BTL officially launched it's 2017 Directory today, and revealed the image on its iconic cover. This year's cover is a photo of Belize's barrier reef taken by well known photographer, Tony Rath. The cover shot was selected in a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to highlight the importance of ensuring the Barrier Reef keeps its status as a World Heritage Site. Ingrid Juarez, BTL's Senior PR Rep. and WWF's Country Representative, Nadia Bood, told us more about the latest edition of the directory...

Ingrid Juarez, Senior PR Rep., - BTL
"Every year BTL partners with Yello to unveil and launch a new directory cover. This year it's featuring the barrier reef which was in partnership with WWF. This picture was taken by Tony Rath. The barrier reef as you can see, every year the directory features a new natural heritage/treasure of Belize. It's raising awareness of what we have in Belize and what we have to offer. The fact that this natural heritage is going out so, it's something so unique and beautiful which we are sharing with our wider Belizean population. It's something that showcases what we have to offer as a country."

"Talk to us about some of the features of the directory, because normally when we think about a phone book, we think it's just numbers to call but I know the content is varied inside."

Ingrid Juarez, Senior PR Rep., - BTL
"Yes, it is varied, we have the different sections and it has numerous businesses, their locations, it also has their phone numbers. It gives you a more enhanced feel of what it is that Belize has to offer you and you can find it all in the directory."

Nadia Bood, Country Rep., - WWF
"We feel very fortunate to be able to partner with BTL on this initiative, we are fully trying to get information out to the broader Belizean public about the heritage sites in Belize and this provides us with a very good medium to do so. When the opportunity came up we jumped at it. Any opportunity to feature the outstanding universal value of our world heritage site is always a good thing. To educate the Belizean public, that we have such a very prestigious thing that is world recognized and offers so much to Belize in terms of livelihoods, contribution to the national economy, prim-costal protection. World Heritage Site is something that every Belize should be very proud to do so."

The directory is available physically as well as on the web, and as an app.

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