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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
*On Wednesday, May 3rd, Corozal Police, along with assistance from Customs Department, found two parcels containing 2,066 grams of cannabis inside a hand bag at the Belize Northern Border Customs/BAHA Vehicular Checkpoint. Police detained 27-year-old Joyce Ek of San Pedro Town and Emilio Ek of Corozal Town. The suspected drugs were weighed, and both were jointly charged for ‘Drug Trafficking”. *On Friday, April 28th, San Pedro Police visited San Pedro High School, where the principal reported that a classroom search was conducted and a teacher found a small quantity of cannabis in one of the students’ bag. He also reported that inside a book on the same student’s desk, police also found a small transparent plastic bag containing more cannabis. *On Saturday, April 29th, a female minor visited the San Pedro Police Station, along with her mother, and reported that her father had sexual intercourse with her. She stated that her father has had sexual intercourse with her on four different occasions. After her mother was informed about the situation, they both decided to visit the police station to make a formal report.

Doctor Love: Anonymous
Doctor Love, I have a problem that I have tried to control, but it gets the best of me so many times. I take random comments too personally. If someone posts on their social media page I automatically think it is for me and that people are discussing me behind my back. Like, if someone says something about getting a friend too drunk and I got drunk last weekend, I think it is about me. Deep down I know it is not, but it makes me miserable. How can I let things go and not worry about what other people think? /s/ Anonymous

Misc Belizean Sources


South Ambergris Caye Neighbourhood Watch
Our May, 2017 General Meeting will be this coming Wednesday, May 10 at 7:00pm at Lone Star Grill. Please join us to discuss current neighborhood issues and spend time with your friends. Lone Star will be serving their full menu and Ann will be offering her scrumptious LASAGNA!!

Only one phone in Otoxha and its broken!
Dear Btl. For Six months the people of Otoxha, Toledo has been asking you to PLEASE come fix their ONE community phone. Ladies suffer in labour while giving birth because they can't call out for help.

Financial Literacy Apt
Dear Minister of Education: Here is a possible solution For sustainability of the financial program To reach the out of school population To incorporate the out of school youth Those 19 and above Without financial option With no programs to get involved Let spread the love The ministry has the technicians To make this a possible application So I am sharing with you this suggestion So that you can use at your discretion

Income Tax Presentation on Caye Caulker
CCBTIA teamed up with the Income Tax of Belize to help you understand their requirements. Please be sure to attend!

Offshore Open Fishing Tournament in Caye Caulker!
Get ready for the Offshore Open Fishing Tournament in Caye Caulker! May 20th and 21st with a first prize of $5000! Sponsored by San Pedro Belize Express!

12th Annual Outstanding Women Awards Ceremony
The 12th Annual Outstanding Women Awards Ceremony was held in late March 2017. Twenty women were awarded in areas such as economic empowerment, youth services, health, social work, education, and culture. Dońa Ernestina Moh of Caledonia, Corozal is the recipient of this year’s “Woman of Culture Award”. Dońa Ernestina has been instrumental in the safeguarding of the cultural tradition of Carnaval in her community and Northern Belize. The award was received on her behalf by her daughter Ms. Angelica Moh. Learn more about the inspirational stories of all twenty women here.

Attention parents: Free Corrective Surgery by LEAP Global Missions
Northern Regional Hospital, Orange Walk. Evaluations June 9, Surgeries June 10 & 11.

Ariel Rosado Memorial Ride 2017
The Ariel Rosado Foundation had their 6th annual memorial ride yesterday. The Cayo section went from Galen to Belmopan.. They took a lot of pictures of the event.

Agroforestry activities in the Peten
In the village of El Carrizal, Peten, thanks to the British Embassy funds, FCD partnered with Guatemalan institutions and other donors to support agroforestry activities. A total of 38 families (205 persons) are benefitting from the investments.

Disney’s High School Musical Jr. at The George Price Centre
On May 4, students from the Belmopan Comprehensive High School Drama Club under the guidance of teachers and representatives from PathLight International organized and carried out the first-ever performance of Disney’s High School Musical Jr. at The George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan! PathLight International has been organizing this activity as part of a project funded by a U.S. Embassy CARSI Economic Support Fund grant. The project focuses on innovative training for secondary school teachers and providing after school and alternative activities to keep youth engaged. If you didn’t catch the first performance, you’re still in luck, as the second (and final) performance is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th at 6:30 p.m. – once again at the George Price Center. Check out these photos for a sneak preview. You really shouldn’t miss it!

