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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Female raped in San Pedro
On Sunday, April 16th, San Pedro Police arrested and charged 39-year-old Eldon Williams for the crime of Rape. According to the official police report, at 12:30AM on the said date, a 17-year-old female student felt someone on top of her while she was sleeping on a couch inside her living room. As she woke up, she recognized the person, Williams, was having sexual intercourse without her consent. The female, and her mother reported the incident, and a medical examination was conducted on the female, certifying that she was raped.

Projects Abroad holds Diabetes Information Session
Projects Abroad coordinated a Diabetes Information Session on Thursday, April 13th at the Lions Den. From 9AM to 12PM, Nurse Cora Guillen, along with Dr. Meg McHenry from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, offered free blood glucose screenings and promoted the importance of healthy living, as well as diabetes counseling to five patients. McHenry, who's a registered dietician, explained that although there was a low turnout, it was the perfect setting to give her patients one-on-one consultations. "I've been coming to San Pedro for the past two years as part of a mission to help Holy Cross Anglican School, and to offer my services as a dietician. Last year I hosted a session at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, and it was not the best area for me to give personal consultations. However, I met with five patients this year, and spoke to them on ways for them to improve their diet by limiting excessive carbohydrates," said McHenry.

San Pedro Roman Catholics celebrate Easter
San Pedro Roman Catholics annually observe Easter as the holiest time of the year. With many events scheduled by the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, 'Holy Week' was marked with special observances. Ushered in by the 40-day Lenten season, the Holy Week is not only celebrated as the last week of Lent, but it marks a time when Christians observe Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Holy Week 2017 began on Sunday, April 9th, with the observance of Palm Sunday. During Palm Sunday mass, palm leaves were blessed and given to the congregation. The leaves were then turned into crosses as a token of their faith. According to the Holy Bible, these symbolic palm leaves were used by Catholics to welcome Jesus to the Holy City.

Belize's Ombudsman chairs Extraordinary Session of the Central American Council of Human Rights Defenders and Ombudsmen
Belize's Ombudsman Lionel Arzu, accompanied by his Legal Officer, chaired an Extraordinary Session of the Central American Council of Human Rights Defenders and Ombudsmen. The Extraordinary Session was convened primarily to review a Letter of Commitment to formulate and implement, subject to available resources, national and regional strategies to deal with migration affecting the region. Presentation topics included the present situation of migrants in Central America, which is thought to have reached a crisis level; the needs for consular and human rights protection for migrants, especially asylum seekers, refugees and those internally displaced; models for detentions centers and programs to house and reintegrate migrant families and returnees; and, regional collaborative mechanism among Defenders, Ombudsmen and others institutions to help protect and promote the human rights of migrants.

Ambergris Today

Erica Bodden Crowned Miss San Pedro Lions 2017
In a short ceremony held on Saturday April 15, 2017 Erica Bodden was crowned as the new Miss San Pedro Lions 2017- 2018. Following the coronation an Easter dance was held with live music from Caribbean kings and a special presentation from Ismael Antonio Chacon "El Buki." Congrats Erica, Enjoy your Reign!

Belize Team Wins At Ancient Maya Ball Game At Teotihuacan, Mexico
The Pok Ta Pok Maya team Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk, Belize represented the country and came back victorious from a 'Pre-Hispanic Soccer' competition/ Maya ball game that was held in the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico City. The tournament of "Mesoamerican Ball Game Ulamaztli, Teotihuac�n 2017", was be held on April 14 and 15 in which 10 Mexican delegations participated, as well as Belize, as a guest country. In the final game Belize faced off with the Mexican tournament winner and ended victorious.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize Fishing Report, April 10 thru April 16
As usual the bonefish are always plentiful and catchable. Everybody joined in the fun. Anne, Tom, Isaac, Jacob, Steve, Mary Margaret, Mike, Case, Jeff, Kathleen, Ben, Nader, Ken, Eric, Macy, Andy, Paul, Annabelle, Wayne, KT, Matt and Stuart all had a great week of bonefishing. We also caught a few tagged fish that will help us better understand their movements once we get the results. Always cool to learn more about our bonefish habits.

Yo Creek Village (Orange Walk) PokTaPok Maya team representing Belize internationally
The team won Teotihuacan team in Mexico . They won an Oxidian Trophy. The spirit of our Maya ancestors are with our team. Picture courtesy of Mrs Felicita Cantun from U Puksi'ik'al Maya.

Prime Minister Departs Country on Personal Leave
The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow departed the country on personal leave on Monday, April 17th, 2017; and will return to the country on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017. During the Prime Minister's absence, the Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Culture and Sports will act as Prime Minister.

Military Medical Service Offered in Ladyville, Belize this week
Don't forget to stop by our medical service event this week at the Ladyville Community Center/Hurricane Shelter. We are open today and will be open every day until Friday.

We are in awe and so very touched by the outpouring of support we've received from friends and donors! Since the launch of our CrowdRise campaign, we have hit the $25,000 mark and counting! During that time, evidence of a mother tapir and her calf has been discovered in the area; a rare Great curassow (listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN) hopped across the highway between the Wildlands and the Zoo's Tropical Education Center. Endangered Yellow-headed parrots continue to find save haven here after a hard day of foraging, and jaguars roam and call deep into the night! Yes, our wonderful Belizean wildlife thrives here in the heart of the Central Belize Corridor, and your support will help us ensure this continues for many generations to come! Please help us to continue spreading the word about our "Saving Wildlands for Wildlife" Campaign.

