Missing Belmopan Teacher's Family Seeks Closure

The family of missing secondary school teacher, Pamela Lino, is seeking closure for what can only be described as a most puzzling disappearance. It is widely believed that the Belmopan resident perished in an automotive fire on Tuesday morning. The police, however, have not been able to conclude definitively whether the charred skeletal remains found inside the vehicle are indeed those of the educator. Tonight, her loved ones are preparing to celebrate her life through a Mass in Lino's honor. All of this while her colleagues at Belmopan Baptist High School are also coming to terms with the thought that she may never be returning to work again. This evening, News Five spoke by phone with a member of her family.

On the Phone: Relative of Pamela Lino
"Our family is currently dealing with the likely loss of Pamela. In this process we are thankful for the many blessings we have received by way of caring and love shown to our family by our Belmopan community and friends from far and wide. We are thankful for the assistance given to us so far by the police. What is most important at this point is that our family is in the process of planning closure to this experience. We should soon gather family and friends to have some form of spiritually uplifting service that will help us all move on. Thank you for your personal care and the support of the media."

Jerry Roberts, Principal, Belmopan Baptist High School
"Ms. Lino was a very dedicated and committed teacher. She always did her best for students. We were most excited most recently when she completed a Masters Degree in instructional technology. Again, whatever accomplishments she made it was to impart towards the education of our students. I must tell you that from her being missing from Monday, that has been quite uneasy and it's been heavy on our hearts as a staff. As a matter of fact, our staff went through counseling session this morning to be able to voice all the concerns and more so to be able to ventilate exactly how we feel. There's a tremendous sense of grief and an extreme sense of anger, a tremendous sense of suspense in terms of how this will play out."

The results of a DNA test are expected to be returned to the family in the weeks ahead. They anticipate that the outcome of that examination will bring finality to their unfortunate ordeal.
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