The Reporter

Police hold family day on south side
The Belize Police Department, in an effort to foster better community relations, held a family day in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City on Sunday. The event featured sports for adults, including as basketball and football, along with children’s games such as sack race, lime and spoon race and hop scotch. Officer Commanding Police Eastern Division South, Chester Williams, explained that the Department also uses the event as a means of mediation between rival gangs. “What we did was we found out what groups have rivalry with those from the Jane Usher community, and brought them out here to show them that despite their differences, they do have things in common,” Williams said.

Maud Williams honored
The family and friends of Maud Williams gathered at the Old Belize Jungle Pavilion to honor her at the annual senior citizens recogition gala, hosted by HelpAge Belize. The event featured testimonials from those who have known Williams throughout her extensive career in education and in Anglicanism, including remarks from the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber. Minister of immigration, Beverly Williams, daughter of Maud Williams, shared her experience of growing up with the disciplinarian that is Maud Williams, and how it shaped her to become the woman she is. Bishop of the Anglican Diocese in Belize, Phillip Wright, focused on the contributions Williams made to both the Anglican schools and the church.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Canadian detained for burglary, questioned for double murder
Police are questioning Canadian national, John Deshaies, who is on remand for charges of theft, about the double murder of his former landlord Francesca Matus and her boyfriend, Drew De Voursney.Deshaies, a resident of Consejo Shores, Corozal District, was arrainged in Independence Village, where he stands accused of theft and handling stolen goods, regarding items taken from a Placencia Casino.

Belize City man shot this morning
A Belize City man was shot sometime after 1:00 this morning on Arlington Drive in Belize City. He has been identified as Telswin Lara, 30.


The VERY Grand Opening of Science & Soul Wellness Center at Mahogany Bay
If you had visited Ambergris Caye 10 years ago…or 20, and returned today…MAN, I think you might be surprised. By the many paved roads and the road north of the bridge – that would be shocking – by the growth…holy moly! But one of the most impressive changes that I’ve seen in my tenure as an islander? The amenities! If you had visited Ambergris Caye 10 years ago…or 20, and returned today…MAN, I think you might be surprised. By the many paved roads and the road north of the bridge – that would be shocking – by the growth…holy moly! But one of the most impressive changes that I’ve seen in my tenure as an islander? The amenities! Science and Soul Wellness Center is the island’s newest business – with ALL kinds of yoga (including aerial and SUP) as well as spa treatments, seminars…and sort of wellness that you can think of. The owner, Paulette (here is her site) and her fiance Steve, are from Boston and she is a pro at what she does.

The 6 Most Incredible Private Islands in Belize
Belize has hundreds of islands that dot its coastline and many of them are underrated spots that are great destinations for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and beach combing. Here are some private islands in Belize that remain untapped by the masses: Water Foot Caye, South Water Caye, Tobacco Caye, St. George’s Caye, Silk Caye, Thatch Caye.

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins - All You Need to Know Before You Go
Among outstanding features of this former ceremonial center frequented by wealthy, powerful Mayans are two main plazas and 13 structures including the Temple of Masonry Altars. If engineering impresses you, check out the Maya-constructed water reservoir where crocodiles hang out these days. Once a project that provided settlement water, you may wonder how rain collected here instead of leaching or leaking away. Engineers used yellow clay to seal the ground so water couldn’t escape–yet another testament to Mayan ingenuity. Altun Ha is situated 31 miles north of Belize City along the Old Northern Highway and about 6 miles west of the Caribbean Sea shoreline. If you drive, travel half an hour past Sandhill Village and two miles down Rockstone Pond Road toward the reserve. This two miles isn’t paved, so prepare for a bumpy ride. Altun Ha is open year-round and like all open air sites, you’ll be exposed to that season’s weather fluctuations. Take advantage of lower accommodation, airfare and attraction prices during low season and you’ll not only come away from Altun Ha filled with wonder, but your wallet won’t be empty.

International Sourcesizz

Eastern Pacific Tropical Development Continues To Be Possible By The Middle Part Of This Week; This System Has The Potential To Crossover Into The Western Caribbean Next Weekend
An area of disturbed weather is located in the eastern Pacific very near 9 North Latitude and 90 West Longitude. Satellite loops indicate that there is a cyclonic spin to the clouds with this area of disturbed weather. This is the area of disturbed weather that all of the model guidance are forecasting to develop into a tropical cyclone by the middle part of this week. I think that it is quite possible that we will see tropical development in the eastern Pacific during the next 2 to 3 days. The exact track of this system will hinge on the strength of a upper level high pressure system and a upper level low pressure system over the southwestern United States. The European model guidance and its ensemble members forecast a stronger ridge of high pressure that is centered over the Gulf of Mexico which leads to further west track and a much less likely scenario of it crossing over Central America into the western Caribbean. The GFS model guidance and its ensemble members forecasts a weaker ridge of high pressure which leads to much more influence of a eastward moving trough of low pressure that is able to pick it up and send this tropical system into the western Caribbean.