Museum of Belize Insect Room
Look out for the re-launch of the our upgraded Insect Room...coming soon!

Apply to be a BTL Scholar!
High School Scholarships to be awarded up to $12,000 per scholar* Applicants MUST be: 1.) between the ages of eleven (11) and fourteen (14) 2.) entering High School for the first time 3.) a Belizean or a child of a Belizean and have been residing in Belize for at least three (3) consecutive years Successful Scholarship Recipient will receive: 1.) FREE tuition for the four years of high school 2.) FREE textbooks each year *High School Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and academic performance. Fill out the application form found online at Deadline for submission is Friday June 16, 2017

I will be doing a series of painting from a photographs. Join us this week for "Pelican View." Bring Rags to wipe your brushes if you can!

Belizeans participate in Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms Symposium at UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
From March 30 - April 1, several Belizean women including Cristina Coc, Lucia Ellis, Cynthia Ellis-Topsey, Annelita Garcia, Sandra Miranda, and Selene Solis participated in a 3-day symposium entitled Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms: Common Struggles Against Global Capitalism. The symposium was designed as a forum to bring together Indigenous and other women in the Caribbean to share academic papers and stories of women engaged in activist work in their communities around issues of gender and sexuality justice; struggles for recognition and sovereignty; indigenous women's rights, empowerment and leadership roles; environmental protection of land and water and other issues.

Launch of the Pesticides Control Board's First Strategic Plan
The Pesticides Control Board (PCB) of Belize is pleased to announce the launch of its first Strategic Plan (2017 - 2021) which was developed in partnership with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme and the Department of the Environment, through the Belize Chemicals and Waste Management Project. The Strategic Plan will be launched on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. In line with the vision and mission of the PCB, the overarching goal of the Strategic Plan is to "increase the responsible use and management of pesticides to protect human health and environment of Belize". The Strategic Plan sets forth four interrelated Strategic Goals (SGs) covering the areas of 1) registration and post-registration surveillance, 2) responsible use and management of pesticides, 3) strategic partnerships and inter-institutional linkages, and 4) governance, management and operations.

The Steak House in Corozal
Tired of looking for food? Here's a newly opened food restaurant in Corozal. The Steak House is an excellent food you want try. Its so excellent you might want try it again. So, stop by today at south of corozal.

Running Rebels vs. Hurricanes
Running Rebels host the Belize Hurricanes this Friday, April 21, in a "Do or Die" match inside the Complex! Come on out to support your Rebels!!

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative
Are you a young and creative entrepreneur? Are you an innovative civil society leader? Do you want to launch and advance your entrepreneurial ideas and to effectively contribute to social and economic development in your community? Become a YLAI fellow! Applications for the YLAI (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative) professional fellows program are now open! To learn more about this amazing program and to apply, check out Hurry, the deadline is April 23, 2017.

Barrier Reef Drive in San Pedro closed for 8:30am mass 4/23
The public is advised that Barrier Reef Drive will be closed to ALL vehicular traffic including bicyles from 8:30am Sunday the 23rd of April for an open Mass held by the Roman Catholic Church. Any vehicle parked in this area when the barriers are closed will not be allowed to move until the Mass is over. Thank you for your co-operation.

Channel 7

A Rare (Extra Long) Weekend of Peace In The Crime Capital
Tonight's headline is one we wish we could give after every long weekend. There was peace in the city over this four day weekend: no gang war, no one shot, and no one killed as the result of a gang beef. Yes, one woman was murdered in a crime of passion, and we'll tell you about that shortly - but first the latest on the gangs. Last week Wednesday, the gangs had a peace march. It was a first, this kind of demonstration of goodwill to the community - and many onlookers expressed more than a little skepticism. But, we now know it was more than just symbolic - because since Wednesday, there has been no reports of shooting for gang related crime in the city - and it's been years since we can say that. The peace comes out of the march, but also out of a closed door meeting that followed the march to hold down on all crime and violence throughout the easter.

Street Woman Murdered For Sex
But while there were no gang related murders, there was still a murder in the city this weekend. The victim is 35 year old Indira "Princess" Thompson - a person well known to most Southside residents. And those who traffic Albert and Orange streets would have surely seen her around a couple times, either begging for money or just hanging out on the street side. Well, early Holy Friday morning, Princess was beaten and stabbed to death at a house on Southern Foreshore. Princess was at the house alone when a man came asking for sex. She refused to sleep with him and he attacked her. I spoke to her family about her tragic story.

Six Year Old Climbs Into Vat and Drowns In San Pedro
And while the holiest weekend of the year saw a break from gang or gun murders, that doesn't mean that the easter holiday was without tragedy. A 6-year-old child drowned in San Pedro; 2 men died at the bottom of a well in Trial Farm; and a 9-year-old child is hospitalized after being pulled out of the sea in Corozal. The first victim is 6 year-old Zaem Torres who fell into a vat filled with water and drowned. It happened on Thursday night, sometime around 11:00. That's when police visited the Bay Side area of the Island and they saw several men performing CPR on Torres's little body. It wasn't yielding any results, and he was rushed to the Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Reports to police are that the child climbed up on the water tank in an area that has a number of such tanks. He fell in and drowned.

