Although the QRP program has attracted hundreds of foreigners yearly, many have recently encountered setbacks within the program and have expressed their concerns to The San Pedro Sun. There seems to now be an issue with one particular benefit: the QRP card. Many expats have complained that they have not received their QRP identification card, even after applying months ago. Many, like Mike McDonnell, are now threatening to leave the program. "With no cards, we can't benefit from the program. People have paid their fees and submitted all the required forms with no results. We were told by BTB that Immigration was printing the cards, and I have never gotten any information from Immigration. BTB first told us the cards were delayed because they were out of printer ink," said McDonnell.

Expats are concerned about the risk of traveling without their ID cards. However, BTB states that they accommodate pending applicants with an official letter to travel without any hassle. "We are supplying a letter to assist them in the facilitation of their travels. So whenever they wish to leave, they are supposed to contact us. We would then prepare a letter, sign, stamp it, and scan it over to them or they can pick it up personally. That letter can be used at all border points in Belize. When a person applies, we do not give them a timeframe. We are doing our best, and we have emailed and called the recipients whose cards were received. So far, out 517 applications submitted, we have received 200 cards back," said Azueta.

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