their native wear. We want them to be proud that their country is enriched with many cultures,” said Nuñez.

Doctor Love: Emotional Wreck
Dear Doctor Love, I am ashamed to say that I am so jealous over my boyfriend. I try to be calm but when he talks to another girl, looks for too long, or mentions his ex girlfriends name I just feel like blowing up. I make him miserable, and I know it, but I cannot stop myself. I have followed him home from his work as a bartender to see if he is taking anyone else home. Other nights, I lie in bed and imagine he is taking someone else home then I grill him the next day about what girls he talked to the night before. Please help me. He does not deserve this and I really want to get control of it before I do something really foolish. /s/ Emotional Wreck

Misc Belizean Sources


Caribeña Fuels Marina is back!
After Hurricane Earl's destruction, Caribeña Fuels Marina is back stronger than ever! In a short and intimate ceremony, with a few invited guests, the newly built Caribeña Fuels Marina gas station was officially inaugurated and will be open for business on Monday, March 13, 017. A little after the building was blessed by the priest, family and invited guests, including Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, were given a tour of the building. Congratulations to everyone at Caribeña Fuels and Caribeña Enterprises on this great accomplishment!

Poets Corner: Collaborate
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. Chinese came to this country Discrimination aside, do we know they would be bad for the country Or are we buy in to this false sense of nationality They are here for a better life Somebody ought to build a better government Why not them? Let’s find out what’s their plan then We isolate ourselves by isolating them Monies coming in hand over fist This super bond is taking an entirely new twist Why can’t Belize pay 13 million US quarterly? When tax di coming in, taxes are being paid and people are buying This was the same bond that was restructured They had to give proof and evidence for repayment Or the bond hold would not have made the investment?

From Beautiful Copper Bank Village, Reef Week Activity by Belize Audubon Society
Annual Reef Swim Challenge

The Reporter

Police find body of missing Belize City taxi driver
Police on Sunday night confirmed that a body found on the George Price highway is that of Elbert Gillett, 66, a taxi driver of Belize City who was reported missing last Wednesday. Gillett’s badly decomposed body was discovered just past the entrance to the Belizean Beach at mile 4 sometime Sunday evening. The taxi driver had left his house on Signa Yorke street late Wednesday night to run his taxi business but had not returned. His daughter, Karen Gillett reported him missing the next day. Gillett’s partially burnt taxi car was found Friday morning on Ben Bow street in the Port Loyola area on the south side of Belize City; and a man turned in Gillett’s driver’s license the same day at the Caribbean Shores police station, which is on the north side. The unidentified man said he found the identification card in Ladyville, which is out of Belize City limits. Police have not indicated by what means Gillett died or if they have any suspects in this bizarre incident.

Burnt body of female found in Belmopan
There are reports that a partially burnt body of a female was discovered near a dumpsite in Belmopan late Saturday evening. Unofficial reports are that at around 2:00 p.m., a female body with its head completely burnt off was discovered near the Belmopan dumpsite. There are also evidence to suggest that attempts were made to burn the entire body, and police say they were able to see the imprints of a fresh tattoo, which they are currently using to identify the body. There has been no official police press release on the developing story. More information will be posted as police investigations continues.

Murder in Hattieville!
A Hattieville resident was fatally shot by an unknown gunman on Saturday night, while he was sitting on his varanda. Police say that at around 8:55 p.m., 35 year-old Michael Usher was sitting outside his house on a bucket, at a Foster Drive address when a gunman approached him and fired three shots at him. Usher was hit in the back of his head and in the left side of his waist. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Rural Eastern Division Crime personnel say when they arrived at the scene, they observed Usher lying face up, motionless on the ground. Police say their investigation into the murder is ongoing.