Samaria Was Saved
And while that 6 year old drowned, 9 year-old Samaria Azencio is currently hospitalized at the KHMH after she almost drowned on Saturday afternoon. We understand that sometime around 2:00, she was swimming in the sea at the Miami Beach area of Corozal Town. That's in the popular bay area, and she was there with her family, but reports are that she went under rather suddenly. There were swimmers nearby who immediately went to rescue her, and several persons performed CPR on her to save her life. They kept the CPR going even as police transported her to the Corozal Community Hospital. Today, our colleagues from CTV 3 News spoke with one of the persons who helped to revive her as soon as she was out of the water. Here's what she had to say:

Two Men Die From Toxic Fumes From A Well
In Orange Walk District, 2 brothers died in a well on Good Friday. They were attempting to clean it, when they were suffocated by toxic fumes inside. At around 11:30, 41-year-old Trial Farm villager Isidro Coyoc, and his 26-year-old brother, Jeovani, were on their family farm, located in the Goat Hill area. Both men were cleaning a 40-foot well, but Jeovani Coyoc was at the bottom. He started to gasp for air, and his elder brother, Isidro saw his distress. He tried to get him help, hurrying to a nearby field to get assistance, but no one could help. So, he went down into the well himself to rescue his younger brother. Unfortunately, the toxic fumes overtook both of them. Police found both men in water above the waist; they were both unconscious, but still holding on to the ropes.

Another Fire At Chateau After Building Already Burnt Down
Viewers will remember the iconic Chateau Caribbean on Marine Parade, which was almost completely destroyed by a huge fire at the end of November. That was just 5 months or so ago, but on Easter Monday morning, there was another blaze in the remains of that 3 storey building. It caused another headache for the Fire Department, who had to extinguish another fire in a building that had already burnt down. More vexing for the fire department is that preliminary indications are that someone intentionally lit what's left of the building on fire. Today, one of the spokespersons for the Fire Department discussed the investigations into what appears to be arson:

BBQ Started House Fire
On Easter Sunday, the fire department responded to reports of a house fire on Elston Kerr Street in Belize City. It appears that someone had attempted to start a barbecue near the wall of an abandoned, wooden bungalow house. The flame flared out of control, caught the wood and spread quickly. The Fire Department says it is the product of pure carelessness:... Orin Smith, Station Manager - Belize National Fire Service: "On Sunday 17th April, 2017, at approximately 1:38pm, the National Fire Service received and responded to a report from the police of a structural fire at a 3739 Elston Kerr Street Belize City address. Two units were dispatch to that location. On arrival on the scene, smoke was seen coming from a 10x20 wooden structure with zinc roofing elevated approximately 1 foot off the ground. Following a brief size-up, the fire department got into operation to extinguish the fire. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished. As a result of the fire, the west section on the structure received fire damage. The structure is own by one Miss Faber. The structure was not insured."

Fire Dept: Principal's Office Set On Fire
So, while the fire investigators aren't suspecting arson in that Easter Sunday blaze, they strongly believe that last week Monday's fire at the Ladyville RC School was definitely set by someone who wanted to burn the principal's office down. We spoke with Police before the long Easter weekend, and they said that they couldn't confirm that arson was the motive. But, today, Station Manager Orin Smith walked the media through the reasoning that clearly points to arson: Orin Smith, Station Manager - Belize National Fire Service: "I think the investigators concluded that that was incendiary. There is evidence of photographs where I see where burglar bars were being cut, some completely cut - others were not completely cut. There is a photograph I saw where an aluminum louvers were torn open in trying to get into the office. However, the officer I understand was double barricade with burglar bars on the exterior as well as the interior and that gave them whoever it was trying to get in there a difficulty and I supposed frustration, hence the fire."

Teenager Raped
A 17 year old girl was raped inside her home on Easter Sunday morning. She was asleep in her family's living room when she was awakened around 12:30 by someone having sex with her. She recognized the man as 39 year old Eldon Williams. Williams has been charged for rape.

Independence Police Have No Leads on Stolen Revolvers
Independence police are running into dead ends on their search for the four .38 revolvers that were stolen from KBH on Wednesday the 12th. Police say they have interviewed about 8 persons including the security guards at KBH but still have no leads as to where the guns are or where the thief or thieves are hiding out. Police continue to work on this case and are asking the public to call the police if they have any information that could help them get these guns off the street.

72 Year Old Survives Knocked Down
An elderly man is lucky to have survived a Holy Thursday accident on the Northern Highway. 66 year old John Milton Tillett was driving his Ford F-250 around 6:30 on Thursday evening. He was heading to Belize City from Ladyville when 72 year old Daniel Ramos walked across the highway between miles 2 and 3, in front of DK Supermarket. Tillett slammed on his breaks and swerved to try and avoid hitting Ramos but it was too late - but fortunately Ramos survived the hit. His right arm was broken, and he got a cut wound to the forehead and abrasions to the knees but he is being treated at the KHMH. Tillett was served with a notice of intended prosecution.

Cops Got Weed By the Pound
Police are reporting that they have taken 22 pounds of marijuana off the streets. The bust was made On Good Friday when officers found 20 pounds of marijuana in an abandoned lot on Water Lane. The officers also found marijuana plants, and one person has since been charged.

