Hello All, we are very seriously considering a retirement move to Caye Caulker hopefully in October, 2017 (ages 62 & 66...won't tell you which is whose LOL) Lorrie had a bad fall a few years ago and broke some vertebrae and ribs and has had some other lower back issues related to the accident. As such, walking great distances is difficult for her at times. Actually part of the reason for the move is hoping the warm climate will be beneficial to her further recovery from the affects of the fall. Our research (over 2 years worth) has us leaning very heavily on the South Pointe area of the island, which we realize is more remote from the town center. We also are aware that golf cart permits are reserved for those holding Belize residency or citizenship, we understand the reasoning behind, and support, that policy. My questions is, are there exceptions to this policy for verifiable medical reasons, something akin to a "handicapped" permit?

We're coming down in April, 18 - 29, to stay on the island and have a "living" experience, to assist in our final decision (we're both about 90% sure this is what, and where, we want). We will be using the bikes supplied by our AirBnB home and will be seeing how Lorrie does with that mode of transport. One of our thoughts, if we do go through with the move, is to purchase an "adult tricycle" for her, which will be a bit more stable and also have a larger basket for grocery shopping, etc. Our sincerest hopes are that this will be the answer to our concerns, however I just wanted to inquire about the possibility of a medical exception to the residency/citizenship golf cart permit requirement.

Thanks in advance for any input. We're looking forward to our visit (as I look at the fresh 8" of March snow on the ground here in Bridgeport, CT!) and immersing ourselves in the expat community!

Brad & Lorrie