Reports suggest that a major shake-up has been planned for the top ranks of the Belize Police Department taking effect sometime at the beginning of July this year. The Commissioner of Police has not issued any public notice but reports are that the most notable change will see ACP Chester Williams removed as top cop on the Southside to now oversee either the Prosecution Branch or the Professional Standards Branch in Belmopan. Belize City's northside and southside will now be under the command of ACP Dezerie Phillips who will have three sub commanders´┐Ż..Sr. Superintendent Alden Dawson for the Belize Rural Divison; Sr. Superintendent Ralph Moody for the Northside and Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal for the Southside. ACP Edward Broaster who is the commander for the Rural Eastern Division will take over as Commander of Operations for the Department in Belmopan while the officer who currently holds that post, ACP Noel Leal, will be upgraded to Deputy Commissioner of Police. The current Deputy Commissioner, Russel Blackett is nearing retirement age. Over 1 hundred cops with the rank of police constable, corporal, and sergeant are reportedly also being transferred. Reports to CTV3 News also indicate that Custom Officers will also be transferred, most of them who are currently working at the Santa Elena Border.