New Operator to Replace PASA for Management of Disposal System

In early January, PASA Belize Limited shut down operations at the solid waste transfer stations and sanitary landfill. All operations within the central corridor—from San Ignacio/Santa Elena to San Pedro and Caye Caulker—came to a grinding halt.  The very real hazard of accumulating garbage was quickly averted as Solid Waste Unit took up the charge of managing the facility at mile twenty-four on the George Price Highway. Today, Tyrone Chimilio, Communications Officer of Solid Waste Management told News Five that they are in the process of contracting a new operator.

Tyrone Chimilio, Communications Officer, Belize Solid Waste Management Authority

“That situation was quite unfortunate, but nevertheless PASA, they are no longer operating our facilities. But Belize Solid Waste Management Authority…we are the operators for right now. Probably by May or June, we should have a new operator. Within the newspaper over the past month or two, we did do some biddings for other operators to bid to operate these facilities. So by June we should have a new operator operating the waste management facilities within the country.”

Expansions Planned to Solid Waste Management System

As we told you earlier, solid waste management is everyone’s business and there is need for enforcement of the law, specifically as it relates to violation of illegal dumping and littering across the country. While it will take an interdepartmental approach to solving this perennial problem, the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority is planning to expand its base. A five-year project to install new transfer stations in the northern and southern corridors has been approved and funds of over ten million dollars will be used to see this project to fruition. Communications Officer Tyrone Chimilio says that the Sanitary Landfill at mile twenty-four on the George Price Highway will also get an extension.

Tyrone Chimilio, Communications Officer, Belize Solid Waste Management Authority

“We have solid waste management project two which is coming; it is going to be ten point two million dollars being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. We are going to close down six dumpsites and we are going to construct transfer stations within the north and the south of this country and we are going to extend a new cell at the Sanitary Landfill at Mile twenty-four. So other communities are not being left out of this project. We are doing something to consolidate waste and centralize it and it comes to one central area to be taken care of. So when it comes to waste management, we continue to advance and we continue to advocate for people to participate within the waste management system that we have now. We have already started off with the hiring of a clerk, a procurement officer and we are going to start doing the tendering for the construction of these transfer stations later on, probably late this year or early next year. The project is supposed to last for five years and maybe by the fourth year; we should have these buildings already constructed and operational for waste management practices.”

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