The Belize Times

UWG Moving Forward
After two planning sessions, the UWG has finalized its strategic plan and has commenced its implementation. True Blue Women from across the country and different walks of life participated in this process. A strategic plan is a necessary guide to chart the direction and the destination the Party Arm aims to take. The Vision of the United Women’s Group is “Women are actively involved in governance and politics at all level of the People’s United Party in service to the women, children and the people of Belize.” This is the dream of the women of the UWG, the destination where we are walking and working towards. The Mission is “to ensure that the women of the PUP play an active role at all levels of the party, and that gender related issues are competently addressed by the PUP and at the national level.” As our great woman leader Dolores Balderamos Garcia shared, it is not sufficient for women to simply be seat warmers; we must bring our gender issues to the forefront and make sure these issues are addressed in the public and in the House of Representatives.

Congratulations to the “First Brother” for his high elevation into that rarefied air in the stratosphere of the Caribbean’s highest Court – the Caribbean Court of Justice. It is a distinguished appointment for a man who is affable and of legal and intellectual prowess.He has also been the legal advisor and de facto Attorney and Solicitor General in his brother’s – the Prime Minister – royal court of persistent legal battles, and the chief prosecutor and defendant of the government. For his role he has been rewarded with bushels of money. Were he not moving on to higher heights, it would have been easy, during the current budget exercise in which the government is strapped for money and will have to cut to the bone, to declare the official posts of Attorney and Solicitor Generals to be redundant. They virtually were and perhaps continue to be.It was, maybe, unfortunate that in making public his new appointment to the Caribbean High Court, in an interview on a local television, he made it sound, no doubt unwittingly (or not), that he was the best thing that ever happened to Belize since sliced bread.

Local Farmers First
Today our farmers in the Orange Walk and Cayo Districts are suffering huge financial losses after a bumper crop of potatoes because there is virtually no market for their product. This has occurred because the government put short term profit for a few over the long term interest of the country. The disgraceful act was perpetuated with the indiscriminate issuance of import permits for vegetables which has allowed government’s political cronies to flood the local market with cheaper Mexican potatoes. While we mourn the current huge financial loss to our potato farmers at the hands of the government, we must not forget that our farmers who dare to produce acres of cabbage, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers and other vegetables suffer the same back-stabbing at harvest time as a result of dozens of import permits for vegetables that are issued wantonly by Belmopan.With vast tracts of fertile lands in all six districts and a hardworking population, Belize has the potential to supply both the Caribbean and Central America with a huge percentage of its vegetables and other crops. That of course would result in thousands of needed jobs, huge foreign exchange for the country and a better life for our people.

Dr. Linda McCartha Monica Sandy-Lewis is a sprightly septuagenarian with this very long full name. She is also known as Crusoe Kid, but much better known as Calypso Rose!! She was born on April 27, 1940 in Bethel Village, Tobago. She is THE pre-eminent woman calypsonian, and her career spans over fifty-three years. Her father was a leader with the Spiritual Shouter Baptists, and her family was very much opposed to her singing the “devil music” calypso.However, she had the special gift of a calypsonian, and she composed her first calypso after seeing a man steal the spectacles off of a woman’s face. She has now written over eight hundred calypsos.Her career developed steadily, and in 1977 she won the Carnival Road March in Trinidad. The following year after she won the entire competition, the title Calypso King was changed to Calypso Monarch in her honour. She has also won numerous awards, including an award for unprecedented achievement by a calypsonian and one for the first triple crown Calypso Monarch. Interestingly, in 1982 she was named an honorary citizen of Belize in recognition of her work to raise our country’s international awareness on the cultural front.

No Time for Distraction
Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes. The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been. If the problems you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you are not a leader. You are rather a problem on your own that must be solved. Leadership is built on true character! You lose your leadership when you fake your character. The degree of leadership potential a person can expose will depend on how effectively he can maintain his true character! A wise leader understands that when a person feels valued and cared for by their leader, they will be far more willing to take the feedback and implement the needed changes. They understand that no value comes from the use of sarcasm, beating around the bush, or sugar coating things that need to be communicated. They understand that using those things breaks people’s trust and leaves them feeling uncertain or belittled, which ultimately lead to harbouring bad feelings toward their leader, rather than a desire to change or improve their own behaviour.

