Forty nine year old Orrin Cain says he was unjustly moved from a parcel of land he has been living on in San Pedro Town. Cain says he began developing a swampy piece of land back in 2007 and has applied for a title since he says he has developed it by planting mangroves and building a house on it. However, Cain was told he needs to get the† piece of land surveyed but he says he has not been able to do so.


“Thing is I have been living in San Pedro. I built my house on a waterside where I had my boat. I would go† in the water and get sand filled up† my place and now I cant go back home because someone made a deal I donít know what kind they made and with who and now the police are telling me I cannot go home. I got this paper from lands and this man has to come out of my house. I already built up my house on Tarpon Street and I donít know if Heredia threw away my application for the land or something but he doesnít want to give me permission to survey.”


“This land that we are talking about, you donít have title for this land? You donít have government papers for it?”


“I have my application for it at Belmopan from a long time ago. I have a paper from the Commissioner of Police to have this man come out of my land because when all those times I was shouting UDP all the way and pulling down all those PUP signs for him he said everything was good but now he canít do anything for me. Now he is just pulling back and saying he canít do anything for me and telling me later, later. I donít want to hear about later, later. I want justice now.”

By sharing his story with the media, Cain hopes the situation is resolved in a timely manner.