Cross Country Pedal By Pedal Review
The 2017 Cross Country is over - and again, Belizean will have wait another year to see one of our own wear the garland. This year, first second and third went to foreign riders. And if you're scratching your head and asking what went wrong, Kwame Scott has reviewed three hours of footage to give you the answer. Here's his report on the Classic that was another heartbreaker:. At the sign in we saw, 2017 Belmopan Classic Winner Oscar Quiroz followed by teammate Ron Vasquez, the winner of the KREM New Year's Day Classic and team Digicell's brightest hope Joslyn Chavaria Jr. And here's Belize's best finisher in 2016, Joel Borland. Belize's current national under 23 road champion, Giovanni Lovell, Masters Rider Kenroy "Smokes" Gladden, American John DeLong of Ken's Bike Shop, 50 year old Fitzgerald Palas Joseph, Guatemalan Adler Torres, Veteran Quinton Hamilton, and David Henderson Jr.

Belizean Riders Couldn't Keep Up With Foreigners
And so while you've seen the pedal by pedal account of the race, what about the riders reactions? Of course, the elite Belizean riders were disappointed - they got beat by the same rider two years in a row, followed by a man old enough to be their father! We spoke to four of the top five finishers and here's how they put it:... Apart from the Garland and a trio of trophies, Padilla also takes home six thousand four hundred dollars for finishing first. That in addition to any other station prizes he claimed along the way.

50k Belizeans Passed Through Northern Border Over Easter
For many Belizeans, Easter is all about getting away to the islands or inland destinations to soak up sun and saltwater. But, Chetumal is also a popular getaway. And though we don't know how many went to the cayes or Placencia, the Immigration Department can tell us exactly how many went to "Chet." The total passing through the Santa Elena Border in Corozal for Thursday April 13th to Monday April 17th is 48,815 persons. That's both ways, so you can estimate that about 24,400 persons went each way between Thursday and Monday. That's in addition to the three thousand who go to the Free Zone every day.

PM On Personal Leave
And while thousands of Belizeans went to Chetumal for their break, Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country yesterday on personal leave, and he will return this coming Sunday. During his absence, Deputy PM Patrick Faber will take over as Prime Minister. And that's the news for tonight. Thanks for joining us. With your news I am Courtney Weatherburne

Police Report on Rape Incident in San Pedro Town
On 16.04.17 a 17-year-old female student accompanied by her mother reported that on Sunday April 16th, 2017 at 12:30 a.m. while she was sleeping on a couch inside the living room and awoke when she felt someone on top of her and recognized the person as Eldon who was having sexual intercourse with her without her consent. Medical examination was conducted on the female certifying that she was raped. Police have since arrested and charged 39-year-old Eldon Williams, unemployed of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Ambergris Caye for RAPE.

Channel 5

A "Princess" slain: Indira Thompson stabbed to death over sex rejection
The life of one person was cut short at the start of the Easter holidays in the City and it was a mentally challenged woman. Indira “Princess" Thompson lived her [...]

Gangs at peace through Easter; follow-up session conducted
There has been a noticeable calm in the streets of the Old Capital since last Wednesday, when leaders of various Belize City gangs took the streets for a first-of-its-kind peace [...]

Warring factions look to sign up to keep the peace
Jawhi, along with Brother Nuri Muhammad, has been busy with the leadership of the respective groups hammering out the terms of the peace treaty. While he has chosen, at this [...]

Interpol looks for seasoned criminals, including Manuel 'El Pelon' Castillo
The International Criminal Police Organization, known as Interpol, has fingered six Belizeans among two hundred fifty-seven Caribbean nationals wanted this Easter by the agency, according to website News Americas Now. [...]

Guatemalan Congress rejects expanding map to include Belize
Weeks ago, we reported that a leaked progress report by a consultant in Guatemala was pushing the idea to officially include Belize as part of Guatemala in that country's map. [...]

Brothers suffocate in Orange Walk farm well
Two brothers perished in a well on their family farm on Good Friday in Tower Hill,� Orange Walk. The Coyock brothers were cleaning out an old well when one of [...]

Boy drowns in a vat in San Pedro
Six-year-old Zaeem Vicente Torres, a resident of San Pedro Town, lost his life over the Easter weekend in a most bizarre incident. The infant was at a restaurant along with [...]

Girl, 9, fights for life after nearly drowning in Corozal
Drowning is a common concern in the Easter Holidays as Belizeans travel to sources of water for relaxation. The family of nine-year-old Samaria Azencio Murcia waits by her bedside at [...]

Razed Chateau Caribbean lights up again - why?
It may have been raining on Easter Monday afternoon, but that didn't stop fire from once again engulfing the Chateau Caribbean Hotel on Marine Parade. It was previously severely damaged [...]

Small fire hits home at Elston Kerr Street
There was also fire reported on the Southside of Belize City, at a residence on Elston Kerr Street. On Easter Sunday afternoon, fire personnel were called to put out a [...]

Fire Service confirms Our Lady of the Way fire was incendiary
Last Monday night, police responded to a report of a fire at Our Lady of the Way Roman Catholic School in Ladyville, where the lower flat of a two-storey building [...]

Prime Minister off on personal leave
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is off on personal leave. He left the country on Easter Monday, April seventeenth and returns on April twenty-third. During the Prime Minister's absence, the Hon. [...]

B.N.T.U. prepares for convention - leading candidate denies promising sweets for presidency
The Belize National Teachers' Union meets in convention beginning on Wednesday in Corozal Town. In addition to usual union business for reporting to its membership such as financial reports and [...]

Moody's gives Belize and Superbond thumbs up
Belize is buckling down to the business of paying off Superbond three point oh with interest payments resuming on a semi-annual basis subject to conditions until 2030 when the first [...]

