That MOU was one of 3 new services that the City Council introduced today. The second item on their agenda is a new Belize City mobile app. If you own an iPhone or an android phone, you'll be able to download a free app that gives you access to a catalogue of information for Belize City based businesses, including access to a phone number to directly call any of those very same taxi associations which sign up.

It is also the brain child of City Councillor Bernard Pitts, who manages traffic, and today, he told us how the app works:

Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor
"Some of the things you will hear this afternoon. One person that I am very excited about the launching of a Belize City app which is something that other municipalities have done but this is the first municipality in Belize which will have an app on your cell phone that will promote business and activity within Belize City."

Bernard Q. Pitts - City Councillor, Traffic
"The app in terms of use it's on both platforms. The IOS platform which is for Apple and it is on the Android platform. In downloading this app you will have free use for it, currently it's a free app and from whatever location you are in Belize City you will be able to find any business or any place that is registered with this app; meaning if you have a business you can sign up, your advertising I believe now is free for at least the first two months. On the app at the taxi category and I've MCC to showcase first, they have uploaded their logo, their name, their location and as you can see there is a tab there for a direct call from the app, their website and of course you can share this information with any persons. They have a short logo there for reliable and professional taxi services."

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