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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Senator Elena Smith is BNTU's new president
Senator for Labour and Civil Society Elena Smith was elected as Belize National Teachers Union's (BNTU) new president. Not only does Smith have a 20-year membership within the union, but she is also the first woman to become BNTU's national president. Held under the theme, "BNTU -Advocating for a Better Belize by Defending Collective Bargaining and Freedom of Association", the election took place during the second day of the 57th Annual BNTU Convention in San Roman, Corozal at the Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico's Auditorium. Out of 636 votes, Smith gained the majority with 349 votes, while her opponents, Mario Mesh (President of the Corozal Rural Branch) received 140 votes, and Troy Coleman (President of the Stann Creek Branch) received 147 votes.

Ana Barrera wins San Pedro Leos' scooter raffle
Lucky island resident Ana Magarita Barrera, 'La Mami', won herself a brand new blue scooter at the Lions Den on Saturday, April 15th. The raffle was drawn at the San Pedro Lions Queen Coronation/Dance, and on Friday, April 21st, several Lion and Leo members joined in handing the scooter to Barrera at the Lions Den. Barrera was ecstatic to receive her new mode of transportation. She told The San Pedro Sun that she was in complete disbelief when she received the call, notifying her that she had won. "I was shocked�I have much experience coordinating raffles, and purchasing raffle tickets. I have been lucky in the past to win, but this is my biggest prize yet," said Barrera. Even more fun to her is that she only bought one ticket, for a mere $10. Considered one of the San Pedro Leos' biggest fundraisers, the raffle was held to raise funds for travel expenses to the International Lions Convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As the first ever Lions Club originated in Chicago, the convention will take place on June 27th to July 4th, where Lions and Leos from across the world will join together to celebrate the Lions 100th year Anniversary.

Ambergris Today

Goodbye To Ana Maria Osorio
Ana Maria Osorio passed on this Saturday, April 22, and was laid to rest on Sunday. She died on Earth Day and was celebrated and buried during the Feast of Devine Mercy. Ana was born in Progreso Yucatan, and lived as a child in Majahual. One of Chichi Ana's biggest qualities wad establishing friendships in any neighborhood where she lived. Ambergris Today and the Nu�ez/Zapata/Eiley families extend sincere appreciation to all who visited, brought gifts and wreaths, attended the funeral mass, and expressed warm words of consolation: Dr. Irvin and Alma Gabourel at Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center, Dr. Carillo, Dr. Ellington, Physiotherapist Smith, Nurses, Gaby Nu�ez and his team, Graniel's Construction, Father Reynaldo, Abel Guerrero Lay Minister, Eduardo Brown, Barbara Brown, Elida Brown Rodriguez, Cora Guillen, Julie Nu�ez, Cindy, and Letty Eiley.

Anna Barerra Wins Scooter From The Leo's Club Raffle
On Friday, April 21, 2017 The San Pedro Leo's Club handed over a Scooter to lucky winner Anna Barerra. The raffle was drawn on Saturday, April 15 during the Easter dance. Proceeds of this raffle will be used into helping keep the community clean and helping those in need. The Leo Club wishes to thank all those who bought a ticket or helped in any way.

Misc Belizean Sources


Trip to Lamanai
Great day out yesterday on a trip to Laminai up the New River with Tanisha Tours. Started off with a stunning sunrise and finished with a sundowner. Filled with Boat Billed Herons, Spider Monkey, Kingfisher, Howler Monkey, Toucans, Woodpeckers, Mayan Ruins & more.

Expo-Salud 2017
I want to thank the Village Council staff, clinic staff, Eli Gutierrez , all San Pedro Volunteers, Adventurers, Pathfinders, Master Guides and all volunteers from the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Caye Caulker who made it possible Attend to about 200 people and help them in health issues during the Expo-Salud 2017 free of charge that took place on basketball court last Saturday, April 22nd. 18 photos.

Divine Mercy Mass
The San Pedro Roman Catholic Church celebrated the Divine Mercy Mass at a special congregation at Central Park in Downtown San Pedro, yesterday Sunday, April 23.

Comments on the CARICOM Regional Standards for White and Brown Sugar
Deadline for submission of comments on the CARICOM Regional Standards for White and Brown Sugar is this Friday, 28th April 2017. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the standards development process!!

World Immunization Week
This week is being observed as World Immunization Week. The Ministry of Health will carry out extra vaccination campaigns including health sessions in schools, industrial and construction sites, and a few tourist destination centers. A mini health fair will be held on Wednesday, April 26 at the Dangriga Polyclinic. For more information, please contact the Maternal and Child Health Unit at the Ministry of Health. [email protected].

Police Department statement
Recently the Belize Police Department has been wracked by a series of improprieties, committed by some of its members, which are of major national concern. The Ministry of Home Affairs, as part of it Zero Tolerance Policy for police improprieties, hereby assures the public that every report or knowledge of wrongful act committed by its members will be dealt with expeditiously and with utmost transparency. The Police Professional Standards Branch's capacity is being enhanced and will now see its personnel take a pro-active role in ensuring that the Belize Police Department's professionalism is second to none. The public is encouraged to report any activity which they may perceive as improper to the Professional Standards Branch. Every report will be dealt with professionally and expeditiously. The Ministry takes this opportunity to applaud the Police Commissioner for taking decisive action against those who reportedly were engaged in corrupted practices, unwarrantable use of force and other criminal acts that brought the integrity and professionalism of the department into question during those unfortunate and regrettable occurrences.

Belize's top minds in the field of information technology and other stakeholders are meeting for a full week at the Belize Biltmore Plaza to address issues of cyber security and awareness. The public sector, business, law enforcement, judiciary and others will work towards the drafting of Belize's first National Cyber Security Framework and Action Plan. Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte said that it must include a way to thread between issues of privacy and protecting victims while punishing offenders. Meanwhile, former Government CO Michael Singh, who now is Chief Technology Officer in the office of the Prime Minister, committed to expanding and simplifying digital services by Government.