Symposium honors Caribbean feminism
Indigenous women from Belize participated in a three day symposium in Trinidad earlier this month.� Cristina Coc, Cynthia Ellis-Topsey, Annelita Garcia and Sandra Miranda, along with Selene Solis of the [...]

Man charged for rape of teen in San Pedro home
That's the good news, but thirty-nine year old Eldon Williams, an unemployed man of San Pedrito area of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, has been charged with the rape of [...]

Sports Monday reviews disappointing Cross Country Cycling Classic
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday. [Highlights of weekend sporting activities�.]

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Traffic Accident Victim Succumbs To His Injuries
Tonight the family and friends of 49 year old Edgar Wiltshire are in mourning after the well-known taxi driver passed away on Sunday night April 16th at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City - six days after he sustained injuries from a severe traffic collision. On the night of Monday April 10th Wiltshire was driving his grey in colour Chrysler Town and Country van on the Phillip Goldson Highway when it crashed with a dark green in colour Toyota Tacoma pickup truck driven at the time by Justin Goff. Goff appeared to have suffered the worst impact when he was diagnosed with broken arms and a broken leg. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Belize Wins Ancient Mayan Ball Tournament
Over the weekend, ten Mexican teams and one team from Belize faced off to compete in the Mesoamerican ball game known as 'Ulama' which kicked off in the ancient Mayan City of Teotihuacan on the 14th and 15th of April. The game is considered as one of the oldest sports in the world which is played with the use of a rubber ball weighing approximately 4.4 pounds. The objective of the sport is to maintain control of the ball so that it remains within the field, however, the use of hands and feet are strictly prohibited as players must use their hips instead. During the last leg of the competition, the Pok Ta Pok Mayan team from Yo Creek Village here in the Orange Walk District which represented Belize, faced off with the winners of the Mexican tournament. At the end of the game, Belize came out victorious taking home first place.

Close To Fifty Thousand Belizeans Crossed The Border To Chetumal, Mexico
Over the weekend close to fifty thousand Belizeans from across the country packed their bags and other belongings and made their way across the border of Mexico along with their families to spend the long awaited Easter vacations. During this time of year, it is of no surprise that popular destinations such as Chetumal, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Mahajual to highlight a few, see a massive flow of Belizeans who flock to the different beaches for recreation. Reports reaching our news room from the Immigration Department indicate that the arrival and departure of Belizeans between the 13th and 17th of April amounted to more than twenty thousand visitors each way. This calculates to a sum of forty three thousand seven hundred forty eight visitors altogether.

Twenty One Year Fined For Traffic Offenses
Another Paraiso Village resident also found himself facing the long arm of the law. 21 year old Dalton Nunez faced heavy fines this morning for driving a motorcycle that had no vehicle license nor 3rd party insurance, and while he had no valid driver's license. Police say that on April 12th, during a patrol they stopped Nunez and when they asked about the licenses or insurance, he could not provide any. In Court, Nunez pleaded guilty to all four charges which included failure to display a driver's license sticker.

Two Brothers Suffocate In a Forty Feet Well
Two Trial Farm bothers lost their lives on Good Friday following an incident where both men suffocated inside a well. Police reports indicate that the men, namely forty one year old Isidro Coyoc and twenty six year old Jeovani Coyoc were found unconscious inside a well located in their family farm in the Goat Hill area of Tower Hill sometime before one o'clock on Friday afternoon. Police say that the younger of the Coyoc brothers was inside the forty feet deep well cleaning it when he began to suffocate. Isidro, who was assisting in the cleaning, ran for help some distance away, and apparently ran into a worker for BSI/ASR, Marcelo Canul who told the media about his encounter with a frantic man searching for help.

Nine Year Old Nearly Drowns In Corozal Bay
The crowd of visitors enjoying their holidays at the popular Easter relaxation spot, Corozal Bay, experienced a real scare on the afternoon of Holy Saturday when a little girl was seen drifting in the water completely motionless. Upon recognising that the child was in an emergency, rescuers dived into the sea waters to rescue her. The child, 9 year old Samaria Azencio, was then assisted by two persons who carried out CPR on her. After a few minutes, Samaria faintly responded. The Police were contacted and with their help the child was rushed to the Corozal hospital for treatment and later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she lies in recovery in a critical but stable condition.

Paraiso Resident Fined For 7.8 grams Of Marijuana
This morning a young resident of Paraiso Village in the Corozal District was fined for the crime of possession of controlled drugs. Police say that on Holy Friday they caught 19 year old Luis Sosa with marijuana. In Court, authorities said that during a patrol in Paraiso they stopped Sosa and carried out a search. On his waist, Police found a transparent plastic bag containing green leafy substance. He was read his rights and detained, and then taken to the Police Station where the substance was confirmed to be marijuana and weighed at 7.8 grams.


PM Out on Personal Leave
Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber is holding over for Prime Minister Dean Barrow for the period April 17 through to April 23. Prime Minister Barrow departed the country yesterday on personal leave and is slated to return on Sunday.

