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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

BTIA discusses ideas to develop new strategic plan
In an effort to establish the Belize Tourism Industry Association's (BTIA) five-year strategic plan, all district chapters have participated in an interactive consultation to help draft a proposal. On Monday, March 27th, a consultation was held for the San Pedro Chapter of the BTIA (BTIA-SPC) at the Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room. In attendance was Chairlady of the BTIA-SPC Tamara Sniffin, along with several industry partners, business and tourism stakeholders. First Vice President of the national BTIA Raineldo Guerrero facilitated the presentation, prompting a discussion that allowed the BTIA-SPC to offer valuable feedback. Members were asked for their input on how BTIA can strengthen ties with the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), how it can better communicate with its members, and how membership can become more valuable to current and potential members.

SPTC reactivates Clean-up Campaign
Under the motto, "Small bites- big threats; keep your surroundings clean and mosquito free", the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has reactivated their Clean Up Campaign for 2017. The campaign, which promotes proper garbage disposal, was developed to not only alleviate vector-borne diseases, but to also address San Pedro's garbage crisis. On Friday, March 17th, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, along with Town Councilors, and SPTC staff, took to the streets of San Juan and Boca del Rio. While SPTC trucks and volunteers picked up large piles of garbage, residents were given bags and flyers, which explained how to maintain their surroundings clean. As San Pedro is currently in its dry season, the SPTC is hoping to regulate the spread of vector borne diseases, including Zika, before the rainy season begins in June.

Ambergris Caye athletes participate at international Mixed Martial Arts Tournament
Four islanders (George Olivarez, Allen Cawich, Juan Hernandez, and Ricardo Rodriguez) represented Belize on Saturday, March 18th in the neighboring Mexican city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, at a mixed martial arts competition. The event, known as Chetumal Xtreme Cage, saw competitors from Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and Belize. Ambergris Caye's fighters were coached by Martin Dawson, who prepared them at his Dawson's Pit Fighters training school. The different classes offered include mixed martial arts based on kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu.

Senate denies PACT Bill; GOB to override decision
A historic event in Belizean politics took place on Monday, March 27th, when its Senate voted down a Government bill. The measure, called Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) (Amendment) Bill, proposed the introduction of an additional development fee to be collected from non-Belizeans when departing the country via air transportation. The Government of Belize (GOB) argues that the new fee is crucial to help increase the revenue of the upcoming fiscal budget, thus, they will be presenting the bill to the Governor General for an assent, despite being voted down. The PACT Amendment Bill, which is considered a 'money Bill,' received a seven to six vote, with all social partners voting in opposition. Also casting his vote for the first time was the 13th Senator, Honourable Osmany Salas. It is very important to mention that the vote of the 13th Senator made a major difference, and many believe that if there would have been a 13th Senator in past administrations, Belize's political landscape would be different.

EU to lift quotas on sugar
The sustainability of Belize's sugar industry is now uncertain as the European Union (EU) is seeking to lift quotas on cane sugar, and exchange it with beet sugar. Sugar amounts to 60% of exports in Belize, and during 2015 and 2016, around 1.6 million metric tons of mostly raw sugar was exported to the EU. That amounts to half of the EU's sugar imports, and if revoked, it can have devastating results to the country's agriculture sector. The Belize Sugar Industry is now faced with the challenge to become more competitive with their prices, along with the task to produce more quality sugar. According to Jose Alpuche, Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), stated that local farmers need to diversify their crops in order to stand out among European sugar producers. "As it relates to market diversification, the European market will get much tighter�However, we are looking as an industry, and as a region, to loop the market within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Regional Integration states as another means of long term viability of the sector," said Alpuche.

Ambergris Today

947 Grams Of Cannabis Removed From Tropic Air Cargo San Pedro
San Pedro Police reports that at 2:30 a.m. onThursday, March 30, 2017, they searched a red and white shoe box at Tropic Air cargo section on Sea Star Street which led to the discovery of (2) parcels of cannabis amounting to 947 grams. No one arrived to claim the package and the item was claimed by the Police and deposited as "Found Property".

San Pedro High Celebrates 2017 Drug Awareness Week
San Pedro High School celebrated Drug Awareness Week filled with events targeting the student body knowing that drug use amongst teenagers is prevalent within societies world-wide. Students started the week by receiving a motivational speech based on drugs from Inspector Brent Hamilton from Belize's National K9 Unit. With the assistance of Detective Barigton Bracket and a K9 Handler, they demonstrated how easily drugs are located and identified. The opening ceremony ended with students, teachers and invited guests releasing balloons into the air in memory of those who have passed away due to drug misuse and for those who are currently addicted.

BTL Launches New Innovative Directory That Highlights Belize Reef
BTL stated its proud on all the hard work, dedication and investment into making this year's publication visually captivating and very informative. The 2017 edition features a cover shot by renowned local photographer Tony Rath. "As you can see, every year the directory features a new natural heritage, a new natural treasure for Belize. So, it is raising awareness of what we have to offer and the fact that this natural heritage is something so unique and beautiful. So, we are sharing this with our wider Belizean population. So, it showcases what we have to offer as a country." - Ingrid Juarez, Sr. PR Rep., B.T.L.

Misc Belizean Sources


Good Friday is Dry Friday
Easter is around the corner! A little heads up! Liquor license holders should begin closing their establishment as of 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Please note that there will be an amendment to the Stamp Duty Act, Chapter 64 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011, Section 74. With this amendment, the rate of stamp duty which is applied on the purrchase of foreign currency from any commercial bank will increase from 1.25% to 1.75%. This new rate will take effect on April 1st, 2017.

BEL needs Technician
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Technician II in the Transmission and Substation Department.

18th Annual BEL Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic
April 2

The Peninsula International Academy invited the Institute of Archaeology to be a part of their earth day celebrations.

Expansion of their sewage system along Laguna Drive in San Pedro
Works have commenced by Belize Water Services on the expansion of their sewage system along Laguna Drive. We ask once again for your cooperation and understanding while these works are taking place.