"Book Week" in Belize
This week is being celebrated as "Book Week" in Belize. We'll feature books written by Belizeans. Have you read our first feature? BEKA LAMB "Beka Lamb" (1982) is the first novel written by Mrs. Zelma "Zee" Edgell. It took ten years to write the novel from idea to publication and was the first book to be published in newly-independent Belize. The novel won Britain's Fawcett Society Book Prize which is awarded annually to a work of fiction which contributes to an understanding of women's positions in society. The book received much international acclaim, making Zee Edgell the first Belizean author to achieve such success.

Hon. Edmond Castro and NEMO Respond to Victims of Freak Storm in Biscayne Village
Over the weekend, Minister of National Emergency Management and Area Representative for Belize Rural North Hon. Edmond Castro led a NEMO response team in the village of Biscayne where a freak storm, which struck late Saturday afternoon April 22, 2017 around 5:00 PM, affected nine (9) families. Three (3) homes were destroyed beyond repair and six (6) others were significantly damaged, most of the families losing their roofs and much of their belongings. Fortunately, there was no loss of life or significant human injury resulting from the storm. Hon. Castro and the NEMO team delivered immediate relief supplies to the families, including mattresses and food stuff. Meanwhile, the affected homes are being assessed to determine what kind of assistance is needed for rebuilding and repairs. Also, as part of the immediate emergency response, damaged electrical lines were restored by the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL).

Mobile mortuary refrigerator and freezer system for San Pedro
On April 19th, 2017, the San Pedro Town Council joined a group of stakeholders in a meeting that was organized and coordinated by the National Forensic Unit of the Police Department in collaboration with the US Embassy in Belize. The purpose of the meeting, which was spearheaded by Chief Pathologist in Belize - Dr. Mario Estradabran, was to explore the idea of tapping into the United States INL/CARSI Project funds and to look at the possibility of acquiring a Mobile mortuary refrigerator and freezer system. The acquisition of such system would be a temporary solution to the inhumane conditions in which dead bodies are stored on the island, before it can be transported for post-mortem or burial. In cases of violent deaths, in many instances, bodies that are exposed to the natural elements may sometime result in the loss of evidence. In such cases, it makes it difficult for the Forensic Unit of the Police Department to gather proper evidence to bring closure to some of the murder cases in Belize.

Are you ready for Fiesta Rama held in Orange Walk?
2017 Fiesta Rama bikers will showcase great rides in Orange walk town Belize..From food, to eating competition, to food eating contest, to rides, to baseball, and more the event keeps getting bigger and better. The tradition has lasted over the years and many Belizeans has enjoyed the event. This years event will take place at the peoples Stadium in Orange Walk, Belize. This years event everyone will gather on for the opening night which usually commence at 7pm. Throughout the weekend games like volleyball, Baseball, football was is an all day thing on Saturday and Sunday.

No more Guatemala and Dispute over Belize; Belize is for Belize
For centuries the question of the Belize/Guatemala territorial issue has hampered and stunted economic growth and development in Belize and retarded commercial relations between these two countries. A concerted effort has been made in the past to improve and normalize relations through diplomatic channels and negotiations. Initially, these efforts were solely the work of the United Kingdom, the colonial power excercing defacto sovereignty over the territory of Belize which Guatemala claimed. Later on though, in the period after Belizean self-government, and especially since the early and mid-1970's, home-grown Belizean leaders played a critical role in shaping and promoting their country's interests in the controversy. The transition from colonial to local leadership, and the change in objectives from Imperial satisfaction to the pursuit of national sovereignty, was an important one. We shall therefore see, when we come to look at the strategy used by the Belizean leaders in their quest for self-determination, how certain developments in international relations favourable to developing countries enabled the Belizeans to advance their cause.

Illicit refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles
Bowen & Bowen customers and consumers are advised not to purchase Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles without the Crystal branded tamper evident shrink sleeve intact. There have been several reports of illicit refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles with inferior quality water. Please be aware and vigilant to not be fooled by imitation water. To safeguard our customers and consumers and help ensure you are getting the Crystal Water you want and paid for, Bowen & Bowen Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles have several safety measures as part of our standard packaging. Please be sure to check for these before purchasing and opening a Crystal Water 5-gallon bottle. 1. TAMPER EVIDENT SHRINK SLEEVES that cover all 5 Gallon Caps 2. BLUE CAPS with additional peel away tamper seal label 3. A Crystal PEEL AWAY TAMPER seal label on the top of 5-Gallon Caps 4. Bottles are embossed with Bowen & Bowen Crystal Logo 5. Crystal Water Labels are attached to the side panel of each bottle Bowen & Bowen is pursuing the matter of illicit refilling of Crystal Water 5-Gallon Bottles expeditiously for consumer's safety. If anyone has information regarding someone illicitly refilling Crystal Water 5-Gallon bottles, please call us at our Toll Free Customer Service number and let us know : 0 (800) BOWENBZ, 0 (800) 269-3629

Introducing our first DJ and Official Sound System for this year's Caye Caulker Lobster Fest
Caye Caulker's #1 DJ Julian Blue Wave Pacheco and Blue Wave Sounds - Caye Caulker

Hummingbird Furnishings Sale
Its our 1st Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale with discounts up to 50% and as if that is not enough we will also be raffling one of our outdoor Dining sets on Sunday. Sale starts on the 29th and ends on the 30th April. Visit our Belmopan office or our booth at the Agriculture And Trade Show SP#177 for a chance to win.

The karst team monitored the third set of caves in the Chiquibul Caverns
No good news - this region nearby the western border is now actively being used for milpa farms and looting.