Princess Stabbed Multiple Times on Bellevue Grounds
A Belize City woman was killed over the Easter holiday. Renee Trujillo followed this story and filed this report. RENEE TRUJILLO REPORTING "This is the location of what was once known as the Bellevue Hotel on Southern Foreshore in Belize City. While it holds decades of memories for past generations, the now run-down and neglected [�]

6-Year-Old Drowns in Rotoplas Vat
A six year old boy drowned in San Pedro Town on Thursday night. At around 11 o'clock, San Pedro police visited the Bay Side area where they came across a group of men around 6-year-old Zaeem Torres. When police arrived on the scene they saw CPR being done on Zaem. The six year old was [�]

Brothers Die In Well in Northern Belize
A pair of brothers died in a well about forty feet deep on Good Friday. They are twenty six year old Jeovany Coyock and forty one year old Isidro Coyock, both from Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District. According to police, at around 11:30 on Friday morning, Jeovany Coyock was cleaning the well [�]

Chateau's Remaining Structure Further Gutted
The remains of the Chateau Caribbean establishment in Belize City caught fire yesterday. Renee Trujillo has the story. RENEE TRUJILLO REPORTING "Almost five months ago, the landmark structure which housed the Chateau Caribbean Restaurant in the Fort George Area went up in smoke as the building caught fire and quickly consumed the wooden structure. It [�]

Guatemalan Takes Garland for the 89th Cycling Classic
The 89th annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic saw 80 riders registering but only 78 made the roll out from the starting line. The race sees riders starting in Belize City to San Ignacio and Back, a course of about 140 miles. By midday, the 2016 defending champion Alejandro Padilla Miranda kept his title [�]

Video of Drowning American Student in Belize Surfaces
A video recording has surfaced showing how Tomari Jackson, the student of North Cobb High School in Georgia, USA, drowned in the Sibun River in the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize last year. The 14-year-old travelled to Belize with 31 other students and visited the education and training center in Belize during a weeklong [�]

PANCAP Promotes Youths' Response to HIV/AIDS
With the marked decrease in available funding coupled with the closure of several advocating agencies that worked against the increase of cases of HIV/AIDS, there is the urgent need of an alternative plan that will not hamper the national response to the disease. Falling in line with this need for Belize is an upcoming meeting [�]

Villager Escapes Death in Hit and Run Incident
A man was knocked down while on his way home in Unitedville Village. Correspondent Fem Cruz has more details. FEM CRUZ "A hit and run traffic incident in the village of Unitedville left 27 year old Manuel Perez, a resident of Unitedville Village hospitalized. According to Perez on Holy Saturday night just before 8pm he [�]

Fire Investigations Conclude Surrounding School Fire
Thousands of dollars' worth of supplies, furniture and electronics were lost in a fire that occurred on April 10 at Our Lady of the Way RC School in Ladyville Village, Belize District. From the onset, it was a case of suspected arson. Today, Station Officer at the Belize City Fire Station, Oren Smith spoke to [�]

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Belizeans participate in forum in Trinidad & Tobago
Several Belizean women participated in the Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms Symposium at UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago including Cristina Coc, Lucia Ellis, Cynthia Ellis-Topsey, Annelita Garcia, Sandra Miranda, and Selene Solis. The event was held from March 30 to April 1. The women participated in a 3-day symposium entitled Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms: Common Struggles Against Global Capitalism.

Free medical services for Ladyville residents
As part of the Beyond the Horizon 2017 project, free medical services are being offered in Ladyville this week. Services include general family medical, pediatric care, OBGYN, optometry, and dentistry. All services are free and do not require an appointment.

Crime threatening World Heritage sites
Crime is threatening the existence of nearly half the world's designated Heritage sites including Belize's Barrier Reef reserve system, according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). The WWF, in its latest report, noted that almost half of the world's 200 designated world heritage sites (45 percent) are plagued by wildlife criminals. The WWF says the problem is so far reaching it could lead to the extinction of critically endangered species including javan rhinos and wild tigers.

Man knocked down on highway in stable condition
Last Thursday at around 8:38 p.m., 66-year-oldJohn Milton Tillett, a general contractor of Marigold Lane, Belize City, was escorted to the Caribbean Shores police station in his Silver and Red Ford F-250. Tillett reported that at around 6:30 p.m., he left Ladyville to Belize [�]

Foreign riders dominate Holy Saturday Cross-Country Classic
Three foreign riders, two Guatemalans and one from the United States, claimed the top positions in the 89th Holy Saturday Cross-Country Classic, hosted by the Cycling Federation of Belize. Alejandro Padilla, who also won last year's race, took first place with a completion time [�]

Weekend fire caused by BBQ grill
On Sunday, police visited an address Elston Kerr Street, Belize City where cops observed fire personnel extinguishing a fire inside a room of an unpainted wooden bungalow house belonging to Dawn Faber, 52. Initial investigations revealed that on around 1:45 p.m., someone had attempted [�]

Chateau Caribbean up in flames again
Yesterday around 3:15 p.m., police visited the remains of Chateau Caribbean hotel located at #6 Marine Parade, Belize City where officers observed that already damaged three story wooden and cement structure engulfed in flames. Belize National Fire Services personnel responded to the scene and [�]

San Pedro man arrested for rape
A San Pedro student, along with her mother, reported to police on Sunday that she was raped as she slept on a couch in her living room. The girl reported that at around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning she was awoken when she felt someone [�]

PM Barrow departs country on personal leave
dean The Office of the Prime Minister issued a release this morning informing the nation that PM Barrow departed the country on personal leave on Monday, April 17th, 2017 and will return to the country on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017. During the Prime Minister's [�]

Central American ministers to attend SICA forum in Turkey
On April 20, Foreign Ministers from Central America will attend the second Central America Integration System (SICA) forum in Istanbul, Turkey. According to sources from the Foreign Ministry in Turkey, the forum will see attendees from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras [�]

Moist conditions to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly moist and unstable conditions to prevail with cloudy skies and a few showers mainly over the coast this morning and moving inland this afternoon. The wind will blow from the east at 5-15 knots. The sea state will [�]


Top five places to visit Belize 2017 Part 1.
Visit the incredible ancient city of Tikal on this day trip from San Ignacio. Once a powerful city center during the Classic Mayan period, today Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage site that draws scores of visitors each year. Your professional guide will take you across the border into Tikal National Park in Guatemala and lead you on a fascinating tour of the sprawling archaeological complex. Round-trip transport from your San Ignacio hotel and all park fees are included. Visit one of the largest and most important Mayan sites in all of Central America. Your professional guide will pick you up at your San Ignacio hotel for the roughly 1.5-hour drive to Tikal National Park. You will be assisted in all border crossing procedures to enter Guatemala safely and hassle free. Be sure to bring your passport!