University of Belize Social Work Conference and Exhbition 2017
We celebrated the last days of Social Work Month 2017 with an engaging conference surrounding the theme for this year's social work month "Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability" Thanking our partners and sponsors for making this a reality. University of Belize BTEC Beltraide Avant Garde The Ramada Belize City Princess,Graphics & Grand Prints, San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi, Dolphin Productions Ltd., Simon Quan, Alpha Male, Bowen & Bowen, Ltd. We cannot forget all our social service agencies and presenters who participated a BIG thank you!

Agricultural & Trade Show 2017
This year's Agricultural and Trade Show will be the last weekend in April, the 28th through the 30th. The theme for this year is 'Let's Get Growing." "National Agriculture and Trade Show 2017 April 28, 29, and 30, 2017 "Let's Get Growing""

Annual Bird-A-Thon
April 4 - April 5, Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Bird-A-Thon Belize is ON! Caves Branch Jungle Lodge will work hard to defend our holding of the H.Lee Jones Birding Cup. JOIN US as we count down our birding list for the most bird species in our immediate location of Caves Branch. Watch for live feeds, photos, updates and more as this FUN DAY takes to the air!

Channel 7

Sin Tax In Effect: Soda and Beer Prices Going Up 25 Cents Per Bottle On Monday
Tomorrow, April first may be all fool's day - but, more importantly, it's also tax day! That's because its the first day of the fiscal year - a year in which government has to raise an additional 80 million dollars in taxes. 28 million dollars of that will come from "sin taxes" on soft drinks, beer and stout, and increased taxes on cement, and fuel. And, so how much will that increase the cost of your favorite soft drink or beer? Well, for locally produced beverages from Bowen and Bowen, the cost of soft drink or beer will go up about 4 dollars per crate. That works out to an increase in the retail price of about 25 cents per bottle of beer or soft drink. Now, this may vary, due to the difference in various bottle sizes, but a senior company executive told us that 25 cents per bottle is about the average increase. He also told us that one or two products - which he didn't name - will not increase.

Sewell Brings In British Barrister To Fight For Freedom
3 weeks ago, we told you that the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin, had decided to re-open the habeas corpus case for Mark Seawell. He's been fighting his extradition to the US on narcotics importation charges for the last 10 years. The Chief Justice heard this case in August of 2013. But he hasn't given a ruling on whether or not he will uphold the Chief Magistrate's decision that Sewell must be extradited to the US to face criminal trial. That delay allowed Sewell's attorneys to approach the court to re-open the case so that new arguments could be made on Mark Seawell's behalf. Those new arguments were heard today, and Mark Seawell's lead attorney for this hearing was British Barrister Ben Cooper - the same one who managed to get his brother, Gary, free last year. They believe that once again, the Chief Magistrate's warrant of committal, which is the document being used to keep him in prison, is defective.

Mayor Tells Fort George Stakeholders, "Keep Calm, I Hear Ya"
Tonight, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is urging the stakeholders in the Fort George Tourism Zone to keep calm, he's not taxing them, at least not yet. This is after those stakeholders had a press conference yesterday complaining that the Tourism Board and the City Council were trying to railroad them into new taxes and fees in a Tourism Zone that is sorely lacking in basic tourist infrastructure. Well, it seems the Mayor heard them loud and clear. A release from the city council this evening says, quote, "the concerns being expressed by the Fort Street Tourism Zone stakeholders are genuine and valid." It adds, "proposals (will) be reviewed with their concerns and recommendations in mind." And then it underscores what the mayor has been saying, quote, "Do not move unless you are assured that the buses will be relocated and the tourists will go through the park." End quote.

Bail For Alleged Husband Killer
Genevia Estrada is free on bail tonight. One month ago, she was charged with manslaughter for causing the death of her husband. This is after she allegedly pushed her common law husband Eric Kent Moses down a flight of stairs. He hit his head, and later died. She was charged for manslaughter and remanded. Well, she appeared in the Supreme Court today where she got bail. Estrada had been on remand for 5 weeks.

Guatemalans With A Gold Vial In Chiquibul
A foursome of Guatemalan gold panners have been caught in the Chiquibul. William Govanni Mangandil, Israel Garcia, Enrique Velis and Hermelindo Velis - all from Poptun, Guatemala were caught on Wednesday 4 miles inside Belizean territory in the area of Ceibo Chico, inside the Chiquibul National Park. BDF personnel and FCD Ranger came upon a thatch camp where the four were seen on top of a hill. They had 2 vials of what appeared to be small amounts of gold. They told the patrol team that that a gram of gold sells in Peten for about 150 quetzales, which is about $47.00 Belize dollars. They added that the area does not have much gold now. It's a long trek to san Ignacio, but the four men were escorted from southern Chiquibul to the San Ignacio Police Station where they arrived on Thursday afternoon. Charges were laid by the Forest Department and Immigration Department for illegal entry and operating illegally inside a national park.

Convicted Killer Asks CCJ To Set Him Free
Today, the Caribbean Court of Justice has heard the first criminal Appeal from Belize, and it's for convicted killer Gregory August. He's trying to get his conviction for murder overturned at the Caribbean Court of Justice. He's the man who successfully convinced the Court of Appeal to make a landmark judgement scrapping life sentences, making them no longer mandatory for a murder conviction. His case originated in November, 2012. He was convicted of the 2009 murder of 73 year-old Alvin Robinson. A jury found him guilty of stabbing the disabled man 9 times to the face and neck, killing him. There was no eyewitness evidence which pointed to him as the person who inflicted the wounds, but the prosecution depended on circumstantial evidence.

Cannabis By Air Cargo
Domestic air carrier cargo services have once again been used to smuggle weed to San Pedro. At around 2:30 yesterday morning San Pedro cops searched a shoe box at the Tropic Air cargo section where they discovered two parcels of cannabis weighing just over two pounds. The cops waited for someone to come in and claim the package, but when no one came they deposited it as Found Property.