It is being reported on social media and news outlets that the Director of Public Prosecution is reviewing a file to bring rape charges against Magistrate Norman Rodriguez. A leaked police report is circulating on social media in which the alleged victim says Norman Rodriguez took her to his house in Dangriga, where he just assigned as Magistrate, took her clothes off and raped her. Sources are telling ABP the alleged rape took place on April 11th, 2017. It is not clear why the DPP is only now considering rape charges. This is not the first time that Rodriguez has been accused of rape. While a teacher at Excelsior high school, Rodriguez was accused of Statutory Rape of a 14 year old girl in June, 2004. After the young girl testified before a jury that she had sex with Rodriguez at his house on plues street in Belize city, Rodriguez was still acquitted at trial.

Channel 7

A Twister Tore Through Tiny Biscayne
This weekend Biscayne residents were left shaken after an intense thunderstorm wreaked havoc on their homes. It hit on Saturday evening around 4:30. Most residents were inside their houses and the weather seemed just fine until, all of a sudden, darkness blanketed the sky and there was a downpour. But that wasn't the end of it; residents say a miniature tornado whipped through and caused a whole lot of damages. Now we have reported on these types of storms before, one of the big ones hit Crooked Tree in August 2011. While Meteorologists say these storms are nothing out of the ordinary, it was very much so for Biscayne residents. Courtney Weatherburne has more details on the aftermath. Ralph Gentle, Biscayne Resident: "We just figured it was just normal, the wind just a bit blowing hard we didn't know it was to all that extent until we come outside and saw it , the trees ,we see the tress, the fruits them on the ground and everything so we realize that something strange went on."

Hon. Faber Says He Didn't Meddle in BNTU Election
Last week, we told you all about the election of a new national BNTU president, and the political intrigues surrounding that election. It's an election that almost didn't happen because the union leadership was so concerned about the possibility that the UDP was backing one of the candidates. Supposedly the ruling party favored Mario Mesh - who ended up coming in last, with 140 votes, not even half of what the winner Elena Smith got. So, if anyone was backing him it didn't help. But Education Minister Patrick Faber says he certainly wasn't involved; in fact, he congratulated the new President Elena Smith on his Facebook page on Friday. But, today when we met Faber at a Cyber Security Forum, we asked if that congratulatory post is just a front:..

Hon. Faber Responds To Union Busting Allegations
And so, while Faber disavows any knowledge of meddling in the teachers union election, he knows all about that million dollar honorarium that his ministry is paying to those teachers who didn't strike. Except it's not a million dollars - it's a little more than half that. Today, Faber told us he is mightily peeved that everyone - from the unions, to the chamber to the NGO's to the media - jumped all over him and his government for the payout - and no one even bothered to get all the facts:... Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education: "Nobody, including the media, has ever written to us and said: can you give us the details of how things are going to be done here and what is it that is specifically being done? You would think that those things would be done before you put out a press release as an entire entity to say that we condemn; That is my issue with them. So I'm very disappointed at that. So that all those who have gone half-cocked saying: oh, it's a million dollars - are really�they miss read or they took it too far.

Chopping Murder Down South
For the second weekend in a row - there are no Belize City shootings or gang related murders to report tonight; in fact, we have not reported on a shooting in the city for two whole weeks - which is nothing short of remarkable. We hope the peace continues. But there is still a murder to report tonight - this one happened down south in Trio village - which is in the Toledo district. On Saturday morning just before 11:00 police found 22 year-old Belizean Santiago Garcia suffering from chop wounds to the back of the head, the right cheek and the right wrist. The cops tried to rush him to the Independence Poly Clinic, but he died before he could make it there.

Post Mortem Suggests Baltazar Killed By Blunt Force To Neck
It appears that a jaguar - or some wild animal may have caused the death of Progreso resident Baltzar Lino. As we told you on Friday, the 44 year old went hunting, but didn't return. When his family went to look for him, they found his body face down in a well - in an area between Caledonia and Progresso. His family notes that he had what looked like a claw mark streaked across the back of his neck, and a post mortem has confirmed that injury as being the cause of death. A picture from the area also shows the imprint of a jaguar paw near the well. That area is known to have an active jaguar population, but experts say that cases of wild jaguars attacking humans are rare.

Real Jail for Fake Cops
The alleged fake cops who were caught in Public's Supermarket on the northern Highway went to court today. Police saw the pair standing at the entrance of the supermarket in uniform like they were on duty. They were arrested on spot. That was Wednesday afternoon, and, today, five days later, they went to court for arraignment. 22 year old Dorian Blair and 39 year old Barrington Slusher, were charged with making a false pretense of an officer when they appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Blair had an attorney, Oscar Selgado, who conceded to the court that Blair was on Supreme Court bail and by being charged for an offence whilst on bail he had violated one of the conditions of the bail.

Police Pick Up Weed In City
On last Friday's Newscast, we told you how the police found a bucket of weed in Ladyville. Well, over the weekend the cops found over 2 kilos more of marijuana in 3 separate operations in Belize City. They found 1.706 kilos or 3.88 pounds of marijuana on Friday evening on Iguana Street.

A Pair of Home-made Guns Appear
Today a Belize City resident appeared in the Magistrate's Court for the possession of a homemade firearm. Thirty year old Fenton Reyes was charged for keeping a prohibited firearm, keeping ammunition without a gun license, and for the possession of a little more than 1/10 of an ounce of cannabis. According to reports, a police mobile patrol stopped and searched Reyes on Krooman Road yesterday where they found a homemade .22 pen gun with one round of ammunition and the cannabis. Reyes pled not guilty in court, but no bail was offered because of the firearm and ammo charges. He was remanded to prison until June 16.

