This morning at 8:30, it was rush hour on Liberty Street in Orange Walk Town. That's when three year old Lindsey Alina Babb's father was taking her to her grandparents for the day's babysitting. But she never made it. That's because a Bowen and Bowen delivery truck made a U-Turn and clipped her father's motor scooter. That caused the toddler to tumble off the seat, unto the street where she was crushed under the wheels of the moving truck. It was a terrible scene and we spoke to an eyewitness who lives nearby as well as Baby Lindsey's grandfather:...

Voice of: Eye Witness
"I was right at my seat having breakfast when my wife said you know what an accident. Someone hit someone. I ran out and I saw the little girl in the middle of the street. Her dad was picking her up and when I went there she was already dead."

Grandfather of the Deceased
"What I understand coming on the scene was that my son-in-law was bringing the baby on the motorcycle and then a Coca Cola truck overtook the cycle and knock him down, then the baby drop, and then the truck mash the baby's head. When I reach here the baby was already covered up and I saw some pieces of brains on the street. I saw my son-in-law and I ask what is wrong and he told me that the truck over run the baby."

Jules Vasquez, 7News
"Do you all blame the truck driver?"

Grandfather of the Deceased
"I don't know who to blame, because we have to be very careful when driving. Always you have to be on the lookout and especially this is a right-away. What the driver of the truck should do is wait until the cycle passed. I think that was the wrong right there."

"My granddaughter was a lovely baby. I always take care of her. She is always behind me whenever I move. So it will be a hard time to overcome this pain."

Kevin Bernard, Mayor - Orange Walk
"It is indeed a very sad situation that happened this morning. And just last week indeed, we visited the neighborhoods. I visited each individual neighborhoods because we are starting a drainage project in this area as you would see right in the same vicinity and the discussion has been that there is need for a bump. There is need for pedestrian crossings. There is need for maybe some alterations in terms of what type of traffic we allow on this road."

"This is a very busy road. Students travel here every day, students back and forth from one area to the next, so we need to be careful."

Bowen and Bowen sent out a statement today extending condolences to the family of the young girl. The Mayor says they will move quickly to put a speedbump in the area.

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