How To Report Major Public Health Scares
Today, key public health stakeholders met in Belize City to discuss the implementation of the International Health Regulations. The IHR is a legally binding agreement where member nations agree to conform to a regulated method of detecting and reporting major public health scares. We spoke to Belize's Principal Public Health Inspector, John Bodden and Eldonna Boisson, an advisor from PAHO, about these regulations... John Bodden - Principal Public Health Inspector: "Basically, what we're doing, we have the gathering of all stakeholders that are involved in IHR, and basically it's to fine tune our standard operation procedures and what we're hoping to do is to actually have the interaction of those people and to streamline how we respond in terms of emergencies, specifically public health emergencies."

UNICEF's New Sheriff
From PAHO to UNICEF, that UNC children's agency has a new country representative. Ugandan Dr. Susan Kasedde, presented her Credentials to Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, and paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow a month ago. Dr. Kasedde served as UNICEF's Senior Specialist and Global Team Leader for HIV and Adolescents in New York since November 2009. She has worked for over 18 years on HIV Prevention and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Prior to arriving in Belize, she worked as UNAIDS Regional Adviser for Eastern & Southern Africa and Head of Office for UNAIDS in Namibia.

Fuel Prices Finalized
Earlier on we told you about those fuel prices which will increase at midnight, but we didn't have the figures just yet. Well we have them now. Premium fuel will increase from 10.44 per gallon to 10.79 per gallon. That's up 35 cents per gallon. Regular will go up by 32 cents per gallon, from $9.47 to $9.79. Diesel will go up by thirteen cents per gallon, from $8.98 to $9.11. As we said, the price change takes effect at midnight and is part of government's new tax measures.

They Knocked Down My Nephew
Tonight a Belize City family is calling on the person who knocked down their loved one to step up. Naithon Arzu was run over when he was heading to work on Central American Boulevard on Tuesday morning. Today, his aunt, who is not a stranger to this newscast, told us that he's in a bad way:... The driver's insurance agency has told the family it will cover costs, but they haven't had time to do the paperwork and they say the expenses are mounting.

More Conch Catchers At Court
On Tuesday, we showed you the first 9 of those 29 fishermen that the Fisheries Department, the Belize Audubon Society and the Police busted with a stash of undersized conch in the Lighthouse Reef area last week. Well tonight, we show you two more. They are brothers Julio and Oscar Cardona, and they've both pleaded guilty to being in possession of undersized conch. Julio Cardona was caught with 214 conch, and he was given a total fine of $4,430 dollars. He must pay the court by September 30, or else he will spend 7 months in jail.

NCL Recruiting in Belize
Norwegian Cruise Line is hiring in Belize. Today, NCL, who hasn't made any friends by diverting its cruise ships down south to Harvest Caye, held a recruitment workshop in Belize City. The event, which was held in collaboration with BTEC, hosted around 200 applicants, who began the first phase of the application process. NCL's recruiter Rohan Charly, about what it takes to work on a cruise ship... After this pre screening, today's applicants will have to sit through an interview in Independence next week, which will determine if they will get the job.

Sapodilla Revisited
For the past few nights we've been reporting on the sensitive document leaked from Guatemala's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It's basically the report of a consultant working for the Guatemalans on their ICJ education campaign. His report says that the Guatemalans are considering including Belize in its official map, and that they are interested in oil in Belize. They are also interested in the Sapodilla Caye Range. That southern most string of islands in Belizean territory has been the apple of Guatemala's eye for decades if not centuries. And, the truth is, they use it more than we Belizeans do. And with Easter approaching, it will be a favorite getaway for wealthy Guatemalans who can zip out there in their private boats. In 2002 - yes, 15 years ago - our Indira Craig visited those islands to find out what makes them so special to the Guatemalans. Here's her story from October 2002:...

A Run For Fun And For Purpose
Tomorrow Special Olympics Belize will be holding its annual "fun run". The event is being held to raise awareness for the Special Olympics as well as to promote exercise and a healthy life style. Each district will be having it's own run, and everyone is invited to participate. The Special Olympics' Belize District's Administrative Lead, Carol Brennon, told us more... Karel Brannon - Belize District Administrative Lead, Special Olympics Belize: "So tomorrow we're having our annual fun run. We have this every year, the first Saturday in April. Fun run is just to promote awareness of special olympics Belize, what we are, so the community can come out and be a part of Special Olympics. We try to promote our community of inclusion and acceptance of our youths or people with intellectual disabilities, so we're just asking everybody to come out and support us."

Working Out Water Boards
The control of water boards is often an issue of contention in villages. Local politicians like to keep those boards under their control so they can appoint their cronies. In small communities, water is power and it's also money since the water boards collect from residents. But, sometimes they can't collect, and that's when those boards don't have enough money to pay the light bills for their water pumps. It can be a whole big mess, and that's why yesterday the Minister of Local Government and the Belize Rural North Representative met with Village Council and Water Board representatives from throughout that constituency. They met in Ladyville where they said it is a process and a commitment to consult:

Friday's Festival Package
And that's all we have for you on this Friday night. Thanks for watching 7news, I am Roneisha Gentle Have a good night and a great weekend and join Indira Craig back here on Monday.

Channel 5

Gregory August Fights for Freedom before C.C.J.
There is an unprecedented challenge before the Caribbean Court of Justice. The case got underway today with President Justice Denis Byron presiding. �Attorneys Eamon Courtenay and Ileana Swift are representing [...]

Mark Seawell Challenges Warrant for Extradition
Is incarcerated Ladyville resident Mark Seawell closer to being extradited to the United States or is he finally going home to his family in the days ahead?� His fate as [...]

Decision Thursday; Attorney is Hopeful
Unlike Gary Seawell's case, which was dragged through the entire judicial system, Cooper is confident that the matter will be resolved in the high court and that the case will [...]

Renaissance Towers Sold in Auction, Ending Receivership
After several years in receivership, the Renaissance Towers complex on Newtown Barracks in the city was sold via public auction on Wednesday. News Five has been informed that the property [...]

No April Fool: Taxes for Vices Go Up on Saturday
All Fools' Day may be on Saturday, but for those who enjoy beer and cigarettes or pay electricity bills of one hundred dollars and above, our next story will be [...]

CitCo Responds to Concerns of FSTV Stakeholders
On Thursday, a group of stakeholders in the Fort George Tourism Zone voiced strong objections to a proposed three hundred dollar fee for rent that will be levied by the [...]