Taking Cyber Security Seriously
The Belize National Cyber Security Symposium - just hearing the name it sounds like a lot of high tech talk for computer types. But, this symposium is actually about regular folks, because, with so many Belizeans now accessing the internet through mobile devices, the issue of internet safety inevitably arises. And we don't just mean safety of your passwords and accounts - we mean, how safe is your child while accessing the internet, and what measures can be taken if you're the victim of revenge porn, or cyber - bullying? All that factors into this forum which is a first for the Caribbean:... Bevil Wooding, Executive Director, CaribNOG: "This is absolutely the first time such an ambitious undertaking has taken place in the wider Caribbean region." Jules Vasquez reporting: And while there are often meetings about cyber security - this is the first to have such senior representation from a cross section of lawmakers and decision makers:

Come Out To Talk Cyber Security!
But one of the real priorities is to engage the public - specifically regular folks. The symposium runs for four days and tomorrow, there's a public forum. Wooding says he wants you to come out:... Bevil Wooding, Executive Director, CaribNOG: "So today you are seeing suits and ties and people from different dimensions of society, but once we get into tomorrow's agenda where we break into specific forum, there is opportunity for the so called man on the street, the common member of society to come and sitdown and asks the questions that cannot be asked in any other forum. What does this mean for me? Not in technical terms, in practical terms. I have a child who I am concerned about in terms of how they use the internet. I have devices that I have brought into my home and I want to know how to secure it. I have these concerns and I want to understand how I can address it. Those are all parts of the structure of this week."

UNIBAM Broadening The Discussion
Today, at the Princess Ramada Hotel, UNIBAM, the gay rights activist group, and the National AIDS Commission completed the first day of a 2-day conference on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Since last year, August, when UNIBAM's Caleb Orozco got that landmark victory at the Supreme Court, the controversy over the lifestyle of the local gay community hasn't been making much news. But, UNIBAM insists that injustices against gay people continue every day. This morning, the executive director of UNIBAM told us that the social exclusion and unfair treatment that gay persons in Belize experience is not only reserved for them. He pointed out that systemic marginalization can affect other groups such as the poor. Here's how he explained it:

Police Say Bainton Bashed Wall
Tonight, Sonia Bainton, a Ladyville resident, is out on bail after police say that she kicked down a piece of concrete wall that makes up the cell block are of the Ladyville Police Station. On Saturday, She and Elward McKay were in detention at the station on a handling stolen goods case. That's when, according to police she stamped a part of the concrete structure that makes up the cell block, breaking a portion of it. She was charged with damaged to property, and today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, she pleaded guilty. She was fined $300, and ordered to pay compensation of $500 to the Government of Belize.

Ministry Fesses Up To Police Corruption
Just last week, we told you about Woman Constable Ann Marie Anthony who was charged with theft and disciplinary charges for allegedly stealing $200 dollars from a grocery store. She is the sixth officer charged this month for corrupt or improper behaviour on the job, incidents which were all caught on camera. The first 2 were Constable Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill from San Pedro for that incident of lawlessness on San Pedro Town. The next two were Constable Jose Ascurio and Voluntary Special Constable Alfredo Ismael Gongora, who were caught on camera in a contraband move at Botes, Mexico. And then there were those two runaway cops, Police Constable Elston Rojas and the Corporal Abner Marroquin, allegedly smuggling a "bulto" in a patrol truck.

A Teachable Moment For Climate Change
Today members of the Belize City Council, the UNDP and other stakeholders held the soft launch of a new community awareness campaign for climate change. The presentation was to seize upon a very visible problem affecting the community, and use that to illustrate the perils of climate change. We spoke to City Councilor Phillip Willoughby and the coordinator at the National Climate Change Office, Anne Gordon, for more... The community awareness campaign will officially be launched the Wednesday with plans to spread the message to communities throughout the country.

Atlantic Art
Today Atlantic Bank and the Institute for Sustainability of Community and Environment joined together to donate several pieces of art to the Central Christian Primary School in Belize City. The donation was made to celebrate Earth Day, and fitting with the theme, each piece of art was made from old, reused tires. We spoke to Atlantic Bank Representative Denmar Villar, and the mastermind behind the recycled art, Alvaro Dominguez, for more details... Earth Day was officially celebrated on Saturday under the theme, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

The BNE Beacon
"Beacon" That's the name of a new youth magazine that was launched today at SJCJC. The scholars from BNE's Energy 4 Life program produced the publication. Now, the name Beacon suits the magazine perfectly because the stories that are featured are full of hope and inspiration. One of the Director s of BNE's Energy 4 Life program told us more about the Magazine and also about the scholarship program. Manuela Lue, Director, BNE Energy 4 Life Program: "The youth magazine is being done by the scholars of the BNE's energy 4 life program and these scholars formed a youth group and it is called the energy 4 life youth group." "The magazine is composed of several things but one of the major things are inspirational stories of youth all over the country of Belize and these stories compromise of youth who have overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve goals so a lot of them would be disadvantaged youth or at risk youth but it is more important to emphasize that they have overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve goals, a lot of them have won international awards some of them have won scholarships, some of them have started their own business, some of them have finished their education so it is just an array of stories in the magazine."

Princess Cruises and Belize
In December of last year, Princess Cruises, a cruise ship brand owned by Carnival, pled guilty to charges of illegally disposing of oil-contaminated waste and falsifying official logs to cover up the discharges. Princess was charged in a US Court and was fined a record $40 million penalty, the largest fine ever for deliberate ship pollution. According to reports, the illegal activity was brought to light by a newly hired British engineer on the "Princess Caribbean" in 2013. The engineer told authorities that a "magic pipe" was used to discharge about 4227 gallons of waste about 23 miles off the coast of England, well within the country's exclusive economic zone. The engineer alleged that when the waste was being released, the other engineers would run clean water through the ship's sensors and distort the digital records.

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Channel 5

Police Investigate Tricky Rape Claim Against Dangriga Magistrate
There is a most disturbing allegation being made tonight against an officer of the court, one in which a sitting magistrate is being accused of having committed a sexual offence [...]

