The General Sales Tax of twelve and a half percent imposed since the first of April affects bills greater than one hundred dollars, but the actual rate is not expected to change. That is according to Belize Electricity Limited, which has submitted to the Public Utilities Commission its annual tariff review proceeding for 2017 to 2018. A statement from the company says it proposes to keep the mean electricity rate at just under thirty-seven cents per kilowatt hour and make no other changes to other fees and charges to customers. However, there may be changes coming for industrial customers, which are expected to merge into a single classification from the current two classes. B.E.L. says this will result in a gradual reduction in electricity costs for a wider range of manufacturers, agricultural and aquaculture producers. The company is also seeking the P.U.C.'s clarification of the rental fee for attachments by other utilities on B.E.L. poles. The P.U.C. is expected to respond sometime later this month.

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