Big ideas and bold commitment for Belize
In February, Mission Cry, formerly Christian Resources International, announced a bold plan to blanket Belize with the Gospel. Executive Director Jason Woolford explains, “There are over 300,000 people in the country of Belize. Our goal is that each person will have the ability to get a Bible or a Christian book, because we know what the Bible says about the power of the testimony. Christian books are filled with those, and we know that God says in His Word that His Word won’t return void.” Although Belize has a long history of exposure to the Bible, the need is for discipleship and for people to encounter Christ through the Word of God, according to their ministry partner, John Foy. That means they need their own Bibles and other tools.

Turneffe Island Resort Hosts Weekly Lionfish Hunt Dives
The Turneffe Island Resort, located about 35 miles off the coast of Belize, is offering a weekly Lionfish hunt where guests can spear the invasive species and bring them back to the resort for dinner. To participate, guests must take an introduction course on how to use a Hawaiian sling spear at the resort. After that, they practice on coconuts before they go into the open water. The Lionfish hunt program is on Wednesday afternoons and a special dive is dedicated to this. The fee is US$10.00/9.09 Euros per spear for a seven-night stay. Guests who don’t scuba dive can also be on the snorkeling package, and once they get the intro course done, they’re able to hunt Lionfish on the snorkelling trips.


  • FBI and Belize authorities work together to find a killer, 1min. A Canadian is in custody after an American tourist and his girlfriend were found dead last week.

  • GARIFUNA BELIZEAN QUEEN SISTA FREDA & THE GARIFUNA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, 12min. It was an honor to have had the privilege here at Belizean Legends to interview for this feature, "Belize Legends Shinning Stars", the awesome Garifuna Belizean Queen, Sista Freda Sideroff, the founder and producer of the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival (GIFF). This promotional feature is a prelude to the full and complete interview with Sista Freda that has been a long awaited one on the Garifuna international activist and woman. We want to inform our Belizean Legends audience to look forward to the full documentary series of Sista Freda Sideroff and her dynamic work in the preservation of the Garinagu, its culture, language and people. As an cultural ambassador in her own right, Sista Freda has worked tirelessly since 2011, six years ago, to make the GIFF a success. Her awesome work in conjunction with other Garifuna cultural organizations in the Garifuna diaspora in the United Sates and abroad, has promoted the film festival to included most indigenous peoples from many different countries around the world.

  • PLB Action! Verdes FC vs Belmopan Bandits SC, Belize "El Clasico", 2hrr30.

  • The care and feeding of Flossie the Crocodile, 6min. If you stay at the Savanna Guest House in Belize, you'll meet award-winning filmmakers Carol and Richard Foster... and their um, sort of pet crocodile Flossie.

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 1.25min. Getting scuba certified in 2015. La Isla Bonita San Pedro.

  • Belize Caye Chapel Introductory Video, 1.5min.

  • Social Security National Debate 2017 April 28th Belize City, 2hr30min. National Debate featuring Independence Junior College and Ecumenical Junior College.

  • Snorkeling Belize - Gopro Hero5 (2017), 4.5min. Snorkeling, Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Ethics Video Society and Aesthetics | lol University of Belize, 6min.

  • IXCACAO | Mayan Belizean Chocolate Preview | Belize 2016, 2.5min. Since coming back from Belize I have had time to reflect on some of the amazing excursions we had the opportunity to go on and decided that our IXCACAO excursion deserved it's own little video. IXCACAO is a Mayan Chocolate Making Business set up as a small family business, where tourists can come and learn about the the process of making chocolate and the history of chocolate itself!

  • Sea Trekking in Belize, 1/2min.

  • Learning About Jaguars at the Belize Zoo with Junior Buddy!, 1.5min. Learn about the tough bite of a jaguar, but also see Junior Buddy give Dr. Wild a big kiss!!

  • Belize 2017, 13min. TKA Missions Trip with Pathlight.


  • Mayacan Beach Belize, 4min.