Patrick Faber Says Honorarium Will Come from Last Year's Budget
The million-dollar bonus to be provided by the Ministry of Education to non-striking teachers during the eleven-day strike last October and the subsequent attempt to make up days lost in [...]

Education Minister Makes Case for Honorarium, Hits Back at Critics
Even though the money was paid after the start of the financial year, the minister claims it was taken from the previous financial year's Budget.� But it is known from [...]

Why Patrick Faber Does Not Care What You Think About the Honorarium
The minister acknowledged that he was in something of a catch-twenty-two situation, facing the wrath of unionized teachers who feel he has disrespected them, and the expectation of teachers who [...]

Minister Congratulates Elena Smith, Scorns Luke Palacio
Senator Elena Smith will assume office in July as president of the Belize National Teacher's Union, after a hard-fought victory in the national convention in San Roman, Corozal last week. [...]

Deputy P.M. Insists He Stayed Out of Alleged Interference in B.N.T.U. Convention
We know for sure that the minister didn't drop in at Escuela Mexico in San Roman. But his driver was seen around the area along with at least one other [...]

Brawl Escalates to Murder in Trio
Turning to crime�a deadly machete mayhem in Trio Village over the weekend has resulted in two men being hospitalized, while the mutilated body of another remains at the morgue.� On [...]

Sudden Storm Lashes Biscayne, Rips Through Homes
A freak thunderstorm swept through parts of Biscayne, Belize District over the weekend. Though not unusual, it left in its passage considerable damages to property, but fortunately there were no [...]

Protecting Belize's Cyber Security Infrastructure
The first of its kind National Cyber Security Symposium opened today at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The Public Utilities Commission is teaming up with other stakeholders to explore international trends [...]

Police Mum on Bullying Charge Against Admiral John Borland
News Five has received reliable information that an investigation is currently ongoing by the police department into an allegation made by a coastguardsman against his commander, Rear Admiral John Borland. [...]

Professional Standards Branch Steps Up in Wake of Dirty Cops' Exposure
Recently, there's been a spate of incidents in which police officers have been caught on video with contraband goods and only last week a cop was charged with theft.� The [...]

Fake Cops Taken to Real Jail
After five nights in lockdown at the Queen Street Police Station, two alleged fake cops were finally arraigned. The duo was caught in front of Public's Supermarket dressed in the [...]

Marking Earth Day at Central Christian Primary
World Earth Day is a global celebration to highlight and show appreciation for our natural environment. One primary school in Belize City used the occasion to show how trash can [...]

What You Need to Know About Climate Change
The National Climate Change Office was on the south side of the city today for the soft launch of a climate change awareness campaign.� Belize participated in the Japan-Caribbean Climate [...]

UNIBAM Addresses Impact of Laws on "Marginalized Groups"
The United Belize Advocacy Movement kicked off a two-day session in Belize City to discuss legislation and how it affects marginalized groups. The focus of the conference is two-fold; to [...]

Caleb Orozco Says Awareness Will Lead to Change
And while this is at the discussion stage, how does UNIBAM plan to get all citizens covered under the laws, regardless of orientation or identity? Orozco explains that the process [...]

Investing in Child Care Development
The Ministry of Health is hosting a two-week "Care for Child Development National Trainers Workshop" in Belize City. The focus of the seminar is to enable personnel from the Ministries [...]

CitCo to Talk to Culprit for Backed-Up Yabra Canal
Who is responsible for the silt backed up on the south side? Before the Easter holidays, we told you about the proposed work to be done in the Yabra Canal [...]

Football and Basketball News on Sports Monday
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.     [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities�..]


Unfair Distribution Of Land Outrages Villagers Of Concepcion Village
Concepcion Village Chairman, Fidel Chable, is under heavy pressure from Concepcion Village residents who are outraged at what they say is the unfair distribution of land which they have been utilising for years. Residents say that despite maintaining the lots, admittedly as squatters, raising farms with fruit trees and even constructing foundations for homes on them, the Chairman has proceeded to give them away. This caused about sixty residents to gather in the community, and call the attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources. When we arrived in Concepcion Village today, we found the crowd of residents being closely monitored by two Police officials that came in two vehicles. We spoke to elected Village Councillor Rodolfo Lainez to learn more about the situation.

MOE Congratulates New President Of BNTU
Last week Thursday April 20th, Trade Union Senator Elena Smith was elected by majority votes to serve as the next National President of the Belize National Teacher's Union. The election was not without controversy as reports of political infiltration by UDP agents ran abound, forcing the Council of Management to call an impromptu meeting which lasted two hours. With the open deliberations, the convention was delayed by nearly four hours and while some were considering calling it off, the members voted to proceed. Following the convention, a number of groups offered their congratulations to the Senator for the victory. Surprisingly among them is Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, whose very own colleagues were seen on the convention floor, allegedly campaigning against Smith. But in politics, stranger things have occurred, and when Faber was asked whether to post was just a fake pat in the back, he claimed that not only does he and the Senator go way back, but also that he is glad the Luke Palacio era is coming to an end.

Belize Barrier Reef Continues To Be An Endangered Site
Belize boasts the second largest coral reef system in the world which measures a total of 300 kilometers in length and can best be described as a patchwork of pinnacle reefs, fringing reefs and barrier reefs with hundreds of Cayes just above the surface along with mangrove and sand islands. This reef system has been highlighted internationally for its beauty and as a top snorkel destination for snorkelers all around the globe. Local environmental agencies have however been speaking out on the many dangers being posed to Belize's Barrier Reef such as unsustainable fishing, deteriorating water quality and development.

