Nice post by SanPedroScoop on upcoming festivals....

Belize has seasons. In fact, we have more seasons the average place. When it comes to weather, we have winter (cooler & dry) leading to the Easter winds, the weather gets warmer and rains lead into storm season and�repeat.

But we also have "Busy Season" and "Slow season"�"High Season" and "Low Season". Busy lasts from Christmas to, in my estimation, the end of May�and then slows down to the end of August. September, October and November are the doldrums�the slowest of the slow when it comes to tourism and the money that it generates.

And I'm going to introduce a new season - THE SEASON OF FESTIVALS! When things slow down a bit work-wise, as the weather gets warmer and the kids start to get out of school, it's time to celebrate in Belize.

And I can think of no better time to visit. When a village is celebrating what it does best�what it loves most�

Here is a schedule for the upcoming FESTIVAL SEASON: