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Bowen & Bowen customers and consumers are advised not to purchase Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles without the Crystal branded tamper evident shrink sleeve intact.

There have been several reports of illicit refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles with inferior quality water. Please be aware and vigilant to not be fooled by imitation water.

To safeguard our customers and consumers and help ensure you are getting the Crystal Water you want and paid for, Bowen & Bowen Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles have several safety measures as part of our standard packaging. Please be sure to check for these before purchasing and opening a Crystal Water 5-gallon bottle.

1. TAMPER EVIDENT SHRINK SLEEVES that cover all 5 Gallon Caps

2. BLUE CAPS with additional peel away tamper seal label

3. A Crystal PEEL AWAY TAMPER seal label on the top of 5-Gallon Caps

4. Bottles are embossed with Bowen & Bowen Crystal Logo

5. Crystal Water Labels are attached to the side panel of each bottle

Bowen & Bowen is pursuing the matter of illicit refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon Bottles expeditiously for consumer's safety. If anyone has information regarding someone illicitly refilling Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles, please call us at our Toll Free Customer Service number and let us know : 0 (800) BOWENBZ, 0 (800) 269-3629