Zero Tolerance Policy For Police Improprieties
Over the past few weeks, the Belize Police Department has been under heavy Public scrutiny after various members of the Department have been sanctioned for various levels of wrong doings. Viewers may recall that the first public embarrassment came from a video which exposed a fiasco in which San Pedro police officers are seen openly firing during a scuffle outside of a popular nightclub and resulting in a woman being badly beaten by the cops. The second incident, involved a video featuring a pair of officers transporting contraband goods across the Belize/Mexico border near Botes in Orange Walk. The pair, identified as Constable Jorge Ascurio and Alfredo Gongora, have since been charged. Another pair of officers, P.C. Elston Rojas and Police Corporal Abner Marroquin, were also charged for illegally contrabanding a number of items after a vehicle chase by Customs officers near the northern border.


Education Minister Says He Was Sincere in Congratulating BNTU's President-Elect
Last Friday the Belize National teachers Union elected its new executive. Leading the union now is Senator Elena Smith. Following the election, Minister of Education Patrick Faber sent out congratulatory remarks on social media to Smith. Faber today said his sentiments are genuine. PATRICK FABER ""It is no secret that the leadership of the BNTU [�]

Biscayne Villagers Experience Weekend Freak Storm
A freak storm passed through Biscayne Village on Saturday night damaging nine houses. Minister of National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, and Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Edmund Castro, visited the affected families and, through NEMO, provided assistance to the affected families. According to Castro, the NEMO team delivered immediate relief supplies to the families, [�]

Was Court Magistrate Accused of Rape?
A court magistrate may find himself on the opposite end of a courtroom shortly if the authorities decide to act on an allegation of rape made against him. While we have confirmed with the police that a complaint of rape has been made to authorities in southern Belize, we have been unable to get any [�]

Police Assures Public that Corrupt Officers Will Be Dealt With Accordingly
In the wake of several criminal reports allegedly committed by police officers, the Ministry of Home affairs issued a release today stating that it has zero tolerance for such behavior. The Professional Standards Bureau is urging the public to report any instance of wrongful acts by the department's personnel will be dealt with expeditiously and [�]

Admiral John Borland, Accused of Abusing Staff Member
Last week a member from the Belize Coast guard filed a police report against Admiral John Borland, the head of the Coast Guard accusing him of verbal abuse and threat to life. Now while Love News has received details of the incident, we are unable to release it as the complainant is still discussing the [�]

CEO Lovell Says Admiral Borland Will Be Given Due Process
While there is no official comment on the details of the case, today Col. George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs said he is aware of the mater but would not speak further on it. GEORGE LOVELL "What I would want to echo is the fact that the Ministry is serious about this [�]

CEO Says Police Shuffle = Career Enhancements
The talks surrounding the police reshuffle has continued as many speculations still surround the decision to move some of the top ranking officers in the department. Today in an interview with the CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Colonel George Lovell, he clarified the logic behind the decision. GEORGE LOVELL "Majority of the [�]

Lino's Death Continues to Be Investigated
The police are investigating the death of 45 year old Baltazar Lino and so is the Forest Department. That's because Lino might have been attacked by a Jaguar. Lino left his home in Progresso Village on Easter Sunday to his farm some miles away from the village. He turned up dead inside a shallow well. [�]

Central Bank Liquidates Four Credit Unions
Four credit unions are in the process of being liquidated by the Central Bank of Belize. The notice came out on April 3 from the Registrar of Credit Unions, Ambassador Joy Grant. The Police Credit Union Limited is being affected after it failed to meet membership threshold as required by the Credit Unions Act. The [�]

Symposium Begins on Cyber Security Issues
Today the first ever National Cyber Security Symposium began in Belize City. The Symposium is being hosted by the Belize Public Utilities Commission in response to a growing incidence of cyber-threats within the country. The five-day meeting sees the participation of a broad range of local, regional and international delegates, including heads of technology organizations, [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

World's first malaria vaccine may hold promise in battle against malaria
After over 30 years of studies, the world's first malaria vaccine is to be tested in Africa and may prove to be another weapon to fight this dreaded disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has hailed the vaccine, which is being pilot tested in [�]

Police mum on rape case involving Magistrate
A Magistrate working down South is accused of raping a woman who visited his home. The incident allegedly occurred sometime before 10 a.m. on April 11. The woman reportedly told police on Sunday, April 23 that the Magistrate invited her to his home where [�]

Croc on the loose in Faber's Road area
Residents in the Faber's Road area of Belize City are urged to exercise extreme caution as a crocodile has been spotted on the loose in the community. The croc, almost 4 feet long, was seen not too far from the lagoon. Concerned residents contacted [�]

Chronicle of Jewelizean authoritarianism foretold
Are there lessons for Belize in an article outlining how Syria's President Bashar al-Assad turned from a very shy eye doctor to a vicious and murderous dictator. It may be wise for Belizeans to read and digest this article which was written by Max [�]

Police find homemade shotgun in Santa Elena
A predawn operation was conducted this morning in Santa Elena, Cayo District jointly by the Quick Response Team and the Special Branch of the San Ignacio Police Detachment . Authorities discovered a double barrel homemade shotgun in an area known as the hot point [�]

Two Guatemalans busted with unlicensed firearm and ammunition in Corozal
Two Guatemalan nationals will spend the next few days in prison after they were busted with a gun and live rounds in Corozal District. According to police reports, at 4:00 a.m., on Sunday, police conducted a search in the Hidden Hills Layout area which [�]

Belize City Police finds 12 bullets in abandoned house
Police have removed 12 bullets from the north side of Belize City which was believed to have belonged to a gang group. According to police reports, shortly after midday on Sunday, a search was conducted at an abandoned lot on Cran Street which led [�]

Three Cayo men busted with Ganja
Three Cayo men: Michael Peter Mendoza, 47, Luis Alberto Flores, 32, and Felipe Alberto Guzman Jr., 22, are in trouble with authorities after they were busted transporting ganja in San Ignacio. According to police reports, shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday, police saw the men [�]

CitCo and UNDP talk climate change with south side community
The Belize City Council (CitCo), teamed up with the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) today for an outreach activity geared towards educating Belizeans about climate change. The organizations held a soft launch for the public awareness campaign, done in collaboration with the Japan/Caribbean Climate [�]

