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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report: Found Property
On Thursday, March 30th, the San Pedro Police conducted a search at Tropic Air cargo at 2:30AM. The search led to the discovery of two parcels of suspected cannabis, amounting to a total of 947 grams. As no one arrived to claim the package, the item was transferred to the station and deposited as “Found Property”. On Wednesday, April 5th at 9:15PM, joint team of San Pedro Special Branch, Quick Response Team and Custom retrieved a parcel from Thunderbolt containing 63.5 grams of suspected Cannabis which was labelled and deposited as “Found Property”.

Letter to the Editor: Close clubs and bars early
Dear Mayor Danny and Town Council Liquor Control Board, It is time to REALLY face the music. Close bars and clubs no later than 2 AM. NO after-hours clubs. Over and over again you find that problems happen in the wee hours of the morning under the influence of intoxicants. How long until we wake up and say – enough!! Closing at 2AM (or even 12) will not have a negative effect on tourism. Our bread and butter is not in alcohol, it is in diving and fishing. Do the good families of this town really want their kids to grow up in a place where drinking all night is a “lifestyle”? The vast majority of people in this town are family-oriented, hard-working and clean living. Please do your part to serve and protect these good people and their/our livelihoods.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Pig Tail, Beef Tongue and Eggs
“I don’t understand how people can survive on the food that’s available in Belize,” the lady said to me. She was ahead of me in the line at the grocery store, struggling with a basket-load of shopping. “What do you mean?” I asked. “It looks like you have a lot of food in your basket.” “Yes, but most of it is so different from what I used to buy back home in Texas; especially the meats. In Texas I could walk into any supermarket and buy a beautiful sirloin steak.”

Tropic Air Caravan Fleet Now 100% Air Conditioned
Earlier this month, Tropic Air maintenance staff completed installation of a 24,000BTU air conditioning system on its final Cessna Caravan. All eleven (11) caravans in the fleet are now fully climate-controlled for passenger comfort. In addition, each new caravan delivered will have this climate-controlled system pre-installed. “Not only does this represent an investment of $110,000 per aircraft, but it also fulfills a commitment to our customers to provide passengers greater comfort even on the hottest of Belizean days”, said John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “This feature is unique among local airlines, and represents our commitment to constant improvement and investment in our product.”

Doctor Love: Kitchen Quandary
Dear Doctor Love, My boyfriend and I recently moved in together. He told me he did not have any skills as far as cooking and laundry and I agreed to do those things and in turn he would pay certain utilities while we split the rent. It seemed like a good arrangement until I found out that that he won’t eat anything I make. He likes very few foods; hamburgers, rice and beans, egg whites and spaghetti. But not spaghetti with ground beef or vegetables, just the sauce right out of the bottle. He hates garlic and cumin and onions make him push the plate away. He heaps salt on everything and will not touch chicken, pork chops or salad. I love vegetables and eat a variety of foods. He would eat the same things every day. Am I supposed to make two different meals every day; one he will eat and one with the vegetables I love?

Misc Belizean Sources


Congratulations Verge of Umbra
The Belize based rock band won a rock contest and will represent not only Belize but Central America at the Wacken Open Air 2017 in Germany. Wacken Open Air is scheduled for August 3rd - 5th. According to wiki "Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) is a summer open-air heavy metal music festival. It takes place annually in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. With 80,000 festival visitors, and including personnel a total of roughly 86,000 attendees in 2011,[2] it attracts various kinds of metal and hard rock music fans."

Friday - April 14th, 2017 - GOOD FRIDAY Saturday - April 15th, 2017 - HOLY SATURDAY Monday - April 17th, 2017 - EASTER MONDAY Here is wishing everyone travelling, to please be safe and enjoy your Easter Holidays!

CEO Caucus Challenge - Cancer Ride 2017
Yesterday, Major General K. K. Chinn, the commanding general of U.S. Army South, together with his colleagues, participated in the CEO Caucus Challenge - Cancer Ride 2017. Major General Chinn visited #Belize to officially launch Beyond the Horizon: 2017-Belize, tour the construction and medical services sites, and meet the Service Members from the United States, Belize, and Trinidad and Tobago, who are tirelessly working to make this collaborative partnership a success.

The Reporter

Separate shootings leave several people wounded; two critical
A man lies critically wounded at the Western Regional Hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. San Ignacio police were summoned to a location near 8 and 8 Restaurant on Bishop Martin Street in Santa Elena at around 1:10 this morning. There they saw Deon Gongora, 27, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and mouth. Gongora is listed in a critical condition but stable condition at western region hopital. In Punta Gorda, at around 7:00 Saturday night, Jordy Flores, 29, and Renita Jackson were driving in a black Hyundai vehicle on Orange Street, and as they reached Cayo Street, a gunman riding a bicycle shot at them several times, hitting Flores in the right arm and Jackson the right upper leg.

Plants can “hear” themselves being eaten, research reveals
Plants can “hear” themselves being eaten, researchers from the University of Missouri found in a new study, and they respond to the attack. The researchers discovered that the sound of caterpillars eating on plants made them more defensive, releasing more mustard oils, which are unappealing to caterpillar. Previous research has investigated how plants respond to acoustic energy, including music, according to Heidi Appel, senior research scientist in the Division of Plant Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the Bond Life Sciences Center at MU.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police issues official report on the two persons shot in Punta Gorda
According to police reports, last night around 7, Punta Gorda Police visited a scene where they saw Jordy Flores 29, suffering from a gunshot wound to the right arm and Renita Jackson 21, also suffering from a gunshot wound to the right upper leg.