Thinking Out Loud
As I write this, my heart is heavy as I come to grips with the fact that a man I was extremely proud to call friend and advisor has gone to meet his maker, no doubt to regale him with endless anecdotes and jokes. It is hard to express the disbelief, shock and grief which gripped me when I got the news. Carl Meggs was larger than life yet one of the most down to earth persons you could ever be privileged to meet. He was a thinker. He was a political animal, always dissecting and analysing. But more than all that, he was a family man and a great friend to those he kept close to him. I will miss him more than I can say.Doc Meggs was also a boon to this community and to this country. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people he helped – those who needed urgent dental care but could not afford it. He was a patriot and loved Belize, and I believe he showed that love in part by always helping those who needed him. His contributions to quality health care in this country will never be forgotten by those who worked with him. Deficiencies in healthcare today concerned him immensely and he was always critiquing, always willing to offer input to make it better and willing to not only talk, but to get involved.

Crime Minister Dean O. Barrow!
The Barrow Administration’s crime fighting strategy has been a total and complete failure. Since taking office Dean Barrow’s UDP has seen crime spike to unprecedented levels: violence that has been fuelled by Barrow’s love affair with street gangs. The civil war murder rate has been further underpinned by the failure of the Crown to secure convictions. The Barrow Administration has reverted therefore to punishing accused criminals with extraordinarily long remand periods after which, with almost certainty, the cases fall apart in the Courts. Such is Barrow’s abject failure, that the legal term “Nolle Prosequi” has become a common phrase on the blood soaked streets of Belize.The inability of the Crown to secure convictions has only emboldened the criminals and forced many law abiding citizens to seek street justice, further perpetuating the cycle of violence. On September 21, 2011, Dean Barrow boasted proudly “Welcome to CSI Belize.” We would later come to realize that this was just another one of his empty promises. The much bragged about DNA lab has yet to produce a single conviction; the scenes of crime vehicle has not deterred crime and “CSI Belize” is yet to arrive. Empty rhetoric is all that the Belizean people have gotten from Dean Barrow. Crazy Glue said it best: “all glitter and no substance.”

Minor Chopped to Death in Teakettle
A seventeen year old boy is dead and police believe he was lured and killed by one of his teenage friends. The deceased has been identified as Teakettle resident Ernest Wiltshire who was reported missing last Tuesday. He was last seen alive by his mother at around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 28 when he went to a nearby river with his friends. Shortly after midday on Friday he was found about a mile behind Teakettle Village through the Arizona Road dead with a large chop wound to his head. He was already in a state of advanced decomposition. According to police reports a post-mortem examination conducted on his body certified the cause of his death was “Craneoucednalic traumatic injuries” due to the multiple chop wounds to the head.

GSG Responsible for Caye Caulker Shooting?
A mother of two small children has been placed in an induced coma at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after she was shot early Monday morning. According to police reports Camille Munnings, 29, was socializing with her boyfriend Akeem Garcia, 29, and his friend Raul McFarlane, 34, at around 12:23 a.m. near Island Oasis located on Xocol Street in Caye Caulker when a gunman attacked them. Munnings was shot into the left upper shoulder and the back of the head while Garcia was shot to his left leg and lower back and McFarlane was shot to his left upper back and left leg. Garcia and McFarlane are currently in a stable condition receiving treatment for their injuries at the KHMH.

Double Murder Baffles Police
Albert Wade, 27, better known as “Ras Taka,” had been trending on Facebook for almost three weeks after someone posted that he had been living with HIV.On February 15th a woman even threatened to kill him if she too tested positive for the virus. However, Taka posted to his Facebook page the results of a test which revealed that he was not infected with HIV. But amidst all that drama, he was found lying in mud dead on a feeder road between miles eleven and twelve of the George Price Highway. He was not alone. Beside him was Godwin Panting, 24, better known as “Paps,” who was also shot dead. A couple in the area had spotted the two men and immediately contacted the Police Department at about 2 o’clock on Saturday.It is widely speculated that the men were killed in a drug transaction. However, their families believe otherwise. Instead they believe that the men were randomly targeted in a hit.