Lake I man jailed for pen gun, bullet, and ganja
A man from the Lake Independence area of Belize City has found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was busted with a pen gun, a bullet, and marijuana. According to police reports, at around 5 p.m. on Sunday, police were [�]

Police Ministry assures that "rogue cops" will be dealt with
The Belize Police Department in recent weeks has taken one black eye after the other, from contraband cops caught on cam, to rogue officers terrorizing residents on San Pedro and a police woman charged for stealing from a Chinese grocer. It's been a tough [�]

Cayo DJs form new DJ Association
Local DJ's from San Ignacio and Santa Elena have joined hands and formed the Cayo DJ Association. The group is newly formed and presently comprises of 10 DJ's. The association was formed on April 2, 2017. The aim of the association is to work [�]

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman insulted in Belize
A Saturday morning breakfast between Olympic Gold medalist Aly Raisman and her father at an unnamed establishment in Belize was so awkward it has made headlines on international media outlets including ESPN. Raisman, a teammate of fellow Olympic Gold medalist Simone Biles, is on [�]

Ex-treasure hunter ordered to turn over gold hidden in Belize
In February, BBN reported on Tommy Thompson, a deep sea treasure hunter who, in 1988 found a gold rush era ship that sunk in 1857. The S.S. Central America had sank off South Carolina in a hurricane.Thompson had spent years studying the ship's voyage and [�]

What Belizeans need to know about Joel Nagel
Disgraced Ambassador Joel Nagel, had only been featured on a few newscasts in recent years, but became a controversial name when he was removed from his post at the Belizean Embassy in Vienna, Austria. The nation heard about his historic removal from his post, but many Belizeans [�]


Chocolate Festival of Belize; a sweet celebration!
For the last ten years, chocolate has been celebrated in Punta Gorda Town. Traditionally held over the Commonwealth Holiday weekend (mid-May), what began as the Toledo Cacao Festival later evolved into the Chocolate Festival of Belize, and does anyone need to ask why all the fuss? Steeped within the Maya culture, and a revered commodity that only the privileged hierarchy of the civilization were once allowed to indulge in, chocolate is now a sweet treat that thankfully all of us can enjoy and celebrate�and celebrate we do! This delicious festival grows larger each year and attracts hundreds of visitors from around Belize as well as overseas. This year, the event kicks off with guests enjoying a night of socializing while sampling a wide variety of chocolate delicacies along with gourmet wines at Garbutt's Marina on Friday, May 19th. Lively music sets the stage for a great night of indulging and dancing off some of those chocolate calories!

Planning Solo Travel in Belize
I am in Belize now and so excited to do this bucket list item and take a great solo adventure I've been dreaming of for some time. In writing this piece, I wanted to do what I can to help other women have this amazing adventure; Smile� Originally, I had not thought of Belize to be a place a single female solo adventurer with a tendency towards the safe side would travel. I have traveled to All-Inclusive or Hawaii on my own mainly. Then I heard my cousin who travels a fair amount, went to San Pedro, Belize and loved it. So I put it in the back of my thoughts of "one day". However, "one day" was a concept that many say but rarely follow through on. I didn't want to be one of those people at this time in my life. I was waiting for the right timing, the right traveling companion, excess funds, etc. to complete some bucket list items. I am now a young empty nester on my own and ready to take this next stage of my life with more gusto and enjoy each moment. I've wanted to travel somewhere that I could really enjoy the Mayan ruins and climb a pyramid as well as snorkel, enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, and enjoy the local people. I didn't want as many restrictions now. So I started to research. The only way I enjoy traveling as a single woman is to do lots of research. It also adds so much more excitement and anticipation.

Planning a trip? Here's why you should be headed to Belize
This morning I came across an article from the India Times - Planning a trip? Here's why you should be headed to Belize. Aside from looking for information about Belize and what to do based on the title, it is always important to consider the source. Everything you read is not always fu chroo (true). In this case, the article stated that Kriol is the native language, which is partially true, but the fact that English is the official language is a reason why many people travel here. The author got it correct on the low-end price for rooms, (which is listed in Indian Rupee) but was a little off on the private villas. But that's aarite (alright), being that it's written by someone so far away that has likely never been here, I knew immediately to take it with a grain of salt.

Making a Move from Belize to Roatan
Sometimes in life, you hit the jackpot when a friend asks you to help move. I know a few of you are raising your eyebrows and questioning how moving a friend could be a pay off beyond pizza and beer. In this case, for about fifteen of us who got invited to help our friend Kendall move, it means a two Catamaran convoy, four day sailing trip including a serious ocean crossing. Since decent weather conditions are key to an ocean crossing, we will head to Lighthouse Reef and play for a few days. Very excited for this as I will be tech free and have packed my frisbee's, floats and twister. When the timing is right, we will set sail for Roatan - with an overnight ocean crossing and arrival at Barefoot Caye Marina mid-afternoon on April 27th. I'm slightly nervous about the crossing and choppiness but preparing accordingly. Hopefully be no worse than a 6 or 7 out of 10.

Butterfly Falls in Belize
Butterfly Falls is located inside the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Belize's western Cayo District. Although it is inside the public nature reserve, the falls themselves are located on private property operated by the Hidden Valley Inn. Only guests of the Hidden Valley Inn located adjacent to Butterfly Falls can access the waterfall. The nearest landmark in the public section of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is the Gaia Riverlodge Restaurant and Lounge. The popular Rio on Pools waterfall in the public section of the reserve is approximately 3.5 miles from Butterfly Falls. Once at the falls, it's likely you'll enter a deeply relaxed state listening to the gentle rumble of the water while marveling at the ethereal dance of white and blue butterflies as they flit through the air. Popular activities including taking a refreshing dip in the pool at the base of the falls, so be sure to pack a swimsuit and towel as well.