Things to Do in Belize 2017 PART 2
Float through soaring caves then fly from tree to tree on a 6-hour private adventure from Belize City that combines tubing and a thrilling zipline challenge. Hike into the forest, then float the Caves Branch River into caverns lined with flow stones and bristling stalactites. Trade your tube for a harness, then launch into the air from a series of eight platforms connected by cables that stretch up to 1,200 feet (366 meters). Rappel back to earth from the final platform and catch your breath before returning to Belize City. See your light flicker upon strange shapes and the ultimate darkness beyond. Hear the echo of your own voice bounce off the distant walls. Listen to the water dripping from the ceiling, creating spectacular formations in the stunning chambers. And while you might be expecting dark and claustrophobic passageways, you are likely to find enormous chambers and cathedral- sized rooms.

International Sourcesizz

16 Incredible Pictures Show the Beauty of Bats
In honor of Bat Appreciation Day, see up-close photos of these majestic-and often misunderstood-flying mammals.
Few animals have captured the imagination like bats. From superheroes to vampires, bats' unique characteristics have inspired fascination for centuries, but in real life, they play a critical role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. In addition to controlling bug populations, bats are a critical source of pollination. In the Southwest U.S. and in Mexico, they pollinate agave plants, making them essential for tequila production. Bats have uniquely adapted to their environment. It's a common misconception that they're blind (and in fact they see three times better than people), but during the night they rely primarily on their ears. Their screeches allow them to echolocate, or create a sonar map of their surroundings.

After months of denying she would call snap elections and under a year after replacing former Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Theresa May stunned the political world as she announced today from 10 Downing Street early elections would indeed be called for June 6, 2017. The British Prime Minister said in her statement that "the cabinet decided it was the necessary thing to do in order to ensure the success of of Brexit" she said "while the country is united, Westminster remains divided on Brexit and with a 17 seat majority she and her cabinet wanted "a clear mandate from the people in order for exit from the European Union to be effective" While some are saying May broke her repeated promise not to call snap elections others such as former Prime Minister David Cameron are hailing May's decision as "bold and brilliant"

Belize: An easy tropical getaway from Wichita
Our flight left Wichita Eisenhower National Airport at 6 a.m., and at 2 p.m., we were climbing into a small boat, joining two other couples for an afternoon of snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea. There are few tropical destinations as convenient to reach from Wichita as Belize, which is why the Central American country is one of the few places we've visited more than once. On our first trip, we flew from Wichita to Dallas to Belize City, where we took a small airplane to the southeastern coast to explore the beach resort area and jungle around the Placencia Peninsula. This time, we visited the country's largest island, Ambergris Caye, just a 15-minute flight from the mainland via Tropic Air aboard a 14-seat, Wichita-built Cessna Caravan turboprop. The flight felt more like a sightseeing tour than transportation. The beach is one of the main reasons to visit the Caribbean. Xanadu Island Resort offers oceanfront cabanas. Altun Ha is about 30 miles north of Belize City. Belize was once the center of the Mayan civilization, archaeologists believe. Altun Ha is one of the country's most visited of the ruin sites. One of the main draws of Ambergris Caye is its proximity to the 190-mile-long Belize Barrier Reef. The beach is one of the main reasons to visit the Caribbean. Xanadu Island Resort offers oceanfront cabanas. Altun Ha is about 30 miles north of Belize City. Belize was once the center of the Mayan civilization, archaeologists believe. Altun Ha is one of the country's most visited of the ruin sites.

5 Blue Holes to Add to Your Bucket List
As you approach the dive site, you can easily see where it is from the distance. It is not because of a buoy or unusually shaped nearby rock landscape, it is the water. The color of the water stands out, a deep blue. You are about to dive a Blue Hole. Blue Holes, even the name sounds inviting. They get their name from the intense deep blue color that stands out against the lighter blue or green surroundings. They provide a different environment than the surrounding seas and a unique dive experience. A blue hole is a sinkhole whose opening is below the water level. In many ways, they are very similar to sinkholes found on land and have much in common with the cenotes of Mexico. The sinkholes were created by erosion and the karst processes, which is the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks. At the time, the sea level was lower than it is today and the openings of the sinkholes were on land. Some Blue Holes are known to have been developed over different periods. Studies of the Belize Blue Hole show the development started more than 153,000 years ago. It became submerged when sea level rose, however, sea levels dropped exposing the sinkhole 66,000 years ago, then again 60,000 years ago, and the most recent 15,000 years ago. The effects of these time frames can be seen in the Blue Hole.

