Prime Minister Dean Barrow has confirmed that he will retire early. Barrow did so at Friday's House meeting and gave his reasons for doing so.

During an interview after the House meeting, Barrow told reporters, " I have already discussed with the party that I will go no later than the start of 2020. Let's say the end of 2019, I do have to keep under review the possibility of going earlier."

Barrow said that he is becoming tired of hearing of his ailing health. He states that in order to be fair to all concerned, he will keep into consideration the prospect of going earlier than the date planned, if he senses that he is not in a position to give it his all.

"I don't want for anybody to be taken by surprise, that's why I have been dropping these rather broad hints, that there is a possibility that I will go certainly before the end of 2019. I had said that I didn't want to go before we had sorted out the Super Bond situation, and I think that has been sorted out, so there is nothing else that I have set myself to. It's just that my limited objective and the last one I have set myself to has already been handled."

Barrow said that his retirement has nothing to do with him getting enough of politics, but he is leaving based on health reasons. Barrow is contemplating artificial disk technology for his bad back. He had been dropping hints at the prospect of early retirement prior to Friday's announcement.

Barrow has served for three consecutive terms.

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