No Settlement Discussed in Andre Vega Compensation Case
It has now been a month since the Government successfully served Estevan Perera as attorney on behalf of Andre Vega, businessman and son of the former DPM and Minister of [...]

Arbitration Cases at Standstill
A total of four awards handed down by the London Court of International Arbitration for multiple companies hit the Government hard in January, forcing new regulations against any attachment of [...]

Finding Judges: A.G. Says Belizeans are Preferred
The Supreme Court faces an absence of judges to hear cases, particularly in the Northern Session. �Justice Herbert Lord has been on sick leave since January, after suffering a broken [...]

Top Legal Official Closely Watches Senate Inquiry
He cannot analyze it publicly for the time being, but Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte said he is keeping 'eagle eyes' on the drama unfolding every Wednesday at the Senate Special [...]

Special Olympics' Fun Run
Annually, on the first Saturday in the month of April, the Special Olympics Belize hosts a fun run to promote awareness of what the organization does. At six a.m. on [...]

Remembering Late Photographer Noel Escalante
On Thursday, after battling cancer for some time, Noel Escalante passed away at the hospital in Belize City. For many years, he's been doing photography in Belize capturing snapshots of [...]

Family Seeks Assistance for Belize City Traffic Accident Victim
A family is seeking the public's assistance with some medical bills after one of their loved one was knocked down earlier this week. According to Laverne Arzu, her nephew, twenty-year-old [...]

Roots Expo to be Held in Western Paradise
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is putting off its second annual entrepreneurs' expo, better known as the Belizean Roots Expo. This year, the expo moves from Burrell Boom [...]

Tyler Savery's Mom Leads "Light Our Hearts" Vigil
Shakera Young is on a mission to fight for peace and humanity in Belize City following the murder of her only child in November of last year. Young is the [...]

Celebrating our Youngest at Festival of the Arts
For the past week, pre-schoolers have been putting on performances at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts showcasing the best in talent. On Saturday night, performers from the Belize [...]


Miss Jane is US Embassy's Woman of the Year 2017
The US Embassy has recognized two more Belizean Women for their outstanding contribution to society during the 12th Annual Outstanding Women's Awards Ceremony hosted by the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow and the Women's Department. This year the US Department of State nominated Captain Derricia Castillo-Salazar for the U.S. Department of [�]

Women's Month: Power to the Military Women
Today sees the end of Women's Month where several events taking place over the last four weeks ranging from empowerment sessions to trainings and workshops. This past Wednesday saw twenty two women awarded from various parts of the country for their outstanding performance as mothers, career women, community role models and/or mentors. One aspect that [�]

Increasing Personnel in Dialysis Unit
Chronic renal failure has become quite prevalent in Belize in recent years. It is a condition that requires dialysis several times per week and is now demanding that more medical personnel be trained in this area. There is a cooperation agreement between Belize and Taiwan that is providing our local nurses with certified training. As [�]


Sleeping cop shot in chest by cocked gun under pillow
Less than 24 hours after PC Marvin Locke was stabbed brutally and killed at the Racoon Street Police Station by a Honduran man, who had gone into the station and waited for him, another policeman was shot. Corporal #470 Daniel Paul Lawrence, 37, was shot in the chest on Monday night at his home on Church Street. At home at the time were Lawrence's two sons, one 8 and the other 17. Police reported that at about 9:00 on Monday night, Lawrence was sleeping with his loaded 9mm Glock pistol in the ready position under his pillow when the gun discharged. Lawrence, attached to the Racoon Street Strike Team, was admitted to the KHMH's Intensive Care Unit, where he had been declared to be serious but stable. Credible reports to Amandala tonight, however, that he is "critical but stable, but still in an induced coma."

Belize to be included in map of Guatemala?
Belize's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not making a big deal of recent reports that a Guatemalan consultant, Edmundo Rene Urrutia Garcia, has filed a report with the Guatemala Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which he outlines proposals raised during the first month of his one-year consultancy, for Belize to be included in Guatemala's map, apparently with annexation of the Sarstoon. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Sylvester, told Amandala today that he has heard of the report, but not seen the documents. The CEO said that there is no cause for unnecessary anxiety, as the report does not undermine Belize's position in any way. The document was shared by someone who obtained it from a source in Guatemala's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the suggestion is that there is a faction in Guatemala trying to mount a campaign to see if there will be any resistance to the proposals.

The horrible, terrible memory of Barton Middleton
Today, Barton Middleton appeared in front of the Senate Select Committee after police delivered a summons to his residence in Orange Walk. Middleton was the alleged visa agent who reportedly collected $3,000 per stolen visa processed in 2012. However, Middleton adamantly told the committee that he was not involved in any such transaction and denied knowing Patrick Tillett, the Belize City Council Financial Controller who, under oath, claimed to have paid him. The committee had scheduled three witnesses to appear in front of the committee today. However, following Middleton's testimony, the committee suspended the hearing. The Senate inquiry will resume following the Easter vacation break and Middleton will be required to return for more questioning. Before the hearing was suspended, Middleton was warned that if he was found guilty of perjury he could face ten years in prison.

Majestic Alley "long barracks" unfit to live in, say residents
Thirty-eight years ago, in 1979, Fort George area representative Said Musa constructed two "long barracks" in Majestic Alley which served as homes for up to a hundred persons. Last Friday, a huge fire consumed one of the barracks, leaving 51 persons displaced. The other barracks currently remains standing, but two residents, Shirley Smith and Dorla Gillett, are both asking for it to be torn down. These two women say they want their own homes. They told us that the barracks in which they live is dilapidated and the conditions in which they are forced to live are unhealthy. According to Smith, "We get neglect inna this alley�" She told our newspaper that since last August, when she complained to several social agencies that there were issues with the sewer system at the barracks, no one has visited her.

Cop in jail for outstanding debt of approximately $60,000
Mark Stevens is an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and the Deputy Officer Commanding (OC) Dangriga police. However, today he was asked to replace his crisp khaki uniform with casual clothing, as he was reduced to being a prisoner. According to reports, he was sent to prison on a committal warrant for an outstanding debt estimated at $60,000, which he owes a local bank. Information received by Amandala is that his colleague, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Robert Mariano, was the one who arrested him when he found him in Belmopan.

