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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
On Tuesday, April 11th, San Pedro Police conducted a search at an apartment belonging to Jimell Paul Jex and Tracy Betancourt with the strength of a search warrant for drugs, firearm and ammunition. The search led to the discovery of eight unlicensed live 9 mm rounds. 31-year-old Jimell Paul Jex was arrested for the offence of "Kept ammunition without a gun license". Police are currently searching for Tracy Betancourt. On Tuesday, April 11th, San Pedro Police conducted a search at the residence of 30-year-old Marisella Garnett Casey and 26-year-old Derek Albert Livingston in the DFC area. The search led to the discovery of a plastic bag containing 656 grams of cannabis. Casey, Livingston, and Devon Matthew, who was at the house at the time of the search, were arrested and charged for the offence of "Drug Trafficking".

Wolfe's Woofer: Hired Help
"I love living on my little ranch in Valley of Peace," Tom Buckman said. "You and Sherry need to come visit and meet my new bride. She's twenty-six years old." Sherry said, "Twenty-six! Won't that be too young for you, Tom? How old are you, anyway?" "I'll be ninety-seven this coming birthday. I had to get a young one," he said. "I want some more babies." "Aren't you a little old for that?" I asked. "Being old is all in your mind. I've made twelve children so far and I want some babies on my ranch."

Letter to the Editor: Opposed to the Cayo Rosario Development
Dear Sir/Madam: In the matter of the proposed development of Cayo Rosario and Lot #297 Sea View Park. We as the property owners of beachfront Lot #493 Ambergris Bay, sharing a property border with the proposed mainland disposal and support site for the development of Cayo Rosario strongly object to the concept being applied for. Our objection is of three parts: � We object to the environmental impact of the development proposed on Cayo Rosario being amid a natural marine reserve. The overwater building operations will cause a disturbance of the aquatic life which will forever alter the immediate and surrounding habitat. Over-water structures have been proven to alter the aquatic habitat in a very negative way. o The introduction of treated and manmade building materials provision the leaching of unnatural and concentrated chemicals into the water.

Doctor Love: Loving Daughter
Dear Doctor Love, My mother is getting old. She lives alone in her house and I am worried about her. I want her to come and live with me and my kids and husband but she gets vexed and tells me to let her live in peace. She forgets the date and where she puts stuff and every time I look in her fridge there is old food there. The house isn't as clean as it should be and when I point it out she doesn't talk to me. Twice she missed paying the water bill and got late notice for it. Every morning her best friend comes for a visit but other than that she is all alone there. If she came to live with me she wouldn't have housework, she wouldn't have to pay bills and she could enjoy her young grandchildren. How do I get her to see she is too old to manage a house alone? /s/Loving Daughter

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Images of today's beach Easter party in San Pedro Town!
Another spectacular Easter celebration on the island!

Free medical services are underway in Ladyville this entire week!
rom general family medical services to pediatric care, OBGYN, optometry, and dentistry, all services are free and do not require an appointment. Charge d'Affaires Adrienne Galanek, together with the Ministry of Health's Dr. Melissa Diaz, Primary Care Coordinator for Central Health Region, and Nurse Augustine Elijio, Deputy Director of Health Services, visited the Ladyville site to meet medical personnel, patients, as well as local NGO representatives with informational booths on site. Beyond the Horizon: 2017-Belize

The Reporter

Guatemalan rider takes Cross Country cycling race
Guatemalan rider, Alejandro Padilla, is the winner of the 2017 Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic cycling race. Padilla, also the winner of the 2016 race, completed the race in a time of 5:53:05. His performance earned him $6,400 in prizes, the garland and 8 trophies. Patrick Raines of USA, placed 2nd, with a completion time of 5:53:26, and collected $4,100. Another Guatemalan rider, Adler Torres, placed 3rd in 5:53:28 to win $2,000. Torres also took over $6,000 in station prizes. Torres kept the pace in front on the way back and he, Padilla and Raines broke away from a pack of riders just past mile 9 on the way back. The trio kept the lead all the way into Belize City until Padilla made a sprint on Princess Margaret Drive. Raines never responded and he and Torres rode in almost together at thr finish.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

US woman pleading for justice for murdered daughter
A US woman is calling for anyone with information on the whereabouts of her daughter's suspected murderer to assist authorities in finding him. Josephine Wentzel is in Phoenix, Arizona this week trying to assist authorities with their search for Raymond "RJ" McLeod, who they suspect may have escaped to Belize. "I was told they are not looking for a suspect, they are looking for a murderer. He killed my daughter," Wentzel said.