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve – All You Need to Know Before You Go
As the oldest and largest protected forested area in Belize, Mountain Pine Ridge (MPR) covers 300 square miles of area, but visitors are surprised to find a sharp contrast to the tropical landscape; here, pine needles rather than palm fronds, fill the landscape. This pine tree-dominated forest is more than just a vast wooded area: visitors find deep ravines, traverse dramatic granite expanses atop the Maya Mountains and observe meandering rivers, streams, waterfalls and pools amid the sweet fragrance of the evergreens. Make San Ignacio your starting point. You'll need a 4WD vehicle to traverse the forest since roads can be daunting. Two roads will get you to MPR: Chiquibul Road from Georgeville or Cristo Rey Road from Santa Elena. Choose the first for a smoother ride. The reserve entrance is off the Western Highway. Sound difficult? This is why tourists prefer to let guides do the driving by booking all-inclusive tours that require one only to sit back, relax and enjoy the sensory experiences Mountain Pine Ridge offers.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave) – All You Need to Know Before You Go
Your journey begins in the Cayo District-specifically, the town of San Ignacio. You'll need a guide to find your way, so check with the concierge at your resort or seek help in town. Once you've secured a guide, you'll be driven to the banks of the Tapir Mountain Reserve, at which point, expect to hike about 45-minutes through jungle and streams to reach the entrance. It's a tight fit and not for the claustrophobic, but once you reach your goal, the ATM Cave will reward you with sights and ambiance that has no equal. The bumpy rural road that transects a section of the Belize River will be your first step in reaching the cave. National Geographic travel experts-who put this cave atop its "Sacred Places of a Lifetime" list-join other resources in suggesting travelers stretch before hiking into the jungle to begin the aquatic slog into the cave's depths. You'll get wet and stay damp during the four to six hours spent in ATM Cave, so bring dry clothing along and forget about wearing sandals.

International Sourcesizz

A tiny island in Belize was just named the best destination in Central America
Ambergris Caye, Belize, has been named the leading destination in Central America by the World Travel Awards for two years running. Belize's largest island, which is also often considered Belize's crown jewel, is easily accessible from the mainland and holds countless opportunities for adventure, from diving at the Great Blue Hole to checking out a place called Shark-Ray Alley. Here's why this Caribbean island beat out other travel hotspots such as San Jose, Costa Rica, and Tulum, Mexico. Ambergris Caye is Belize's largest island, measuring about 25 miles in length. What that means for you is tons of white sandy beaches.

U.S. Olympian meets Interfering Waitress in Belize
She asked about weight gain and if she's on honey moon (with her father). Welcome to Belize Aly. The waitress needed to know because she's used to interfering and gossiping. She had no idea that it's rude to do so.

Simone Biles -- 6 things to know about the 'Dancing with the Stars' celebrity
Simone Biles is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars with her professional partner Sasha Farber. Simone, at only 20-years-old, is one of the most decorated female gymnasts in history. She joined Dancing with the Stars' 24th season because she's always had a love for the show and dancing in general. Simone has been a frontrunner in the ABC reality dancing competition since the beginning, but she faces tough competition this season -- including Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei and Glee star Heather Morris. The spunky 4'9" athlete is adorable, fun and driven, but what else do we know about her? Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Simone Biles:


  • Belize, Cayo district, 3.5min. This was filmed during my visit to my home land Belize city. It has been 8 years since I've been home and I was very excited.

  • Grace & You - Season Rice & Carib Beer Battered Fish, 27min.

  • Department of Youth Services - Music Production Studio, 40min.

  • Belize Carnival Association - Carnival Season Launch 2017, 16min.

  • The Ultimate Private Island in Belize - Coco Plum Island Resort, 3min. Coco Plum Island Resort will redefine the ultimate all inclusive vacation on your very own Belize private island... Remember, you are only a stranger until you arrive!

  • Brooke Aaron Baker Wedding Belize 2017, 14min. Traveling to Belize for Brooke and Aaron's Wedding

  • Belize 2017-C�gep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 4min.

  • Therese Rath speaks on -The Rocky Road to Miss Universe Expose, 40min.

  • UNICEF Belize - Care for Childhood Development Initiatives, 28min.

  • Pok Ta Pok Mexican Tournament, min.

  • Wildtracks Update, 3min. The Yucatan black howler monkeys of Pre-release One (Finn, Innie, Vicky, Kenya and Maggie) are being prepared for release back into the here's a glimpse back at their time at Wildtracks - the last clip in this video is of Maggie - taken this morning - for all those people who have worked with this group. While we are celebrating their success as a troop, and their success in pre-release, today we are also celebrating a new addition to the troop - yes...this morning, Kenya has had her baby! This may place their release plans on hold until the baby is old enough, but the addition of one more globally endangered Yucatan black howler monkey to the World's population is well worth celebrating!

  • Adventure in Belize, 4.5min. Short trip to Belize with a 130 foot dive into the Great Blue Hole

  • Comrade Vuk | On Belize: The Case of the Retired Major, 4min. This is the edited version of my reply to Ret. Maj. Lloyd Jones' letter, which was published in the Friday, 25 July 2014 edition of the "Amandala" (Belize).

  • Belize Maya Culture 2017, 7min.

  • Cave tubing Belize, 3min.

  • Victoria Peak (Belize), 4.5min. The 2nd Highest yet the more famous Peak in Belize, Central America. Located at the heart of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, it stands at 1120 masl. 3 days and 54Km hike/climb from jump off to Peak and back. Our first International climb! The struggle was real but everything was worth it

  • Blue Hole Belize, 2min. The Blue Hole from on the dive boat. From all the pictures, I thought the rim was out of the water... No. This is the Blue Hole.

  • GoPro 2017 Discovering Mexico Guatemala and Belize, 20min. Our road trip around Yucatan, Guatemala and Belize in February 2017.

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