GOB never exercised its full power to order Ashcroft to interconnect with Intelco
When the Government of Belize, under the Said Musa administration, opened the telecommunications market 15 years ago to allow competition with the formerly state-owned Belize Telecommunications Limited (now Belize Telemedia Limited - BTL), there was a protracted dispute between that company, then controlled by British billionaire Michael Ashcroft, and the Musa administration. It has been described as a very tumultuous time, marked by immensely costly telecommunications deals, including the shuffling back and forth of BTL's ownership between Ashcroft and American Jeffery Prosser, with whom the deal fell through, and then the transfer back to Ashcroft, with whom the Government later entered into the infamous accommodation agreement in an attempt to try to figuratively bury the Intelco hatchet.

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1st Annual Ernest "Jawmein" Meighan Mount Hope Classic
These 11 guys were collaborating on the return to Belize City. At Mile 51, the famous Old Man Hill, Jose Choto continued the attacking, trying to win the prize at the hill top. Choto got the station prize and opened a gap. Tarique Flowers found this to be a threat and again he quickly jumped across to Choto, and the two of them began working together. This new development of a 2-man break-away from the lead group forced certain guys from the remaining 9 to pick up the responsibility of doing the work. Flowers was the only representative from Benny's, but Jose Choto had his younger brother, the 2012 Cross Country Champion, Geovanni Choto, and teammate Jesmar Guerra sitting in the 9. In cycling terms, we would say that "Geov" Choto and Guerra were getting a "free ride," at least until Jose Choto and Flowers were caught. Due to the attacks and sudden changes in the tempo, Zamir Guerra, the last standing representative in the break-away from the Smart Team was left at Mile 50.

NEBL "In the Paint"
With only three games left to play on their regular season schedule, the Belmopan Bandits sits all alone at second place in NEBL standings, thanks to a win at home last Saturday night against visiting Dangriga Dream Ballers, and a Western Ballaz loss at San Pedro Tiger Sharks. The Bandits took care of business against the Western Ballaz, getting the 69-65 win to take a full game lead on them in the NEBL standings. The Bandits took control in third quarter play of what was pretty much a very evenly played game up to that point, with the Ballers holding the slight 31-28 edge. But a 26-11 run over the final 8 minutes, engineered by the veterans of the club, Greg "Chippy" Rudon's nine fourth-quarter points, Stephen Williams' five fourth-quarter points, and Keith "Superman" Acosta's four fourth-quarter points, was plenty to facilitate the visitors' grabbing the 57-49 lead at a critical point in the game, which essentially propelled them to victory.

Bandits invade, 4-nil; BDF crumbles at the MCC
It's hard to describe it any other way, what transpired yesterday evening at the MCC Grounds, in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2016-2017 Closing Season Week 10 clash between home standing Belize Defence Force FC (BDF) and visiting, undefeated, defending champion Belmopan Bandits SC. City fans have grown to expect a certain level of performance and competitiveness from the BDF squad, although the majority of regulars still look at FC Belize as their favorite city team. Going into the weekend, BDF was ranked #2 in the standings, while the struggling FC Belize had just managed to climb into the #5 position in the race for one of the top-4 berths in the playoffs. But city fans were terribly disappointed, as the home team fell, 4-0, in a rather one-sided affair.

Who's the Winner of Jr. Cross Country?
This year marks the 18th running of the Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic, and the question everyone is asking is, "Who's the winner?" Truth is, over the years, there have been a long list of winners, including 16 young boys who crossed the finish line first in the 17 editions of the race - Byron Pope accomplished the feat twice. The tradition started in 2000 with the first crowning of Ariel Rosado, and has continued right up to current 2016 champion Kaydine Pinelo. Winners over the years have included household names in the sport such as Marlon Castillo, Joel Borland, the afore-mentioned Byron Pope and Ariel Rosado, and recently crowned Belmopan Classic champion, Oscar Quiroz. Ernest "Jaw" Meighan never won this race - it wasn't created yet in his youth - but his son, Ernest Bradley, won it 2 years ago. The list of champions is recorded in history, but there are other winners not so remembered. I wanted to know who those winners are, so I set out in search, and what I discovered was enlightening.

Editorial: Strange Senate, strange country
Belize is a strange country in several ways. One of the most intriguing ways in which Belize is strange has to do with what appears to be the reality that Belizeans from certain classes and backgrounds, Belizeans with certain connections, cannot go to jail. We say this even as the New Jersey courts this week were sentencing two of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's staffers to jail time for a so-called Bridgegate scandal. A Republican, Christie not only ran for the Republican presidential nomination last year, he is in the good books, a confidant of, the man who eventually won that nomination and the presidency itself - Donald J. Trump. No matter, no matter. In America, no one's too big to go to jail. And they are the richest and most powerful country in the world. In tiny, poverty-stricken Belize, however, there are so many sacred cows and special arrangements.

'89 memories
In the Krem Saturday morning show this past Saturday, host Tony Wright posed the question to listeners, "Who were the two goalkeepers for Milpros football team in 1989?" I don't know exactly why Tony chose 1989; perhaps it is because 1989 was such an eventful year in Belize football, and in Belize on a whole. Michael "Maradona" Sutherland was given the prize for his entry - Carlos Slusher and Marvin Ottley. 1989 was surely a pivotal year in so many ways. Tony's choice of topic caused me some flashback beyond 1989, as well as a reason to check our team log for that year, which showed some more goalkeeper information for what was then the "Coke Milpros" football team.

A review of 1991
This week, in our year ending issue, we use our editorial space to take a selective look back at 1991. Early in the year, January 8, the news was upbeat - Belize had officially joined the Organization of American States, and one week later Venezuelan President, Carlos Andres Perez, one of the most powerful leaders in this region, visited Belize and was warmly received. Belizeans were apprehensive about relatives and friends in the various branches of the United States Armed Forces who were about to be involved in war against Iraq in the Middle East. Later in January, news of repeated robberies of tourists at Xunantunich were an omen of a troublesome development in the tourist industry later in the year - a travel advisory against Belize issued by the U.S. State Department.