What Has CitCo Done for YOU Lately?
In one year, the UDP Belize City Council will go to the polls. It is likely that Darrell Bradley, shamed in Caribbean Shores, will again run for Mayor. The other names will probably remain the same. When they come to you asking for your vote, you should ask them to point out their achievements in this last term, since the drying up of the Petrocaribe monies and Central Government largesse. You should ask them to name one project the Council accomplished well for the benefit of the people in the city – one project which was done well and has held up, one project that has not deteriorated rapidly or somehow become screwed up by mismanagement, one project of which the Belize City Council can be proud. The picture contained in this article is a fitting symbol of the Council’s inadequacy and inability to get anything right. Practically every street fixed with the proceeds of a $20M municipal bond is breaking up. Sidewalks are breaking up. The streets flood with the slightest downpour. Downtown Belize City is filthy, with the homeless, mentally challenged and panhandlers roaming wild and free, mingling with the tourists to give them an idea of what Belize City is all about.

The Truth About BarrowBond 3.0
This is once again kicking the can down the road, taking the burden off our shoulders and putting it squarely on the backs of our children. Forget about any claim of net present value savings, that is all hocus pocus economics. Let us look at the real actual cash savings on cash outflow over the life of the bonds. For the period from now until Feb 2034, under SB 2.0, the total interest payments made add up to US$410mn. Under SB3.0, the total interest payments for the same period add up to US$403mn, a total savings in actual cash outflow of the grand sum of US$7mn over 17 years. That amounts to a savings of roughly US$400K per year. Was there any savings in principal? Was there any principal haircut? No. So all this renegotiation and hiring of local and foreign legal and financial advisors was for a savings of US$7mn.

Dah Fool Dih Talk…!
UDP insider Patrick Tillett has gone before the Senate Select Committee to admit under oath that he took money to try to get Visas approved for Chinese Nationals. More incredible than that is that he told the Senate Committee that 6 of the 8 stolen visas from the Immigration Department ended up in passports for his “clients”. Rather than report that he was jilted out of money by an immigration agent, he says he decided to take a $30,000 financial hit to sweep it under the rug. Tillett claims that he performed these Visa services only twice, and the second time he was jilted by a “Mr. Middleton.” He testified that he was approached by persons acting on behalf of 6 Chinese nationals who wanted to come to Belize. He charged those persons $6,000 each, and in those fees, $2,000 was to go towards the fees for the Government of Belize, $3,000 was paid to immigration agent “Mr. Middleton,” and $1,000 was his fee. He said that he checked to make sure that the applications had all the required documentation before handing over the application package to the “Mr. Middleton.”

Barrow Administration Sanctions Corruption
The revelation that a UDP insider and former UDP Deputy Mayor of Belize, Eric Chang, bought stolen Visas through a conduit from a crooked Immigration official would have caused great alarm in any normal country. It is a crime. The fact that Eric Chang then tried to coerce Immigration officials to fix those stolen Visas to make them usable would have resulted in prosecution in any normal country. It is, in fact, also a crime. But in Belize, there will be no prosecution or arrest of Chang or his sidekick, UDP insider Patrick Tillett, because this Barrow administration appears to condone corruption at every level. What did Chang want with those Visas? Who would have been brought into Belize using those Visas? Where would they have gone after their stay in Belize? Doesn’t this reek of human trafficking, which is another crime? Valid questions, but nobody in the Barrow administration will provide any answers.

