We’re collecting baby milk for the monkeys at Wildtracks...

Just across the lagoon, just outside the mainland fishing village of Sarteneja, is an amazing AMAZING place. It’s called Wildtracks. Started in 1990 by Zoe and Paul Walker down a long muddy road into the wilderness – they went from fostering one manatee to running a large conservation, research and education program with a huge mission.

They now care for and work with manatees, monkeys and host scores of long-term volunteers to take on this monumental task.

Since 2010, Wildtracks has taken in 107 monkeys and successfully released 49. Many which have their own babies. They currently have 53 monkeys in rehab and 5 manatees.

Now my friends and I have a chance to go back. And we wanted to bring something to help…

BABY FORMULA! And I’m hoping you wouldn’t mind helping. Here’s my plan.

We found out which type of formula that the babies drink. Enfamil 1 only. In the gold can. It is about $28bzd a can here and sold at many local stores.

So here is the plan. To bring the babies a shipment of milk from San Pedro (and from San Pedro & Belize lovers). Starting Monday, there will be signs at many stores around town where you can buy the formula.

Buy a can and drop it off at our Drop Off Spots. Right now they are: The Baker, about 1 mile south of San Pedro town and the bar at The Truck Stop about 1 mile north of town.

And if you are not in Belize and would like to help, you can send me money ($25bzd is the cheapest I’ve seen it on the island) on Paypal ([email protected]) WITH YOUR MESSAGE! Don’t forget your name and your message.

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