Man shot in Santa Elena Town; In critical condition at hospital
According to police reports, yesterday around 1:10 a.m., San Ignacio police visited 8&8 Restaurant in Santa Elena where they saw Deon Gongora 27, suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the head and mouth.

Man shot in Belize City this morning
According to police reports, a man was shot on Riverol Street in Belize City shortly after 7 this morning. The victim has been identified as Erlin Butler.


Wildtracks’ Program for Manatees and Monkeys: Help Me Deliver Formula to The Babies
Just across the lagoon, just outside the mainland fishing village of Sarteneja, is an amazing AMAZING place. It’s called Wildtracks. Started in 1990 by Zoe and Paul Walker down a long muddy road into the wilderness – they went from fostering one manatee to running a large conservation, research and education program with a huge mission. Belize has a tendency to give you as much as you can handle – and soon after, it pushes the limits…again and again. These guys are doing absolutely jaw-dropping work. One manatee turned into a manatee rehabilitation center – the only one of its kind in the country – and then a monkey rehabilitation center (when in 2010, the facility that was doing this closed) as they help to end the illegal pet trade and practice in Belize.

Band Fest 2017 was held at Orange Walk, Belize Inside People's Stadium
Belize Bandfest 2017 took place on Saturday April 8th, 2017 at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town. 100's of people where already waiting for the event to commence. 9am at Corozal street, the marching bands marched down the streets of Orange Walk. When it started, the town was filled with music on various streets that passed on selected streets around town. The event was visited by thousands of spectators and supporters from around the country, of the thirteen bands who took part on this annual four hours event. Member of the Bandfest Committee, Julia Carillo shared some of the details of the much anticipated event. And, she thanks all the public on helping this event for the past 12 year's across Belize. Love Fm showed the event live on TV and live on radio. Sir Colville Young and Anchor of Love FM Rene Villanueva Jr. where the one's who commenced this Marching Band. They've done quite a lot of work during this past 12 year's of Band Fest across the country. Before I move on to the Band Fest Let me talk a little of Mr. Sir Colville Young and Mr. Rene Villanueva.

International Sourcesizz

The human side of conservation
Most of our conventional thought about conservation is pretty material. We should use less plastic, eat less red meat, drive more efficient cars, and turn off the lights when we don’t need them. Of course all of those things are invaluable pieces in the puzzle to sustaining and conserving our natural world for the generations that will follow us. But material thought can only bring us so far. In the turbulent and often perplexing world we live in today, what’s going to really count is the people making it happen. Passionate, informed, and committed people drive movements, and making conservation a consistent part of the global culture is the movement of our generation, and maybe the most important the world has ever seen. This January, I got the amazing opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Belize doing a field study course with the University of Virginia on Tropical Ecology and Conservation. While we were in the country, we got to meet some incredible leaders that have made the conservation of their home their life’s work. Sharon Matola literally built the country’s only zoo from scratch. Dr. Colin Young went to school in the States and came home to work in the Belize Ministry of Resources and the Environment. These kinds of passionate leaders are what turn the science of conservation into a reality today.


  • Wanderlust Magazine | Belize | History & Culture, 2min.

  • Wanderlust Magazine | Belize | Nature & Wildlife, 2.5min.

  • San pedro, Belize - Golf car tour, 9.5min. We took an express boat ride early in the morning from the Caye Caulker island. We rented a golf car for 2 hours and drove a little bit around the island. San Pedro is much warmer than Caye Caulker due to the number of cars I guess. It was fun to drive golf car and I suggest to buy some water and snacks before you start driving. It is hard to find a store on the way. We were thinking to visit secret beach, but we didn't have enough time to drive there because we needed to go back to Caye Calker island. San Pedro is 30 min away from the Caye Caulker island. It is really good place to visit.

  • Mountain Climbing and Belaying Training, 2.5min. The Victoria Peak trail is open for 2017! In March, we headed down to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the Victoria Peak Natural Monument, to meet up with Park Manager, Arvin Coc. Both Cockscomb Basin and Victoria Peak are managed by the Belize Audubon Society. Once there, we discussed the progress made under last year's PACT funded large grant to the Belize Audubon Society. One of the outputs included facilitating training for tour guides of the Victoria Peak Natural Monument. Have you ever been? It's quite the adventure, and safety is key. We were happy to witness the culmination of this training on safety measures and precautions provided by accredited rock climbers, Todd and Donette Swain. Great work and great progress for the Belize Audubon Society and these protected areas.

  • The Benders Go To Belize, 7.5min. Slideshow Montage of our trip to Belize in July, 2015.

  • 2017 Belize Loggerhead Encounter, 2.5min. Encounter with 5.0 ft loggerhead turtle in Belize while diving with Aggressor March 11-18, 2017. Shot in 1080

  • Biking around south part of Caye Caulker Island, Belize., 9.5min. Biking around Caye Caulker island in Belize. Going south through the city, then biking along east side of the island all the way down, biking north on a west side of the island, cutting via airplane strip(almost got him by an airplane) back to the middle of the island.

  • Tarpon Fishing - Belize Style, 1min. Feeding the fishes on Caye Caulker Belize.