If Dah Noh Soh…
Just heard that bonehead Alberto August is recommending that Dean Oliver be awarded as a National Hero of Belize. Well, what a splendid suggestion that is. I have the best idea ever. Let’s have one big ceremony with lots of sparkly lights and glitter and even Ozzy the Clown. And there’ll be two awards, not one. Seconds after Alberto August hangs that National Hero tassel around DOB’s neck, we’ll surprise him with his own ‘special’ award – National Jackass of Belize. How’s that? I swear schupid people more common than common sense nowadays.If we were living in any normal country in any part of the world operating under the rule of law, so many people in this damned scurvy UDP Immigration affair would have been under lock and key by now, guests of the Hattieville Ramada. Check out Eric Chang. All of ah sudden dih man ketch amnesia. He noh remembah nothing. He noh know nothing. He nevah sih nothing. He nevah duh nothing. Same thing with Patrick Tillett…innocent like wah newborn baby. He nevah duh nothing. Dah Dean Barrow gat dih UDP like dat. Once yuh dah UDP yuh could duh all the shit you want and ain’t no Police gonna come knocking on your door. Like wah senior Police officer tell me this week, nobody inna powah wah evah call een Police fuh arrest one of their own. My question is this…when did we get to the point that Police have to be given instructions by politicians before dealing with criminals? Dangerous stuff dat.

Questions to Ministers
Would the Member for Queen Square, Minister of Finance and Prime Minister please say how much will be paid to his Finance Ambassador Mark Espat and the Attorney-General Michael Peyrefitte for their roles in BarrowBond 3.0? Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please say how much is paid to his wife, the so-called Special Envoy for Women and Children, and his son, the so-called Music Ambassador, out of public coffers? Could he also say how much the government pays in perks and allowances including offices, travelling allowances, driver, bodyguard, etc. for his wife and prodigal son? Would the unelected Senator and blow-hard Minister of Immigration please say when he will resign that post, based on the revelations coming out in the Senate hearings which show that he did nothing to stop the widespread corruption happening under his nose? Could the waste of time pseudo-intellectual also say when he will allow Police to arrest his son?

Penner Coming Back in Cayo Northeast?
Since the fateful September 19, 2013 GOB announcement that then Minister of State for Immigration, Elvin Penner “did not discharge his responsibilities with either the due judgment and balance, or the scrupulous regard for appearances, which the Prime Minister demands of all his Ministers” and his subsequent ejection from the UDP Cabinet, Penner has maintained a low profile. Aside from his Court appearances during COLA’s private prosecution of him in relation to the Citizen Kim passport scandal (pleading the fifth every single time to the media), he remained low key. That is, until almost three years and a half later. Perhaps he feels enough time has elapsed for people to have forgotten his reckless and wanton sale of our sacred Belizean patrimony to a South Korean national who was then imprisoned in a Taiwanese jail.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

New tax measures in Belize’s new budget – What they may look like?
Prime Minister Dean Barrow will introduce the budget for fiscal year 2017/2018 in the National Assembly on Monday on the heels of finalizing the terms of an unprecedented third restructuring of the country’s 2034 US dollar bonds. The government has tried its best to assure the Belizean public that they will not be saddled with the burden of rigid austerity measures to repay the bond, however, with the terms GOB has agreed to, the money obviously has to come from somewhere. Under the terms of the newly restructured bond arrangement, Belize has undertaken to grow the country’s economy by at least 2 percent of GDP for three consecutive fiscal cycles starting 2018/2019. During his press conference last Wednesday, the Prime Minister acknowledged that there would be some spending cuts and other measures to ensure the country meet its 2 percent target. He said, though, that it would not come at the expense of public officers, who are due a salary increase plus interest this year for the deferral which resulted in an 11-day strike last October.


My Journey from Ambergris Caye To Placencia & A Look Around
Belize is a tiny country – but travel, depending on your time and your budget (but mostly your budget), can be time consuming. A few days ago, I took the slow route south – from Ambergris Caye to Placencia. The quaint, colorful, vibrant village famous for their deep long beach and sidewalk main street. A mere 100 miles as the crow flies – and two short hops by Tropic Air – but by boat and bus, let’s call it the “local route”, it became an all day affair. Please make sure to read my 8 Tips for Riding the Bus in Belize. It’s actually really quite easy. I LOVE to fly – love it. Beautiful and quick. But I also love the slow route. Here’s how it took me all day to move down the coast to Placencia, Belize. Alarm set for 5:30am to catch the 7:30 water taxi to Belize City. (I have a 35 minute golf cart ride to town.) The water taxi is about 1.5 hours. Taxi from water taxi to Belize bus station 5 minutes, $7bzd. The James Express bus arrives at 10am. Express takes us from Belize City straight west to the capital, Belmopan, over the mountains and south to Dangriga and into the port town of Independence (aka Mango Creek). In total, I was on the bus for 4.5 hours.