Superbond and the cost of nationalization feature prominently in Senate debate
At a special Senate sitting held at the National Assembly in Belmopan on Monday, March 27, 2017, to debate the national budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2017/2018, the recent renegotiation of the billion-dollar superbond featured highly in the debate, as well as the cost of nationalization of two utility companies -the Belize Telemedia Limited and the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). The discussions ensued as Senators considered 5 motions and 11 bills, which were all passed in Monday's sitting. Notably, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (Amendment) Bill, 2017, which involves the raising of departure taxes for foreigners traveling to Belize by air - firmly opposed by the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA)-is being held back. Senator Osmany Salas, representing the NGO community, called for a division, and while the 6 Senators from the Government side voted for it, the other 7 voted against it.

Raymond Gongora Revolutionized Belizean theater! (Part One)
The 1970s in Belizean theater can be dubbed "The Belizean Artistic Renaissance" since its period of high quality, accomplished Belizean drama taken from the streets of Belize City and the surrounding Creole villages of Belize District carried the narratives of Belizean ancestors of African Creole folklore. But these stories would not have been preserved if it was not for the work of a drama group from Belize City called "The Square Peg Players" that was the brilliant brainchild of the legendary Belizean actor, playwright, and visionary, Raymond Gongora. Gongora's range as an artistic interpreter was seen in his ability to take the language of the common day Belizean folk of the 1970s Belize and capture it in prose and drama. He was the architect of Belizean comedy theatre pulling from the incredible works of legendary Belizean artists and playwrights like Evan X Hyde, George Gabb and Sandra Coye.

A campaign which started as far back as 1968 with the insidious and rejected United States government-backed Webster Proposals to make Belize a part of the Republic of Guatemala-and then continued with the treacherous Heads of Agreement in 1981 that led to widespread rebellion by the people of Belize in the streets-has now surfaced again since 2008 with the traitorous Compromis that has given the Guatemalan military oligarchy a green light to annex and invade the entire Sarstoon River in Southern Belize, even beyond the border line on that river that separated the two bordering nations, almost bringing the two nations to the brink of war, has culminated in an intoxication campaign by both governments to force the two peoples to go to the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) to settle the longstanding claim.

Belize experienced its first year-long recession in more than two decades
Amandala's review of statistics released to the media today, at a press conference held by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) in Belize City, revealed that Belize experienced its first year-long recession in more than two decades. The official data indicate that for the first time since at least 1995, the country recorded four consecutive quarters of negative growth. The last time Belize experienced a recession was 2007-2008, around the time of the change of administration from the People's United Party (PUP) to the United Democratic Party (UDP). It is noteworthy that the recession of 2016 followed another major election season, although this recession, notwithstanding the fact that it was more protracted, was not as deep as the former.

The Reporter

San Ignacio resident missing
A family from the Kontiki area of San Ignacio town, Cayo, is worried after one of their loved one went missing earlier this week. Information is that 25 year-old Saul Jeovani Ortiz left his home on March 27, enroute to his place of work in [�]

San Ignacio police investigate death of man
San Ignacio police are currently investigating the death of a man that occurred in their municipality earlier this morning. The body of 22 year-old Samir Edwardo Arrecis was discovered at a house in San Ignacio town at around 1:00 a.m. Arrecis' body was taken to [�]

BAHA warns against rabies outbreak
Farmers and livestock owners in the Cayo, Corozal and Toledo districts are advised to vaccinate their animals against the ongoing spread of paralytic rabies in their areas. On March 30, BAHA issued a release stating that they have detected the virus in sheeps, vampire bats [�]

Guatemala to include Sarstoon on its map
Guatemala intends to include portions of the Sarstoon area in southern Belize as part of their country on their official map, a document leaked this week reveals.   The official document, which reportedly originated from Guatemala's Foreign Affairs Ministry, is said to be a […]

NICH promotes respect for National Symbols & flag
Belize'snational identity was promotedfor the students of Belize City primary and secondary schools at a lecture highlighting the importance of our national symbols: the coat of arms and the national flag at the Bliss Institute in Belize City on Wednesday morning, March 29. The lecture was part of a series […]

SIB releases latest stats
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the last quarter of 2016 was down, exports for February were down, and cost of living was up, according to the latest statistics released from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB).   The SIB released its GDP, External […]

Barrow vs Bradley over Chang
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Belize City Mayor had a discourse that played out through the media this week, involving former city councilor Eric Chang.   Barrow accused Bradley of supporting Chang even after the disrepute he brought to the United Democratic Party (UDP) being named […]

As Indio features at Jamaican music festival
Renowned Belizean reggae artist, David "Ras Indio" Obi, is back in Belize after representing the country at the first-annual Rockabessa Herbs and Music Festival in Jamaica.   Indio performed last month at the festival, held in the port town, Ocho Rios, where he performed alongside top […]

GOB and Cisco signs road contract
The Ministry of Works recently signed a contract with Cisco Construction Ltd. worth almost $20.9 Million for the upgrading of works on the Philip Goldson Highway.   The ceremony took place at the Ministry of Works’ compound on Tuesday and is named section B of the […]

Police brutality a major human rights issue for Belize, says US State department
Belize has a major problem with police brutality, according to the U.S. State Department Country Report on Human Rights practices 2016. The report, issued earlier this month, analyzes human rights practices in seven categories: Respect for the Integrity of the person; Respect for civil liberties; Freedom to […]

BSCAP pushing for copyright compliance in Belize
Belizean artists are not collecting any royalties locally when their music is played, and the Belize Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (BSCAP) is pushing for the artists to collect there dues.   BSCAP held a press briefing at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts this […]

Police officer stabbed to death in police compound
An on-duty police officer was stabbed to death at the Raccoon Street police station last Sunday around 3:15 p.m. in one of the most shocking murders in recent memory.   PC Marvin Locke, 49, had just returned to the police station when he was approached by […]