Rendering Honors
"In life, he honored the flag. In death, the flag honors him," said Maj. Joe Ward, a chaplain with the West Virginia Army National Guard, to the small group gathered around him. The chaplain is part of a small detail led by Command Sgt. Maj. Angel Rivera, command sergeant major of the 210th Regional Support Group, an Army Reserve unit from Puerto Rico, to honor a recently deceased American citizen living in Belize, Master Sgt. David Pandy Jr. The honor guard belongs to a larger task force that was in Belize for a humanitarian exercise called Beyond the Horizon 2017. The exercise is designed to improve medical and educational infrastructure by providing three health care service events and building five new medical and school buildings throughout the country. Neither the command sergeant major nor the chaplain expected to be under the hot sun in a foreign country watching a casket being lowered into the ground during their annual training. These Soldiers, though busy with their primary missions at the construction sites and medical events, made time to render honors to one of their own.

How "de-risking" is changing the face of AML compliance programs
The last decade has brought with it sweeping changes to the financial industry that has made it increasingly difficult and costly for banks, money services businesses (MSBs) and other financial institutions to fulfill their anti-money laundering (AML) compliance requirements. Under pressure from executives, board members, and regulators alike, many banks have taken aggressive steps to reduce their exposure to fines and penalties. One such step that is becoming increasingly common is to sever ties with smaller financial organizations that they consider high risk, including MSBs, non-profits, foreign embassies and correspondent banks. Known as "de-risking", or "de-banking", this practice sees larger financial institutions end certain lines of business, sever relationships with or close the accounts of smaller financial institutions. While this minimizes the larger bank's risk exposure, it has significant implications for the smaller respondent banks that rely on their correspondent banking relationships (CBRs) to access international financial systems. Being denied this access further isolates some of the world's most vulnerable areas, including developing nations, and drives many to smaller, potentially non-compliant financial institutions or illegal "shadow markets" of cash transactions to get the services they need.

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast Calls For a Near-Average Number of Storms, Less Active Than 2016
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is forecast to be less active than a year ago with the number of named storms and hurricanes near historical averages, according to an outlook released Monday by The Weather Company, an IBM business. A total of 12 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes are expected this season, which matches the 30-year average (1981-2010) for the Atlantic basin. A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or stronger on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The outlook cited that the potential development of El Ni�o later this summer along with current and forecast sea-surface temperature anomalies played a role in their forecast for a near-average season. But there remains plenty of uncertainty regarding El Ni�o's possible development, and therefore, how much of an effect it could have on the hurricane season. "If El Ni�o fails to launch, we may be too low with our numbers," said Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.


  • These captains can turn these huge boats on a dime. Mad skills!, 1min.

  • Pre-Hispanic 'Football': perform a competition of a ball game maya in teotihuacan, 2min. Teams of Mexico and Belize clashed in the pre-Hispanic city of teotihuacan this Saturday to play a game of Ulama, a ball game in which the use that players make their hips, is more important than the use they make of their feet . Ulama, also known as ullamaliztli by Aztecs is played with a rubber ball about two pounds of weight, with teams of four players that can only move the ball using their hips. The goal of the game is to keep control of the ball and that this is kept inside the field.

  • Mexico: Hips of God! Pelvises fly at contest for 3,000-yo Mayan ballgame, 2min.

  • Rejuvenation Project to Breathe New Life into Downtown Belize City, 6min. The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project was launched on April 8th, 2015 by the Government of Belize and the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The project is funded through a loan from the Taiwan International Cooperation Fund with counterpart funding from the Government of Belize; and is being implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation with support from the National Institute of Culture and History and the Belize City Council.

  • Dr. Sennef on the Dangers of Glyphosate, 1hr30min. Dr. Sennef speaks about the dangers of Glyphosate. Brought to Belize through the efforts of Pro-Organic Belize. Pro-Organic Belize supports all farmers in Belize committed to growing organic produce under Participatory Guarantee System Standards, and the education of farmers, vendors, consumers and the public.

  • Belize April, 2017, min. Family vacation

  • Jungle Jump Belize, 10sec. Local spot in Belize where people like to cool off from the heat.

  • 3lks Belize 2017, 12min.

  • March 2017 Belize Zoo Jaguar, 1min. He sounds cool and you can get really close to the animals there.

  • Belize 2017, 3min. A wonderful short getaway at San Pedro, Belize. Mahogany Bay Village made our stay amazing!

  • Belize Bonus B Roll 2017, 16min. You want more!

  • Villagers farming seaweed to prevent over fishing, 2.5min.

  • POK TA POK TEAM, 2.5min.

  • Cross Country 2017, 5.5min.

  • National Agriculture & Trade Show Committee - Farmers Year, 36min.

  • University of Belize Earth Day 2017, 21min.

  • Recipes for Detoxing our Bodies, 30min.

  • Cross Country 2017, 11.5min.

  • Cross Country 2017 post race interviews, 5.5min.

  • Have you ever heard of the Common External Tariff, CET for short?, 3min. Here's a short informational video from the Directorate General for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Investment, Trade & Commerce - Belize

  • Belize 2017 - (Giant Cave), 4min. Cave Diving at Giant Cave, Belize - 18/04//2017

  • Loggerhead Turtle Belize, 38sec.

  • Belize Spring Break 2017, 35min.Backpacking Belize this spring break. Traveled 500 miles by motorbike. Stayed in Hopkins, Punta Gorda, and Placencia.

  • C&J Belize Vacation 2017, 12min. Our trip to Belize was full of beauty and adventure!

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, on TNC10, 60min.

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