International Sourcesizz

Southwest Airlines Launches New Nonstop Flights to Belize
Southwest Airlines has continued its Caribbean expansion with a new nonstop route to Belize. The company has launched the first-ever nonstop service between Denver, Colo. and Belize, with the inaugural flight over the weekend. The service will operate weekly on Saturdays through June 4, when it will launch Saturday and Sunday service through Aug. 14. It’s the latest boost in airlift for Belize, which is one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the Caribbean by stayover passenger traffic. (Last year, Belize saw 13 percent growth in arrivals, according to data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.)

Everything Tiffany Trump Did On Her Vacation to Belize
From snorkeling with sharks to ziplining through the jungle. Since the start of her father's presidential campaign, Tiffany Trump has largely stayed as far away from politics as possible. So, now that he's president, it makes sense that she'd straight-up leave the country — at least for a little while. While President Trump was defending Speaker Paul Ryan's wildly unpopular new healthcare bill last week, the younger first daughter was vacationing in Belize with her boyfriend Ross Mechanic, enjoying the sun and partaking in as many adventures as possible. At some point during their trip, the couple even got to go ziplining over the jungle. They also got to go snorkeling with sharks, an experience Trump shared multiple photos of on Instagram.

50 Reefs: A Global Plan to Save Corals from Extinction
Ninety percent of the world’s coral reefs are expected to disappear by 2050 due to climate change, pollution and poor fishing practices. Now, a unique philanthropic coalition has launched 50 Reefs, a plan to save the most critical reefs so once the climate stabilizes they can reseed the entire coral ecosystem. The initiative, launched at The Economist World Ocean Summit in February, brings together ocean, climate and marine scientists as well as conservationists from around the world to develop a list of the 50 most critical coral reefs in need of protection. The idea is to identify 50 high priority coral reefs that have the best chance of surviving climate change and can then help in the recovery of coral reef ecosystems once global temperatures have stabilized. As the project unfolds through 2017, a panel of world leading scientists will oversee a process to prioritize reefs worldwide deploying a transparent ‘decision algorithm’ developed at The Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions at The University of Queensland.


  • Reef Swim San Pedro!!!, min. Awesome project guys. GO Madi go.

  • Ocean defenders at work on Ambergris Caye, 2min. After Reef Swim San Pedro

  • Annual Reef Swim Challenge, 1/2min. The Annual Reef Swim Challenge was held today. The event, organized by the WWF, features a 1.6 mile swim of the English Channel [from English Caye to Goff's Caye]. This year some 25 swimmers braved the sea, including 17 Coast Guards. The Challenge is a part of the activities for Reef Week.


  • belize '15, 3min. tumiwa xmas vacation 2015.

  • Belize 2017, 8min. At the end of February, I took a mission trip to Belize. This is my video showing the highlights of our trip. It included visiting 4 of the 6 American Baptist Association churches currently in Belize.

  • Take off from Belize City Municipal Airport,, 1/2min. View of Newton Barracks, BTL Park, Marine Parade.. March 2017.

  • 1 Year Ago | Belize in 3 Minutes, 3min. One year ago, during the winter my family went to Belize in Central America.

  • Belize 1Week long event ep 4j, 8min.

  • Snorkeling off of Turneffe Atoll in Belize, 3min.

  • Belize dolphins near Half Moon Caye, 1.5min.

  • Caracol Mayan Ruin, Belize, 3min. We took a day trip from San Ignacio to the Caracol (Mayan ruins) through Maya walk tours.

  • Feeding Jaguar at the Belize Zoo, 4min.

  • San Antonio Falls Belize, 2min.

  • Belize in 6 minutes, min.