Three dead, two shootings, one area
In the surge of violence over the weekend, three men were shot dead, during two separate shootings in the same neighborhood Byron Marshall, and Nelson Noralez were shot on Kelly Street, while Randy Green got shot on Freetown Road on Saturday March 25. All three […]

Female police officer loses life in traffic collision
Punta Gorda Police are currently mourning the loss of one of their own, after a female police officer who was attached to their formation was killed in a road traffic accident last week.   The incident, which claimed the life of WPC #1152 Jennifer Hibberds, occurred […]

Two men brutally murdered in the south
Two men were brutally murdered in separate incidents in the Stan Creek district this past weekend.   The first murder is believed to have happened sometime between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, when police discovered the badly beaten body of 55-year-old Roberto DeLeon at […]

Suspected drug plane lands in Belize
The Anti-Narcotics Unit of the Police Department and Civil Aviation are currently investigating the circumstances of a suspected drug plane which was found on an abandoned feeder road in northern Belize.   According to police, on Monday the Anti-Narcotics Unit along with Civil Aviation officials were […]

Mr. Middleton, scared for life, but can't recall
Barton Middleton, the man accused of being a key player in visa fraud, testified before the Senate Select Committee this week, but claimed no recollection of anything during his testimony as well as claiming to fear for his life.   As the senators questioned him, he […]

Senate Says "No" GOB says "Yes" to departure tax increase
The Government of Belize is still pushing the amendments to the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) Amendment Act, 2017; which will raise the departure tax for tourists, despite the Senate rejecting the Bill on Monday.   The amendment will add an additional $32.50 dollar development tax, […]

Media and police reach compromise
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, along with Police senior command, met with members of the media on Thursday to iron out differences over media-police communications, which recently resulted in a press boycott of all police activities. The meeting took place at the Racoon Street Police Station and […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belmopan man shot
We have received confirmed reports that Belmopan resident Anfernee Lopez, 21, was shot this afternoon in his hometown. However, according to reports, his injuries were not life threatening.

GOB Ministers meet with Village Council and Water Board Representatives from Belize Rural North Constituency
At a meeting held yesterday in Ladyville, Minister of Local Government, Labour, and Rural Development, Hugo Patt, and Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro met with village council and water board representatives from Belize Rural North Constituency to discuss issues affecting the villages, particularly those relating to water services.

Police find 947 grams of marijuana in San Pedro Town
Yesterday morning around 2:30, police searched a red and white shoe box at Tropic Air cargo section on Sea Star Street, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of (2) parcels of cannabis amounting to 947 grams. No one arrived to [�]

Businessman's $11,000 vehicle jacked in Belize City
A businessman of Belize City reported to police that last night around 7, he parked his white 1997 Nissan Path Finder SUV with license plate BC-C-57071 valued at $11,000.00 in front of Atlantic Restaurant located on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize City. About twenty [�]

Police find ammo and weed
Yesterday evening around 5:40, police searched an abandoned lot on Jones street in the St. Martins area, Belize City which led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing seven .9mm live rounds, 994.6 grams of cannabis and a chrome and black magazine. No [�]

What is happening in Belize?
When it rains it pours, and Belize is drenched in blood after a truly tragic week of murder, fire, road fatalities and freak accidents. Tragedy, all in the wake of an uncomfortably tight rope Belize must now walk as its economy and prospects suffer; [�]

Big Riq drops new single
"Success feels great and I can feel it coming," said Belize's very own Tariq "Big Riq" Avilez in his new song, "COMING" featuring Jah Guidance. At twenty-four-years-old, Avilez is no stranger to the music scene and is known not only in his hometown Punta [�]

Belize, one of eight great places to retire
Investopedia, one of the leading sources of financial information on the web, has named Belize as one of eight countries where US $200,000 in retirement savings can last up to 30 years. Investopedia points out several benefits for US citizens looking to retire abroad, including cheaper [�]

Three Guatemalans caught in Chiquibul
Confirmed reports to our newsroom is that three Guatemalan nationals were arrested by a joint patrol of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) rangers and Special Patrol Unit in the Chiquibul national park. The three men were caught digging for gold inside of the [�]


A first time Itinerary of Belize
There's been quite a buzz about Belize in recent years. It is a beautiful paradise with loads of undisturbed wilderness waiting to be seen. Infrastructure continues to develop and expand, while curious tourists owe it to themselves to explore. Most tourists go for a 7-10 day trip. For the interested visitor here's some of the places we recommend for an itinerary.

5 Must-See Animals at the Belize Zoo
Did you know that Belize has its very own Zoo? Yes, we do! Located about 29 miles west of Belize City (about 45 minutes by road), the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center receives over 68,000 visitors annually, with 15,000 being students, teachers, and parents. The Zoo focuses on educating visitors about the wildlife of Belize through encountering the animals in their natural habitat and encourages appreciation, pride, and a desire to protect and conserve Belize's natural resources. Known locally as "the best little zoo in the world," the Belize Zoo (started in 1983), opens daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and exhibits more than 175 animals, of about 45 species that are native to Belize. The zoo keeps animals which were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, rehabilitated or donated by other zoological institutions.

Why on Earth would anyone move to Belize?
Belize is home to expats from all over the world and I've always wondered why on earth people would move to Belize. Why would they leave their home country behind to move to Belize? Sure Belize is a beautiful country but so is their home country, Italy, France, Canada, Romania, Australia, United States among others. These are all countries one can sometimes only dream of visiting so why would people leave these beautiful countries behind. Here are a few reasons I think foreigners find it easy to move to Belize. There are no McDonald's or Burger King and we don't really need one. A country where its people and visitors are not hooked to a multinational conglomerate that serves tasteless "happy meals" is actually a good thing. This allows for creativity to thrive as we see unique restaurants popping up all over. It is an opportunity for the Italian cook to be the Head Chef of a high end resort or for the French baker to open his own bakery and bring his culinary art to life.