Belize (Part 1) - Exploring Exotic Islands in the Caribbean Sea
When people think of booking a last minute vacation, Belize is not usually the first place that springs to mind - especially if you are travelling from Europe, planning your first solo trip and only have two weeks to play with. This is the situation I found myself in earlier this year but even still, you're probably wondering why I opted for Belize. Well I'll tell you why. Home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, Belize is a country of vast contrasts - with a chilled back Caribbean vibe on its islands on the East coast and ancient Mayan ruins, caves and jungles to explore inland on the West. To me Belize offered the perfect mix of adventure, activities and relaxation so it was an ideal destination. Below is a detailed two week itinerary for Belize with recommendations for food, accommodation, tour companies and everything in between. I have split the itinerary into three posts each covering different aspects of the trip so make sure you check them all out.

Belize (Part 2) - An Un-Belizeable Sailing Trip
Back in January 2017, I decided to embark on my latest adventure. I decided to travel to Central America to see the wonderful Belize. I was both very excited and nervous at the same time as I was travelling by myself for the very first time. Before I left Ireland I planned my entire trip and showed a friend who had been through all of South and Central America, including Belize, a few years ago. After showing him my plan he advised me to change three days of it and recommended that I look into the Raggamuffin Tours Overnight Sailing Trip. He didn't do the trip but he knew someone who did and they raved about it. I actually came across the trip when I was researching, "things to do in Belize", but honestly it never crossed my mind to actually do it. Looking back on it now, it was definitely the best decision I made and I am very grateful to my friend for suggesting it.

Belize (Part 3) - Exploring the Mayan Underworld
When we got to Dangriga there was a queue of cars offering lifts to the bus station. They originally wanted $5pp for the short trip, but we negotiated with them and we packed five people into one car and only cost $10 for all of us. We got to the bus station in Dangriga at 4.00pm but had to wait till 5.30pm for a bus heading to Belize City in the north via Belmopan. Several buses arrived during this time heading south, so if you are heading to the popular destinations of Placencia or Hopkins you won't have to wait as long. There are two buses at 5.30pm, the express and the normal. We went for the express one and it got us to Belmopan in 90 minutes and only cost $7, $2 more than the normal bus, trust me it's 100% worth it. It's a nice scenic journey to Belmopan and the roads are surprisingly good.

International Sourcesizz

These Breathtaking Photos Are NASA's First Images of Our World at Night in 5 Years
NASA has released a global map of the Earth at night for the first time since 2012, using the powerful Suomi NPP satellite and complex computer algorithms to give us our best look yet at our planet in darkness. The newly improved, high-resolution graphics can help scientists plot population patterns, energy demand, the expansion of cities, and even shipping lanes. What's more, NASA scientists plan to release daily snapshots of the world at night later this year, so we don't have to wait five years between updates - and that means researchers would be able to use the data to aid disaster recovery operations and monitor energy use on a day-to-day basis.


  • This Is Belize - Drone Footage Of Beautiful Belize, 1.5min. Most of you know that I totally fell in love with Belize when visiting a few weeks ago. I was so disappointed not to have by drone working but the super talented Shane Mc Grath Photography has kindly allowed me to share his video from beautiful Belize. THIS IS WHY I LOVE BELIZE!

  • Belize Barrier Reef: Natural Relaxation Movie, 62min.

  • I farmed seaweed in Belize to learn why it's the food of the future, 6.5min.

  • Ariel's trip to Belize 2016, 27min. My first solo travel trip!

  • BELIZE 2017, 8.5min. My study abroad trip for marine biology :)

  • ziplining in belize NCL #4, 3min.

  • Maddie Lovin' Belize!, 1.5min.

  • Belize Travel Diary, 2min. BEST SPRING BREAK EVER. loved filing/editing this, miss this gorgeous country already!

  • Warasa Drummers of Belize showcasing Garifuna culture at Maya Mountain Research Farm, 17min. Sharing Garifuna drumming and dancing with permaculture students in San Pedro - Columbia, Belize.