5 Interesting Caves to Explore in Belize
The unique geology of Belize means that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of caves across the country. Indeed, Belize has the highest concentration of caves in all of Central America. Many of these caves were used by the ancient Maya to conduct some of their most important religious ceremonies as the Maya believed that caves were a gateway to the world of the gods. Here are five of the most interesting caves to explore in Belize:

Corozal Community College held its 2017 Expo at Corozal
The Classes of the Corozal Junior College invited all families to attend C.J.C. 2017 Fair that was held on Friday March 31st, 2017 in Corozal Town inside CCC compound. It commenced at 9am with a ceremony and ended at 4pm. It was a fun-packed Filled day with games, dances, Skit, Raffles, products Auction, Suoviners, pillow for sale, delicious snacks and food where on Sale, Cotton candy display, Pastries, Ice Cream, Flautas, Smoothies, coffee, Science creation. Despite the high temperatures and walking around the compound, I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the different booths of the school at the Corozal Junior College's Business and Trade Expo.

Skydive San Pedro returns to Spanish Lookout
Sunday, April 23 at 8 AM - 5 PM, Spanish Lookout. Did you miss your chance to jump with us at the Flyin2017 in March? With enough interest, we will be coming back to Spanish Lookout on April 23rd for another full day of skydiving! Tell your friends so that we can have enough jumpers to make the trip happen! We are starting to book slots already! Please call our San Pedro office at 226-5302 to reserve your time! Skydives will be $219 USD ($438 BZ) and the video and photo package is an additional $79 ($158 BZ)

International Sourcesizz

Saint Lucia sargassum project to be presented at the Smithsonian
A Saint Lucian project on the transformation of sargassum seaweed into organic compost will be showcased during the Earth Optimism Summit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. which will be held 21-23 April,2017. The project, the brainchild of Johannan Dujon, owner/manager of Algas Organics, will be highlighted at a gathering of 1 000 conservation practitioners, pioneering scientists from varied fields, leaders in industry, philanthropists and artists. Presentations at the event will be streamed live to a global audience. Read more at: Government of Saint Lucia

U.S. Army Reserve Engineers Try, Succeed in Belize
The motto for the Army Engineer Corps is "Essayons," a French word meaning "We Will Try." It denotes a willingness to take on a task, no matter how hard. The 471st Engineer Company (Vertical), an Army Reserve unit from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, was tasked with creating an operating base in the opening phase of Beyond the Horizon 2017 taking place in Belize. Beyond the Horizon 2017 is a partnership exercise between U.S. Southern Command and the Government of Belize that will provide three medical service events and five construction projects to communities throughout Belize from March to the middle of June.

Tech helps Caribbean communities take on climate change
Across the Caribbean, decision makers are realising a top-down approach isn't always the way forward. When powerful storms tear through the islands of the Caribbean, it's often fishing families and famers in coastal villages who bear the brunt of flooding and damage - and it's those same people who can help lead climate change adaptation, say experts. Across the region, decision makers are realising a top-down approach isn't always the way forward, and often those who live and work in high-risk areas - whether they grow coffee, run small businesses or work as tour guides - best understand the particular issues they face, and have ideas about how to tackle them.



  • Governor General to Consider Final Assent to PACT Amendment Bill, 2min. Governor General Sir Colville Young will consider affixing his assent to the PACT (Amendment) Bill, General Revenue and Appropriation Bill and ten others brought from the National Assembly. Of these, only the PACT (Amendment) Bill was voted down by seven to six, with social partner Senators joining the Opposition to vote against, on the ground that the Bill does not address PACT's conservation goals and merely serves as a vehicle for Government's revenue measures addressed in the Budget. But the Constitution provides, "If a money bill, having been passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate at least one month before the end of the session, is not passed by the Senate without amendment within one month after it is sent to that House, the Bill shall, unless the House of Representatives otherwise resolves, be presented to the Governor-General for assent notwithstanding that the Senate has not consented to the Bill." Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told News Five in an interview that come what may, the wishes of unelected persons, even in the upper chamber, cannot override the electorate's choice.

  • The History of PACT, 12min. The History of PACT is a short documentary about the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, and covers them from inception to current day. You can see how important their role is in conservation in Belize. Thanks, PACT! "Taking it back to 2004 with a short documentary film on the role and functions of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust."

  • St. George's Caye Resort - St George's Caye - Belize, 2min.

  • Jumping at Water fall in Belize. March 2017, 2min. Trip from the Cotton tree lodge.

  • Belize Raptor Centers, 2.5min.

  • River Crossing at Xuantunich Temples Belize - January 2017, 2min.

  • Zenaida Moya Show Episode 15, 1hr30min.



  • UNICEF Mission Group, 40min.

  • Belize High School - International Ambassadors (Taiwan 2017), 40min.

  • Chamber of Commerce - Roots Expo 2017, 22min.

  • CEMO & Belize RedCross - Emergency Relief, 37min.

  • Special Olympics Belize - Fun Run 2017, 23min.

  • CP Building Ltd. land & Housing Expo, 25min.

  • Did you catch the "Pre-schoolers" in action at the Bliss?, 7min. They have been performing for more than a week in the Festival of Arts. Thanks to our friends from the Bliss, here's a clip to check out some of the highlights with performers from the Belize District!

  • Cayo Western Ballaz Vs. Dangriga Dream Ballers, 55min.


  • Cockpit view, landing at San Pedro Airport, Belize, 5.5min. I was lucky enough to somehow sit in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 (or 182, I'm no expert) which is a little 4 seater prop plane. We flew out over the sea and landed on a tiny runway in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

  • Landing in Belize City, 2min. Landing at Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City, Belize.

  • Belize Caye Caulker Kiteboarding Day 1, 3min. Kiting in the middle of the village in Caye Caulker island in Belize. It is a nice place for kiting with a clean beautiful ocean. The spot is not too friendly for beginners due to the large number of piers and boats. Shallow water a little helps, you can walk pretty far out, no shoes needed.

  • Cave canoeing in Belize, 4.5min.

  • Belize Now - March 31, 2017, min.

  • Mermaid Life in Belize, 1min. Belize you have completely stole my heart. A couple clips from this incredible day. Hands down the most fun I have ever had in the water. Make sure to take a tour to Hol Chan + Shark Ray Alley while traveling Belize.

  • Belize Glover's Atoll, 22min.

  • Belize 2017, 6min.

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